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It’s a Buck Girl Thing (1/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Word count: 2.1k

A/N: Personally I’m loving the idea of having a crush on Steve but being in Bucky’s body - surely this will account for enough awkward moments between the two pals?

Warnings: Swearing. Bucky’s ‘D’

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‘Does he have no shame? Look at him!’ You sighed as you stretched on the mat in the corner of the gym.

You were pining after a certain serum-enhanced blonde. There he was, wearing a tight white t-shirt, so tight in fact there was no point in wearing it whatsoever. You could see every tiny ripple of his muscles, even his bulging veins, growing only more prominent with every lift of the weights.

He had the decency of wearing sweatpants but they hung so low, accentuating the V-shape of his body. On top of this it looked like he wore no underwear underneath as there was no visible outline.

Okay, you were staring.

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amigoingbananas  asked:

Hi! I know you have a lot of requests rn but I like how you write hc/reactions :3 What if the lords are having a nightmare? What would it be about, and how would they react to MC waking them? Thanks!

Hello ♡
Thank you, I feel flattered! :)

spoiler for Mitsunari’s, spoiler for Hideyoshi’s

The fire was crackling, growing bigger and bigger as the wooden beams couldn’t withstand the flames and the temple collapsed in phases.
Nobunaga noticed himself sweating when a cool breeze brushed his damp hair, while he was standing outside, watching the building decay, listening to the shouts of the desperate that were caught in it, surely to be perished of the heat. He stared for a while, until he could discern known faces inside the temple. Nobuoki and Nagamasa were amongst all those other people, screaming in pain themselves. Their skin was already mangling, blackening and finally falling to the ground in pieces of flesh.

He woke up to a clearly distressed __ who was shaking him, calling his name cautiously and silently, yet so uneasy and intrusive. She was worried, he understood immediately. His robes were sticking on his sweaty skin, his hair disheveled and his expression disturbed. As he sat up in a flash, she followed, her hand on his back, her expression full of worry and compassion. Without a word, he placed his head on her lap and closed his eyes, trying to catch his breath again. And without a word, she started stroking his hair, not asking questions she could already assume the answers to.

The wind was whistling in his ear, as he was crouching atop of the tall building, adjusting his marksman’s rifle, taking a breath, holding it and -Boom! Man down.
One single shot from Mitsuhide was enough to kill a man, so shooting them down one after another, was a fast deal. As he aimed for the next man, one of the few that were still fighting there, he finally noticed something that left him dumbstruck. Sewed on the armor of the man who was in the same army as all the others he had already killed, was the crest of the Oda Clan.
Frowning, Mitsuhide tried to understand what he was even doing, who the fighting parties were and what was going on, until another loud shot that made the man slump over, brought him back from his confusion.
Startled he looked at his rifle again, still holding it, only to perceive that its trigger was loosening itself, the shots firing without him doing anything anymore.

Feeling his body shake, Mitsuhide awakened, discerning the face of his lover, her soft features and her eyebrows lowered in worry. After having calmed down a bit and getting his bearings, he decided to tell __ about it who listened to every word with an understanding nod.
“It’s due to all this exhaustion, surely.”, she spoke finally with the most loving smile on her face, as she stroked his hair.

He knew this room from his childhood. It was like a dungeon, cold and dark, filthy puddles on the cracked, hard floor. But this time, Ieyasu wasn’t alone. Tadatsugu was standing next to him, motionless just like Toramatsu and Tadakatsu who were contrasting with Yasumasa, who was pacing up and down, his footsteps echoing angrily. His expression was annoyed, while the other three were like puppets, their eyes and faces dull.
Before Ieyasu could understand what was going on, a stripe of blinding light followed the screech of the heavy door, which was opening. Yasumasa was the first one to leave the room in quick steps, dragging an apathic Tadakatsu with him. Toramatsu left out a faint sigh that echoed through the room before following them. As Ieyasu wanted to go out of the triggering room himself, he ascertained that his feet were coalesced with the floor beneath. He looked around frantically, his breathing becoming more and more ragged, his eyes darting around, searching for Tadakatsu. But the only thing he could see was his back in the very last moment, as he left the cell himself, shutting the heavy door behind him with a boisterous sound.

