this made me cry like a little baby



I made some random pictures of Yongguk + with some characters of Love Live! School Idol Project/Sunshine!!. Also, get ready because I made this really long letter for him as well and I hope it was enough. So here goes:

Dear Bang Yongguk,

I cannot say but…where do I begin? I want to share about me first because I feel like I was brave enough to write like this.

I’m a BABY who has special needs (also known as I have Autism). They said that I’m not perfect or not used to be part of it. When I was little, I’m clueless and of cheerful but then when I was in school age, I used to cry and scream making my feelings out of control. I felt like I was unloved or begin a “nobody”. I had friends…who were getting my nerves (i.e. teasing too much). Then until now, everything is changed. I have my family, my closest friends and everyone else who are cared about me and also they supported me all the time. Now, I finished my Junior High School life (Grade 7 to Grade 10) and I was happy now I will start going to Senior High School (Grade 11 to Grade 12) but I was feeling nervous. I will look forward my future and remembering my past until now.

Now, let’s talk about you, our leader of B.A.P. And also, my first ultimate bias.

First of all, you worked hard and I’m so proud of you. I really love your gummy smile and laugh (and your fail ageyo) because you made me full of sunshine and joy. Your tattoos made me realized that I’m a strong person. Your love of posting art, old stuff and monochrome images made me I’m feeling nostalgic and discovering something I can’t discover like before. Your support of awareness and change for good made me like I wanna be like you. Your songs you made are very inspirational especially “WAKE ME UP” (man, I know this MV is related in real life). Your love of Tigger (either your pet dog or a character from Winnie of Pooh) made my life fangirling with cuteness. You always care a lot to other members, which is made me tear up. Your deep voice made me melt my heart.

Oh, also your fatherly love of children + the support of all those in need…made me you are like a person full of generosity, charity and love.

Remember last November 27, 2014 aka the lawsuit? My world being you and the rest of the B.A.P members begin to torn apart and I was disappointed and now being left with a broken heart. Remember the song “AM 4:44”?  At first it was kinda beautiful song but when I heard the music video…it broke my heart and I just want to send more love or even hold hands so you won’t fall. Remember your NOIR promotions? You are not here because you had an anxiety disorder and you need rest made all the BABYz worried and they missed you (especially the performance of SKYDIVE didn’t appeared including One Peace Concert in Manila).  But still…you are a very strong person even you overcome pains and shortcomings.

Since you are the eldest and today’s your birthday, I’m so happy that I’m going to celebrate with you. But, I’m worried that next year…it will be B.A.P without you and Himchan because of their military service (not sure but they will update very soon) and I’m sad that you won’t be able to celebrate the other member’s birthday and also the debut anniversary for the next 2 years.

I want to tell you how much that I cannot stop loving you and support you so much. The BABYz are rooting for you until the end. Thank you for everything. Because of you…

You made my life complete and I’m not alone.

Thank you for all these years…

Lastly…I love you.



Hyung line to accompany the maknae line!!! Maknae Line here!!!

Necromancer Yoongi, Enchanter Jin, Banshee Hobi and reaper Namjoon, I wrote little captions~~

You guys seem to really like the maknae line’s one so I made a hyung line~ You guys were so nice with all the lovely messages and aaahhhh!!!! Thank you all so much for the support hope you like this one too!!!! Send me messages if you like!!!! 

Please don’t edit, repost, use without my permission thank you!!!!

So there’s a story behind this photo obviously. The smaller picture is of me in Renegade a replica of Baby from last year’s Comicpalazzo. So I thought what a fun idea it would be to have it as proof that I stole Baby for a day. I even got replica keys made to help. This being my first op of the morning I was a little nervous I mean it’s Jensen Ackles for crying out loud, but when it came to my be my turn he smiled as I explained what I wanted. Surprising me by saying awesome that he liked my idea. Before I knew it the photo was taken and the second followed. I managed to mention that there was pie and beer in the back seat and he laughed saying he’ll need that later. He truly is a treasure to meet in person.







rocket2saturn  asked:

Fryder x vetra 4 "awkward kiss"


Based on The Kiss Scene that I have seen so far.  That made me cry like a fucking baby a little bit.  Very mild spoilers probably since I haven’t even played the game.  Sorry if I get anything horribly wrong since, you know, I haven’t played the game yet hahaha.  JUST READY TO BE VETRA TRASH

“Having fun?”

