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Sam, I want Gadreel to pay as much as you do but nothing is worth losing you. Being human didn’t just change my view of food. It changed my view of you. I can relate, now, to how you feel. The only person who has screwed things up more consistently than you is me. And now? I know what that guilt feels like. And I know what it means to feel sorry, Sam. I am sorry.


Can we just talk about this scene?

“I broke her heart?” We all know that Jenna cheated on Matty last season and she has messed up a lot. But when she does, she tries to make up for it. She has always, always been there for Matty when he needed her. And she didn’t use him the way he used her. He used her for sex, for help on his college essay and as someone to confide in and then he pushed her away. 

Jenna was the one that found his biological dad and wanted to share the experience with him. Not in the hopes that he might get back together with her (even though she clearly still has feelings for him), but because she wanted to. And then Gabby took her spot. The least he could have done was still include her in the meeting of his father. And if Gabby doesn’t like it, then don’t let the door hit you on your way out. So yes, Matty repeatedly broke Jenna’s heart. Not just romantically, but as a friend too.

Patterns shirt boyfriends for reasons.
Quick draw because there’s not enough Ziall in the ‘ziall tag’ recently. : C
No song lyrics or story quotes today, but I do wanna say, that all you Ziall fans are lovely.  I may not be with everyone, but I do love seeing you all active and creating for these two adorable boys. : ]

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I would really love to hear your fat Lardo and Jack headcanons, if you want to share.

yo dude im down!!! imma focus on fat!lardo tho

  • lmao so like. strategic clothing is Totally A Thing. like i am totally for anyone wearing what they want but sometimes the anxiety of wearing a certain piece of clothing just gets too much. like maybe lardo is a bit nervous to wear literally any form of short sleeves bc it’ll show her huge arms or crop tops without any high waist leggings because the tummy juts out and completely just avoids waistless dresses bc that just doesnt look flattering :s
    • i totally have outfit combos that, frankly, make me look as hour-glass as possible and i try to wear those as much as possible
    • lardo 100% tries to avod going shopping with skinnier people and seeing how they’re able to rock the clothes she can’t. it’s not a great experience
    • honestly like after a while tho when u start to learn to love ur body u find yourself not caring more and experimenting with clothes that you don’t usually wear tho
  • listen… lardo unashamedly loves food and she will eat as much food as she wants no matter how fried or unhealthy it is
    • she is completely comfortable with eating with her close friends (i’m guessing her art friends or friends she’s made in cultural clubs) because they, too love food and are a bit fat around the edges 
    • but when it comes to eating with strangers or the hockey team she’s just a little more careful? because the hockey team has a reason to pack on carbs and protein and other strangers actually watch what they eat and put in like vegetables and shit
      • some ransom person: i love boba but i try not to drink a lot bc the tapioca balls have so much sugar content in it ://// lardo (drinking her 3rd boba of the week): ??????lol w/e
      • she’s learned to not care around the hockey team tho bc they still love her no matter what!!!!!
  • lardo only takes selfies from the front angle because it’s her best angle 
    • she’s super nervous when other people take pictures of her because her round stomach makes things look super awkward and uGH double chins are so awkward 
  • sometimes she just fuckgin… grabs her tummy rolls… and squishes them. it’s super fun ok. squish ur rolls like a stressball i higly recommend it
    • she also likes to pat her stomach like a drum bc it makes a nice hollow noise u should try it it’s fun
    • and she is ok with super close friends using her as a pillow
  • jack, as a former fat kid, would be so so supportive of lardo tho bc he understands
    • he honestly almost punched someone because heard a few guys shit on fat girls
    • lardo will go on rants about how someone was shitting on fat people or feeding into the idea that “fat = ugly” and he would be the only one that understands
    • everyone thinks theyve hooked up before but honestly they would just spend an afternoon in the reading room poking at each other’s stretch marks 
    • jack is the only one lardo would go to if she’s not feeling great about her body like lardo would storm into his room and he would take one look at her and kno that she needs a cuddle and a shoulder to cry on or a distraction (in which case he puts on a documentary or something)

this got super long lmao 

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Why do so many people waste their time hating on your blog? I mean you are not really wasting your life with this blog because it is so easy to find the failures in SMC and plus it's hilarious! For it being 2015 the animation should be a lot better and not so awkward. I can remember so many scenes just looking so awkward....... The arms...... Those arms!!!!!! Ugh! That spinning rod wasn't spinning....... It seems like people are really blind to this......


When you go from a show that literally says this:

You’d expect a bit of improvement (at least) in the animation field.

But then this show is picked up again 20 years later and it looks like this