this lovable douchebag

My thoughts on the Cole Sprouse drama...

So that exaggerated post is why Cole is so hated by the Riverdale fandom???

how can anyone make a substantial judgement about whether Cole is an abuser when all we have to go on are some tumblr posts by his ex? I know there’s a chance that it may be true, but ultimately I haven’t seen any concrete proof that Cole is an abuser…

…as for him being “racist”. He never said reverse racism was real. His opinions were pretty logical and succinct idgi…he made a beastiality joke about his friend who just so happened to be black, again, all we have to go on is a social media post and we don’t even know what animal he was talking about plus they clearly have a very playful relationship… Cole Sprouse is a (low-key lovable) douchebag at most 🙄 P.S if there are more convincing receipt please send them to me

Gilgamesh from the Fate series is one of my favorite characters of all time because of several reasons.

He is totally unapologetic in his behavior and attitude. While the character is fun but a little shit, at least he is honest about how he feels.

Another reason is, the fact he shows respect to those he feels earns it. He is shown to value loyalty in his own way praises it, even though it might feel like an insult at the time due to uh… Certain words.

Lastly he is a lovable douchebag. Plus his character design kinda helps.

Fact of life: Being attractive gets you far in life, or a fan base based on looks alone. Haha