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okay, so finally sitting down and doing some Thor: Ragnarok fic recs, because I’ve been reading a whole bunch and figure it’s about time to at least…do kind of a starter pack, a first week pack, a “sure I haven’t actually finished any of mine but kudos to the people who have” pack

ANYWAY, A RECS LIST. disclaimer that this is basically a Loki-centric list, because I know what I like and I’ve basically stopped apologizing for it (mostly. sort of.).

better stop and rebuild all your ruins by ohliamylia.

An immediate post-movie tag, including The Hug and Thor and Loki having a bit of a talk.

home through shadows journeying by Etharei (Thor/Loki)

On the whole, I don’t read a lot of Thor/Loki, but this fic was…ahhh. A bunch of post-movie vignettes (and one sex scene) about settling in on the ship, and with each other.

put out the flames by finalizer

Loki and Thor get to Earth with the ship (so, ignoring the mid-credits scene), and some of the things still unresolved. This one doesn’t necessarily mesh with all my headcanons, but it’s excellently written and has some great characterization.

bold and roll the dice by finalizer (Loki/Valkyrie)

Okay so I fell into kind of shipping it - they’re both enough of disasters that it hits my “two disaster people being disasters together” kink. This fic kind of ties into the one above (by the same author) but you don’t need to read that one to read this one - Loki takes off to get some space, and Valkyrie does the same. Eventually they crash into each other and it goes from there.

Recalibrating by KhamanV

Another short post-movie tag with Thor trying to figure out his new problems with depth perception. It’s short and sweet and good brother fic.

over the edge of all our knowing by grim_lupine

It’s marked as Thor/Loki but reads as gen to me, and just feels like another look into Thor and Loki’s relationship post-Ragnarok, featuring Loki returning to old habits (but not those ones) and a really great last line.

In His Good Graces by Tandirra (Loki/Grandmaster)

Loki’s first weeks on Sakaar - not just about the sex (though a little about the sex) - also about Loki dealing with the sudden (presumed) loss of everything he knew and figuring out how to live with that. 

Loki lands on his feet (always) by alternatedoom (Loki/Grandmaster)

Another one about Loki on Sakaar working his way up - some good sex, a lot of good character study.

be my mirror, my sword and shield by ginnyweasleys (Loki/Valkyrie)

Yeah, so I’m weak for the “fighting turns into sex” trope, and I’m also weak for this kind of sharp, deadly, edged relationship. Valkyrie doesn’t pull her punches on Loki (in any way), and it creates a tense, convincing dynamic and some very hot sex. 

Getting to the Top by StarsintheRiver (Loki/Grandmaster)

Loki parties too hard. It’s really hot and really dubious smut. That’s what you’re in this pairing for, right? (It’s what I’m in this pairing for.)

Vices Are for Mortals (series) by TheOtherOdinson (Loki/Grandmaster)

Written pre-movie so the series isn’t exactly canon-compliant, but damn it’s hot and also some…delightful Grandmaster characterization. All the right fairy king edges. And did I mention that it’s really hot.

atonement by foolandahill17

It’s angst and I would read 1000 fics like this, honestly, I would. Loki takes action during the mid-credits scene.

play to win by humanveil (Loki/Grandmaster)

So sue me, there’s a bit of a theme to this list. It’s just that a lot of the really interesting (to me) fic that’s come out so far has been…really smutty Loki/Grandmaster. I will not apologize for art, and neither should this fic writer.

Un/Hurt by PoorYorick

A fic where Loki was injured in the battle against Hela and tries to hide it from…basically everyone. I am almost embarrassed by how much this fic pushes all my buttons, but not really. Good quality whump, A+.

a land flowing with milk and honey by LadyCharity

Okay, I honestly might’ve screamed a little when I saw that LadyCharity was writing in this fandom again. This fic…she says that it’s not “her trademark” but it’s beautiful character work and beautiful prose and made me cry, so I figure that’s pretty much a trademark. Thor POV and Thor-centric (unlike most of this list), it’s a lot about Thor’s struggle with ruling and trying to find a way to deal with his newfound responsibility and all the revelations that came in the movie. And that ending. Jesus. Just go read it. 

The Convalescent Way by gaslightgallows (WIP, Loki/Valkyrie)

This one is a WIP but it’s three chapters in and I’m loving it. It’s set on the ship post-Ragnarok - Loki and Valkyrie is the ship in it but it’s not just about them. I’m really excited to see where this one goes.

