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DISNEY | Bucky x Reader (Request)

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A/N: Okay so I’ve never actually been to Disney World so I hope this is accurate and cute an fluffy for y’all. Enjoy.

“What do you mean you’ve never been to Disney World?” you turned yourself around on the couch, facing Bucky and inching towards him. You poked the hollow spot in his cheeks “You’re like 100 years old.”

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Fred Sets You And George Up [Part 1]

Pairing: George x Reader
Request: Hello I’m Hannah and I’m really sorry for how late it is but I have a request. I love both Wesley twins very much, but I have a soft spot for George, I’m in the Hufflepuff house and would like something cute that happens between me and him. Like I don’t know maybe he really likes me but instead of asking me himself if I would go in a date with him, Fred does for him… Or something of that nature? Please and thank you. :-)
A/N: I feel like I say this every damn time I write an Imagine, but I’m sorry for being away so long! Today’s excuse is that I traveled around about half of Australia, graduated from University and competed in the Australian Championships and came second in the country! Look, it’s better than some of my other excuses…! I’ll be more active from now on, for sure! Also look how creative my title is, it’s terrible.
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[Part 2]

“She’s hot, isn’t she?” Fred says as he nudges his brother, staring at Angelina on the other side of the Gryffindor table.

“Stunning,” George says absentmindedly, not looking over at Fred’s girlfriend.

Fred gives his brother a look, before following his gaze to the (h/c) girl over on the Hufflepuff table, laughing with a few of her friends.

“Just go and ask her, what’s the worst that can happen?” Fred asks,

“She could hear me” George responds miserably.

“Hey babe,” Angelina says with a kiss on her boyfriend’s cheek,

“Hey Ange, what’s your opinion of Y/n?” Fred asks, while George sends daggers with his eyes.

Angelina laughs and looks over at Y/n, “Yeah she’s alright: smart, nice, funny, ticks all the boxes really… She’s single if you’re keen George,” she says with a sly smile,

“No, I’m good—“ George begins,

“WOW GEORGE, YOU HEAR THAT? SHE’S SINGLE” Fred says a little too excitedly,

“Yes thank you Fred I got it, she’s single”

“Then change that, go ask her out”

George rolls his eyes at his brother playing matchmaker and Angelina not helping at all,

“I can’t… She’s not interested in me and I’m not interested in being rejected, and besides—“

“If you don’t ask her out, then I will,” Fred says.

“Knock yourself out, I don’t know how your girlfriend would feel about it though”.

Fred says quietly, turning to Angelina, “You heard that, right? I have permission from Georgie to ask her out, you’re my witness”.

“Yep, heard it with my own ears,” She replies, understanding the plan that was slowly hatching in Fred’s mind.


Transfiguration was the next class that Gryffindor and Hufflepuff shared. As you were walking in the door, someone tugged on the sleeve of your robes,

“Y/n, I need to talk to you for a minute,” Fred says, pulling you around the corner,

“Hey Fred, yes I’m alright, thanks for asking,” you say sarcastically,

“George is the one who should be asking how you are and all that crap,” Fred says once he comes to a halt,

“George?” you say with a confused expression,

“Yes, George, you know him: tall, red hair, great teeth, some say he looks like me but I don’t know what they’re on about,”

You giggle as Fred continues,

“So anyway, that strapping young man has it in his head that you’re not interested in him, so he hasn’t found the balls to come and ask you out, and—“

“Woah woah woah, what?” You ask, looking a little more confused than before,

Fred stares at you for a moment in disbelief, “Come off it, how could you not know he’s into you? He’s staring at you every damn second of the day, it’s very disruptive I tell you…”

“Yeah okay, so you’re saying that George Weasley has a crush on me—“ Fred shushes you, “Sorry,” you say in a quieter voice, “So George is interested in me, but doesn’t want to ask me out… Are you asking me out for him?”

“You know it” George says with a smile, “He’s free tomorrow, you in?”

You look at him for a few moments in a miniature state of shock, before he looks at you with an expression of impatience,

“Uh, well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt—“

“Y/n just say yes” Fred says, looking around the corner to see George approaching the classroom,

“Yes, okay yes, I’ll go on a date with George tomorrow”

“Okay great, also he doesn’t know I’ve asked you out on his behalf, so you’re going to have to ask him out—“

“Fred what?!”

