this looks really weird with that pink

bun emoji review

a good friend, tho his head is a lil too small. his eye is also too red, even for albino. 7/10

a good take on a cartoon bun!! that smile must mean she is living a happy life. 9/10 would feed a nanner

oh microsoft, when will your ugly thick lines end? the silhouette looks ok but his tail looks like a backwards broken leg. 6/10 take him to the vet

cute, though the ears are weirdly placed and the nose should not be a pink button. 7.5/10 would still snuggle

outstanding bun loaf anatomy, but where is her tail? 8/10 she looks concerned

would be a neat stylistic friend but he has a single ominous red eye. 4/10 i do not trust him

again with the great anatomy! but that button nose looks weird. 7/10 the texturing is also odd

best bun on list!!!!! he is a nice shade of beige and a+ bode. 10/10 would shower with all the timothy hay and veggies

is this a joke? really now. this is a tailless rat wearing apple slices on his head. ok cosplay tho 1/10

this is also not a bun. this looks like it was supposed to be a dog but the tail, teeth, and ears were changed last second. 2/10 not a bad face though

this “bunny” came from the area of hell where the minions andthe happy meal mascot were spawned. his face terrifies me. 0/10 save your children

not a bad bun, but the red outline is vague and menacing. 6/10 what happened to his ears

SO if you’re curious about who made which scarf in this pic of Aizawa i drew, here’s a handy list explaining who made what:

  • Izuku’s is the red and green one. he just enjoys red and green
  • Mineta’s is the spotted purple one. he just. really likes grapes
  • Tsuyu’s is the green one wtih yellow fluff. it has tiny little frogs on the design
  • Kirishima’s is the red one with light designs on it. he wanted to do something manly so he went with red and explosion/spikey looking things
  • Mina’s is the fuzzy chesire cat tail looking one. she saw this really cool and fluffy material at the store and just had to use it
  • Tokoyami’s is the black one. b/c Darkness
  • Momo’s is the plain red one. she wanted to do something simple and stylish, so red
  • Kaminari’s is the yellow and black one. he thought lightning bolts on a scarf instead of the usual stripes would be really cool
  • Ochako’s is the pale pink fuzzy one. it’s kinda weird and fuzzy b/c she’s poor and could only buy cheap material
  • Bakugou’s is the brown/orang one with a skull. the skull is usually on his shirts 
  • Jirou’s is the gray and white pinstriped one. she chose that design b/c it kinda looks like sheet music
  • Iida’s is the darker blue striped pattern. wanted to do a classic striped scarf b/c he has a fairly simple/old fashioned sense of style
  • Todoroki is the icey blue striped scarf. he didn’t know what kinda design to make so he went with a simple stripe pattern
  • Aoyama’s is the sparkly purple one. b/c his ideal fashion is sparkly purple stuff

Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo {Follower’s Gift?}

Hi, guys! I hope you are all doing awesome :) From one of my previous posts, I had a couple of asks about this, and I wasn’t going to release it since part of the foot looked weird. But I really want to share with you, especially since I haven’t really posted a follower’s gift yet. And you guys are so sweet, so this will be in honor of the 400+ of you!! So yeah, I fixed this mesh to the best of my ability. Then I decided to make the BeatBo(the green one), so now your little babes can have either or..or both of course!

Four different swatches: Pink off (top left), Pink on (top right), Green off (bottom left), Green on (bottom right)

You can locate Dance and Move BeatBelle and BeatBo in “Kid’s Decor”, and I think I put it down as a toy at the last minute. So check that category as well, because I was too lazy to go back in game.

Please remember- basic TOU and ENJOY <3 


Summary: You need help buying a present for your friend. A cute and clumsy guy comes to your rescue. 
Pairing: Reader/Jimin (BTS)
Genre: Fluffity fluff
Words: ~2,000

I wrote this a few months back as a submission to be an admin on a fanfic scenario site. It was a request by someone on their site. However, I never heard back from the people, so I’m going to put it out there for your viewing pleasure. Please enjoy a cute Park Jimin.

