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“do you still hate me? my brother got all of our parents’ attention and love…

he was superior! but god’s fair. and you couldn’t inherit that from him because… he was being punished for his sins… you’re the product of that. serves them right.

yeah… serves them right…”  

please stop assuming that disability has only one specific look, stop acting like if someone’s appearance isnt necessarily the exact way you imagine disability and/or chronic illness then they are not disabled and you can just shake your head and try to decide whether the person is actually ill. it’s no way up to u to judge who is and who is not disabled based on their appearance

ok so im just thinking about how robert was going to propose to aaron without having heard him say i love you since they’d gotten back together and let me tell you pals, i am floored. because like, that was robert having That Much faith in aaron and how aaron feels for him to not need to hear his boyfriend say i love you again before asking to commit to a lifetime together. that’s how much trust and faith robert has in aaron, he knows how aaron feels and he knew one day aaron would say it again but robert wanted him and loved him enough to intend to propose without hearing it and im dying inside 😌😌

raitas-randomness  asked:

You are most likely one of the cutest people I've ever seen! Maybe the second cutest? You get the second place because there is someone who is even cuter but I'm not telling who it is!! anyways I lvoe you a lot aaa

second place is pretty close!! i’m impressed i got that far, thank you so much!! ♥♥

Aroooo ~
Still playing around with quick & sketchy styles, hoping I can whip out a full painterly painting by April 1st!
haha not gonna happen I’m afraid