“You already agreed to it, no backing out now!” Fred says louder as he walks into the classroom, leaving you standing there wide eyed.


You spent basically the entire class weighing out your options on if you should or shouldn’t meet up with George tomorrow. You had a fairly big crush on him, which somehow he didn’t know about, since it felt like it was you who was staring at him majority of the time. Maybe this was Fred just pulling a prank… Although their pranks aren’t usually malicious… Maybe George really does like you… But why would George be shy of you? You kept thinking about all the different aspects of the situation when you hear something behind you,

“Fred, what the hell are you doing, I just walk out of here, why would I want to come back”

You turn around to see Fred pushing George into the classroom that you were still sat in.

“Oh, that’s why…” He looks over at you, “I mean she’s why, you’re why, you are not a that, you are a person, sorry…”

“Shit you really are a mess aren’t you,” Fred says, looking at his brother clearly judging him, “No wonder you needed me to ask her out for you,”

George turns his head slowly to glare at his brother, “you what.

“Ah yes, you gave me permission to ask her out if you didn’t, so I have” Fred says with a triumphant look between the two of you, “So you’re already set up to meet tomorrow, but I thought you should actually have a conversation before you go on a date”.

“Are you actually kidding me” George says, but before he could continue, Fred was walking out the door,

“Have fun, kids!” and with that the door was shut, and you and George were alone together.

George looks at the door for a little while, before turning to face you, looking panicked. You give a little laugh, trying to lighten the mood; defuse the tension one might say.

George gives you a smile, starting to find humour in the situation.

“So George,” you start off saying, feeling more confident than usual. You felt like you had the upper had here, with George being all flustered and caught off guard; it made you feel a little reassured somehow,

“Fred says that you may be interested in me,” you say with a smile,

Ah, yeah, he did didn’t he,” George says, scratching the back of his head,

“Mhm, and I would be more than happy to take him up on his offer to go out with you tomorrow, I hear that you’re aware of the secret passage that leads to Honeydukes, yes?”

George’s eyes widen a bit, “You know about that secret passageway?”

You laugh flirtatiously, “There’s a lot of things you don’t know about me, George,”

“Well maybe I can learn a few things tomorrow. How does 9 o’clock tomorrow night sound?”

Perfect, I’ll see you then, Georgie,” You say with a smile as you head towards the door, leaving Fred to stand there in the empty classroom in shock.

Lets bring some positivity in the BlackSun tag

As promised, a major post about these two dorks and their relationship. I am sick of seeing all the bashing in the BlackSun tag, so I’m trying my best to spread some positivity around. I want to post a huge sequence of scenes in which these two were featured and they obviously showed to like each other, or even just made certain expressions that pretty much hint at their feelings for each other.

Find it all under the cut.

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Yo but can we talk about Kara Danvers for a second. This girl, after finding out that her sister killed her aunt, her last living kryptonian family member that actually remembers Krypton, and lied about it goes to comfort her sister instead of storming off. Kara must of been so hurt by this realization, but takes one look at Alex and sees how hurt she is and goes to hug her because Kara will always put the people she cares about first and will put her feelings aside if it means making her sister feel better. Her emotions must have been going crazy but none of that matters to her because her sister is crying and she hates seeing people around her in pain.

Also props to Alex this episode for being worried about how J’onn and Kara’s relationship was suffering and confessing to Kara the truth rather than waiting for the secret to come out despite not knowing what the consequences would be.

Words cannot express how much I love the Danvers sisters and how nothing breaks them apart and how they will always put each other first no matter what.


The majority of my apartment looks like the picture on the left. It makes me feel like I’m drowning. Its imperative to me that I overhaul my home before I begin other things. Today was my day off so I made sure to wake up by 10am. I procrastinated for about two hours. Finally I said enough was enough and I closed my laptop. I took a good look around me and panic set in. How was I going to clean all of this?! Deep breathe, take it slow. It won’t be ALL clean today, just MORE clean. This took me all day with 20/10s including a long break midday. It may not seem like a lot but I took it very slow so as not to be overwhelmed. I also made sure everything went back organized and in its own spot rather than just moving things from one place to the next. I’m feeling so much better than I did at the start of the day. I’m not dreading work tomorrow as much as I usually do. Ignore the black spot that’s just a person haha.


so to me it looks like, in the show, Stanford aged much better than Stanley. The way he’s drawn also looks a bit younger than Stan. But since Ford is the same age as Stan in the show, I don’t really think he understands how difficult it would be for Stan to start a new life, now that he’s around 70. Ford can’t seem to see things from other people’s point of view so for Ford if his Health is fine, than that must mean Stan’s is too.