Simultaneous with the snapping open of his eyes, Ieyasu sat up in his bedding, breathing heavily. He blinked a few times and realized that it was only a dream. And he was not alone. __ embraced him from behind, her arms under his own, clutching the front of his shoulders and nuzzling his back.
“I don’t need your pity.”, he snapped, still panting, but as always, he didn’t shake her off.

The sun was shining brightly, making Mitsunari squint as he wandered in a place he hadn’t ever seen before. The leaves of the trees were vivid, green and shiny, birds singing loudly in uneven cadences. From a distance, he spotted two persons standing amidst blooming flowers. He could only see the back of… Saki? But if Saki was there, who was he?
Uncertain of what was going on, he was distracted by a face he could see, the face of the person who was talking to her. Sakon. He tried to approach her and told her something before disappearing in the forest behind them, leaving Saki slump to her knees.
Still utterly confused, Mitsunari went up to her, attempting to touch her shoulder. But once his fingertips brushed her, she fell over completely, laying on the ground.
Even though this was enough to shock Mitsunari, that wasn’t all, as all kinds of insects crawled out of her empty eyes in their quick, unpredictable motions.

He didn’t quite know when he woke up, but __ was still shaking his shoulders, having noticed that he was having a nightmare.
However this dream made him realize that Saki was as dead as his mother now and that he would never have to be Saki again. Now, thanks to __, he could just be himself.
“Do you mind….holding me for a bit?”

That laughter was unmistakable, resounding loudly in the hall where Masamune was standing. It was full of scorn, hatred and grudge, yet so satisfied, as if the villain of a fairytale finally achieved what they wanted for so long. It was the Lady Yoshihime’s voice, growing louder once Masamune started running down the hall, certain that whatever she was doing, she was up to no good.
His legs felt shaky as he first jogged, then sprinted, noting that the hall he saw the end of, grew larger with every step, making it impossible for him to reach its end. Nevertheless, his mother’s voice was closing in, spurring her son to continue running.
Finally, he spotted a door next to him, despite it seemed like he ran on the spot all the time. Gingerly he opened it, the relieve of the fact that the laughter stopped once he entered the room not lasting long. What he saw inside wasn’t his mother laughing and despising him, but __ who was laying on the floor in an empty, huge room. He wanted to run up to her, but noticed that she started writhing in pain once he moved, which repeated itself after every step he took. When he stopped, she was trembling, but once he put one foot before the other, she started convolving in panic.

He let out a sigh of utter relief, as he realized that he was tossing and turning in the bedding he shared with the person he dreamt of. She was staring at him, steadying herself on her lower arm as she was turned in his direction, her hair cascading on their pillow. Before she could ask anything, he pulled her down in a firm embrace, hoping to dream of her again, but this time with a happy ending.

Kojuro was frozen. Not exactly the perfect situation to be in when on the battlefield, but he couldn’t feel his limbs anymore, as he saw the enemy on a distance, aiming his rifle on a clueless Masamune who was facing other opponents. For a skilled fighter as Kojuro this wouldn’t be a problem, if not __ was surrounded on the other side of the battlefield, the men approaching her with every passing second.
He had to make a decision, in that very moment, if he didn’t want to lose both of them. Desperately he toggled his gaze between Masamune and __ who were both struggling, showing no hint of giving up anytime soon.
Kojuro felt petrified, as if his blood stopped coursing his veins, his brain overburdened by a choice he couldn’t make, as it happened at last.
He heard the unmistakable sound of a blade that cut through flesh, the only sound he could perceive because of the blood starting to course through his ears and before he could react, the sound of the rifle’s shot woke him up.

He opened his eyes and was relieved that the first he saw was __’s face, as he was bending over him. Her hand wandered from his shoulder, she shook apparently, to his cheek.
“Shh… It’s fine…”, she soothed with the most enchanting voice, making him smile.
“My precious girl…. Thank you.”, he whispered, relishing being spoiled for a little while.

