this machine surrounds hate

the rfa and v with an mc who loves to sing around the house and in the car and stuff, but cant actually sing very well? thanks and happy new year!!! -anon

“Happy new year”…ahaha thanks for being patient!


  • You’re always singing around the house
  • When on your laptop listening to music, making dinner, or in the shower
  • Albeit, you weren’t a very good singer, but Yoosung found it very endearing (everything you do is endearing to sunshine boi)
  • Plus he isn’t a good singer either and he’s not one to judge 
  • It makes him so happy to see you enjoying yourself when you’re dancing around the house and having fun and just being yourself
  • He’ll join in with you and you two will be terrible
  • but you can be terrible together and that’s all that matters
  • Cartoon theme songs are your favorite thing to sing along to together
  • Singing together only happens together alone at home because the neverending teasing from Seven is not worth it


  • It happened again when you convinced her to watch High School Musical again with you (despite her protests of it being trash compared to Zen’s musicals)
  • And you just couldn’t hold it in, you just had to bop to the top
  • Your voice sounded like nails on a chalkboard especially with all those high notes
  • But does Jaehee ever say anything about it?
  • Nope
  • She’ll stare at you with adoring eyes while turning up the tv volume to block out your pterodactyl screeching
  • Baehee will let you have your fun but that doesn’t mean she should suffer


  • As a professional singer, Zen can’t help but cringe a tiny bit because he knows that singing improperly can be damaging to your vocal chords
  • He’s not hating on your voice at all, he just doesn’t want you to hurt yourself!
  • Zen would never tell you to stop though, if anything, he’d encourage you to sing along with him
  • Your little singing quirk is something that just makes you more cute in a way
  • If you ever did want to learn how to actually sing, he’s all open to the idea
  • He loves it when he can hear you in another part of the house singling along to your favorite Disney songs or Kpop songs
  • Nobody will ever be allowed to make fun of your singing because you are ###perfect in his eyes


  • Jumin is a blunt man
  • So he kinda just
  • “MC would you like a vocal coach to teach you how to sing properly?”
  • “No no I just do this for fun, Jumin, put down that phone I don’t want freaking Beyonce to be my coach sTOP.”
  • At first he’s kinda confused on why you always reject his offers to hire a coach, but once you compared it to how he liked taking pictures despite the blurriness, he understood
  • Nonetheless, he thinks your passionate singing is rather amusing
  • The only time it’s a bother is when he’s trying to work and you’re singing to blasting radio music in the next room but that’s okay because he’ll eventually have soundproof walls installed
  • And they’ll block out more than just your singing ;))


  • sAME
  • You two are the worst during RFA get-togethers because Saeyoung will whip out the karaoke machine and make everyone’s ears bleed
  • The surrounding people on the road also hate you two because Saeyoung has a lot of convertibles and you both will just scream sing out into the open
  • Spontaneous duets around the house? 
  • Hell yeah
  •  Saeran telling you guys to shut the fuck up?
  • Oh yeah
  • His favorites to sing along horribly to are anime openings because he sings in such an over-exaggerated tone
  • He also serenades you with awful love songs (while in his maid outfit)


  • This pure and holy man thinks everything about you is beautiful
  • And your god awful singing voice is included 
  • Why is it beautiful to him? Because he loves you and he loves that you’re expressing yourself and that’s all it takes to make him happy 
  • Your uneven singing voice sounds like a beautiful melody to him, even though it may actually sound like fish dying
  • Though his dwindling eyesight, he atleast still has his hearing so he’s going to enjoy your voice as much as possible
  • No one in the RFA will dare to mock you since you and V are such sweet people
  • If he ever catches Seven teasing you, that boy is in for a scolding, something V doesn’t do often to him

Photo: Pete Seeger’s homemade banjo with inscription, “This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender." 

Pete Seeger is one of the most important figures in the history of American folk music.  In the notes to the box set "Washington Square Memoirs,” musicologist Cary Ginell writes that, "the image of  Seeger, with his homemade long-neck five string banjo, is synonymous with folk music… Today, only Woody Guthrie equals his status as a folk music icon.“  He believed songs were a way of binding people to a cause.  Seeger died Monday at the age of 94. 

