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The Uniting Power of Love Triangles! Midlife Dance Crisis!

(So in this party, the male human rogue, the female fetchling mage, and the elf princess are slowly dancing the romantic “will they/won’t they?”. All three are charming, high charisma characters. the mage has been trying to fight years of repression to figure out what her orientation is, the rogue likes the mage but is willing to bow out and play wingman if she decides she’s not into him, the princess is a friendly lass whose natural stoicism makes her hard to read, and both the rogue and mage are wondering if they have a chance with her. This has actually solved more problems than its caused.

Example: The party decided to attend a village dance. The rogue had his dance with the mage, where they both admitted they didn’t know how to dance. Then the princess grabs the mage and hits the dance floor. While the rogue’s taking a break, an incredibly handsome man walks up to him…)

Stranger: Are those two lovely ladies free?

Rogue: …I think they’re taken with each other, if you get my meaning.

Stranger: Well, I’ve been looking for a wife, and the desire for prosperity will change that, I think.

Rogue (Squicked out): …Oh really?

Stranger (Too proud for his own good): I’m the Marquis. I can provide a dowry of 10,000 gold.

Rogue: …Who do you think I am, their dad?

(After he has his fun playing Prince Charming (and getting an admittedly impressive diplomacy check) He eventually backs off.)

Marquis: It would be a blessing to see you again. (leaves)

Mage: Well, I’m going to get a drink.

Princess: [Rogue], would you care to dance?

Rogue: I’d love to. Did you get a look at that mozzarella cheeseball?

Princess: He seemed nice.

Rogue: Yeah, less nice considering he came to me offering a dowry of 10,000 gold.

Princess: Oh you’re joking, I’m not worth that much.

Rogue: Clearly you have a poor estimate of your worth, but seriously, do I look old enough to be your dad?

Princess: Ha! You’re barely old enough to be my baby brother.

Rogue: Heh. Well, (overdramatic bow) “T'was a blessing to share this dance with thee, milady.” (kisses her hand)

Princess: You know he’s gone, right?

Rogue: Eh. *shrug*

(The mage said he looked more like a roguish gentleman than her dad. Jury’s still out on what ship will sail, if any. But all agree that the standoffish paladin dancing with the lustful halfling thief by swinging her around like nunchucks was the best 300 gold ever spent.)

Stuck In My Senses

Chapter Two

Ah, film night. One of my favorites. An almost religious little ritual we’ve had going on since the very beginning. The three of us, hanging out one night of the week, watching a movie, popping some popcorn and having a well deserved relaxed evening. I very much looked forward to these nights, as did the boys.

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Jesus Christ that episode was boring af. I’m so disgusted by this season so far. Our last ten episodes and all we’re getting is a bunch of new characters and romance filler. I don’t care about Ezra and Aria’s stupid drama. I don’t care about Addison. I don’t care about the love triangles. And I don’t care about watching these girls make the same stupid decisions they always do.

And I thought we were promised answers in every episode? What exactly were the answers we got this week?

Possible VoltronAU

I was just sitting around today and thinking about stuff when a movie crossed my mind. Remember, The Book of Life. It had the Latino theme to it, well it was pretty much about a Hispanic holiday, Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead). Well there was a romantic interest in there. Actually, the movie surrounded a love triangle and some other integrity stuff that I’m still recalling.

I have no clue if a love triangle between Shiro, Keith, and Lance is a good idea or if people will just get pissed at me for even saying this, but I’m sharing my idea.

So there are two dudes and a girl in the movie. I, personally, am a Klance fan and would want Keith to be Maria and Lance to be Manolo. Manolo plays the guitar so that adds to that headcanon wear Lance plays the guitar. Shiro would be Joaquin.

What’s really sweet is in the movie, Manolo just can’t kill the bull when he bullfights (or Torero). I just can’t see Lance killing an animal for entertainment purposes or for any reason at all.

For the other characters, I see Allura as Death (La Muerte) and Coran as Xibalba. Their relationship isn’t like the one in the movie. Their relationship would be like the one in Voltron.

HUNK WOULD BE THE CANDLE MAKER! Gosh, yes! The Candle Maker is just so funny and Hunk is just fit for the roll.

Pidge, oh Pidge. I’m not quite sure where they fit, but I’ll try to analyze the characters. I kind of think of Maria’s pet pig, but Pidge wouldn’t be a pig. Pidge would be like Keith/Maria’s friend that was human. Pidge could also be a family member of Lance’s. Manolo/Lance would go into the Land of the Remembered and meet his family and Pidge would be one of the skeletons. Lance also has a dead mom now. #Langst


I’m just going to write this. Yup. I’m writing this.

I’m putting in some Klangst too. Just angst in general. Lance’s insecurities too. Yep. I’m doing it.

ALSO, Keith is going to be sassy and independent af and he’s going to be somewhat of a rebel.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Can you please direct me to fanfics where there's a love triangle between Rick, Michonne and Negan or Shane? Thanks!


These are the stories that come to mind based on your request.  

Against Type by B and M

Shane and Michonne are navigating the beginnings of a new relationship, but what happens when Rick enters the picture? AU, no ZA. 
Rated M

Late Nights & Early Mornings by Misty Grimes

Chapter 4: She

A series of Richonne one-shots. 
Rated M

We hope this helps. :)

Sometimes I spend so much time interacting with quality writers on Twitter/Tumblr that I forget there are people who look at tropes like Love Triangle and Girl Who Is Not Like Other Girls and think, “Yes! This is a fresh and wonderful idea! I should use it unironically in my next story and not attempt to subvert it in any way!”

And then I get a manuscript to copy edit like the one I got today.

And now I want to die.

I love you all, but you are also making my life very difficult due to having such high standards now.

PLL 7B EPISODE 2 sum up

Overreacting Em

Paige and Emily *eyeroll*

Eavesdropper (mini Ali). Might help Emily think twice about being with Ali

Ali worried about being a mom. More so her child being like her.



Mona is a true friend

Aria freaking out about Ezra and Nicole

Hanna had flashbacks

Jenna lying (i think she is but we shall see)

Pemison drama (no idea what else to call this love triangle.) Emily deserves better than both of them anyways…

anonymous asked:

@ Jackie, Marco, and Star. Does the love triangle Conor, Nova, and Missy remind you of anything?

Jackie: oh yeah

Marco: i mean it’s obvious

Star: right?

Marco: they’re obviously talking about the other triangle between connor, Roman and Nova

Star; clearly *wide smiles.

No Answers

I don’t know what you guys think but Marlene said we would have answers that would blow our mind on a weekly basis, I don’t see that.

Okay in 7x11 we can assume our first answer was that Mary is really Spencer’s mom and Peter is her dad but in 7x12 ????????

Once again Marlene gave us hope and that’s all. We are just getting lame situation - like the love triangle between Ali Em and Paige - but seriously WHERE ARE THE ANSWERS ABOUT THE REAL MISTERY ?! Like, for exemple, WHO IS AD AND WHY IS HE/SHE DOING THIS TO THE GIRLS ?

Tbh?? Monoma and Pony are the best bros… they’re soap opera bros. they get together every week and watch various soap operas, with every week having a different one from a different country (because goddammit have you ever seen old school Belgian soap operas? Those are fucking hilarious) and they love it. They take the big tv in the dorm and everyone’s okay with it because Pony’s adorable and monoma looks cute when he laughs so it’s all good. Current favorite is an American one set in LA following a hopeful artist who was JUST TRYING TO PAY RENT but instead got caught up in a love triangle and drug ring