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[English] gift noun: a present or something that is given

[German] Gift noun, n.: poison

Your beauty shall be beyond compare but terrible to behold. All who look upon you will be driven into madness. Blood will be shed and wars fought, all in the name of conquering you.

That had been Ai’s fairy godmother’s ‘gift’ to him. Every newborn was bestowed one but not all gifts were equal or blessings.

He slouched further into his seat, tugging his hood down for good measure. An enchanted cloak covered him from head to toe, designed to keep its wearer shrouded and repel touches seeking to remove it. Having worn it since he was young, the magic woven into the cloth protected it from wear and tear as well as adjusting its size to its owner. Gloves made from regular but opaque material covered his hands; not one spot of skin or a single hair were visible to anyone unless he wanted it that way.

Now that Ai was travelling, he was even more grateful for the cloak’s protection. Plus, it provided anonymity and raised little attention, so he was usually left alone. It wasn’t unusual for travellers to wear plain-looking cloaks, after all.

Ai sipped at his drink, belly full from a hot meal, as he looked around the inn. There were quite a few guests, some drawing a small crowd in the centre, but not enough to cause a brawl. Or maybe no one was drunk enough for one yet. Either way, Ai’s corner was left in blessed peace, allowing him to relax a little and contemplate how he was going to find his fairy godmother. He was going to persuade her to take her ‘gift’ back if it killed him. It wasn’t like living like this was much better than death anyway.