this machine surrounds hate

I mean that’s really why I love Star Wars, besides that space is great. Luke Skywalker has zero toxic masculinity-type issues. He goes to Vader in Return of the Jedi willingly and immediately starts telling him he doesn’t have to live his life filled with hate, and they can just drop the whole thing and leave together. He extends this invitation to a horrible man who has done nothing but hurt him, but Luke is stronger because of his contact with his emotions, his love and acceptance of those around him, the bonds he has with his friends. And it works. Vader, this seven-foot-tall cyborg in a mask who hasn’t had human contact or felt the sun on his face or felt love in twenty-three years, realizes that he has been living wrong. It’s a triumph of softness over might, and it couldn’t make me happier.

This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.

Forever Young
Pete Seeger & The Rivertown Kids
Forever Young

I had hoped that I would see more about Pete Seeger’s death from tumblr than I have.  To date, I haven’t seen anything, and so I am writing a post myself, instead of reblogging someone else’s and adding my own comments.

Scott Simon of NPR says: “Pete Seeger was a lanky banjo player who showed up at every rally, every singalong, every town meeting, for as long as anyone could remember. He came singing songs of dissent; songs that helped to find the courage to change.”
I would agree that this is true.  I know he was always present -not in person, but in word and in audio- at all of our family sing-alongs, our camping trips, and even just our day-to day.

(In retrospect, I suppose this is the kind of thing that happens when one is raised by former hippies, but anyone who knows me already knows that about me, too.)

Pete is one of the people who inspired me to take up the banjo.  I have not learned as much nor as well as I would like, but I haven’t given up, and I won’t, not until I am able to play Abiyoyo in its entirety, because that, also, is one of my favorite memories of Pete Seeger.

I chose Forever Young for this post, because while it isn’t one of Pete’s songs, I believe it embodies him, and many of the things he stood for.
The young can band together, unionize, change the world and make it a better place.
You’re only as old as you feel, and I hope everyone can feel just a little younger today.

Rest well, uncle Pete, and save me a seat near the fire, we’ll play together sometime, you and me.