BUT I was wondering how their relationship would go if it had only been three years for Ford on the other side of the portal. I think the shock of seeing his younger twin looking old enough to be his father might be upsetting enough for him to actually get over his issues a little bit. I mean it’s one thing to punch someone the same age as you, but a 30 year old punching a senior citizen? I think a young Ford would be afraid he’d break Stan’s hip or something.

Even if he did tell Stan to leave at first, I think watching him with this perspective might change his mind and convince him to reconcile more quickly. Like, maybe he’d she the medication’s Stan undoubtedly has, or see Stan struggling with his aches and pains. Just, normal senior citizen stuff. I think that would scare him a bit, and might convince him to let his brother stay at the Mystery Shack.

And, on a lighter note, it would probably solve the problem of them having the same name. Like, someone would see them together and automatically assume that Ford was Stanford Jr. At first it would freak them out because “Eww no I’m not his dad gross” But than later they’d go with it because no one would believe Ford is the original Stanford, since he looks like he was born in the 80′s or late seventies instead of way back when he actually was.


Just imagine Lucas and Maya denying their feelings for each other for years on end. Everytime they’re in a room together, they’re at each other’s throats bickering because they don’t want to face what they feel. They figure it’s better to be enemies and hide everything under a layer of pretend hatred than to admit what they feel and risk losing the other one forever.

It’s summer and the High Five are going to a carnival. Riley and Farkle are in the lovey dovey stage of their relationship, holding hands, cuddling, and rubbing noses at the top of the ferris wheel, which leads Lucas, Maya, and Zay (after much eye rolling and gagging noises in Riarkle’s direction and promises to each other that that would NEVER be them)  to continue walking around looking at all the games and booths set up. 

The animosity between the two has gotten so bad that Zay has found himself the designated mediator lately to break up their more spirited arguments and has to be in the middle of Lucas and Maya whenever walking or else they’ll probably end up strangling each other. Maybe it’s all in his head, but Maya looks like she’s ready to rip the next child-size stuffed animal that someone squeals over right in half if they so much as look her way. Zay sees a dance performance going on with a huge crowd up ahead and, unable to resist, runs off to go watch, yelling back that he’ll catch up with them later, but not before throwing up a prayer that they don’t do too much bodily damage to each other while he’s gone.

Lucas and Maya side eye each other, while being careful to keep their distance in case of any accidental touching. That is until Lucas sees some middle age creep checking Maya out. The amount of anger and protectiveness that fills him almost stops him in his tracks. He’s just about ready to confront the ass, never breaking his ‘get your eyes off my girl before you regret ever living’ stare, when he accidentally steps on Maya’s foot as they’re walking. He turns to her ready to throw a quick ‘watch where you’re walking’ in her direction when all of a sudden he’s hit with a hard shove against the chest and a familiar blonde beauty’s voice yelling, “What’s your problem?” followed by a few more pushes. He backs away from her, smirking and eyeing her suggestively as he says, “Got distracted by my godly appearance, huh? I realize it can be distracting, especially to those so obviously lacking.” Maya wrinkles her nose and hisses, “In your dreams, Ranger Rick. Here’s an idea: Go pick out your favorite plot at the local cemetery and I’ll take care of the rest. Oo I’ll even bring the shovel!” Maya realizes a little too late she’s shoved Lucas right up against a pole and decides she needs to put some distance between the two of them before they do something they’ll both regret. She gives him the finger and turns to storm off when Lucas suddenly grabs her by the wrist and pulls her back to him till they’re nose to nose. They’re both breathing heavily and can almost taste the other’s breathe on their lips. He yells, so tired of these games, “Do you want to know why I hate you so much?” Maya glares at him skeptically and asks, “And why would that be, Huckleberry?” Lucas can’t hold up this mask of hatred they’ve had for each other any longer. “Because.. I love you dammit,” he whispers fiercely as he crushes his lips against hers. They let all the pent up frustration and anger and tension they’ve hid behind into this one kiss. As they’re lips part and they catch their breath, Maya smiles against his lips and mumbles “Now how about that ferris wheel?” 

lots of people always say how ugly kaisoo shippers can be but no one ever says how ugly kaisoo haters can be. ive seen some dumb posts from kaisoo shippers in my time yes, but almost all of the most hateful, disgusting and rude ones come from the haters.

some of you need to take a looooong hard look at yourself before you go around being assholes to others because some of the shit you say is a million times worse worse than shipping 2 males together.

the tag was fine for a while, no hate (although i blocked a lot of people) and then the kxk date pics leaked and suddenly loads more haters come around, don’t you have anything better to do? a hell of a lot of it can be classified as bullying which is funny because some of you preach do heavily against that but look at what you’re doing to others.

