this looks so awkward ugh

New Game

I’ve decided to list out all the phases my tumblr blog has ever been through to see how I got here today. Feel free to do the same and tag your friends to do it too! ✨

-Dan and Phil (it’s Dan’s fault I’m here)
-Bands (MCR, Panic!, FOB, etc.)

-More bands and YouTubers
-Personal text posts

-Almost exclusively supernatural
-Some Sherlock and bands
-Tag games like these
-Adventure Time

-All the memes
-Cute animal videos
-More Harry Potter stuff
-All the vines
-Personal YouTube vids

-Audio posts/songs I like
-Political memes
-Funny/cute animal videos
-Self care/motivational text posts
-Way more Harry Potter stuff

-Anything positive/happy I can find
-Cute/funny animal videos and pics
-Harry Potter fan art
-Random things I like
-Cathartic stuff

I’ve concluded I’ve been on this website for way too long….let me know if you did this too/tag me please! I think it’d be fun to see everyone’s journey on here :)

Patterns shirt boyfriends for reasons.
Quick draw because there’s not enough Ziall in the ‘ziall tag’ recently. : C
No song lyrics or story quotes today, but I do wanna say, that all you Ziall fans are lovely.  I may not be with everyone, but I do love seeing you all active and creating for these two adorable boys. : ]