Ryder can’t respond.  She’s still heaving, still unaccustomed to the way the atmosphere feels here.  It’s been too long since she got to breathe real air, unfiltered by a suit, or to see the sky unfiltered by a helmet.  Her head is spinning.

To her surprise, Vetra lies down beside her.  She’s not far away, but suddenly Ryder is acutely aware of the space between them.  Well, the not-space.  The rock, and atmosphere, more solid than anything out beyond this particular sky above them.

Ryder remembers when looking up into the sky used to feel like looking at endless possibilities.

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Something my mum always did to me when I came crying from my brother. She made me repeat until I cried from hitting myself too hard. (Apparently, she found it hilarious to do until I grew old enough to understand how evil this was.)

I wanted to see Sans doing the same because it seemed very likely that he did this when Papy was little. 

(Papyrus never forgives him for this) 


In which little Peggy Carter’s dreams to be a knight rescuing princesses might have become reality. In a way.

(Note: I never imagined Ana Jarvis to be white and I can’t bring myself to start drawing her any different now. So yes, this is Ana.)

Thank you for your request, it means so much to me.
I really , really hope that i made this right for you.
If it’s NOT what you wanted feel free to say in my ask, i will do it again without thinking twice.
Any grammatical error please you can tell me.


  • Ok this baby really like receiving love
  • And giving it
  • But he feels like this relationship is one sided
  • He say how much he loves you, he hugs you, kisses your cheeks, etc.
  • But you only smile back
  • Where are his kisses?He wants to receive too!
  • He really starts to think that HE IS THE PROBLEM
  • He was crying at night because of that
  • He wants to know what he can do
  • Well…He is definitely not going to ask  Seven, or any RFA member for help
  • He can be a little jealous when they know a lot about you
  • So …he know that he has  only one way to go
  • Hm…Interesting
  • You may be a person that feels uncorfortable with so much love
  • Ok
  • May be hard but he will do anything to make you feel happy and comfortable
  • So he is now..
  • Hell yeah!
  • He is dying inside
  • Omg her cheek, don’t kiss it
  • BE A MAN
  • But then he starts to notice that your face is filled with sadness
  • What did he did wrong?
  • He then  he  goes to you and sit beside you on the couch, with a worried face
  • “…MC?What’s wrong?”
  • You just sigh and look at him
  • “You’ve been  so distant lately..You don’t even hug me..What’s wrong?”
  • Yoosung just froze,wait you were missing it?
  • OH SHIT!
  • He just gave an awkward tiny laugh ,he understood everything now
  • It’s not that you didn’t like it
  • You just…Struggle to show it
  • He just laughs and cuddles with you on the couch for the rest of the evening
  • You may not give love to him like he did to you
  • But those shining eyes looking at him when he does it just..
  • Makes everything worth it
  • And when , rarely , you hug him, or kiss him,it’s like
  • The best thing in the world
  • He just loves you, and if she’s happy that he is showing all his love


