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drarry prompt: harry is walking down the aisles of hogwarts under the invisibility cloak and he hears draco talking about him (like talking about how good harry looks today with that messy hair) with his slytherin friends, so latter harry goes talk to draco about it and the rest is on you aha

My Writing

“Did you guys see Potter today?” Harry heard an all too familiar voice ask.

He rolled his eyes and assumed they were just making fun of him, but he still wanted to stay to hear what they would say. He checked to make sure his feet were covered by his cloak and quietly moved closer so he could hear better.

“Yes, Draco,” Pansy groaned. “We saw him. We all see him everyday.”

“But he looked so bloody good! Did you see how messed up his hair was?! It makes him look so hot!”

“You’re so annoying,” Blaise muttered.

Harry just stood there, shocked, with his mouth hanging open. Draco Malfoy just said that he looked good…hot

“Shut up, Zabini,” Draco hissed, but was blushing.

Blaise and Pansy left Draco, and he was left grumbling to himself about self-centered, unsupportive friends.

Harry seized the opportunity and quickly made his way over to where Draco was still standing.

He pulled his cloak off and cleared his throat.


Draco startled slightly and and turned around.

“P-Potter?” He stuttered, cheeks bright red.

Harry smirked.

“The one and only.”

“Did you..did you hear all of that?”

Harry nodded and rubbed the back of his neck. Draco’s eyes widened.

Draco opened his mouth to say something, but Harry stopped him by crashing his lips onto Draco’s. Draco gasped, but then quickly melted into the kiss.

“I think you looked bloody good today, too,” Harry murmured, smirking once again, before throwing the cloak back over his head and walking off to think about what he had just done.


I’ve wanted to draw the Dantalion djinn equip for like a million years and here I finally go oh boy


u dare mock the son of a shepard a.k.a i SERIOUSLY only look good from ONE ANGLE


okay out of the many many photos i took today here are the few that i like (and im still sorry there are so many omfg,,,,,)

threw together two outfits based on mori style fashion but idk they didn’t come out super well (considering i just raided my closet lol - the colors are way too bright for some) so im not too comfy being like YEAH MORI but still

also i couldnt get nice photos with my camera so i used my mac consequently all the full body shots look like absolute POOP because bad lighting [angry deer honkin]

a couple of these have captions plz click around and idk hmu if u want to know where i got certain pieces from

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I'm thinking someone already did this, but if I possibly could get down on my knees and clasp my hands together and give you Octavia Blake level puppy dog eyes, could you maybe, just maybe... add a fifth part to the texting clexa fic?

curses, how did you know? my one weakness.  octavia blake puppy dog eyes. (that was a blatant lie. i have many, many weaknesses.) part one, two, three, four

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