this looks terrible i'm so sorry


oh my god a bucky action figure he’s so beautif-



I wanted to do a “Redraw your OTP” thing with this Lazytown screencap lmao
Even tho we all know America would be Sportacus and Ivan would be Robbie Rotten I thought the positions switched looked better for this??
(This is probably a selfie Lithuania sent to Poland with the message being like frantic key smashing)


“He focused on Luke once again, and saw his son was crying. Yes, that was it; he was tasting the boy’s grief – because he looked so horrible; because he was so horrible.

“But he wanted to make it all right for Luke, he wanted Luke to know he wasn’t really ugly like this, not deep inside, not altogether. With a little self-deprecatory smile, he shook his head at Luke, explaining away the unsightly beast his son saw. ‘Luminous beings are we, Luke – not this crude matter.’

- Return of the Jedi, Ch. IX, by James Kahn


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I realized I haven’t drawn Gabe in a while actually showing his face. I honestly think the canon version is going to be more corpse-y and less monster-y, buuuut I really like the monster version, and this is about how I picture him looking in my fic. I’m just going to add this to the endless pile of works in progress…

A Stephen Holman-inspired Sailor Moon.

You know that feel when you get an idea into your head that you really want to draw but then you realize midway that you can’t do it but you have to finish what you start? This is it. It came out terrible, the coloring sucks, my pens bled at times, and I really shouldn’t draw. But…maybe she’s okay if you think she is.

Her proportions might look weird but (most of the time) that was the intention- I wanted to make her look like one of the puppets that could’ve been used in Life With Loopy or Phantom Investigators.

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