Everyone was gathered in a huge hall, surrounding Yukimura who was kneeling amidst the crowd. He felt dizzy as he looked around, seeing retainers that were inferior to him in an angle he wasn’t used to.
Imposing, in front of them all, closest to him, there was the Tiger of Kai, looking at him with a strict expression, lacking its usual warmth and mirth.
Yukimura looked down at his hand that was holding a sharp blade turned to his own stomach. For a last time, he looked up again, to see Shingen who didn’t seem to have averted his eyes for a second, yet wasn’t meeting Yukimura’s gaze, almost as if he wasn’t real, but an imposing statue.
The sound of someone snivelling made him look over and amidst the retainers he saw __, quite striking with her colorful kimono in fact, now that he noticed her. She was teary-eyed, but not looking at him. He was confused, felt like either all the people who were surrounding but not looking at him were not real, or as if he wasn’t there at all.
Nevertheless, he fastened his grip on his blade, piercing through his lower abdomen, going deeper and continuing alongside his whole underbelly. However, regardless of what he did and despite the cutting blade, there was no blood coming out of him.
Yukimura had no time to be surprised, as he was distracted by a short thud that made him look up again. __ was lying lifelessly on the floor, her stomach opened completely.

Shaking his head in shock, he finally woke up, realizing that __ was embracing him, gripping his waist and shaking him. He smiled when seeing her worried, yet vivid face again that was so full of emotion and expression.

Saizo’s heart was pounding wildly in his chest, as he looked at __ kneeling before him, surrounded by several ninja, that were holding her arms behind her back. He tried to orientate himself, looking around, for anything that could save him from this situation. It was a dark forest, the trees seeming to close in with every passing second, making the night darker than it already was.
It was silent, not a single crow or chirping insect that could be heard. The only sound that broke the silence was the chesty voice of one of the masked men that stood next to those that were holding __. He said something of a secret that Saizo should tell them, a place? A name? He didn’t know. Actually he didn’t know about anything, just frowning and squinting his eyes, as if a terrible headache was haunting him.
Wanting to tell them that he had no clue or at least asking some questions that would serve to rescue __, Saizo had to note that no voice was escaping his mouth, regardless of how much he tried. After several attempts he finally guided his hand to his face, only to find that there was no mouth on the spot where it should normally be.
Getting impatient, once the men threatened to cut off her finger, if he decided to remain silent, __ started to scream.
“Saizo! Do something!”
With her next words her voice turned shrill in her throat due to desperation and dread.
“Just tell them already! SAIZO!”

This earspitting sound made him open his eyes, facing __ in the bedding next to him, who whispered, unlike her version in his dream. “Did you have a nightmare?..You were turning and groaning in your sleep.”
“Was I now?”, Saizo replied with a smile on his face, not answering her question. But indeed he was relieved, her breath in her whispering voice soothing like nothing else in this world.

Something was holding him in place, he couldn’t move, nor wave his arms, nothing, despite being free in fact. Toshiie couldn’t make out what it was, as the only thing he could see was the scene in front of him.
Several man were surrounding __, pushing her around between them, clearly doing things they shouldn’t be doing. He saw her desperate face, as she tried to steady herself, escape the touches of the men, but it was of no use. He tried to run, to move, wave his arms, but the only thing he could feel was the anger welling up inside of him, like a fire spreading through a lit cord.  
His rage was evidenced by his harsh words he spitted towards the men that didn’t hear a thing due to their own tumult.
“I’m hungryyyy~”
A familiar voice stopped Toshiie in his contumelious language, making him turn his head to the side. “Keiji?! KEIJI! KEIJI, GO AND DO SOMETHING DAMN IT!”
But said person didn’t seem to be bothered by what was going on, as he strode through the hall, skimming over his belly without a care in the world.
As if everything wasn’t stressful enough, __ started screaming, her voice tainted by constant wailing. “Inuchiyo, heeeelp!”
“Help me, Inuchiyo!” It grew louder and louder, more and more persistent, disturbing in his ears.

Toshiie shook his head quickly, startled by a loud voice, awakening him.
“Finally! Everything alright?”, __ asked from her place next to him, quite startled and stressed herself. He was still trying to catch his breath, as she suddenly chuckled. “You’re really done with Keiji, aren’t you? Calling his name even in your sleep. Maybe you should dream of me this time?”

