this looks so awful i'm so sorry

PUDDIN’.   i am so sorry for the crack trash my blog has been occasionally becoming. blame rita  ( @puddinharley )  for all of it. but also me. because it’s just?? the ‘joker x reader’ tag is true art. art in it’s purest form. amazing. one of a kind. sensational. a gem. i suggest that if you ever need to puke or laugh so hard ‘til you cry, to visit it. it’s a life-changing experience. especially the smut, written by 14 year old sinners. phenomenal. pablo picasso could never make art as perfect as the joker x reader writers could.


got tagged by the always lovely @cometcharlie thank you so much you’re beautiful and girl your lips damn, to take a few selfies. the quality is awful bc my phone sucks so bad sorry about that :/ also I look awful, I rarely smile in selfies bc I wear braces yikes. I would put more selfies, but I rarely take good selfies tbh lmao

I tag: @glowingdean @valiantdean  @padakrussshnic @mgmasters and everyone who wants to do it consider yourself tagged, you’re all beautiful