  • He needs to be appraised
  • He needs it
  • Ok ok a little compliment here and there 
  • He accepts 
  • But he needs sometimes a little emotion
  • He can be a gentleman but his princess needs to show that she can do it too!
  • Oh no…
  • Is it so hard for her to just not jump in his arms?
  • Maybe you have a beast too
  • And showing love, may unleash it
  • He knows how hard it is to  keep looking at him and not kiss him every time
  • Understandable
  • But maybe if you has this beast
  • EVEN if you are his princess
  • Maybe just maybe..It would not me so bad?
  • When you woke up from your little nap in the couch
  • Your eyes just stared at Zen’s red ones
  • You were shocked
  • “Z-Zen…?Why are you observing me?”
  • “Mc, i can’t let you pretend anymore, i will let you unleash your beast”
  • What the hell is he talking about?
  • “My beast Zen?I don’t know what you’re talking about Zen”
  • Without even thinking twice he just  kiss you deeply
  • When their lips finally parted he just smiled
  • “I know it’s hard to control  yourself when you are close to me, but don’t worry, i won’t think that you’re a freak”
  • “Zen…It’s not that, i don’t do well with affection”
  • WHAT
  • WHAT
  • This cannot be possible
  • “So…You don’t like when i give you love?”
  • You just sigh laughing a little, while he’s still confused
  • “I like, i love it actually,but…I’m not good at showing it”
  • He just looks like a idiot
  • How come he never noticed?
  • But he is happy
  • That she likes
  • “Then..It’s okay if i unleash my beast?”
  • He say with a little smirk
  • Zen, stop


  • Ok,you are definitely trying to push him away
  • Why?
  • After YOU didn’t let him push you away
  • He is so confused
  • You are a bit cold to him
  • Looks like you don’t want these hugs, these kisses
  • You don’t look angry, or say insults like Saeran
  • And threats too
  • But he is worried, what has he done wrong?
  • Maybe you’re tired of him, maybe you just don’t like that much love?
  • Ok, he will give you space
  • Cut the love ropes 
  • This is going down
  • Then with this in mind, he’s the same when he tried to push you away
  • Jokes?Was there. Conversations?Was there too
  • But the affection, love? Not there
  • Even Saeran thinks this is strange
  • Then MC decides to have a little courage and ask
  • “Seven..?”
  • He just spins his chair and looks at you
  • “Sup Mc”
  • “….You want me to go away?”
  • What?Why is she asking it?He shoulded ask this question to her
  • She is acting strange
  • “You want to go away?”
  • She look confused, why is he heasking this question?
  • “I never ever think of leaving…Why are you asking me this kind of question Saeyoung?”
  • Confused stares 
  • “You kinda seems that you’re pushing me away, don’t seem angry when i give you affection, but you never seem to return it”
  • Mc just smiled, what a dork
  • “It’s hard for me to show love Saeyoung..”
  • Oh..Ok
  • Now that makes sense
  • So you liked it, but showing it is difficult
  • Seven just smiled back to her
  • “Good to know…I’m missing our kisses so much ( ˘ ³˘)♥ ”


  • You must already know that for him feelings were a myth
  • When he starts to feel love, everything was so strange
  • But now, he understands it
  • He wants to cherish you, love every part of your body , every bit of you
  • He wants all of you to be his
  • May seem selfish
  • But he loves you so much
  • Everytime he comes to home , he caresses Elizabeth
  • And then kisses you
  • Saying he had missed you
  • Everytime is the same thing
  • He never showed emotions in his entired life
  • But he is so intense now with this
  • He really really loves you
  • But he don’t feel the same from you
  • You don’t jump in his arms or are so intense with him
  • He feels sometimes neglected
  • But he loves you
  • But he is very afraid that you might leave him
  • He knows that he will never love someone like you
  • If you leave him…He…Will not know what to do
  • He will be lost
  • Not even Elizabeth could make him smile again
  • In one night, you wake up with a sound of someone crying sofly, not wanting to make any noise
  • It was Jumin?
  • Yes
  • You almost jumpet out of the bed to sit beside him
  • “Jumin?What is wrong?Did something happen to Elizabeth?”
  • When he notices your presence he just wipe his face quickly
  • “No my love…Go back to sleep, is everything alright”
  • “Jumin i know you  were crying, tell me , why?”
  • He just looks at her, with a little of tears in his eyes
  • It was very rare to see him like this, some people think it’s impossible to see him like this actually
  • But he doesn’t know where he went wrong with you,and he is very, very afraid that he might lose you
  • He can’t hold these type of emotions
  • He is a human too
  • “Are you…Planning to leave me?”
  • What was he saying?
  • You were shooked
  • Why?
  • “No, never Jumin, why are you asking such a thing?”
  • “…I always give you kisses, hugs, all my love, you don’t seen to hate it, or try to stop me, but you never ever give me anything, not even a declaration”
  • Oh…Now you get it
  • “Jumin it’s difficult to me to show my love…Emotions…But i do like when you do this”
  • Difficult?
  • Ok, he can help you
  • After that, they’re asleep ,cuddling peacefully
  • He will have patience
  • Show you all his love
  • And you will try your hard to show yours too
  • Of course, at your pace


