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Rejoice my fellow Sevamp lovers! I have been asked a couple of times for this and I just wanted to say thank you for all the nice messages and even the mentions in the tags where you guys liked the translations I was able to provide.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! ヽ(=^・ω・^=)丿Thank you for being patient and also being the most awesome fandom! ☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

Wow…I can’t believe I managed to translate all the OVAs. At first I never thought that I would actually start on translating these, I mean, I was sure that a famous subbing group will pick them up. I wasn’t confident to translate them but I did my best,  not everything went well because I’m still not so advanced at Japanese and everything that I did required a lot of dictionary look up and searching references in sentences (When it comes to slang or short forms I’m not good at them…Audio material is also much tougher to translate…)
But all in all, I learned new phrases along the way :D
This OVA in particular was the most challenging of them all, so please, if you have time, look at my translation notes and comments :)


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Chely Wright was so nervous about coming out she spent THREE YEARS planning it with a team.

She was so afraid people wouldn’t understand that she WROTE HER AUTOBIOGRAPHY to explain it all first hand, and then she was so afraid people wouldn’t read it SHE PUT OUT HER VIDEO DIARIES IN A DOCUMENTARY. Plus the usual run of interviews with tv personalities and news outlets. That was how much Chely prepared. That was how great her fear was.

That was 2010 - just seven years ago. That was the context in which Taylor Swift came to fame. Young Taylor would have been making her first steps in the country music genre at the same time Chely was putting that shotgun in her mouth and realizing she couldn’t go on in the closet. But Taylor wouldn’t have known that. She wouldn’t have known there was light at the end of the tunnel, wouldn’t have known how the world would change, how her life would change. Do people really wonder how she got involved in PR relationships in the first place? Why she hid who she was? Why she changed the pronouns in her songs? Do they really look at this Nashville teenager and not understand how she ended up where she did, or how every passing year must have made it harder and harder to extricate herself from the situation?

How must she have felt, watching the world grow more accepting in general, but feeling she’d dug herself too deep for it to ever be so accepting of her? Watching her own fans talk about how much they love trips to the gay bar (with their boyfriend, naturally) and then go on to claim bearding would make Taylor “a psychopath”? What must that have felt like? I can’t even imagine.

This is Taylor’s history. This is her context. Can people really look at that and not see her tentative steps out of the closet for what they are - a way of testing the waters, by someone who has every reason to be scared? It baffles me that people think we (Kaylor fandom, Gaylor Swifties I suppose) are “making innocent things gay” (basically) when to me it is so, so obvious that Taylor is sending up flares and hoping for SOMEONE out there to tell her it’s okay.


Request: Could you do a oneshot where T'Challa and a best friend of Sams have been training/ sparring together and they’ve been flirting for a while but T'Challa won’t make a move because he thinks her and Sam have something going on even though they don’t. And maybe he tries to show off at sparring and teach her a few things only to find out from Sam that she’s been pretending to not know anything and she’s actually a professional MMA fighter. And maybe they finally go on a date or something!     

“You are so damn annoying why don’t you gon’ somewhere,” Sam yelled at you.

“It’s like that? Well fight me then,” you laughed, stepping closer to him and puffing your chest out like you’d seen countless men do. He laughed at you and rolled his eyes, “That’s what I thought, punk,” you laughed backing up clumsily. You were about to start unwrapping your hands when the training room doors opened.  The two of you were in Wakanda, Sam was in hiding after getting into some trouble with the Avengers courtesy of Steve Rogers, and you were just along for the ride. Sam was your best friend, you weren’t going to let him go in hiding in a beautiful place like Wakanda all alone.

You turned around, expecting to see Steve. He had been around lately, but to your surprise and satisfaction it was King T'Challa.

“You keep steppin’ up to me like you gon’ do something, I’d like to see you try,” Sam pushed you while you weren’t paying attention, and you jumped at him, causing him to stumble back a few steps.

“That’s two for flinchin’” you teased punching him in the arm, before turning back to T'Challa, “hello, your highness, what can we do for you today?” you were no stranger to the king of Wakanda, not at all. When ever you were training with Sam or Steve he wasn’t too far away. He was in clothes made for working out, which intrigued you. From what you heard from Sam, T'Challa could hold his own in a fight.

“I was wondering if you’d like a challenge,” T'Challa offered.