It was quite chilly on the hilltop, but still Hideyoshi was sweating due to distress. He could discern Hanbei, Nagaharu and __ below, the former suffering severely from all kind of wounds.
Hideyoshi could hear his coughing from here, more precisely from a few meters next to him. Confused he turned to learn where it came from and saw Mitsunari gazing into space and coughing, just like he was used to hear from Hanbei, with the exact same voice, the exact same tone. There was nothing and no one else, just an expressionless Mitsunari standing stiffly, not looking anywhere or reacting to anyhing.
Looking at the trio at the lower end again, he saw Hanbei hunching after every cough coming from Mitsunari and finally crumpling to the ground. Just as Nagaharu was lounging to kick him in his stomach, Hideyoshi wanted to turn around, to go back down and help his retainer.
However he couldn’t, as his feet refused to turn, forcing him to watch Hanbei die after having been brutally battered.
Meanwhile __ was desperately trying to hold Nagaharu back, only to be shoved aside constantly, kneeling next to Hanbei herself now.
As if something was hoaxing him, Hideyoshi found himself next to them in the very second Hanbei died, as if he was held in place until now, only to be released when he couldn’t have changed things anyway.
As soon as he was next to Hanbei’s corpse and a weeping __, Mitsunari and Nagaharu vanished, she lunged at him, clutching his armor from the front and shouting in his face.
“He is dead, Hideyoshi!! It’s because of you, it’s all your fault, Hide-”

The same voice, albeit much more compassionate and worried, awakened him from this nightmare. __ stroked his damp hair out of his forehead, wiping his tearstained cheeks with her sleeve. And even though she couldn’t steal away his grief completely, he felt much more at peace with her support.

Our First and Last (Ch. 5)

Ch. 1 | Ch. 2 | Ch. 3 | Ch. 4 | Ch. 5 | Ch. 6 | Ch. 7 | Ch. 8 | Ch. 9 | Ch. 10 | 

Ch. 11 | Ch. 12 (Final)

  • Pairings: Jeon Jungkook x Reader (MAIN) | Park Jimin x Kim Taehyung | Jung Hoseok x Min Yoongi | Kim Namjoon x Kim Seokjin
  • Genre: angst and fluff, soulmate au, scifi
  • Words: 2,231
  • Description: “It feels like I’m not alone. I know I’m not alone. But when I look around and there’s no one there.”

“Taehyung, you don’t understand, I almost exploded in there,” Jimin says as he takes a bite of his steak that Taehyung had neatly cut up into bite sized pieces and placed back on his plate.

Him and Taehyung were having their customary “date night”, eating out on a Friday evening after a long day of work. Today had been much like every other, the two psychologists went through session after session, cautiously navigating deeper and deeper into their patients’ minds and guiding them to healthier mental states. Both of them were very used to their jobs by now, but there were always tough patients, and Jeon Jungkook was undoubtedly one of them.

The restaurant atmosphere was relaxing, and the mood lighting made the aura quite romantic. The voices of other couples sitting at adjacent tables were drowned out by the light piano music playing in the background.

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Cold Nights, Warm Hearts


genre: fluff :3

characters: min yoongi.

word count: 2423 (excuse any errors, i didn’t edit it jfksd)

thunderstorms. in need of someone.

a/n: this is one of the more recent requests i got, and idk i just kind of wanted to write it out :) i had a sudden surge of motivation but still @ the anon who requested this im really sorry for the shortness ;;;

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This fucking storm’s been going on for way too long now. 

You sighed, aggravated, wincing each and every single time a peal of lightning flashed against the silvers of your rattling windows and the gleams of white reflected on the curtains. The room was cold – much too cold. The peaks of blankets wrapped around you provided none of the warmth you needed, the yellow lights too dark, the hum of the city outside too dim, the quietness of your entire apartment much too suffocating as it slowly worked its way through to the center of the living room where you were currently situated in.

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Request PT 2: MFW guys and MC reencounter her ex-fiancé