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

“How could I forget? I’m so dumb,” you chastised yourself under your breath as you frantically shoved shirts aside on the rack. You were in such a state of panic you weren’t really paying attention to what was on the shirt, just looking for a color would catch your eye. You didn’t have time to be discerning.

You pulled out a pink sweatshirt with the word CHEESE embroidered on the front in blue. It was shirt that had English on it, it was his favorite color, and it was weird. It fit the criteria you were aiming for. However, it looked small. Were you even in the men’s section of the store?

You whipped around, your head jerking up to see if the section was labeled with a sign to let you know you were shopping in the right area. The sweatshirt swung around with you, caught on the corner of the clothes rack, and toppled it to the ground with a clatter.

It was loud, but nothing was broken, and no one was hurt. You apologized profusely as you helped an employee pick up the mess you made. You stuck the sweatshirt back on the rack and moved to another part of the store.

This was obviously the men’s section. There were two guys shopping here already, a tall older guy who was still giving you an angry look over the ruckus you made, and another shorter guy with his back to you. At long as he wasn’t shooting you a judge-y look, you were fine with not seeing his face. Although he did have a nice back. And it was about the size of your friend’s, if you squinted really hard and tilted your head just so.

You slapped your way through the hangers again, looking for something equally amazing as the CHEESE sweatshirt. You struck gold with a sky blue hoodie that proclaimed FLIRT in huge letters, and pizza in small letters below it. It was a gem.

It still looked small. You eyeballed the back of the guy again; he was taking his time, reading each shirt before he moved on to the next. He was definitely the same size as your friend, if not a tad bit bigger. If it fit that dude over there, it would fit your friend.

Biting your bottom lip, you decided not to contemplate it. If you thought about it too much, you would chicken out. Just do it.

You walked over, and instead of asking, you just held the shirt up against his back, hovering the cloth an inch away from him. Still, he must have felt your presence, because he whipped around, causing the metal hangers on the bar in front of him to screech in protest as his arm hit them. Your face went crimson, and you were sure that the tall guy over yonder was giving you the dirtiest of looks.

“What are you doing?” the guy you were holding the shirt up to asked.

His face was handsome, full lips, perfect cheekbones, amazing eyes. He looked startled, not upset, his brows drawn together with the question. You found yourself at a loss for words the moment his eyes locked with yours; he took your breath away.

“I…I,” you stammered unattractively. At this point, you counted yourself lucky you weren’t drooling. Somehow, after a few foolish seconds, you found your sanity again. You held out the shirt to his face. “I wanted to see if this would fit you,” you explained.

He looked at the shirt, then back at you, the corners of his lips barely dancing upward, hinting at a smile. “You were going to buy me a shirt?”

You blinked a few times. You were pretty sure those words never left your mouth, but when you replayed what you said in your head, you realized where he was coming from. Delayed, you shook your head. You wouldn’t be surprised if he thought you were slow. “No, I’m buying a shirt for my friend. It’s his birthday and I forgot to get him a present.”

His smile turned into a cute, confused frown. “I still don’t see how I fit into this,” he replied, looking at the shirt again.

You could feel the heat radiating off your face as your heart felt like it was going to beat out of your chest. Your explanation wasn’t going well. “I mean, you look like you might be the same size and I really want it to fit…”

“Ahhh…” he said, nodding now that he understood. He took the shirt from you and held it up to his chest. “It looks a little small,” mused, holding the sleeves along the length of his arm. He was right; if he tried that on it would be pretty tight.

You toyed with the idea of asking him, since that wouldn’t be an unpleasant sight, but he was already hanging the shirt back up and going through a different rack. You walked over next to him, trying to get a peek at what he was rifling through, but unable to get a glance. He made a noise of disapproval before walking around to the other side of the rack. His leg jostled a table of hats as he brushed by, knocking a shelf off and sending snapbacks flying across the floor.

You tried to bend down to help pick them up, but the same employee was waving you away. You quickly joined your new friend, introducing yourself as he snicked his way through the hangers. After he told you how pretty your name was, you discovered his name was Jimin. He was thoroughly engrossed in trying to find you the perfect shirt to give to your friend.

