this looks so weird omg

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Can't wait to see after timeskip Marco. It'll be so funny if he like grew out his hair or something and Luffy doesn't recongnize him select because of this

ahh yes i’m so curious about what he’ll look like???  all i can say for sure is that there’s no way he won’t be rocking some new scars but other than that idk.

bahaha i get the feeling luffy might not recognize him immediately regardless, but that would be hilarious.  his hair’s too iconic tho….and it would look so awkward grown out omg i’m weirded out just picturing it

We finished 0.2 today with @zyloa and well, it was something else… Now it’s time to achieved the 100% 

Also this piece finally completed the wayfinder trio portraits ! 

Terra and Ventus


Now each of these four founders formed their own house; for each

Did value different virtues; in the ones they had to teach.  (x)


i’m your ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-cherrybomb

hi, i am back with merman!jimin. SWAMP MERMAN IS MY SHIT

also flat brushes are nice to do digitally bc it easy but someone teach me to paint with round brush pls, i am so bad at this

a moment of appreciation for these girls <3


After a bunch of recent redos - and some older ones - I wanted to put together a compilation of some of them! I won’t be redoing all of the older Pokemon lines, but there’s still several ones I’m planning on redoing at some point. It’s kind of fun revisiting old lines to see how I’ve improved over the years. Hopefully I won’t have to redo these ones eventually!

Squirtle | Charmander | Pikachu | Ekans | Rattata | Wingull | Skitty | Gastly | Trapinch | Snover | Lucario | Buneary | Noibat | Snivy


Here’s a super brief (kind of rushed, kind of boring??) video on some Photoshop basics including tools, adjustment layers, and blending options. Nothing too in depth- so feel free to message me if you’re confused about a tool or want to know more. This is geared toward total beginners so it’s probably boring if you already have some knowledge of the photoshop tools!