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Meet business shark. He’s a great white shark and he’s very proud. He’s trying his best

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harry potter fancast:

Oscar Isaac as Godric Gryffindor

“ You might belong in Gryffindor, Where dwell the brave at heart, Their daring, nerve and chivalry. Set Gryffindors apart.” 

Fic Recs: McCree/Hanzo

I was asked to do some Fic Recs today for a few pairings, though the only ones I’m really into enough to have read a lot of are McHanzo, McReyes, and McGenji (Sorry for the lack of R76 and Shimadacest - I have no beef with either, but they aren’t really ships I get overly excited for) so here’s the McHanzo Edition.

I’m just reccing a few of my favs off the top of my head for now, but I’m certain there’s some amazing ones I’ve either forgotten or haven’t read yet, so feel free to suggest me some if you want :) 

Also if you enjoy any of these fics PLEASE leave a comment on the author’s work! Even something small is great and it would probably make someone’s new year look really promising to start it off with some nice feedback, don’t you think? 

  • Popcorn Redemption  by Wyntera (No Rating) - They say life isn’t like the movies.Well, partner, they ain’t never worked for Overwatch.

This fic is set during the recall and is super slowburn, but damn it does it well. Their movie dates are too good, I love it!

  • Here There Be Dragons by FrostyaurusRekt (Explicit) - He lounges in his chair, legs splayed almost obscenely. “Y’know, my ma used to read me stories at night. ‘Bout great adventurers led astray by a villain. ‘Don’t stray off the edge, here there be dragons.’ I reckon that’s usually where the best treasures were found.” A roll of eyes and a scoff are his prize for his little ramble. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

An AU where (not brainwashed) McCree works for Talon. This one is SO GOOD. It messes me up emotionally every time. Like, no lie I really did get close to tears at one point. If you like seeing McCree getting hurt (then comforted) this’ll be up your alley.

  • To Build a Home by Qnyan (Series - Mature) - A story that follows the relationship between Jesse McCree and Hanzo Shimada, beginning during their early years and retelling the trials and tribulations that follow.

This is hands down one of my favourite McHanzo series I’ve read. It follows the idea of young Deadlock Jesse meeting young Heir Hanzo, a trope I am an absolute sucker for. Also, the relationships Jesse forms with Reyes, Ana, and Genji are so satisfying to read about, I am in love with this ‘verse, seriously.

  • Harmony by Winterwhite (Mature) - AU: Hanzo and Genji are both disowned thanks to The Dragon Incident through much of the castle. They go to Blackwatch. They meet Jesse. Featuring Dad!Reyes and many small difficulties.

Winterwhite is such a fantastic writer, this one is an absolute gem. I adore the idea of a young Hanzo being not smooth at all in his crush on young Jesse, and the humor here is so deadpan and perfect, I love it.

  • Look Up and Wonder by MarieJacquelyn (Explicit) - Jesse McCree gets a job offer to rescue one H. Shimada from his own family at 3:23 AM. He accepts it at 3:54 AM. It does not go according to plan. (An Overwatch/Firefly AU)

I will just come out and say it: I thought Firefly was just an ‘okay’ show. So I held off on this one at first, but I was a fool, this fic is incredible. Seriously this is written so wonderfully, and every chapter has me dying to know what’s going to happen next. Sombra as the ship AI is fantastic as well.

  • Scoundrels and Thieves by Vaguely_Concerned (Series, ranges from General to Mature) - Canon AU where the Shimada family and the Deadlock gang used to do business, Hanzo and McCree had a thing… and then McCree gets the ‘offer’ from Overwatch.

Yet another ‘meet when they’re young’ fic, but listen. Listen. I’m weak for that. And this series needs so much more love, don’t pass it over just because the majority of it is rated G and T. It’s so sweet, and can heartbreaking at times, and I just love how every work is a different point in their lives.

  • Striptease by Ruriska (Explicit) - Contains: a birthday party, a grumpy lawyer, his cheerful brother, an accidental striptease and probably some sort of romance… eventually.

McCree getting mistaken for a cowboy themed stripper is never not going to be funny to me. This story goes from hilarious to dramatic so fast and I LOVE it. Ruriska is a treasure, for real.

  • Sleeper by VioletWreck (Mature) - The best and worst thing about the Respawn function is the fact that it can be used an infinite amount of times.

Everything Violet writes is fantastic, I want to rec her entire AO3 page, honestly. The general idea here is that Reaper is killing McCree a little too often, and Hanzo steps up to watch his back. This one really drew me in because while it features past McReyes, the present is McHanzo and the comparisons in the relationships are really wonderful.

OK so that’s just a few, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! There’s so much more I want to rec, but I don’t want to make this post a mile long, so if you want to some more, my AO3 is Nox_Wicked and my bookmarks list is full of stuff from the OW fandom I think is pretty nifty :0) 


I’m back with more bbs art and a drawing I kinda just wanted to show!
In order:
-Ohm is in the first two
-My version of owl Evan and human Evan are the next two
-Delirious is the next two
-The last is a drawing I did while listening to a song I like
Hope you like it! 💙


My test print has gone hugely well!! The Trek calendar is truly lovely, the lady at the print place has lowered the price of the print and is now doing the binding for me withing my budget, so the price is at $40 AUD (just over $30 US). And the binding example she showed me looks wonderful, it’ll look really very professional, I promise. None of the white edges above, that’s just my colour and page order test. 

So that’s $40 AUD (just over $30 US) for the calendar, printing and shipping included (so long as shipping from Australia to your country is under $10 AUS, and you’d have to be somewhere odd for that) and you can get your very own trek calendar full of original art by yours truly! 

Half of the months feature art that hasn’t been seen on tumblr before! 

There’s an even split of AOS and TOS 

Bones appears five times (including the front cover) so take that as you will

Uhura appears three times

Jim, Spock, Jaylah and Sulu appear two times each

Chekov, Scotty and a few other characters appear once

To explain those numbers a bit, there are a few months with multiple people in the picture <3

Message me if you want one, all I need is your email address and shipping address and you will have a Star Trek 2017 calendar! 

i am with you

A sneak peek into the Harry Potter AU that’s been in my drafts for ages-the rest of the story should be up sometime soon.

Two years after Harry Potter defeats Voldemort, the war isn’t over; with the aurors still maintaining martial law over Great Britain, the victims this time aren’t muggleborns but purebloods.

And not just any purebloods- the oldest families.

The Starks were safe inside Winterfell’s walls, but when the Lannisters betray them the only ones to escape are Sansa and Bran. Angry, alone, and afraid, they head to Jon Snow for help in proving their family’s innocence.

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bangtan as actual Shakespeare quotes
  • jin : i do not like her name
  • yoongi : thou mis-shapen Dick
  • hoseok : the bird is dead
  • namjoon : i am gone for ever
  • jimin : what's pity ?
  • taehyung : what you egg
  • jungkook : you are an ass

please help this become a full fledged tv series on cartoon network! It looks really promising to me and i think the first “minisode” was awesome! After finding out adventure time (one of cartoon networks most popular shows)will be ending in the near future as well asother popular cn shows either being cancelled or ending soon, a cartoon like this is just what the network and its audience needs!

Show your support by signing the petition (linked below) to help “make infinity train a full show” on cartoon network.