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Everett Was Right: A Quantum Disaster

I finally found a title for my comic, so to celebrate I drew a “cover” with all of the Quantum Gays. Enjoy!

[More about my story & the characters here]

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Hate to alarm anyone, but in the gif of Harry jumping up and down on the soldier skit for SNL you can see his dick bouncing around and the tour promo looks like he's getting really reallly good head

I was too busy singing along to Party At My Parents’ House to notice that and I’m not ashamed to admit that, cause that song is a BOP. But yeah the tour promo photo… it’s interesting, isn’t it? ;) x


I’m headed straight for the castle. 

So let me tell you a thing

I go to a coffee shop that’s down the road from my college campus and it has become a regular place for me to go when I need somewhere to relax or work in peace. I became a regular very quickly, to the point where even the seasonal workers know me by name and the owner and I talk and joke with each other very casually. During the summer, I usually order a specific coffee special, and during the winter, I usually order hot chocolate.

Now here comes the thing.

It’s currently winter and I come in to hang out and write with one of my good friends, and I put my stuff down in my usual spot before I go up to order at the counter. And the owner is there and we greet and crack a few jokes, and then I ask for my usual hot chocolate. And the owner made a joke about how he should just name the drink after me with how often I order it, so I joked back saying he could make a Reese’s Pieces one and spell it Rhys’ Pieces (bc my name is Rhys). And he told me he could put peanut butter in my hot chocolate and if it was good, he’d put it on the menu.

The drink ended up being reallly good and also really pretty to look at and long story short, that’s how I got a drink named after me at my favorite coffee shop.

Rhys’ Pieces Hot Chocolate

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I'm just wondering like why do you like andrew scott so much?

Okay, prepare yourself for this, nonnie. 

Why do I like Andrew Scott?

Well, let’s start off with the fact that he’s an extraordinarily talented actor. Of course we all know him from Sherlock, where obviously he was outstanding as Jim Moriarty, but also if you look at the other things he’s done, you’ll see that he’s a wonderfully diverse actor and he’s just so good at what he does. To me, the sign of a reallly good actor or actress is that you should look at them in a role and not see them or any of their other characters, you should only see the character that they’re playing. Their other characters shouldn’t even cross your mind. And that’s what I think Andrew manages to do. When I watch him as Moriarty, I do not see Gethin from Pride, and vice versa. Not at all. I think the same with other great actors and actresses, for example Maggie Smith. Like, when I see Minerva McGonagall, I don’t see the Dowager Countess from Downtown Abbey. You see?

Next, let’s go onto his personality and the ideas he projects. I have never ever heard or read Andrew saying anything problematic. Not once. If somebody can find a quote of him saying anything racist, sexist, homophobic (though that’s unlikely, as he’s gay himself), or anything of that nature, in fact, anything offense at all, then please, go ahead and show it to me, but I think you’ll be really struggling to find something like that that he’s said because Andrew is just a genuinely nice person.

He cares and supports his fans, doesn’t treat them like shit, has made the point several times that we’re not crazy like the media and some other celebrities make us out to be. In fact, he always makes a point of saying how creative we are, how grateful he is for letters and drawings and such. And whenever somebody asks about any explicit art or stories he’s sent, he just shrugs it off, laughs about it, doesn’t make it into a big deal and embarrass us about it. 

And can I just mention how much good he does for the LGBT community, especially teenagers? There have been countless times, especially recently with his newest film Pride, when I’ve heard about him giving advice to young gay people, supporting them, and just being a role model, somebody they can look up to. It so obvious how much he cares about people, if you just look at some of the things he’s said in the past.

I like the way that he keeps himself to himself, doesn’t give us many details about his private life. And I respect that a lot, because I think it reminds people that he’s a human being and not just something to obsess over. With that, I think it teaches his fans to be more respectful to other celebrities in turn. I know I am now.

And really, he just makes me smile a lot. When I see a picture of him or watch him in something, it just makes me so happy that he exists, you know? That there’s people like him that exist on this planet.

There’s so many other things I could add, but I don’t want to make this really long. But I hope you (and anybody else reading this) understands why I love him so much. He’s just a kind, lovely, happy, talented and wonderful person ^-^

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how do you avoid a run on sentence?

I’ll try my best to answer this, lovely, but while I can identify errors when I see them, I’m far from the most qualified person to talk about grammar.

First of all, a run-on sentence has two or more complete thoughts that aren’t properly joined, yet don’t have a period between them. These thoughts are called independent clauses, and are able adequately express something all on their own. An example of an independent clause would be “I am answering this question.” The simplest sentence you can think of is probably an independent clause.

As I said, you usually get a run-on sentence when you put multiple independent clauses in the same sentence without changing the structure of any of them. For example: “She’s eating cake, it looks really good." The fact that she’s eating and the fact that the cake seems tasty are two different ideas, but I have not established a clear connection between them. The only reason we think they’re connected is the comma, but that’s not the proper usage of one and, grammatically, makes no sense. This sort of sentence is called a comma splice.

Another example would be ”This is my blog isn’t it great?“ This time, the fact that this is my blog and the fact that it’s really awesome are not related to each other through words or punctuation, and this makes the sentence hard to understand.

So, how do you avoid run-ons? There are four simple ways.

  1. Add a conjunction (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so aka f.a.n.b.o.y.s)after a comma. This is most easily applicable to a comma splice, for obvious reasons. My first example would thus be corrected to "She’s eating cake, and it looks really good." Do you see how the sentence becomes a single idea because of that one addition? It’s really subtle, but helps us a lot when we’re reading.
  2. Put a period between every idea. This is the absolute safest way to fix the issue. "She’s eating cake. It looks really good." We separate the two different thoughts into two different sentences, and the meaning is extremely clear as a result.
  3. Use a semicolon. A semicolon is able to join two independent clauses - think of it as having the function of a period, but the effect of a comma. We see both parts of the sentence as connected, but we understand that they are completely separate things that just happen to be related. "She’s eating cake; it looks reallly good.”
  4. Use a semicolon and a transitional phrase with a comma. This is exactly the same as #3, but after the semicolon, insert a word like however, therefore, afterward, similarly, etc. followed by a comma. Here’s a site that explains it much better than I can.

Aaaand here are some other (also better) resources: x x x

Hope that helped!