  • She has some struggles showing some love
  • After finally stop with the “friend” thing
  • Stop Jaehee
  • She is more happy, and she takes MC with an open heart
  • More calm, gentle, romantic
  • Yes Baehee
  • But MC does not return all of this
  • What?She wants that kind of Jahee back?
  • You just regretted that you chose her instead of the boys?
  • She was more boring than them?
  • But she is trying her hardest
  • You are not gonna leave her after everything
  • Right?
  • She even looks even more romantic
  • Looks like she wants to please you
  • You don’t mind it
  • You even liked 
  • But you knew something was up
  • “Jaehee.”
  • You said behind her, while she was making, i don’t know, cookies? Coffee?
  • She looks at you, smilling
  • “Say it darling”
  • “You’re acting in a strange way,what is wrong?”
  • Ok
  • She could just smile, say it was nothing
  • But Jaehee learned from you that she have to speak up when something was messing her little head
  • So she just sigh, and look at you again, without the smile this time.
  • “Mc, i know this all started with the word friends , but is this what you want to be?Only friends?”
  • Before you can open your mouth to ask why,she starts to speak again
  • “Mc when i try to be romantic or show you some love you accept,but you never try to do the same to me,if you don’t want this kind of Relationship, i understand.”
  • “…Jaehee,it’s not that, i love you, but…It’s hard for me, i love your touches, seeing you give me love..But i just can’t, it’s so hard for me”
  • Oh
  • How can she be so dumb?
  • She don’t know why MC is like this, maybe she is just antisocial, shy, she just don’t mind at all
  • But after that day, Jaehee stops being so romantic
  • Of course a little kiss here, there ~
  • She knows you like when she give you a tight hug,or a simple kiss
  • You sometimes do it on her
  • She just looks so cute when she is caught by surprise


  • V has a big problem
  • If something is wrong, strange
  • He puts the blame on himself
  • And that’s it
  • He never realizes that maybe, just maybe he did nothing wrong
  • V is perfect in this relationship
  • But he realizes that you don’t give him affection
  • You don’t complain about his affection
  • But because of that he starts to get wrong ideas
  • He don’t think you just…Have a little problem with showing your love
  • He thinks he did something wrong
  • That he is a burden to you
  • Of course
  • Everything is making sense
  • He is slowly turning blind
  • Now he can see a bit, it’s blurry, and it’s still hard
  • He knows you have a kind heart
  • But he can’t make you stay with a blind man
  • If he is just a burden.
  • But V doesn’t know what he would do without you
  • You’re his life
  • His light
  • He don’t want to lose another person that he loved
  • So he just can’t be quiet about it and let things go with the wind
  • You’re leaving him?He is scared just to think about it
  • He has to speak up
  • He has to speak with you
  • He has to do something
  • You’re in the kitchen, cooking
  • V leaves the bedroom, making his way towards you
  • “The food smells great,Love…”
  • His voice sounded like…He had been crying
  • You just look at him, he seemed tired
  • “Thank you…Is something upsetting you?”
  • Ok V
  • Speak up
  • Don’t start with those secrets
  • Or i swear to god i will hit you with this pan
  • “Yes”
  • Ok he will say it
  • So you focus on him
  • “If you plan on leaving me…Because…I’m a burden”
  • He says slowly, looks like those words hurt him so much
  • “I understand…But i will still love you”
  • You keep looking at him, he was holding back tears and with his head down
  • So you put your hand in his chin and makes him look at you,looking at your eyes
  • “Why would i do such a thing V?”
  • “You are cold with me.”
  • Oh
  • It’s this
  • “V i love you, but i have a little problem, i have difficulty to show love,affection,but i really like when you do this, actually, it’s like a fuel for me to start the day”
  • His eyes just got brighter
  • It’s not his fault
  • Never is V
  • Stop with that
  • He’d just kiss you , a kiss with all his love in it
  • And you kissed him back, with all your love in it
  • Looks like everything is good ~
  • “Love…it smell as if something is burning..”
  • Well
  • After this day he still the same 
  • And you’re slowly being more affectionate
  • Everything looks good
  • Except the food