“That’s cold,” Sam complained.

You paid him no mind, “I’d like that,” you tucked in the small piece of the hand wrap that you had undone in preparation to leave.  Sam moved out of the way, stepping out of the ring to watch you kick T'Challa’s ass. You did no such thing however, T'Challa had you pinned in seconds, and Sam was very confused as to why you let it happen, because you had obviously allowed him to press you down against the padded floor of the ring.

“Wow, looks like I am in for a challenge, tell me how you did that,” you asked, feigning real interest. Sam rolled his eyes, he’d seen you do this before. He sat on the sidelines watching with pure amusement as you let T'Challa walk you through moves and techniques you were extremely well versed in. After a few hours of that the two of you called it quits.

“Why don’t you come by tomorrow, and teach me a little bit more,” you offered, batting your eyelashes innocently.

“Of course.” T'Challa nodded.

You hopped out of the ring and rejoined Sam who was giving you a weird look, “What?” you demanded once you were out of the room.

“I don’t know if that’s a tree you wanna bark up. I mean that dude is really into cats.”

“Well I’ve got a p-”

“Don’t!” he yelled at you, “god I walked right into that joke,” he sighed.

“Steve’s rubbing off on you, since when are you bothered by dirty jokes.”

“I don’t want to think about you in that context it’s weird. So, how long you plan on keeping this up?”

“As long as it takes the King of Wakanda to ask me on a date. I mean he is just… he’s gorgeous. How is he single?”

“I was trying to tell you he’s a cat lady, he literally dresses up as a giant cat.”

“And you dress up as a bird, you’re point?” you threw back.

“Oh so that’s the card you wanna play huh?”

“Don’t get your feather’s in a bunch, big bird.”

Sam caught you in a headlock and proceeded to mess up your hair, you jabbed him in the ribs to get out of it, “Ow! Dammit. Why don’t you do that to T'Challa?”

“Because sometimes I like being pinned,” you shrugged.

“You know what, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“Bye,” you walked your separate ways. The next morning you went to the training room alone, meeting T'Challa there. Again you pretended not to know a thing, and let him walk you through the motions. Sometimes you would purposefully get your stance wrong so that he would step behind you and place his hands on you waist to correct it. His hands sometimes  skimmed over the skin over your arms, putting them in the right position testing their strength. In moments where you’d put all that you’d learn together you’d still let him take you down, for the feeling of his heavy body pinning you down. At the end of your second “training session” you hit the padded floor of the ring and T'Challa held your hands behind your back.

“Oh fudge,” you spoke, your voice marred by your heavy breathing.

“You’re getting better,” he congratulated as he got off of you. You rolled over on your back and smiled at him.

“You never go easy on me,” you playfully complained.

“I could-”

“No, I appreciate being manhandled,” you flirted and held up your hand for him to pull you up. He did so, but did little more than laugh at your flirtation.

“Well that will be all for today. I will see you same time tomorrow.”

This song and dance went on longer than you thought it would, and you began to think maybe he just wasn’t into you. Naturally, you brought this possible problem to Sam. You fell back on the sofa beside him with a loud huff. He didn’t respond keeping his eyes on whatever game was being played on the T.V. Therefore, you groaned again louder this time, hoping that would grab his attention. He glanced at you from the corner of his eye then looked back at the T.V. You groaned louder and he let his head fall back on the back of the couch.

“What is the matter, Y/N?” he asked in a robotic voice.

“T'Challa is just teaching me how to fight! He’s not making a move! And I’m flirting really hard.”

“Maybe you should ask him out?” Sam suggested.

“What if he’s not into that?”

“Then he’s not worth the effort.”

“Saaaaam” you whined, “I really like him.”

“What do you want me to do?” he asked.

“ I don’t know, nothing I guess,” you sighed.

Sam rolled his eyes and went back to watching the gam while you sat and did the same, sometimes breaking your silence to make fun of the players and the referees. The next day when you were supposed to meet up with T'Challa in the training  room Sam stopped him.

“Are you into Y/N?” Sam asked in a bored voice. T'Challa was absolutely affronted by the question.

“I’m only teaching her how to fight. ” he responded.

“Well she knows how to fight… she’s an MMA fighter well she was, she’s been letting you win so you would ‘teach’ her” he air quoted.