After a few more moments of chatting and searching, he pulled out a white sweatshirt with the word SWEATSHIRT embroidered in large pink letters across the front. Ironic, hilarious, and it had pink. Perfect. Jimin held it up to himself and it seemed like it would fit perfectly. He laughed and gave a little twirl…which landed him near two sunglass racks.

He tried. He really did. It was a valiant effort that even a knight of the round table would have appreciated. But there was no stopping the fact that he had two left feet and his balance was, for the moment, extinct. He tripped. He staggered. He knocked over both racks.

The crash was deafening. Every person in the store, and probably some outside the store, turned to look at the two of you. Mr. Judge-y face was scowling, and the employee that was still picking up the hats off the floor dropped his head into his hands in disbelief. Sunglasses were still scattering across the floor as you stared down at the disaster in horror.

“Oops,” Jimin said, meeting your eyes with a panicked look. You both looked over to see someone very managerial-like coming toward you. Jimin dropped the sweatshirt on the ground and grabbed your hand as the two of you bolted from the store. He pulled you, running up the pathway, trying to put as much space between you, and the chaos the two of you had just created, as possible. After a few minutes, when you were safe, you both collapsed against a wall, chuckling hysterically.

You wiped tears from your eyes, clutching at your stomach with your other hand. “Oops,” you scoffed. “All that, and all you could say was ‘oops.’“ A giggling fit took over you again, leaving you unable to say anything more.

“I’m not usually that clumsy,” he said when you had both finally calmed down. “I think I’m just nervous.”

“Nervous?” you asked, finding that a funny word for him to be using.

“Yeah,” he said, and even though he was looking down at his sneakers, you could see the tops of his ears turn red. “You make me a little nervous.”

It was your turn to blush. Again. “I do?”

“Can we not talk about it?” he asked, still not meeting your eyes.

You were unable to contain the grin that spread on your face at his words. “Talk about what?”

He shook his head and rolled his eyes, but stood up from the wall, straightening his shirt. “About how I have to help you find a present for your friend. You’re running out of time, right?”

“Oh!” you looked at your watch, horrified that you had completely forgotten your friend’s birthday. “I have to be there in less than two hours.” And you still didn’t have a present.

“That’s why I’m going to help you,” he repeated, taking you by the shoulders and steering your down the sidewalk. “Tell me about this friend so I can help you pick out the perfect gift.”

The next hour was spent with the two of you in and out of stores, laughing at shirts, trying hats on Jimin’s head, getting distracted by shoe stores, and trying very hard not to knock anything over. At one point, he bought sparkly star stickers and you each had two on your face. There was a cute panda keychain that you kept coming back to, but you didn’t buy because you reminded yourself you were here for your friend. Though you did end up with a new pair of sandals, but they were justified because they were for work.

You finally found the perfect shirt and hat combo for your friend, spotted by Jimin’s keen eye. The pink t-shirt had Mickey Mouse on it, and said Prince Charming. The hat matched, with Supreme splashed across the front in white letters. You knew he would love it, but it actually all looked really good on Jimin. You were tempted to buy it for him to elicit one of his sunshine-like smiles, but he was still basically a stranger, so that might seem weird.

With just enough time to get to your friend’s party, Jimin walked you to the bus stop nearby. You faced him, unable to keep the grin from your face as he smirked at you. “Thanks for your help,” you said, daring to gently poke the star sticker under his left eye.

“Let me know the next time you need to go shopping,” he said. “I actually had a lot of fun today.”

You saw the bus coming, but you weren’t ready to leave Jimin just yet. Yet, if you missed this bus, you would miss the party. “How-“ You wanted to know how to get in touch with him, but you weren’t confident enough to ask for his number.

He was one step ahead of you. He held up his fist between the two of you; you were already in love with the crinkles around his eyes when he grinned. He opened his fist and the panda keychain you had been eyeing dangled from his fingers. “Don’t worry,” he said, putting the keychain in your hand. “We’ll keep in touch.”