And just when the will to do animatics comes back I found this…….
Now, I know internet is public and I know that everyone can SEE what I put on the internet but this does not give you the right to do whatever you want with something that I made.
This shouldn’t piss me off as much but unfortunately it does. Mostly because I DIDN’T GIVE PERMISSION TO USE MY VIDEO and either I recived a request to use it. Worst of all, I came to know it nearly a month after it was made.
Taking aside the fact that the react has three times the visual of the original video (wich I forcefully hope didn’t become money in pokets that aren’t mine) but honestly I wouldn’t be so pissed if ANYONE said something about the animatic. The girl (please note this could be her like it could have been anyone else using my or anyone’s work without asking) as long as all the people in the comments hardly said NOTHING about the animatic making my work seem so much less that it actually was. The discussion was mostly about how Angelica sacrificed so much for her sister and, yes, this is true but… If you’re gonna talk only about the song then why do an animatic reaction at all?
That said, reactions on videos, especially when the videos are indipendent animations/animatic that take incredible amount of work to complete, are harmful to artists, especially the ones not popular like me. You (everyone that do reactions) are taking views away from us with your videos, a video that you made in 3 minutes while it took us MONTHS to complete. That’s not fair. Sure, the girl in question here was nice enough to give me credits and a link to the original but we all know that so few people will click that link.
I’m just…. sad it had to be like this….. If you said younger me that one day her creation would have gonna be reacted on some big channel she wouldn’t be able to belive it, but now, with all the experience (even if little) I have gained in the years I can say I am not ok with this. Maybe some people are happy someone reacted to their videos and that’s compleately fine but every artist has different thoughts on this and that’s why it’s so important to ask before you do anything. I pictured the possibility of this happening but I made the error of giving for granted that I would have recived a request to use my video and then politely denied it. A request, I remind you, THAT NEVER CAME. And if it came, a request that I’ve not responded or approved.
Sorry for the rant but I feel awful about this….. I won’t start any drama because I know how drama ends up on the internet but I really had to take this off my chest. This brings me to use the good old disclaimer at the beginning of the videos, the one that say without any mistakes that I do not give permission to use them.

Tldr: if you’re gonna make a reaction video please make sure you have asked permission to the original artist to use their work and that they are ok with it. If you’re gonna watch a reaction video please make sure you give a click to the original too. Thank you.

Well, if this wasn’t the cutest DnP Play the Sims 4 video ever

Between meeting Nuki, who is the cutest and most wholesome thing that makes me want to cry:

And Dan and Phil being adorable while bickering over names:

This was a fucking good Sims episode, and the long break from the series made me realize how much I missed it. I’m so excited for new episodes, especially now that they have a dog. The Sims series is coming back in a big way. 

me: i love you.

you: they call me chaos.
me: that’s okay. i like chaos.
you: you say that as if you want to get burned.
me: i’ve been burned before. 
you: and?
me: i’ve learned how to burn instead of get burned.
you: you’re saying i wont hurt you. you don’t know that.
me: you won’t hurt me. i believe in you.

me: what do you dream of?
you: nothing. everything.
me: tell me all of it.
you: hold me.
me: i’m right here.

me: how did you sleep tonight?
you: no more nightmares.
me: i’m glad.
you: because of you. no more nightmares because of you.

you: how do you fight something that’s inside of you?
me: i don’t know.
you: i wish i did.
me: i wish i did too. but i can fight what’s inside of you.
you: how?
me: come here and kiss me.

you: you’re a mess.
me: i know.
you: i’m a mess too.
me: i know. we’re messes together.
you: you’re my mess. and i’m your mess.

me: i have nightmares, too, sometimes.
you: i know. it’s just hard to believe sometimes. you’re always so strong, so amazing. you hide the worst of your sufferings.
me: i know. i have to.
you: you don’t. not with me. never with me.
me: but — it’s a sign of weakness.
you: it’s not. you’re so strong. crying doesn’t make you any less strong.
me: i can’t fight the nightmares.
you: i know. i can’t fight mine either. but i can fight yours and you can fight mine. that’s what a team is for, isn’t it?

you: i knew. i knew as soon as i saw you.
me: knew what?
you: knew that we were meant for each other.

