this looks retarded

Do you think she knows just how fucking stupid those tattoos look?  Like, they’re fucking stupid NOW, not like ‘those are gonna look fucking retarded when your 50″ kinda thing, they are currently absolutely idiotic.  I know you think you’re demonstrating what a free spirit you are, but just know too much ink is a deal breaker for a LOT of men.  Save your money, save your skin.

I don't mean you, I mean the other kind of autistic.

I see that a lot here in tumblr-land whenever someone says, “hey, I’m autistic and I am not like that / don’t like that / take offense to that” in response to a post about “suffering from autism”, poster then turns around and says “I don’t mean you …”

Then they go on to describe ME as “that other kind of autistic”.

“the low-functioning kind, that can’t talk and have meltdowns and suffer so much” (well, I don’t suffer, but they speak as if I do)

You know, the ones that it is safe to insult or ignore because we act really strange so we aren’t really people and our opinions don’t matter (they don’t have to consider our feelings because well duh we can’t have any cause we’re not really people). You know - the “low functioning” kind that can never live alone so are a burden and it’s such a shame that people have to deal with us.
And it’s always backed up by “I have a relative that is one of those and no matter what his parents try they can’t make him be normal so he is really suffering”, or “I teach/take care of that kind and no matter how many times I abuse them they still won’t act how I expect them to”. Of course they don’t call it abuse - to them taking away communication devices, toys, food, and rewards is how you get ‘them’ to do as you say; it’s not abuse, it’s “training”. Except it is abuse to the autistic. That’s why they scream and yell and stamp their feet and do all the other meltdown things. They are trying to tell you that they are being tortured, from their point of view.

You see, most of the “low functioning” autistics they are talking about are not suffering from autism, they are suffering from torture and abuse by parents, teachers, and caregivers. It’s often legal torture and abuse, but it has the same effect as if it weren’t.

The people who say these things are usually the worst abusers. Teachers and parents and relatives that see nothing wrong with locking a child in a closet to teach them how to behave, even though being locked in a closet scares the shit out of the kid so they can’t think and therefore cannot learn anything from the experience.
They see nothing wrong with tying the kid’s hands down so they don’t flap and “look like a retard and embarrass me”, even though that flapping is what is keeping the kid from exploding because they have been thrust into a fast food place during rush hour and all the noise is overwhelming them.
They think nothing is wrong with forcing the kid to be fully dressed at all times even though the touch of cloth is overwhelming the kid’s sensory processing disorder, because “they have to learn to live with it like everyone else”.

Denying Baby a candy that she can see, with no other reason than “it’s almost dinner time”, would be abuse. She has no sense of time, candy is for eating, and things that are in front of her are for her. She will not learn to wait, she can’t because it requires a sense of time to understand. So we don’t put the candy in front of her. The parents/teachers I’m discussing here are the ones that would put the candy out, slap her hand for trying to take a piece, then complain about how much she is suffering from autism when she has a meltdown because they tortured her. Usually they would add how rough life is for them having to deal with it.

Taking me to the mall is abuse. These same parents/teachers are the ones that say “they need social exposure” and force the autistic into social situations in spite of the autistic’s reaction. I cannot and never will be able to handle more than a few people at a time. When I was a little more capable I could go grocery shopping - in the middle of the day in an area where no one else would be shopping at that time. Put me in a place where people are close enough to touch and I will be jumping up and down squealing and waving my arms around as if trying to fly. And no amount of “desensitization” will change that. And it won’t change it for that five year old that the mother is dragging on a leash while he kicks and punches the floor, yelling. You don’t do that. It’s abuse, not “training”.

Anyway, enough ranting for now.

Next time you’re tempted to say “I mean the other, low functioning, kind that suffer from autism” just stop and admit you don’t know what you are talking about.

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Your blog is absolutely horrible. It looks retarded! Your art looks like shit, and you don't know what basic art is. You and your blog is horrible. Fuck you, bitch.

oh :“) I’m glad you told me this so I can try harder. I will try everything to make my followers satisfied, okay. Also lewd language isn’t allowed so frick off you female doggo!

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Roast the Goblin Deuce shotgun

What the shit is this fuck I don’t even

This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen and I want one. It looks retarded and it almost certainly won’t shoot worth a damn and I don’t even care.

Fuck you OP, I’m not roasting this gun I’m roasting myself for wanting one. Clearly I’m a severely damaged individual and why anyone would willing associate with me is a mystery for the ages.

The stupid shit my family has said that reminded me of Voltron

Matt : Dude I’m in this gay ass flight school and I have to be in formation what TF is this ?