The bus was stopping and you had to get on. With one last reluctant look at Jimin, you hopped on the bus, swiped your card, and plopped into a seat by the window. Jimin waved at you as the bus left, his eyes never leaving your face.

You looked down at the panda keychain in your hand. It was cool and metal, the enamel paint in white and black with a cute blue flower on the panda’s ear. You flipped it over and gasped, covering your mouth with your free hand. He had been right. You would be keeping in touch. His phone number was written on the back of the keychain.

You weren’t sure when he bought the panda, when or how he wrote on it, but it was a super sweet gesture. You couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across your face as you pulled out your phone, already dialing his number.


Then I wanted Marth with galaxy hair but then I thought HEY WHAT ABOUT GALAXY CAPE which was a huge mistake cause I had to add pink so his hair didn’t disappeared against it

Outlined with silver color then added awful stars and lost my motivations so I didn’t even outlined the rest

Why the name change? I think really, I’ve grown up a bit and want something that reflects that. I was also finding being called a weird & wonderful name made me feel that sometimes I wasn’t being treated like a real person, and, well…I am! Still taking the same types of bookings as always, and looking forward to working with lots of new people (and those of you who I work with all the time) over the winter and into the new year 😘 Mwah 💋

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something i really liked about moana (other than everything): they didn't seem afraid to give her expressions like in frozen? i didn't see any of that "women are hard to animate" bs, and her expressions just made everything so much /better/, and her so much more /real/. and the older ladies! they had wrinkles! moana's mom aged and didn't look exactly like her daughter!!

It’s weird that it was only Frozen that did that. Tangled even had Rapunzel emote wonderfully when it looks like Flynn is dead.

They had such weird priorities in Frozen.


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Idea: When the UT/US/UF bros are freed from the barrier, it is close to Valentine's Day and stores are stocked with what appears to be a plethora of Determined SOULs, upside-down Monster SOULs and some weird, pink hybrid SOULs... Reactions?


Thinks it’s funny really. Probably buys a ton of cheesy valentine’s decorations for the pure irony of it.




He buys a ton of decorations unironically. Probably makes up an OC with a pink soul too now that he’s had the inspiration.


Honestly doesn’t think much of it. Humans were just weird like this right?


He thinks it’s a little suspicious if not sickeningly sweet and stupid. 


Intrigued. Looking up recipes for heart shaped cookies now but makes them in all the soul colors. He still doesn’t quite understand why they seem to be so prevalent though.


When we I first saw Prince Sidon I didn’t see his mouth, and I thought the little pink thing under his nose fin thing was his lips

Also this is old and way before I did any studies on his design so I’m sorry it’s way off 😅


​❝ I need a nap and some dick.  ❞ 
​❝ Emotions are for ugly people.❞
​❝ I won’t admit it, but I’ll silently agree. ❞
​❝ BFFL? Burger french fry lemonade? ❞
​❝ Your head looks like a croissant, I wanna smash it! ❞
​❝ Your tone seems very pointed right now. ❞
​❝ Pomegranate? Girl, it’s fuckin’ pink. ❞
​❝ That’s some shady shade! ❞
​❝ Rock, paper, fucked up! ❞
​❝ You little weird elven Kate Blanchett bitch. ❞
❝ Girl, ‘forlorn’? That’s barely a word anymore. ❞
❝ Bitch better not say 'whence’. ❞
❝ I can clock a weave from across a county, bitch! ❞
​❝ I’m just trying to get a window seat on the way to Hell. ❞
​❝ Your hair is really damaged, I’m talking fucked at the ends. Not split-ends but like divorced-ends. ❞
❝ I wish your dog would bite your mouth off. ❞
❝ 'She’s got a lot of personality, guys love that.’ Yeah from behind. ❞
❝ Hold on, let me look in my bag and see if I can find a fuck to give.❞
​​❝ There are so many unanswered questions.This is like Prometheus. ❞
​​❝ See ya at the flu shot line, bitch! ❞
​​❝ I’m trying to bring attention to one of my favorite causes which is me. ❞
​​❝ Eat a whole bowl of fucks. ❞
​​❝ I have a very handsome face, and there’s nothing wrong with that.❞
❝ You would be really cute if you didn’t talk or have a face. ❞
​​❝ You put this on the internet? ❞
​​❝ Sweet potato my ass! ❞
​​❝ Never wear something you can’t run from someone in. ❞
​​❝ -coughs- Oh fuck, this is how Les Mis started.  ​​❞
​​❝ If you’re not pretty, flaunting your wealth is all you have.  ❞
​​❝ You need to learn about six colors. Red, blue… and four more. ❞
​​❝ And you’ll paint with all the colors of the hood! ❞
​​❝ Look at those gums! It’s like a whole pack of juicy fruits! ❞
​​❝ Redheads will die out by 2050, they’re a recessive gene. So get 'em while you can, and keep them under glass. ❞