— in the words we say // k.s.  ( for the love of my life, the one and only @courage​. )

xxdrowningbutbreathingxx  asked:

My d u d e so I digged around my history because I suddenly wanted to read ur fanfic where Steve had cancer and shit and I found it so I began rereading it. I only came for the part where they kissed for the first time but I read the whole thing and dude I gotta give it up to u cause ur the only person that made me cry so hard on reading a fanfic much less make me cry hard AGAIN on the SECOND TIME. Love lots dude and break more hearts with the angst keep the good work up!! -K

Ahhh! Thank you so much! I actually re-read that yesterday and even I was sort of like ‘lol wow uh maybe you could just chill for just a minute just maybe’. I cried writing the scene where Tony visited his grave lol blame @r-a-d-i-a-n-t she dared me to write it

anonymous asked:

When I was in elementary school there was this asshole kid, AJ, and he was being a dick to me on the playground and me being a child I stuck my tongue out at him, he then decided to throw sand at me and some got in my eyes. So I start crying and eventually I start crying so much that my nose starts to //fucking bleed// and a teacher comes over and assumes that he punched me. He went to the office, didn't defend himself, and I basically got him expelled. So that was fun.


(i literally made that face at this ask omggg)

⟪約束の空⟫ - The promised Sky (kanji/romaji/translation ENG/GER)

約 束 の 空
the promised sky

※ Please note that the kanji and romaji are written entirely by ear. Neither English nor Japanese are my native language, so I apologize for any possible mistakes. Translation in Mandarin Chinese and in French will be added soon! Thank you very much.
カードキャプターさくら クリアカード編 プロローグ
さくらとふたつのくま EDテーマ

心はずっと この胸叩いて
大切なこと 教えていた
kokoro wa zutto kono mune tataite
taisetsu na koto oshieteita

瞼閉じれば あなたの笑顔
耳をすませば  あなたの声
Mabuta tojireba Anata no egao
mimi wo sumaseba anata no koe

約束の空 終わりは始まりね
かけがえのない 大好きな人よ
yakusoku no sora owari wa hajimari ne
kakegae no nai daisuki na hito yo

会えない時は 切ない思いと
前向く強さ 育てていく
aenai toki wa setsunai omoi to
maemuku tsuyosa sodateteiku

虹の先には 二人の明日
この手伸ばせば 二人の夢
niji no saki ni wa futari no ashita
kono te nobaseba futari no yume

約束の空 いつでも信じてる
離れていても 大好きな人よ
yakusoku no sora itsudemo shinjiteru
hanereteitemo daisuki na hito yo

daisuki na hito yo

Translation (english)

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc Prologue 
Sakura and the two teddy bears ED theme

Composition: Negishi Takayuki
Lyrics: Maiku Sugiyama
Vocals: Iwao Junko
My heart is always beating in this chest
and taught me important things.
If I close my eyelids, (I see) your smile.
If I listen carefully, (I hear) your voice.

The promised sky, the end is a beginning, right?
You are my irreplaceable loved one.

The time of not being able to meet is nurturing
painful memories and the strength to face forwards.
Beyond the rainbow lies the future of two.
If I stretch out this hand, there is the dream of two.

I always believe in the promised sky
even if far away, you are my loved one.

You are my loved one.

Übersetzung (deutsch)

Card Captor Sakura Clear Card Arc Prolog 
Sakura und die zwei Teddybären ED Thema

Komposition: Negishi Takayuki
Text: Maiku Sugiyama
Gesang: Iwao Junko
Mein Herz schlägt immerzu in meiner Brust
und lehrte mich wichtige Dinge.
Wenn ich meine Augenlider schließe, (sehe ich) dein Lächeln.
Wenn ich genau hinhöre, (höre ich) deine Stimme.

Der Himmel des Versprechens, ein Ende ist auch ein Anfang, nicht wahr?
Du bist meine unersetzbarer, geliebter Mensch.

Die Zeit, in der wir uns nicht sehen können,
erweckt in mir schmerzliche Erinnerungen sowie die Kraft, nach vorne zu blicken.
Jenseits des Regenbogens liegt Zukunft zweier Menschen.
Wenn ich diese Hand ausstrecke, (liegen dort) der Traum zweier Menschen.

Ich glaube immerzu an den Himmel des Versprechens.
Selbst wenn weit entfernt, bist du mein geliebter Mensch

Du bist mein geliebter Mensch.

notfunctioningshipper  asked:

I read your curse au fic today and can I just say it was just EVERYTHING like DREAM MATERIAL I just. Love it so much. The magic and the dreams and the S..(okay maybe that's a spoiler) aHHH I LITERALLY STARTED CRYING AT ONE PART??? I WAS SITTING IN THE FREAKIN BUS AND CHOKED UP LIKE idek thank goodness I was in the back but THE FEEEELS ahhhh I love your writing so much!!! A 10000000000 kudos from me!