“Why would she-”

“Because she has a crush on you or what ever. I don’t pretend to understand her logic, but if you’re not into her you should probably tell her.”

“I… thought you two were together,” T'Challa stated awkwardly.

“What? Nah, man, she’s my best friend, met her a while ago in a tour through Iraq, there’s nothing but friendship and occasional annoyance between us.”

“Oh, I assumed because I always saw the two of you together that…”

“Man do you think I would let my girl get daily fighting lessons from some other guy? No, I wouldn’t, so if you like her then go ask her to lunch or something. I’m tired of hearing her complain about how you haven’t made a move,” Sam huffed, already exhausted with the conversation.

“I will, thank you Sam.”

“Yeah, don’t mention it… at all. Ever.”  Sam gave T'Challa to make sure he knew he was serious and then he left, going the direct opposite direction of the training room. T'Challa continued into the room and found you there stretching. Of course he was into you, with your beautiful rich skin, dazzling smile, and wit, how could he not be.  You grinned as you watched him enter.

“I think I might actually beat you this time,” you announced. T'Challa rose an eyebrow at you and you tilted your head curiously.

“Are you going to actually give me a challenge,” he asked with cocky smile.

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I heard that you might be more skilled than you’ve be letting on.”

You started to feign innocence but the look he gave you told you he already knew the truth, “You talked to Sam didn’t you?” you pouted.

“He told me not to mention it.”

“I just wanted to-”

“How about we both change and have lunch instead,” he offered. Your face was blank with shock.


“You’re an interesting woman, Y/N. I’d like to get to know you outside of the ring. Is that alright with you?”

“Absolutely, yes.”

~Mod Lillian

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Jimon: ”Don’t make it into a big deal.” <3

Once it becomes clear Magnus has the situation under control, Simon quietly walks out of the scene and goes looking for Jace. He finds him in the kitchen, nursing his bloody hand with a pack of frozen peas.

“There you are,” he chuckles, cautiously approaching him. Jace simply regards him with a dark, annoyed look. Nothing new under the sun here. “Just…uh, you know, checking in. And thanking you! I mean, I wanted to check up on you and say thank you. For what you did back there.”

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Batman #17 with….Wait, what?

Jesus Christ Bruce, really? You just put your sons into a COMA because you were so afraid of Bane?! Holy shit, I just….I don’t even….WHAT THE FUCK?!

Okay, looking at the good side, at least it’s clear he is doing this because he is afraid of their lives. Snyder would probably have him go on a long rant how he doesn’t need them and now he is finally free of all the noise or something. But still, this is fucked up.

Also, you somehow forgot about Duke (okay, he say he is going to stay away of it, but then rushed to save Jim Gordon and got captured). But then again, if Bruce had to put entire Batfamily like this, I doubt there would be a place left in Superman’s Fortress.

By the way, two things bother me in a scene with Jim Gordon, who is attacked while talking over Phone to Barbara about his smoking. One problem is that this scenario, as in, the whole issue and story, as presented works when you don’t bring up attention to how huge Batfamily actually is. The reader won’t question where other folks (like Belfry team for example) are. It’ a blind spot many fans willingly put on in Batman stories, assuming they’re busy everywhere and understanding writer cannot stop to list what all those people are doing. But the moment you acknowledge the existence of one of those characters, like Barbara here, you need to explain why is she not more involved in the story. This acknowledgment of her without having something like Bruce telling her to stay put as well hurts this willing suspension of disbelief.

Another thing is Gordon’s behavior. I mean, actually lifting a pipe and dropping it and then lying during a phone conversation where he claims he’d quit smoking? This is almost a level of jokes I was telling with my buddies when I was 12. “I’m such a swell guy. I don’t drink nor smoke, I don’t even swea…FUCK! My pet fell into my drink!”.

I’m going to give one plus for Bane and his gang – it actually does good job selling to us Bane as the menacing, seemingly unstoppable force, methodically hunting Bronze Tiger, Catwoman and Jim Gordon to get to Bruce (bonus points for bringing back his old Henchmen, whom I think haven’t shown up since Kngihtfall). You can see why Bats is panicking so much, even if his reaction is….what the actual fuck Bruce, just what the fuck?

