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Can I have any book recs?? im trying to get back into readin’, cuz the only good writer is a good readei’m like a fifth of the way through my last fantasy book i own

i like fantasy and sci-fi, and would like some stand alone novels, preferably things that don’t focus on romance. im a SUCKER for good friendships, well written side characters, and lovable douchebags. 

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How would Eustass Kidd react if his crush apparently rejects/avoids him (even if she likes him a lot) because she's "scared" to open up? Thank you, love your blog and especially the way you write about Kidd :)

Oooh oh oh oh eheheheh (and thank youuu ~ Kid is fun to write, like the lovable douchebag y’know ? ~)


  • He’s so annoyed, upset, angry, frustrated and confused
  • He did nothing. Wait, he did ? He’s not sure. What the fuck
  • He’ll try to confront you about it, without sounding too abvious about why it’s annoying
  • He’s in super bad mood until you finally tell him
  • And he don’t know what to say about it
  • “Well… be careful ?”
  • Shit, does this mean he have to do something, to change to make you stop ?
  • He’ll try to think about it and will act a little more nice and calm
  • But that ain’t him so he’s quite upset and won’t be like that too much
  • He’s really frustrated because he don’t know what to say to make you stop being scared
  • Like he can’t punch himself. I mean, he can but that won’t solve the problem
  • He can’t punch you either… He want to (a little (because it’s an annoying situation)) but you will avoid him even more if he does
  • So he’ll just let you some time to decide to open up, trying to make himself as trustable as he can

no i won’t use big gifs, i just can be bothered to download gif icons right at the moment so i’m using the gifs from my gif pack, i’m sorry pls love me.

anywho, sof’s dramatic moment aside, hello i’m sofia, 17 and in that annying timezone called gmt and i’ll be playing romeo vanderbilt who is the most lovable narcissistic guy you’ll meet.

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Gilgamesh from the Fate series is one of my favorite characters of all time because of several reasons.

He is totally unapologetic in his behavior and attitude. While the character is fun but a little shit, at least he is honest about how he feels.

Another reason is, the fact he shows respect to those he feels earns it. He is shown to value loyalty in his own way praises it, even though it might feel like an insult at the time due to uh… Certain words.

Lastly he is a lovable douchebag. Plus his character design kinda helps.

Fact of life: Being attractive gets you far in life, or a fan base based on looks alone. Haha


That Matt Murdock is such a daring devil, you guys.

I watched three episodes of Netflix’s new Daredevil series. I’m not the most knowledgeable fan of the character, but The Man Without Fear by John Romita Jr. and Frank Miller is one of my favorite limited series/graphic novels ever. I’m happy to say the series is heavily inspired by that! Apparently when you talk good Daredevil it’s either Miller or Mark Waid.

Here’s a couple things that I hope will convince you to give it a watch.

  • It hits the ground running. It’s not Daredevil Begins. It’s more like Daredevil Year One. Everything you need to know is told in flashbacks and those mostly happen on the first two episodes.
  • Daredevil’s motivations are interesting. If you look at Daredevil’s origins it would be easy to say he’s another Batman. While that may be true, you have to remember he chooses to be both an outlaw AND a defender of the law and tries to make both roles coexist. He knows he does horrible things to bad men and doesn’t enjoy it, but from his perspective it’s the only way to fight back against crime.
  • It’s a crime drama and at times courtroom drama. Instead of it being an action series with self-aware comic book characters, this series does a lot to be serious. The action scenes are there to provide some gritty conflict. Speaking of which.
  • The action is really brutal. People get THE SHIT beaten out of them, and it’s not just bruises and the odd trickle of blood. The opening of episode 3 makes that super clear. You can tell Gareth Evans’ The Raid was an inspiration for this.
  • The female lead so far is strong and has her own character arc. The female lead starts the series in a very dark place. Her arc focuses on her overcoming past traumas and the consequences of her decisions, which leave her morally conflicted. Though she’s initially saved by Daredevil, she thinks and acts on her own.
  • Foggy Nelson isn’t just lawyer Jimmy Olsen. Instead of being a mumbling dork who relies on Matt Murdock to get him out of trouble, Foggy is a somewhat over-confident, lovable douchebag that works with Matt Murdock as his partner, not his foil. He reminds me of that scummy lawyer from Huff.
  • Vincent D’Onofrio is Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin. This is the same guy who played Private Pyle in arguably the only part of Full Metal Jacket most people care about, and he was also –according to popular opinion– the one actor that redeemed Law & Order Criminal Intent. He’s… the Kingpin. Just look for yourselves.
  • No Evanescence montages. Because I figure some people needed to know.
  • VINCENT D’ONOFRIO THO. What kind of villain can make you scared even when he’s being vulnerable?