!!!! i’m really glad you liked it!!!! (i honestly confess it took me a stupid amount of time to figure out what spoiler you were talking about, i was like ‘??? s……age????’) thank u for the message and for the many many kudos <3 also you are not the first person to tell me i made them cry on a bus/at a bus stop, i’m a menace to commuters apparently

Voltron actor AU where everything’s the same but Voltron is a live-action TV show and the paladins are actors:

  • Their names are the same in real life. They go by different names in the show. 
  • Keith and Lance still have a “rivalry.” Red and Blue didn’t originally have it, but when the cast first met and the directors saw how Keith and Lance interacted, they wanted to write it in. 
  • Shiro’s arm is still a prosthetic, although the scar is fake.
    • sometimes the makeup crew forgets the scar. literally no one notices until it’s the end of filming
    • “Shiro…” “Huh?” “…they forgot the sca–” “are yOU FUC–”
  •  Shiro, Keith, Lance, Hunk, and Allura all do their own stunts. 
    • Pidge is only 17 and their mom won’t sign the waiver for them to do their own stunts. 
  • No one really knows how their little production company was able to afford hiring Allura, who’s a big time actress and super talented.
    • they eventually find out that she’s a giant mecha/space nerd and came to /them/ asking for a role and willing to do it for free
  • No one really knows if Coran has a script or if he was told to just say whatever
  • Lance calls Keith “Red” so often that Keith thinks Lance has forgotten his name
    • he hasn’t.
  • The paladins, Allura, Coran, and basically all the actors boycott after season 2, demanding retribution for the way they wrote Hunk and Lance’s characters. 
  • Hunk has an engineering degree in real life.  
  • Matt isn’t Pidge’s real life brother, but when they first meet it goes something like: “baby sister!” “big brother!” and they end up inseparable.
    • Pidge’s mother is known for calling Pidge at work just to talk to her son, Matt 
  • Hunk and Shay’s on-screen chemistry was actually a real thing. Shay was cast at the same time that she was working in the costume/design department, so they’d known each other since the show started. 
    • they’re dating now
  • Every time Lance’s character hits on Allura’s on-screen Lance spends five minutes defending Blue’s character after filming 
    • “he just craves attention, okay? he just wants love!! he’s smart and beautiful and wants to belonG”
    • despite this, Lance is basically his character minus that shoddy writing in season 2
  • Keith and Lance have their own shipping fanbase. It starts out with just their characters, but then Some Mysterious Person starts taking candids between sets and posting them online and klance is born
    • it’s Pidge. Pidge runs five fan accounts. 
    • the pictures are super incriminating, but no one shows them to Lance or Keith
    • there’s a betting pool on when they’ll get together
  • Keith gets super into his roles and ends up genuinely upset after filming the scenes where the princess reacts badly to Red being part Galra. 
    • Allura gives him a 15 minute hug after
  • Bonding Moment Discourse is actually a thing. There was a prop malfunction on set while they were filming and the directors told them to stay put, so Lance ended up being Cradled for a solid half hour.
    • later, they find out that they could’ve moved and just chilled for that time, instead of actually holding each other.
    • “I get it Keith, I get it. You just wanted to hold me. Who doesn’t amiright??”   

Okay back to happier (?) topics - today’s prompts were firsts/future/tears !!!! and honestly that’s probably a happy set why did I go for this even we might just never know

Can we just, take a moment to talk? For real.

We just witnessed the first gay coming out on Disney Channel. DISNEY CHANNEL. A channel specifically for young kids. Why is that important? Because now young kids everywhere will see it and realize that it’s okay to be themselves!!

We saw a main character, who is male, tell someone that he has a crush on another male character. It may be seen as, “Oh but other shows and everything have had gay characters way earlier!!” but that is not the point. This is DISNEY.

So many people dismiss gay as an “adult thing” when obviously, it’s not. They think that since gay is an “adult thing”, it shouldn’t be shown on kids channels. But we saw a 13 year old kid come out to his friends, on a Disney show.

As a young bi girl, I was actually crying. It meant so much to me. If I, as a young kid watching Disney, had seen this, it would have made things a lot easier.

This is gonna be huge to kids out there struggling, and I hope everyone understands the importance of this. Thanks, Andi Mack.


i would listen to this stupid mix every day if it would bring you back. i would never listen to any good music ever again. but it won’t. how is it possible i’m never going to see you again? how can you be over? how is it possible i’m never going to do any weird things with you ever again? how can i have all this power, and i couldn’t hold on to you? the one time. the one time i needed it. what am i doing? jen. it’s not fair. dad says people are going to act like the world is ending now. maybe it is. it’s not the world. it’s just jen. jen’s world is over. now maybe everything will change.

supergirl: being super #2 (2017)

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