Lance : so how do I look ?
Keith : * in a southern accent * wow , gosh you look as retarded as the day I first met you
Lance : *looks at the mirror as though he is in the office * fuck off krusty

Pidge : did I ask you? No right ? So shut the fuck up (computer asked for an update )

Shiro : what is that ?* On seeing a wine bottle*
Pidge : oh that’s just water
Shiro : is it ? * Starts chugging water *
* 2 minutes later *
Shiro : I suppose it is
Pidge : * leaves *

Pidge : I mean , I think I would leave a person for a curved television
Lance : why have that when I’ve got them all
Hunk : and that is going to the worst pick up lines book

Matt : shiro , wake tf up
Shiro : what happened
Matt : the year is 2040 , you are living the memory of your your past lives . Remember here people are trying to kill you there is a -
Shiro: really okay * goes back to sleep *
Matt: are you fucking-
Shiro : shut TF up

Hunk : is eating noodeles
Pidge : is tht? * Proceeds to take some with her grubby little hands *
Hunk : no nOT TODAY * fights pidge by blocking her with his legs *

Keith : I know why people are using blades , because they are snorting cocaine yo (don’t ask I heard this from my brother )
Hunk : okay first of all wHAT THE FUCK

Lance : * is narrating everything Keith does *
Keith : lance stop go FUCKING KILL YOUR SELF
lance : * gives a devilish grin *
Keith : oh with I fucking forgot if you do that you win .
Lance : exactly . *

Matt : *starts congratulating an pet alien for eating it’s food *
Pidge : that sounds very fake
Matt : I’m dead on the inside

Allura : do you want me to spare his life or shoot him because his life is miserable ?

Allura : * hugging him and acting all motherly* lance how was that sleep over ? Did you have fun? Did you talk about girls
Lance : for a while .. and yet we cannot get any
Pidge : that’s sad . I mean I can do better .
Lance : okay can you not

Keith : hunk open the door
Hunk : what’s the password ?
Keith : there is a password
Hunk : two technically
Keith well I’m not saying the second one (its :Nikki pawnaj . I’m dead serious or shall I say Sirius )
Hunk : well you know the first one right ?
Keith : * rolling his eyes and just done™* lasaga lasagee lasagi (but to be pronounced as lasagay like the vine ) lasago lasagu

Welcome to the Special Snowflake Academy!

Below is the list of courses that we teach:

TRG 101: Introduction to Being Triggered.
TRG 201: Advance Triggered.
FEM 101: Introduction to Being A Cunt.
FEM 121: Kill All Men.
FEM 132: I’m Oppressed Because I’m a Woman and a Whiny Bitch.
OKN 101: Introduction to Being Insane.
OKN 213: I’m Not A Human Because I Said So and Science Is Bullshit.
BLM 101: How To Be Racist To White People.
BLM 104: Plotting a Genocide Against White People.
BLM 145: How To Forget About The Civil Right’s Act of 1964 That Made Black Citizens Equal.
GEN 101: Introduction to 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Genders That Exist and Why You Can Be All Genders At Once Without Looking Like A Retard.

Please enjoy your stay at the Special Snowflake Academy!



Jackson was all over you that day. Not sexually, but just in a Jackson way. He kept making you laugh, bothering you, and talking about the other members to you.

Mark on the other hand was so jealous at this. He couldn’t take it. His insides were twisting and turning at the sight of you two.

Jackson was a loud handsome funny guy and that was his biggest asset: making girls laugh.

Mark didn’t have that he was shy and quiet. He didn’t talk much. He wasn’t funny and he hated attention on him. So how could he compete again the Jackson Wang?

You were laughing at Jackson. He was so funny and you didn’t know why or how it was even possible for a human to be this funny.

“OK so why is Youngjae doing that? He is such a follower, don’t you know? He thinks it’s cute. It’s not cute girl.” he said talking to you like a girl.

You look over at Youngjae with JR and JB, well-being Youngjae: which was an absolute mess.

“Look at him such an ugly one.” Jackson joked. “I can’t stand him.” he continued. “Isn’t that how you girls talk?” he said now in his regular voice.

You tried to would you hand over your mouth without looking like a retarded, but you couldn’t help it. It just wasn’t possible. It wasn’t possible with Jackson. He was just way too funny.

at this point your face became red and your cheeks hurt.

“Are you alright? are you going to die?” Jackson asked with a serious face which made you laugh at him more.

You started hitting him on the shoulder.

“Ow ow. ” he said laughing. “What have I done?” he said playing still.

“Jackson St…” you tried to get out. But only started laughing at him some more.

Mark continues to watch from a far. Jealousy still rising. You happened to make eye contact with him from across the room. He was getting his makeup done because they we about to get on stage. He quickly looked away annoyed.

Your heart jerked at his coldness. What was wrong?