Also, Alfred is using Psycho-Pirate to heal Gotham Girl. But there is no way that this scene is not looking laughably weird out-of-context. I mean seriously, show this to a friend who isn’t into comics and ask them to explain what is going on.

I like to imagine that T.Jeff and J.Mad are absolutely convinced that Hamilton and Burr were lovers

because in “Washington on your side” they’re badmouthing Hamilton and then Burr is like 

Look in his eyes ! 

Like ok, that might merits a raised eyebrow but in the context it’s not that weird right ? 

and then 6 lines later Burr says 

Somebody has to stand up to his mouth !

and yeah at that point Madison and Jefferson just kind of exchange that dubious but knowing look … but whatever right ? who cares if Burr is doing this because he’s mad at his lover, he’s still helping them to sabotage Hamilton so all’s good

(also in the musical ppl who have feelings for Hamilton like to talk about his beautiful eyes and his eloquence … just throwing that .. out .. there)

and tbh it’s not like Burr is somehow going to prove their assumption wrong since he’s pretty passionately obsessed about Hamilton at that point so … 

AND THEN “We know” happens and oh boy

T.Jeff’s “Whaaaat” is not really because he’s surprised at Hamilton’s cheating (since he already think Burr and Hamilton were/are lovers) but because Hamilton is admitting to having another affair and he’s doing it by having his  other lover read the incriminating letter

My god! indeed

also T.Jeff and J.Mad are still in the room (or near enough they’ll hear) when Hamilton asks if Burr will reveal what he said and they probably hear Burr cryptic  answer 

Alexander, rumors only grow. And we both
Know what we know

Which kind of sound like he’s referencing something he personally experienced. He’s probably talking about Theodosia and the rumors about their relationship - but it could be interpreted differently by T.Jeff and J.Mad (come on like there’s not at least one rumor that the two are together ?) 

(honestly the whole thing is pretty entertaining to them and whenever Burr’s not there they like to gossip about it)

So in “The Election of 1800″ when Jefferson says

Hey, Burr, when you see Hamilton, thank him for the endorsement

He’s being a total asshole and basically telling him “Hey Burr when you see your lover next thank him for choosing me -his sworn enemy- over you !”

He’s probably not that surprised when he hears that Burr shot Hamilton - it was bound to end badly 

(although Madison was kind of rooting for them and he’s very disappointed - and not just because he has to honor the bet and pay Jefferson - i mean yeah it wasn’t exactly a healthy relationship but they had potential, POTENTIAL THOMAS) 

it’s funnier if the only thing between Hamilton and Burr was unresolved feeling and/or sexual tension covered up by a shit-ton of annoyance and irritation toward each other

An examination of editing...

Yesterday, when a gif set from Away with the Fairies was going around, originally posted by @phrynefisherdaily, @whopooh noted that the scene intrigued her, saying “I’ve wondered how [Jack’s expression is] supposed to be interpreted. He looks around the room and seems to smile in a slightly odd way.”

A few of us responded that the editing was a little weird in the sequence that the gif set comes from (Away with the Fairies, timecode 03:19 - 03:34), so I pulled a few frames this morning to better illustrate the answer.

(And to avoid any misunderstandings as this gets re-blogged out of original context, the weird cut I’m going to discuss is absolutely understandable given the time constraints of doing this kind of TV on a tight budget. I don’t point it out to criticize. We pay a level of attention to this show that no editor would ever assume.)

Timecode 03:25 – We start the sequence with this famous shot. Jack has been examining the dead body on the floor. Phryne has brushed past Hugh to enter the crime scene. Jack was not expecting her, and as we’ll see, they are still reacting to the kiss from the previous episode.

Phryne enters his frame and he reacts. The same shot continues as he stands.

Timecode 03:27 - Cut to Phryne to confirm for the audience that those pair of legs are indeed hers.

Timecode 03:29 - This is the end of the shot that started in 03:25, angle still on Jack, Phryne’s face completely obscured by hat.

Timecode 03:30 – This is the shot where Jack’s eyes seem to be looking around weirdly.

Medium two shot, angled slightly from below. The lighting is different from the previous shot, which makes the color of walls darker. The lighting change makes me think that in production some time elapsed between the shooting of the two takes – maybe a meal break, maybe some technical problem, maybe the natural light changed dramatically outside the window and they didn’t have time to compensate fully.