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You know what I just realized. Park Jinyoung from Got7 never dyed his hair before. For as long as I remembered, his hair has always stayed the same color. I cant believe I just realized this. But just imagine him with bleached and dyed hair. It will look weird in him as I think about it, but you never really know until you see it in real life. But still I want to see him in pink hair cause why not?

Shit u rite. It was like a lighter brown for bounce but damn i dont think id survive if he had dyed hair
-Admin Kookfairy

Kiznaiver Opening

[HD Video + Download Here (avi)]

Such a bright and dizzying opening…

I think this is the second opening that I’ve seen for an anime that doesn’t really use a legit anisong. This one sounds more like a techno soundtrack to be honest, but it still contains vocals so what the heck.

And… pink. Yes, hot pink. I used it because it was used in the title, but it looks weird with the video.

Trying to pin down all the references in the new magical girl Osmt Hesokuri Wars set.

For the most part they’re just really vague generalizations (Iike I still can’t figure out Ichimatsu, its those pigtails that keep throwing me off) I assume to avoid copyright issues, but still let fans know what series their poking fun at.

Here’s what I got so far (please note these were slapped together in like 5 minutes)


the puff sleeves and the hair shape really reminded me of Cure Lovely, plus the color looks similar to Mikan from Pripara (not really magical girl, but)


Cure Beauty’s power-up “Princess Form” (from Smile Precure) 


some sort of weird fusion between Cure Aqua & Cure March

[verdicts still out on Ichimatsu]


Cure Peace’s Princess form


The hair is most likely a shout-out to Madoka. but personally I think he looks pretty similar to the pink Balala the Fairies girl, outfit wise.


 Kintoleski from Precure Splash Star. (I haven’t even seen this season yet & I got this reference right away haha)

Dipcifica ~ Chocolates

Pacifica crushed the box of chocolates to her chest, heart fluttering in nervousness. How did the girls on TV make this seem so easy? She wanted to faint, to stall, to back out of this god-forsaken crap of an idea she was going through with. But she couldn’t. How could she, when Mabel was so insistent on her confessing her feelings on such aromantic holiday? And to that dork nonetheless. What if he rejected her right on the spot? Or started to ignore her? What would she do then? But then again, Dipper wasn’t like that. Right? She really hoped she was just being dramatic. She looked down at her outfit, making sure her white blouse and floral pink skirt were wrinkle free. Hopefully, her long blonde hair and light makeup were still in place.

She gave one last look over her should at Mabel, who was gesturing wildly and making weird bird calls for her to go, before letting out a nervous breath and making her way towards the boy twin. He was in conversation with one of his chess club geeks, scrunching his face up in that cute way he always did when he was thinking hard. The chess geek was the first to spot her - Tyler, she thinks his name is- who then proceeded to make up a random excuse, before practically running from the popular Pacificamaking her way towards Dipper. She silently thanked the nerd as she finally reached Dipper, who was still standing stunned in the same spot from the abrupt leave of his friend.

She made sure to hide the box of chocolates behind her back, before letting out a quick cough. Dipper’s head snapped to her, a look of confusion setting on his face,

“Pacifica? What are you doing here?”

