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Magnus Bane - Pandemonium punk outfit:

Magnus’ second outfit has a punk styling with marble-effect black jeans topped with a zebra-patterned long coat that has double chains on the back and a Magnus style sequinned collar and silver buckles. The belt itself is strung with tiny silver teeth. His makeup is dark and his hair is dyed with a splash of red and spiked high.


Looks like I have two new sons (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

Look, at the end of the day, artists are still people.

Yeah, sure, there are assholes not only everywhere, but at every level of art. Yeah there are going to be the artists who are so full of themselves they think that ANYTHING similar to their stuff is copying.

But the better the artist, or the more popular they are, the more likely it is that people have stolen their stuff. Does anyone here believe that there aren’t a hundred different rips of popular characters with no more than changed colors and the ‘artists’ promise that they’re not the same as the popular character? I don’t mean ‘this is based of this character but they’ve become more of an OC’ I mean ‘wow I like this design it’s mine now’. Gawd, how many posts do we see go by of people stealing artist doodles and selling them as adopts? Or just people straight up stealing OTHER ADOPTABLES and selling them as their own??

Look the point here is that if I see

It doesn’t escape me. ok. it doesn’t escape the original artist. it doesn’t escape half the community.

The artist on the left has taken the picture/post down now, so I won’t @ them because taking it down was the respectable thing to do, but honestly. Why post it in the first place? Why not ask the artist if it was okay to post it with credit?

Is it traced? Probably not, or if it was there were a lot of transforms made.

But if you’re going to ‘’reference’’ something that heavily, POST CREDIT TO THE ORIGINAL ARTIST. or hell, just FIRST ASK PERMISSION.

I’m not talking about general feelings of ‘oh imperial dragons have borzoi heads!’ ‘mirror dragons have moose horns!’ ‘spirals have goat eyes!’ by all fucking means, have a borzoi imp or a moose mirror or a goat spiral or a boar tundra. But at least make it your own.

The better an artist gets, the more likely it is that someone will steal from them. It’s unfortunate. It’s inevitable. But WE, the ARTISTS are not required to go quietly into that good night and just do, say, or think NOTHING of it. That is OUR shit.

And there’s this feeling in the community that being called out by a popular artist is m e a n. Like usually people who are doing this are young(er) or new(er) artists, and by saying ‘hey maybe don’t copy my stuff’ somehow the ORIGINAL ARTIST is to blame. And that’s fucked up.

No. The original artist is NOT to blame. The original artist had things stolen from them. They are well within their rights to be MAD. Sure, there are things that can be handled better, but if they’re not, please try to understand that people are upset because their things were stolen.


Hell, even when they’re fuckin’ dead. If you do a Picasso reference, please say so. Let alone if you’re referencing a living peer. We are people. Not art machines.


Hold out your hand
Color me like that red sunset
So I won’t lose myself


jian + kisses

I hope I do remember correctly and Valentine’s day isn’t only about romantic love

The idea for just that dumb little heart popped into my head (not for a drawing, just as a fun little…thing?) and then I decided to turn it into this drawing

Happy Valentine’s day (if you celebrate it)!