After the unnie got done with his makeup, you found yourself going over there. He played on his phone as if he didn’t know you were there. But he clearly knew you were.

“Oppa Wae geurdae?” you asked him what was wrong.

“Nothing” he said in English.“

"Then why are you sad looking.” you said the same in English.

Finally looking up from his phone he looked you straight in the eyes. “I don’t know but I’m not sad.”

“Oh.” you had no Choice but to say.

“Okay got 7 five minutes!” a stage manager said.

“Well I got to go.” he said getting up. You grabbed his hand and mark heart started being fast.

He quickly snatched it away.

You felt your eyes water up.

You watched him walk away.

What did you do?




Back at the dorm you were by yourself. You decided to let them have their day to them self after you heard they had their first win for A. so the boys would be out for a while.

Your dorm was above theirs but you had a key. You didn’t know why you were here but you were.

You walked around seeing pictures of them everywhere in their dorms. They were big stars now. you had been with them since day one. And you were so proud of them at this point. They were like the honest band in Korea.

Going towards the rooms you stopped in fruit of Jackson’s and marks. Twisting the nob you went in. this was the first time being in their room without one of them. You went to marks side of the room to be noisy. He had pictures on his desk from his family back home in America. then you see a journal. Forgetting about his privacy you opened it without thought.

Before looking at it properly you scanned the words to see if any words in particular popped off the page, and they did. Your name. Before you could read it to see why….

“What are you doing.” and the book was snatched out your hand.

Mark stood there angry at you for being in his stuff without his permission.

“Oppa…” you lost your next words.

“I said what are you doing. "His voice was stern and scary and it made you want to cry. Your eyes started to water.

"I was just looking.”

“Did you ask permission to view someone’s privet things or do you just think you’re something special and it is okay.”

Ouch. That one hurt. And tears came rolling down your eyes. Marks face relaxed and he became guilty for marking you cry.

Dropping the journal, he grabbed you in a hug.

“Listen, I’m sorry I’m just not myself today.” he admitted.

Instead of replying you cried harder. You haven’t said anything but mark has been cold to you lately for a while now and it had gotten to you. It was hurting you in a way you didn’t expect and you just missed his smile.

“Mark.” you stuttered in his chest.


“Why are you not with the members?”

“Because, I’m not in the mood.”

And that was basically every day. Him not being in the mood, taking it out on you.

“But why?”

He sighed and let go of you and tried to walk out but you grabbed his hand.

“Mark why do you treat me like crap?”

You were bold and confident and you pray to god he didn’t break you down with one of his cold comments when you had gotten the courage to finally ask him about his current actions.

Turning around and looking you straight in the eye he said.“ I don’t.”

It was like a slap in the face because clearly, he did.

“Yes, yes you do, you did today! You treat me like trash, when I’m nice to you why have I done?” staring at you he stood there no emotion at all and it pissed you off you wanted to smack him. You wanted the old mark back. The one with the smiles, the one who knew how to laugh, the one who treated you good.

“Mark why do you do this. Where is the mark I know?! why-” you sobbed getting more upset.

And with that you were pushed on the bed being kissed by the cold Mark Tuan. This wasn’t the answer you asked for but you were not going to Complain. No not at all.

Breaking the kiss.“ want to know why I’m like this I’ll show you.” and he kissed you again. Breaking it again.“ It’s because I want you I’m so frustrated I need you baby.” he kissed your neck.“ and I’m sorry I’m so cold I’m just so jealous when I see you with him.”

you looked at him confused.“ who.”


Now it all made sense and you wanted to smack you self for not seeing it a long time ago. Mark tuan was in love with you and you were too blind to see.

He had ripped you close off in a matter of second and shoved himself In you.

You moaned with every thrust.

“Say my name.”

You tried but you couldn’t get it out through the screams.

“Say it.” he growl in your ear.“

"Ma-Ahh” you tried but ended up moaning instead.

He picked you up so you were on top of him and bounced you up and down his shaft. The sound of skin smacking filling through room. he smacked your pretty little ass as you road him.

Mark liked the way you breast bounced when you road him. FYI. It made him smile.

Mark sat up and continued to bounce you up and down his veiny cock.

“Ahh baby does it feel good.” you could hardly reply but you nodded a Yes as you bounce on that meaty cock.

Getting back on top of you he pounded you with force and he sucked on your breast.

You definitely knew that after this you were done. You were going to be sore for days.

“Stop making me jealous it frustrates me.” he growled in your ear pounding you harder. “I know we haven’t made it official but your mine.”

There was no response from you but you did have a chain of screaming out his name and to mark that was enough.

And then it happened like a ball of electricity forming in side you.

“Mark I’m Cumming.”