The fact that Pam had barely seen Ryan in two days was horrible. They were married now and couldn’t even see each other. Vegas was so much easier, given they were there just for each other and no one to bother them. He was right in saying it was better. She was just waiting until they moved in to their house. They would have to see each other than right? She threw her phone down, finally climbing out of bed, which she had been in all day, with a bun on the top of her head and one of his long shirts. She slowly peaked out of the room, “okay I’m going to come give you a hug…” She started heading towards the kitchen. “But you can’t kill me because I’m not ready. Couldn’t decide what to wear, thought you could help me.” She looked around to make sure no one else was home before spotting him and immediately speeding over to wrap her arms around him from behind. “Hey husband. Missed you.”


     It had been four days since he last went to Hilltop–since he found out that Phyl had left and no one knew where she was. Apparently Andrew told her not to go and she went off with some Saviors or something or other, he couldn’t trust Andrew. While he wanted to not take his word there were other people around that said they had heard Andrew tell Phyl not to go. 

     This wasn’t part of the plan, Phyl was supposed to wait for him, he was going to come get her and bring her back to Alexandria. The plan failed and he should have known better than to get his hopes up. 

     He had tried to track her, he left Hilltop and when he finally thought he was getting somewhere he found the body of a girl around Phyl’s age but it wasn’t her. She looked like she had been tortured and it was–terrible. Daryl couldn’t even track her so what the hell was he good for? 

     In the past four days he hadn’t slept much, his body was exhausted and screaming at him for a break but Daryl pushed past it and ignored it. Instead he took guard shifts to keep himself busy. He was on the guard shift alone, Rosita down below guarding the gate–she knew better than to make casual conversation with the archer, especially when he was upset. 

    Daryl’s fingertips gripped the edge of the wall, gripping so hard that his knuckles turned white–his head hung low. He screwed up again, he had told Phyl that everything would be fine and he had lied. 

So I just got laid off for being undiagnosed autistic. (Well, there were other budgetary reasons, but the line of BS the HR person gave me is notable.)

Among the ‘what can I do better going forward?’ mess of hogwash, I basically got told that there was “too much split personality” between the “scripted forward behavior” I had around the office when talking politely to co-workers, and a “terse” behavior I would take when “I thought nobody was looking.” Which was immediately super weird to me because does HR lady really believe that everybody is as cheery and subordinate as they are when others are around? No, its because I’m undiagnosed autistic and my persona is “too performative.”

furthermore, supposed inattention to detail and need for direction (when no one would give me any and treated me as if I was younger than the younger person I was replacing!) were on the list, which basically reduced to “doesn’t ask enough questions about more work there is to be done, asks too many questions when we should only have to tell her vaguely once to do something.”

and lastly, I was told that in my position despite being perfectly polite and the role not being related to caring or nurturing at all I was not “warm” or “nurturing” enough. For asking for things honestly while in an accounting position.

So yeah. I don’t want others to lose hope on employment or independence, because I especially won’t and can’t. But if you are considering that you might be autistic and others just drag out autism criteria or traits as reasons why you’re not a good fit for working with other people when they didn’t impede your job in a major way at all, consider more seriously.

i just want a beautiful painful full of tears, fear and happiness bellarke reunion and i’m not sorry. i don’t want the ‘you left me so now i don’t know what to do or say anymore’ bellamy, i want the bellamy that would hug the fck out of clarke, *but i still want clarke to initiate the hug aka jump in his arms ahuum* and cry and just i want them to realize how much they missed each other as best friends and as that single one person that gets the other better than anyone else I DON’T WANT COLD BELLAMY AND I DEF DON’T WANT COLD CLARKE and excuse me while i don’t even believe that it that will ever happen because they both have a connection that is way too strong for childish things like ‘oh look i’m just going to sit around and ignore you because you are not the actual single person that matters the most to me’