So. Many. People. Asked for this.
Minor swearing involved

“Well well well, who do we have here?”
Your ex-fiance’s cold, mocking voice pierces you through the heart as you walk out of the elevator. You hugged the folder closer to the sudden chill in your chest and try to ignore him. Makoto pulls away from the rest of the interviewees, and cuts in front of you with a sneer.
“You’re here for the interview too? Guess you really have nothing left since I left you, huh?” He reaches out for your chin and you jerk away sharply.
“It’s none of your business, Makoto.”
“Brave words for a poor little kitty, don’t you think?” His eyes narrowed with a smirk. “I could still use a mistress, if you’re still that desperate for a man.” His arm reached around for your waist and he yanks you closer. You hit him with the folder angrily and break away from him.
“Stop it, Makoto.”
“Kitty grew some claws, didn’t she?” He reached for you again and you cry out angrily.
“Don’t touch me!” You shove him away from you so hard you stumble backwards, losing your balance. Arms wrap around you and steady you on your feet. You look up. “Kunihiko!”
He wasn’t look at you, his eyes dark and glaring at Makoto, who suddenly looked very nervous.
“Mr. Aikawa.”
“I’m surprised you know who I am.” Kunihiko’s voice was icy. “Would you care to repeat what you have been insulting my fiancée with?”
Makoto looked terrified now, shifting pathetically on his feet as the violet eyes stared him down. You stare blankly at him, something similar to pity stirring in your mind. You looked away.
“________, are you alright?” Kunihiko’s eyes turn to you and you nod slowly.
“I’m ok.”
“Why are you here?” He put a hand on your arm, a casual, gentle touch that made your heart calm down. You smile a little.
“You left a folder at home.” You hold out the cream coloured file, thin and stamped for today. “I haven’t opened it, so I don’t know if you’ll need it. It’s dated for today, so I thought I should bring it over before I go to Lilly’s.”
“Thanks.” He grins at you. “Always so thoughtful.”
Kunihiko took the folder from you and opened it. He frowned and shut it again.
“Ah, I don’t need this anymore.” He looked up, straight at Makoto, and tore the paper folder in half. “I would like respectful people in my company.” Kunihiko patted your shoulder. “I need to get on with my interviews. I’ll pick you up for dinner later, alright?” You nod, a little stunned, as he walks off to his office again, beckoning for the first interviewee to enter, leaving Makoto to stare at his torn resume sitting upon the floor.

The agent handed your passports back, and you take them, tucking both safely into your purse. The two of you passed the gate and Ren sits you down on one of the plush seats to wait for him as he went to send an email. Ren was going to bring you to his country for the sports competition that happened every four years. Royalty from other countries would be there too, and he found it to be the perfect opportunity to introduce you to everyone. As you smile with a twinge of excitement, you hear an all too familiar voice.
“________! What a surprise!”
You look up, your heart sinking as you see him making his way over to you in a stiff business suit and tie. Makoto smirks.
“Aw, look at you, poor dear.” He snickers as your darkened gaze. You wrinkle your nose a little as he nears, backing away from him. Makoto advances. “You’re crawling your way back to your parents? Guess you shouldn’t have moved out of your apartment and quit your job so early, eh?”
You stiffen and glare at him, clenching your jaw against his insults, trying not to let him have the satisfaction of successfully provoking you.
“Look at your pathetic little pout.” Makoto steps up to you and grabs your arm, wrenching you around to face him. “That’s all you ever do, huh?”
“Let go of me.” Your voice came out in a low, steady hiss. You notice a hint of surprise in Makoto’s narrowed eyes. He was clearly not used to you having a trace of fire in your meek submissiveness. With a sudden burst of pride, you remember how being with Ren had changed you. Makoto’s grip tightened on your arm painfully and you yank hard, trying to break free. “Let me go!”
“Get away from her.”
Makoto’s wrist was suddenly clenched in another’s hand, and you look to see Ren’s green eyes, uncharacteristically angry and fierce, boring into your ex’s stunned face.
“Let her go.”
“Sure, whatever.” His voice sounded uncertain. Ren released him and wedged himself between the two of you, tugging you protectively behind him.
Your ex rolled his eyes.
“Is this all you can come up with, _______? Seduce another man into protecting you? Friend, I’m telling you, she’s just a load of-“
Ren gave him a sudden, violent shove and he falls back onto the airport benches.
“Don’t talk about my fiancée like that.” Green eyes flashed angrily from the normally calm and collected face. You tug on Ren’s sleeve.
“Don’t get violent.”
He patted your hand.
“Get the hell away from us.” He snarled at Makoto. “Don’t ever come near her again. I wish not to get violent, but there’s a limit to how far my tolerance goes.” Makoto scowled and quickly fled the scene, not wanting to further tempt Ren’s temper.
Your fiancé turned to you and pulled you into his arms, clutching you firmly against his chest. You snuggle to him, enjoying his protective closeness.
“Are you okay?”
“Mhm. Thank you.”
“It’s my duty to protect you.” Ren kissed your forehead. “I will never let someone hurt you and get away with it.” His lips curved into a smile and you mirrored his tender look, feeling another rush of love for him.