Terry Gross spoke to the folk legend in 1985. Today we rebroadcast the interview in memory of him. 

I mean that’s really why I love Star Wars, besides that space is great. Luke Skywalker has zero toxic masculinity-type issues. He goes to Vader in Return of the Jedi willingly and immediately starts telling him he doesn’t have to live his life filled with hate, and they can just drop the whole thing and leave together. He extends this invitation to a horrible man who has done nothing but hurt him, but Luke is stronger because of his contact with his emotions, his love and acceptance of those around him, the bonds he has with his friends. And it works. Vader, this seven-foot-tall cyborg in a mask who hasn’t had human contact or felt the sun on his face or felt love in twenty-three years, realizes that he has been living wrong. It’s a triumph of softness over might, and it couldn’t make me happier.

This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.

Memories - Pete Seeger with what became his signature instrument, the 5-string banjo. The well-worn face of Mr. Seeger’s banjo was decorated with the message, “This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender.” The banjo head  was donated to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum in Cleveland in 2010. - Andrew Sullivan for The New York Times

TF Memories - Peter Seeger Click here

‘This Machine Surrounds Hate and Forces It to Surrender’

When I think of Pete Seeger, who passed away early this morning at the age of 94, in my mind he is never empty-handed. Always, always, always, he carried with him his banjo.

He was just 27 years old when folklorist Alan Lomax asked him about his odd choice of instrument in an interview.

“Hello there, Peter,” Lomax says.

“Howdy," Seeger replies.

"Mighty nice music you’re making, Pete.”

“Oh, I’m just warming up.”

“What’s that funny looking guitar you’re playing?”

“Oh this isn’t a guitar. This is a banjo,” says Seeger.

“Well tell me: Is the banjo something new?”

“New? It’s about as new as America is.”

Read more. [Image: AP/Rebeca J. Rosen]

Ben & Jerry’s was directly inspired by Pete Seeger’s passionate pursuit of peace and love. Here is our co-founder Ben’s ode to Pete and his legacy:

I knew Pete Seeger a bit, and to me he embodied the best of what it means to be a person in this world.  He used his whole self—his gifts, his body, his voice, his soul, his spirit—to lead and speak out for kindness and decency and love—to advocate for the people that have been and those that continue to be mistreated by our society.

It was Pete Seeger and his songs that introduced me to folk music and to the civil rights struggle and the anti war movement.

And it was the words inscribed on his banjo—“This machine surrounds hate and forces it to surrender”–  that led me to understand that he was not a folk singer.  He was a political activist. He used what he had—his talent for making and writing music–  to fight systems of oppression.

He never gave up. As he got older and his voice started to give out, he never stopped. He would get up in front of the audience and barely croak out the words and ask the audience to help him out. And the singing that came back was resounding.

He has told a little story many times. And he once told it to me personally. I was feeling like I wasn’t getting anywhere in my efforts to shift federal spending from the pentagon to social needs, and I told him that I was starting to think that all my hard work was for nought.  He told me a story about walking along one day and coming upon this huge seesaw with a big heavy rock on the side that was down and a big bucket on the side that was up. There  were all these little people scurrying around with teaspoons taking sand from a big pile and climbing up a ladder and dumping it in the bucket and then going back for more sand. But Pete noticed that there were holes in the bucket and the sand was running out as fast as they were putting it in.  So he grabbed one of the guys with the teaspoons and said, “Don’t you see? The sand’s running out as fast as you’re putting it in. You’re never gonna get that seesaw to switch around”.

And the guy stopped for a moment, mopped his brow and said, “Oh, you don’t understand. There’s more of us with teaspoons all the time and  sooner or later we’re gonna be putting sand into the bucket faster than it’s leaking out and then shwoop, the seesaw will switch, and people are gonna say, “How did that happen so fast?” and we’ll just say “us and our little teaspoons.”

He was an inspiration to me. And if at sometime I’m able to make some headway on the oppression that we’ve been fighting, it will be because I have walked  in his footsteps.