Mark started to pound harder and there in went. The electricity shot through your body making you scream.

“Mark fuck me harder.” you screamed at him.

After you came mark came a few after.

He laid on top of you feeling better and less frustrated.

“I’m sorry I’ve been so cold lately.” he looked into your eyes.“ I just wanted you to myself and not the other guys because I love you.” he confessed.

You smiled at him. “I love you too.”

“So will you be my girlfriend?”

“I think it’s already too late to ask that.” you laughed.

“Right” he said eying your naked body. Which he found so beautiful.

A second passed and you thought about that journal.

“Hey mark why was in the journal? It had my name in it.”

Mark looked at you alarmed. He scoffs “what journal I don’t know what you talking about.”

“no.” you looked at his stiff face. “Why what did you have in there pervert?” and with that you got up. But mark grabbed it before you could.

You chased him and chased him around the house naked till you heard a door jiggle. Mark pushed your naked body towards the bathroom.

Mark tried to move from the living room but before he could all 6 boys walked through the door.

Mark quickly put the notebook over his penis. He looked at the members and the members looked at him. and vice versa.

The silence seems to last forever. As the boys tried to figure out what they were exactly seeing.

Jackson was the first to speak. “EWWWWWW IT SMELLS LIKE SEX!” he said scrounging up his nose. The other members laugh at the naked Mark.

“Mwoyah! ” JB and BamBam said

Yougeum looked at his hyung. “Hyung gwen cha na?

"MARK NOT AGAIN DON’T TELL ME YOU JACKING OFF TO ___________ AGAIN.” Jackson continued. he looked at his note book which was hiding the large tool that made you sore. “mark is this why you came straight home? Mark go write in your journal about it instead, I mean you done it before.” He said teasing him.

Jackson basically indicated that he read marks journal. And without hesitation mark chased him in his naked glory. Jackson tried to hide in the room and mark started hitting him on his bed.

“ewwwwwwww someone help I think I touched it. "He said talking about marks penis.

"Good I bet you won’t touch my shit anymore.” Mark laughed.

You had herd everything and you were laughing your ass off. You loved these got 7 boys and you most definitely loved mark.

Finally mark got off him. And put boxers on.

“Yes, keep those on matter of fact glue them all I need want to see you naked again.” Jackson said feeling butt hurt.

Mark came in the bathroom to give you some cloths.

“Come on Babe let’s go hang with the boys jb started a movie.

Yes you loved them very much. And with that you kissed mark and joined the boys.

Mark was about to sit next to Jackson” Andwae ANDWAE! Eww don’t sit by me.“

Everyone laughed.

And Jackson just eyed mark.

But then he looked at you.

"Wait, you two….” He said realizing.

Everyone started laughing.

“eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwww.” Jackson screamed once again.

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Silmarillion Characters as Quotes from My Immortal
  • Turin: He had gone through horrible problems, and now he was gothic.
  • Feanor: A lot of preps stared at me. I put up my middle finger at them.
  • Sauron: Voldemort got a dude-ur-so-retarded look on his face.
  • Luthien: why can't I just be ugly or plain like all da other girls and preps here
  • Maglor: “I’m not okay.” he screamed depressedly.
  • Maedhros: “This cannot be.” Snap said in a crisp voice as blood dripped from his hand
  • Finrod: And den……………………………I jumped secxily in front of da bullet!11
  • Eonwe: Why did you do such a thing, you mediocre dunces?
  • Melkor: “Yah I know but he had a headache he wz under a lot of stress.” Satan reasoned evilly.
  • Finwe: You might think I’m a slut but I’m really not.
Poor Jay
  • *batfam having a conversation*
  • Bruce: Dick can I talk to you
  • Dick: Ya sure what is it B
  • Jason: *notices* ya B what is it
  • Bruce: well uh *eyes Jason* I just wanted to discuss J-a-s-o-n's k-I-l-l-I-n-g problem
  • Bruce: did you get that Dick
  • Jason: Unfucking believable
  • Jason: Uh I'm not stupid
  • Jason: I mean, the fuck, do I look stupid
  • Tim: *looks confused*
  • Jason: oh come on, Tim Tam! You can not tell me you haven't noticed everyone.spelling.out.
  • "Inappropriate" words when I'm around like I'm a fucking toddler that can't spell or some shit, like honestly do I look that retarded.
  • Jason: *to himself* is i- is it my face I-i just...

mashup esp done for warcraft succubus gear. kind of happy. moving on on next part :

Must redo the ears of my blood elve girls. I realised they were far too big. They should be thin and pointy

Need to rework a blood elf male character before creating others. His smile makes him look sadistic and retarded at the moment. Sadistic is fine for a blood elf but retarded is SAD #Trumpsad