Phryne delivers her line, “Hello Jack”, so we need to be in a shot where we can see her face clearly (unlike the previous shot).

Timecode 03:32:28 – Cut back to previous shot, the one where Jack stood up into her frame. Note in the timecode that I’ve added frame number “28″ after the minute and second designation in the code. Now look at this next still.

Timecode 03:32:29 – This is the very next frame. It’s a very quick cut, and a bit jarring. The lighting shows us this was shot at the same as the still at 03:30, but the shot is shifted over so that Jack is no longer in frame. Phryne turns her head as Hugh enters, followed by Mrs Charlesworth. This shot continues for another few seconds and the camera pans to allow them into the frame.

Since this was shot closer in time to the take we see in 03:30 than the take we see in the previous frame, I think it’s very likely that Jack was looking at Hugh enter off camera in 03:30, or at least hearing him enter and looking over.

To sum up, in the take we see in 03:29 and 03:32:28, Jack eyes dart around a bit, but it’s in the context of being surprised to see her, plus the sexy proximity reminding him of the kiss. In the take we see in 03:30, which matches with 03:32:29, some of the eye darting is likely reacting to Hugh’s entrance.

  • Izuru: "Nanami, dom or sub?"
  • Teruteru: *gasp* "Could it be?"
  • Chiaki: "Hmm... I'm fine with dom."
  • Teruteru: *getting excited* "I didn't know Nanami-san was that kind of girl~" "I guess you can't judge a recipe from the cover."
  • Izuru: *takes out menu* "Which one should we get?"
  • Teruteru: *sees menu* "Wait, what?"
  • Chiaki: "They all look pretty good." "The hot dog one is a little weird though..."
  • Teruteru: "Hot dogs??"
  • Izuru: *points to menu* "How about this one?"
  • Chiaki: "That does look pretty good." "I think we should get that."
  • Izuru: "So a large Teriyaki Chicken?"
  • Chiaki: "Better make it three. Mitarai-kun has quite an appetite."
  • Izuru: "In that case, I'll get some other things too." *takes out cellphone and starts dialing*
  • Teruteru: *in tears* "Why must you two play with my emotions?"
  • Izuru and Chiaki: *confused* "Hmm?"

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How many ways are there to say straw

Well, okay. So you have la paja which is totally fine generally as “straw” like “hay” which is el heno. So you can say los caballos comen paja “the horses eat straw”, related to el pajar “hay loft” which you might see in barns or more realistically it’s buscar una aguja en un pajar “looking for a needle in a haystack”.

When it comes to “drinking straw” that is when things get weird. Because out of context, it can be strange.

Sometimes you see la pajita / la pajilla which means “little straw” and that’s fine except hacer paja/pajita is a euphemism for “to masturbate” in some countries, so la pajita/pajilla is sometimes like a cutesy way of saying “jerking off”.

Then you have el pitillo which seems not so bad because it’s also slang for “cigarette” like it has to do with a mouth sound or something put in your mouth. But then for some countries el pito is “penis” so then el pitillo is “little penis”.

And then there’s el popote which is more Mexico than anything. But the suffix of -ote is typically an augmentative meaning “makes it bigger” so like el malote is “the big bad guy”… so el popote could be interpreted as “the big popó” which is “big poop”

Like the only one that I’ve ever seen for “straw” that’s not so offensive is el sorbete because sorber is “to sip” so it’s like “the sipper”, but I think that’s kind of Caribbean. The only problem with that is that it’s also the word for “sorbet/sherbert” like shaved ice

Honestly what’s really working for me with “Bunsen Is a Beast” is that my sense of humor is based entirely on me catching things that don’t have specific attention called to them. In general, I rarely laugh at jokes but I love puns. I despise laughing tracks because they say, “This is a joke, we’re funny”. I don’t like anime because it often feels stiff to me, but I’m fascinated by flowing movement- perhaps because I grew up on cartoons like “Tom and Jerry”.

So like, “Gravity Falls” and “Star vs. The Forces of Evil” are great and I love them, but they’re over here in my brain with “Danny Phantom” in this weird category of, “I was expecting a serious tone and I got a serious tone”. But I favor “Fairly OddParents” because it seems so simple, but just gets darker and more complicated the more you dig underneath it. Like the entire show’s the equivalent of, “Looks like a cinnamon roll but could actually kill you”.