He gave a quick once-over, noticing her stiff posture and shifting eyes. He also couldn’t help but notice how beautiful she looked in her perfect outfit, and how cute her usual snooty face was with a dark strawberry pink blush covering it. This, in turn, had Dipper blushing also. She opened her mouth, like a fish out of water, opening and closing in a mechanical fashion, before slamming the little box into Dippers stomach. Successfully knocking the air out of his lungs. How was Pacifica so strong?!

She started to ramble, “D-don’t t-take this the wrong way! I-it’s not l-like I like you or a-anything! I-I just felt sorry for you a-and decided to g-get you something since you probably w-won’t get any chocolate from a-an actual girl! You should be honored!”

Dipper ignored her babbled words, catching his breath while glancing down at the little box Pacifica had placed in his hands. It was wrapped in gold, a cute little white ribbon tying it closed. He carefully untied it, opening to see chocolates nestled inside. They looked handmade, each one taking a random shape of their own. He looked back up at Pacifica, at the now tomato red blush engulfing her entire face. She wanted to die of embarrassment right then and there. Did he hate them?! Was he going to throw them back into her face?! Surely he would laugh in her face?! He didn’t do any of those things though. He only asked one simple question,

“Did you make these yourself?”

This caught Pacifica off guard, the answer showing on her vulnerable face. Crossing her arms, she humphed,

“I thought the rich ones would be too good for you, and these are…cheaper…so..”

She trailed off, running out of excuses to use. The truth of the matter was she had spent all night trying to make those stupid little chocolates. She even had one of the chef’s try to teach her, but it was harder than it looked, hence the reason they all took on a deformed shape. They were at least good enough to eat, despite their horrible appearance. She’d made sure of it. She looked away from him, a pout setting across her face,

“If you don’t want them, than just give them back.”

Dipper paused, almost like he was appalled by the idea of it, before rolling his eyes,

“Of course I want them, Pacifica. Especially since you went to the trouble of making them for me.”

He took a chocolate out of the box and held it up to his eyes. He then threw it into his awaiting mouth, chewing the sweet treat, before swallowing. Pacifica watched him, ready for rejection. Instead of the look of disgust Pacifica was expecting, a grin made it’s way onto Dippers face,

“They’re really great, Pacifica.”

A warm feeling spread throughout Pacifica as she stared at Dipper. God, she loved that smile. A look of the usual snooty Pacifica made its way onto Pacifica’s face,

“Of course. I made the after all.” But then her eyes looked down nervously and the blush reappeared, “I’m really glad you like them.”

This was too cute for Dipper, who swiftly bent down and kissed Pacifica’s cheek. He blushed at his mindless actions as he pulled away. She probably thought of him as a creep now. One look at her face, though, told him that she had definitely not expected his actions. She was blushing profusely, her eyes wide. She hid her face then and turned, “G-goodbye then.” And quickly walked away, back to the happily squawking Mabel doing her victory dance.

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a scenario where LuCiel and Ain meet Ram and Rem (ReZero)?

“Rem, Rem. Looks like we have visitors.” said the pink haired girl, holding onto a similar girl, but with light, blue hair. 

“Sister, Sister. Let’s show them their rooms.” Rem replied and Ciel watches their interaction with confusion. 

“They’re really….spectacular?”

“You’re better than them!” Lu huffs as they follow the two girls. “But I sense something weird from them…”


“Demonic energy…”

Ciel looks at the backs of Rem and Ram. “They look like regular girls though.”

“We can’t lower our guard.” Lu reminds him. “They might attack us if we do any harsh movements.” 

He nods and the duo kept a close watch on the twin girls.


here we are at the first on-tumblr update!  thanks to how this was laid out, the cover and character pages are baked into it, so it’s really pretty short…  for all i know, by the time we reach the end and therefore the pdf, i will have reverted the latter back into japanese for better joke communication (cue people saying they didn’t get it either way)

next update will be two or three weeks from now, hopefully two.  they still won’t have any superpowers!