  • This gonna be complicated
  • He is exactly like you
  • Want love,but has difficult in giving, showing it
  • Yes, he needs love
  • So this is awkward
  • Looks like you are living with a friend, even with a stranger
  • And he thinks the same thing
  • This relationship won’t have affection
  • Only when he grabs you at night, to cuddle
  • You two had enough
  • This is bullshit
  • You are so sad, you need love, affection
  • You can’t let this go further
  • And he is secretly thinking the same as you
  • So,at the same time you two go talk to each other
  • And when you were so close
  • You asked
  • “…Why are you so distant from me?”
  • “I should ask that”
  • Looks like he is thinking the same as you
  • “I find a little hard to show my emotions, and love”
  • “Looks like we have the same problem then princess.”
  • This was going to be hard
  • But you two will slowly open up together, you’re feeling it
  • So the two of you hug each other tightly
  • You two need it
  • And need much more ~
  • This got better after the realization of the problem
  • The two of you grew more affectionate towards each other
  • He loves your little smiles when he hugs you or kisses you
  • And you love the brightness in his eyes when you do the same
  • And you both love when you’re cuddling, on the sofa, eating ice cream
  • Everything is perfect now

I really hope i got this right, and that you liked it

“Come, we’ll walk in the gardens before they root up the roses out of some beknighted attempt at eradicating injustice.” The Witch took Glinda’s arm. “Glinda, you look hideous in that getup. I thought you’d have developed some sense by now.”

“When in the provinces,” she said, “you have to show them a little style. I don’t think it’s so bad. Or are the satin bells at the shoulder a bit too too?”

“Excessive,” agreed the Witch. “Someone get the scissors; this is a disaster.”

They laughed.

this scene in the book made me cry like a baby

First, as a practicing nurse, let me say that I agree with everyone here who is saying circumcision is wrong and unnecessary. There is no medical reason to do it, and there are many complications associated with it. I am a nurse who has performed many circumcisions myself, and I know that many are botched, and the baby has to be redone. There is not much training and you learn as you go. Also, they are very painful. I’ve seen babies pass out and many crying to the point of choking!! The anesthetic does very little…

I myself do not recommend circumcisions, nor do I like cut penises, but I have done literally hundreds of them since I graduated from nursing school. This is because they are easy, quick, and I can make like up to $500 a pop on them. They helped me to pay off the cost of school, while I also made money working regular hours at the hospital.

anonymous asked:

I saw your reblog post saying 'I'm proud of you' and I just started crying cause I literally need to hear that from someone, anyone, so badly and no one ever told me that not even my family or my friends and it's making me cry like a baby now 😭 I love you so much 😭❤

You have so much to be proud of my little anon. Any day that you’ve made it through is an accomplishment. ❤


So you’ll rarely hear me go off about stuff like animation and good lighting in anime because really I just don’t know too much about it to be able to talk about it properly, but I think about this episode a lot. For those who don’t know, Nanoha was animated by Seven Arcs, it was their first TV series (before this they only made porn) and I’m still in awe of it to this day. Nanoha is the kind of series that I kind of put on and stare at for a few hours and forget where I am. I watched it very early on, right as I was really getting into anime. The opening still makes me cry like a baby.