It had taken Yuta a whole week to convince you to join him in this game show. They were running a couples’ theme this week, and you nervously step out to the poolside.
“Ah, here she is, the last one of our ladies to be introduced!” The host boomed over the microphone. “Aww, look at her! Yuta, your girlfriend is such a dear!” You walked shyly over to your boyfriend, and he gives you a big hug, wrapping you into his arms.
“Yuta!” You swat at him.
“Looks like she’s not quite used to affection on the big screen!” The host chuckles and Yuta grins.
“She’s not part of the entertainment business so she’s a little fidgety.” He tapped your nose with a finger and you blushed instantly. “But I have every bit of faith we’ll do well in the games today!”
You glance around at the other contestants, and suddenly your heart clenches. Standing beside a popular model was your ex-fiancé, Makoto. He smirked when he saw you and you saw his eyes darken with a look you really didn’t want to know about.
“Alright, ladies, go over to the other side of the pool!”
You go off with the other women, and see the staff set up a large floating stand in the center of the pool, topped with a heart shaped piece of plastic.
“Alright, fellas, it’s pretty simple! Get the heart, and bring it over to your partner! All of the other unlucky ladies, well, look up!”
There was a gasp in the ranks as you tossed your head back and saw the stands above you, with buckets of water prepared. The clinking of ice was probably not your imagination either.
An elbow dug against Yuta’s side.
“You’re seriously dating HER?”
Yuta chuckled with an angelic look on his face for the sake of the camera, disgust building up inside him at Makoto’s tone.
“You sound terribly disappointed. She’s lovely.”
“Do you even know how much of a mess she is in bed?” Makoto’s face was a friendly grin, his insults such a low hiss through his teeth the microphones couldn’t pick them up. “Never thought someone else would be so dumb to go for a slut like this.”
Yuta forced out a smile at him and listened to the whistle go off. The five guys launched themselves into the water at the crowds’ screaming.
You gasp as Makoto climbs onto the center platform first, followed quickly by Yuta. He turns and shoves Yuta back into the water before grabbing the heart and leaping off the plastic.
“Oh, and it looks like Yuta’s back in the water!”
You completely ignore Makoto as he advances towards his partner in the water, your eyes glued to Yuta in the mess of other men trying to catch up. Suddenly, Yuta climbs onto the platform and launches himself off, landing on Makoto’s paddling form and slamming him deeper into the pool. The dark haired man floundered under Yuta’s weight as your boyfriend laughed, a sparkle in his eyes as he straddled your ex, pinning the man face down into the water as he struggled. Yuta looked casual, as if this was some comedic effect instead of brutal revenge, and pried the heart shaped prize away. He let Makoto come up for a breath and smacks his head back down with a blow from the heart shaped plastic and climbed off, making sure to kick Makoto –somewhere- under the water as he paddled over to you.
He hurled it at you and you reach out to catch it, landing on your butt on the slippery surface, but cradling the plastic piece in your arms.
“Nice going there!” The host calls out and someone blows the whistle. Yuta climbs up onto the platform beside you and tugs you close to him by the waist. He presses a light kiss to your forehead and you blush again as the cold buckets come down on the other waiting partners.
“You looked really cool.” You whisper softly as he hugs you for the camera. “But wasn’t that a little mean?”
Yuta chuckled.
“It’s just for show, _______. That’s all you need to know.” You felt the cold pool water seeping through your dry shirt as he held you, but you giggled faintly at his voice.
“Did Makoto say something?”
“It’s just for show.” Yuta grinned with a glint in his eyes, patting your head. “Don’t worry bout it!”

Yeah, I took a scene from my fav TV show.
Thanks for the read!

The Painter

Summary: Jimin has lost his inspiration to paint, but he finds it again in an unlikely place, with an unlikely person.

Word Count: 2718

Rating: M

(This is my first fic, and my first smut, so cut me some slack please haha.)

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Photographs [Blue Jacket Au] Chapter 2

Author’s Note: Blue Jacket AU, Multi-chaptered, Multi-one-shots

She followed behind him slowly as they made their way to the pool entrance.

She was watching his back; he wasn’t as well built as the football players - he was pretty thin, even a bit thinner than Warren, but his shoulders were still pretty broad, and he was still a foot taller than her.

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