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So I sent Cheritz an e-mail regarding this CG that appear on 7’s gallery ( @deathatintervals confirmed that it appears of her game as well). I never saw it during 7’s route or secret endings, let alone during V’s route. So I ask if they could shine on us since it’s confusing if its Saeran or Saeyoung, since they are at church and sometimes Saeyoung appears without glasses.

After this e-mail and once I updated the game, the CG disappear. So @deathatintervals and I are betting that Cheritz maybe posted a possible Saeran route CG and now fixed their mistake.

ok not to sound like a sap but i was smiling like i was looking at my firstborn child or a newborn puppy or something while i was watching the dna stage aslfjas god i love bts so much…….they’re it for me yall

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Santi.... You cute patoot how are you today? Did you see anything cool? I hope you're alright and get to have some hella good food! BTW, please tell us all a joke I love u bbkins

“aww shucks, im doing pretty good today. i actually remembered to eat (not a chili burger) and i finally made it out of texas, so thats something. i stopped in new orleans for today so thats cool. i didnt get to check it out much on my way to mexico. lots of cockroaches and mice and cool architecture. did you know you can just drink alcohol out in broad daylight here? i cant partake because my liver hates me, but god i wish that were me. im about to get some hella good beignets. i heard theyre bangin.

what do you get when you cross a t-rex and a chicken?

nothing but death.

(dont ask, fiona told me that one.)