Nanoha amazes me in the fact that it’s almost like Madoka before Madoka was ever a thing. Nanoha herself is such a well written little girl that it’s almost stupid to think that she was just a side character that got her own spin off. Nanoha is dark at times and there’s this realism in it’s magic but there’s also a lot of love in it. It’s not Madoka, it’s not out to tear your heart out, but it can be very clever and poignant when it wants to be.

Which is why I think this episode is so strong. Nanoha is a complex kid. In her worst times she almost reminds me of Shinji. In her best times she’s stronger than most 9 year olds should have a right to be. Nanoha spends so much of her time lost and alone, scared to get too close to anyone but yearning for love that she can’t even put a name to. The light in this episode can’t reach her. A tired, scared, and distracted Nanoha can’t accept the love that is being given to her. People often say that Fate is the one who was saved by Nanoha and while that’s true, I just don’t think it’s the whole story. They saved each other. Nanoha needed someone like Fate, someone who understood and wasn’t going to pity her for her loneliness. They needed each other and wow were they so lucky to have found one another. 


take care of yourself, kid. ‘cause someone really cares about you.

mild undertale spoilers!!

a little comic to commemorate the first part in undertale that legit made me cry like a baby. i was talking about this scene with a friend and how different the scene is depending on whether you killed toriel or not. when you spared her, this is a cute and fun tale about two Bad Joke Buddies in the woods but when you kill her? it’s so much more melancholy. to me, at least.

LIKE SO ok i accidentally killed toriel during my first playthrough and i didn’t even think to reload and spare her until it was too late and i’d already saved. i felt bad about it but what could i do, right? just gotta keep movin on.

anyway, i’d all but forgotten my sin until this part in the game, where you n sans go and chill in the restaurant. hearing him talk about toriel made me feel so bad. all she wanted was for me to be safe, and i killed her. not only that, she was sans’ joke buddy. his friend. and then he added that he hadn’t heard from her in a while, like he knew what i’d done. 

anyway i just straight-up started crying \m/ undertale is a great game that will make you feel things, 10/10

“I wrote it when I was like 18 or 19 but my friend just had a baby and she made me godmother of it and I was holding this little baby the other night and I was just thinking differently. When you’re holding onto something that’s so innocent and so perfect and has no idea what’s coming for it with the world. The world is going to throw so many things at you as we grow up.” ❤

- taylorswift

Out of every single Steven Universe episode,

the only one that makes me cry actual tears every time I watch it is Monster Buddies.

Almost no other episode has made me cry.

I dunno, there’s just something about that ending that really makes me sob like a little baby. Steven tried so hard to tame and befriend the Centipeetle, and came so close to de-corrupting it, and then the Gems just start mercilessly beating it, and don’t stop, even though Steven is begging for them to leave it alone. And then, that little speech Steven makes to the Centipeetle, about the day they had together, and then he hugs it. Steven is CRYING throughout this entire scene, which makes it even harder to watch. And then the way the Centipeetle saves Steven…it’s just such a sad and cruel scene, all of it really yanks on my heartstrings.


I have a theory about Aden. I feel like Lexa might be related to him or cares a LOT for him.

1. She sounded so proud when she was saying “Good Aden” when they were practicing.

2. When she realized he was ready for the conclave she sounded nervous, almost worried about him that he might become the next Heda.

3. She spoke so carefree with him and Clarke like she wasn’t Heda, she was Lexa. Idk maybe I’m wrong.

4. Lexa said “when you become Heda” then little precious child Aden goes “IF… I become Heda” he truly paused after the if and it made me cry.

5. WHEN LEXA IS FIGHTING, THAT KID IS LITERALLY SHITTING HIMSELF WORRIED. Then when she’s okay they give a close up of how relieved he is.“

6. I just want to believe Lexa has family okay the poor baby needs family.