And then there’s this show that has its own dark undertones which you would never guess just by looking at it, and I just go nuts ‘cuz you can show anyone who’s never watched it a screenshot out of context and the personalities of the characters are so strong and everyone uses their own specific body language when reacting to things and idk as a psych major I live for this

Then you just combine it with wacky dialogue like the cheerful, “Way to eat like you skipped breakfast, Eric!” and “Way to walk without falling down, Mallory!” and “And you won’t need sunscreen because you’ll be covered in cheese!” “And you’re inside.” And… that’s it. That’s my sense of humor. A show trusting me to catch ridiculous things without it trying too hard to point them out.

This show matches my sense of humor very well and I like it a lot.

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Hi there love ! Could I please have Sombra, Tracer and Zarya reacting to their so telling them 'I love you' for the frst time ?

hey! mod apollo here for ya anon ^^ i hope you dont mind i did a “headcannons” format for this request 

-The two of you first met on a mission on opposite teams -so of course you didn’t know you’d end up together 
-even though it was weird, you two managed through it and were extremely happy together
-when you first said “I love you’ it was while you both were watching a movie on a date night
-Sombra didn’t look at you for 30 seconds, opened and closed her mouth a few times, and it looked like her eyes were glossy from tears welling in her eyes.. 
-Sombra never really had a proper family so she never heard “I love you”
-so hearing you say it and in a romantic context made her really happy
(you two totally made out/cuddled the fuck out of each other and you got her to say it back at the end of the night) 

-your relationship built up pretty slow
-a little ironic with how fast tracer is…
-tracer spent most of the time before your official romantic relationship worrying you didn’t like her in that way and she didn’t want to make things awkward
-eventually you caught rumours that tracer liked you
-and thus you ended up dating!
-when you say “I love you” its after tracer almost gets killed out on the battle field
-seeing her in the hospital wing, dark circles and pale skin was the worst thing -but seeing her alive and breathing and smiling at you was so so beautiful
-you said it while she babbled on about something or another
-she immediately went silent, eyes wide and surprised
-she then broke out into the biggest, brightest smile-you swear she was glowing like an angel now
-she immediately said it back  

-the two of you met when you were rescued during a mission of hers
-when you joined overwatch you were so intimidated by her
-you would get so nervous
-so when you developed a crush on her it was possibly the worst thing
-but then she confessed and asked you out and your intimidation toward her turned into pure nervousness
-but after your first date you realized how gentle and sweet she was to you
-she always got you stuff from the highest shelf and gave you all the piggy back rides you could ever desire
-when you said “I love you” it was after one of these piggy back rides while you were recovering from laughing so hard in joy
-you were on her back still when you said it but you felt her stiffen a little and stop in her tracks
-she brought you down and kissed you with so much tender love it made your heart pound
-after the kiss she totally said it back

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I think what's fascinating about Ted is that he challenges the idea that sociopaths have no feelings whatsoever or something like that. He never really faltered in his devotion to Liz (by devotion I mean him always returning to her in some way, never faltering in his need for her consistently or regularly). He still seemed to need her even when he ostensibly had no use for her. So that should say something. What a sick, weird, psychologically fascinating person.

Exactly. He’s not fitting in any particular box. Every time we think we start to understand him we’ll learn some new information that’ll make us question everything about us. He’s so complex and full of contraction. Even after 27 years, he still manage to surprise us and question everything about him. A lot of people just look at their surface when they look at his case and takes a lot of facts or quotes out of context and just think of him as 100% evil while he was much more. Just for example, in 99% of articles about him you’ll read he had a normal and happy childhood while it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Liz was some kind of lifeline to him. Every time he was distressed, he would turn to her , he spent his last week of freedom with her, and when he was arrested in Florida the first person he called was Liz to indirectly confess to her. When Al Carlisle evaluated him the only moment he would break down was when Carlisle made him talk about her.

Awfully toxic relationship but something was definitely genuine about it.

I know most of my doodl here may look so meh and odd for some of you. I was never confident with what I post here anyway. They are all sappy, probably out of context with high possibility level of Eruri’s lacking of their actual personal traits. Not to mention my crappy sketches which are barely considered an art at all. Lol. Just please avoid this blog if you feel weird of seeing too much kidruri fluffs who don’t make sense at all. Thank you.