this looks retarded

Do you think she knows just how fucking stupid those tattoos look?  Like, they’re fucking stupid NOW, not like ‘those are gonna look fucking retarded when your 50″ kinda thing, they are currently absolutely idiotic.  I know you think you’re demonstrating what a free spirit you are, but just know too much ink is a deal breaker for a LOT of men.  Save your money, save your skin.

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Alternate reality where Gyrojet actually caught on and overtook conventional ammunition in arms contracts in the west.

“Look at those retards using 6-port ammo, everyone knows 5-port is the real deal” 

“Enjoy your poor acceleration faggot”

Welcome to the Special Snowflake Academy!

Below is the list of courses that we teach:

TRG 101: Introduction to Being Triggered.
TRG 201: Advance Triggered.
FEM 101: Introduction to Being A Cunt.
FEM 121: Kill All Men.
FEM 132: I’m Oppressed Because I’m a Woman and a Whiny Bitch.
OKN 101: Introduction to Being Insane.
OKN 213: I’m Not A Human Because I Said So and Science Is Bullshit.
BLM 101: How To Be Racist To White People.
BLM 104: Plotting a Genocide Against White People.
BLM 145: How To Forget About The Civil Right’s Act of 1964 That Made Black Citizens Equal.
GEN 101: Introduction to 5,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 Genders That Exist and Why You Can Be All Genders At Once Without Looking Like A Retard.

Please enjoy your stay at the Special Snowflake Academy!

Oh wow. Old art I made 4 years ago… Amazing.

Why does the cat look so… retarded and space staring.. and why is the dog’s tongue a literal SHOWER.

By the way, I put this in a contest and got zero votes lmao

Tagging as bad OC because I think these two were my characters at some point. Also Photoshop because I edited it with that. No source because this MONSTROSITY AND SIGN OF HUMAN FAILURE AND THE REASONS WHY ALIENS DON’T VISIT US… is mine.

I thought the dog thing was scarfing down some anal beads at first, lmao.

I would have voted for you, friend. <3


(Woman a few feet behind me at another table is going on, loudly, about my SD, who is under my chair, at my table)
Woman: “Did you see? Did you see? There’s a dog. A dog!”
Man with her: “I think it’s her service dog.”
Woman: “What do you think is wrong with her? Does she look retarded? Is she blind? Deaf?
Man: (sees by the expression on my face that I’ve heard every word) "Not that last one, and we should probably shut up now.”

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Also, the fact that anon is going to sit there, and take the time to type up an essay about me allegedly saying I go to Juliard, makes you look retarded. I'm not going to sit there and make lists about people that I barely talk to gtfo. And that little list saying "the truth about the top 5", anon saying I "date older guys" trying to make it seem like I date guy 5+ years older than me is pathetic. 1-2 years, sure, but I keep it appropriate. So please gather valid info before saying shit.

When I saw the full body icon of sin made by Sgt. Mark, I thought it looked ugly, and didn’t match the original art style. Here’s my own full body icon of sin, attempting to stick to the original style of Doom monsters.