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I’ve given up. Here you go have a selfie. I’m gonna delete this tomorrow. I know I look like a mess and the lighting is really bad, but here you go. I’m tagging everyone who I’ve given a picture of my chinchilla instead of a selfie. @hermionesmenacinglook, @fandomsmakeheartsbreak, @kingscross, @ickle-ronniekins, @ravehclaw, @lurnos, and @ginnyweaslcy. If I didn’t tag you and I should have I’m sorry it’s really late and this is a spur of the moment thing. 

Anti’s a great listener but terrible at giving advice. He doesn’t look away when Dark starts talking, he’ll sit with him and watch until he stops, it’s a little unnerving but he’s gripping onto every word.

Dark talks to Anti about personal issues he wouldn’t dare tell anyone else, Anti is he’s only true friend anyway. Dark talks to him about pretty deep subjects like his depression, he needs to say how he feels sometimes.

“It’s like being invisible. People can see a faint silhouette of you but they can’t see you, they can’t hear you. It’s like having one eye that sees the past, and the other sees the future and it all hinges on regret and shame.”

Anti stares at him, he takes every word what Dark said in and tries to think of a good answer. He frowns as he’d never seen Dark looking so disappointed, sad even.

“I like ice-cream!” Anti beams, clearly happy with his response. Dark stares at him and can’t resist chuckling a little, no matter how hard Anti tried, he couldn’t give advice to save his life.

Anti makes Dark laugh every time and that’s just what he needs.


Ken and Hyuk @ VIXX N Kpop (2015/10/02)


Damn. I look at him and all I can see is his perfect face. Everything is so fucking perfect. His messy hair, his brown eyes with those cute green sprinkles in it. His scar above his left eye. His smile. Just everything. But it’s not only his looks. It was something about his personality that made me fall. Pretty hard. He’s supportive and kind. He’s mature but still a kid at heart. He always comments something goofy but it’s so cute. Oh god, his personality is even better than his looks. I’m just so in love and I can’t help but fall even harder. I can’t stop thinking about him. He’s constantly in my thoughts.
Every time I see a shooting star I wish for him. Again and again even though he’s already mine.
I have never loved someone this much and I don’t think that that’d be possible ever again.
I love him and that’s something that’ll never change.


it’s the last show of the panic! and weezer summer tour, and the show will be over soon. they’re almost done with the last song. nothing from pretty. odd. has been played, since brendon removed the album from their live setlist. the song ends and the crowd cheers. the band bows, says goodbye, and walks offstage. as the crowd begins to pack up and leave, brendon hurried back out onstage, looking flustered. he carries an acoustic guitar. without a word he closes his eyes and begins to strum northern downpour, seeming unsure at first but steady in the chords. eyes still closed, he plays through the entire song. by the time the song ends the crowd is speechless. as deafening applause breaks out, brendon can hardly be heard whispering two words into the mic: “I’m sorry”. then he runs backstage. however, he must have forgotten to unclip the mini mic from his shirt, because when the applause dies down, the sound of him crying resonates through the theater.


GUYS THAT WAS SERIOUSLY THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. I LEGIT ALMOST LOST MY VOICE (jackson got me screaming too much ;) aayyee) 

  •  Jackson and bambam were being extra as always
  • Youngjae performed (but he still looked a little out of it)
  • Jinyoung was speaking English most of the time 
  •  During Yugyeom’s part in ‘Follow Me’ he changed the lyrics to “Dab,Dab,Dab” (while dabbing of course) and just burst out laughing after
  • Bambam did a sexy dance and said “you have to be 20 to think about that all day” and the rest of the members started teasing him after that. Like bambam you aren’t even 20 yet. 
  • I believe Yugyeom did a sexy dance too and Papa Jaebum threw something on top of Gyeom to cover him
  •  Their unit stages were amazing. After their units performed, they each talked about it. When it was Jackson, Bambam, and Yugyeom’s turn to talk, Mark called them the “swag unit”. Bambam was talking about the song W.O.L.O. and he goes “do you guys know yolo? It-” and Jackson just yells “NO, DON’T TALK ABOUT IT. It’s not yolo…It’s not because of copyright!!!!!“ 
  • They were talking about what they did their first morning in Chicago. Mark and Jackson slept, while the others went to get pizza and went downtown. 
  • During confession song, they walked through the aisles (my friend tOUCHED YUGYEOM…YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE). 
    • Before the show, people were handing out hearts that we would hold up during the song. Each member had their own color (I of course got jackson’s heart which was white)
    • People were also handing out ‘Fly’ banners that had cartoon!GOT7 on the front and fly’s fan chant on the back
  • During one of their songs (i think it was turn up the music) they dabbed like 1093034 times in a row
  • They didn’t do dumb dumb :((((
  • The graphics on the screen were really cool! They had a lot of bright lights flashing too. But in the beginning of the show they were having a glitch with the screen 
  • Mark said that since they always do concerts/fan meets in Asia, it was nice to finally come back to America. 
  • Jackson kept hyping up the crowd 
  • There were so many body rolls oh my lord yES
  • Bambam, Mark, and Jackson would ask the others questions in English and they would try and answer back in english. Although they did have to translate some words for the others
  • Like i said before, Jinyoung was talking in English throughout like the whole thing aND I LOVED IT. HE SOUNDS SO CUTE SPEAKING IN ENGLISH
  • After they performed Fly, bambam talked about how that was the song that got them their first win.. He said “we couldn’t have done it without you!” and pointed to the crowd. But Jackson thought he said “without yugyeom!” so he goes, “without you! not without yugyeom!” 
  • Jackson’s laugh sounds even cuter in person…i’m crying 
  • During Fly/ Home Run/ and Just Right, they wore these nice bomber jackets. Yugyeom’s was red and black, Youngjae’s was red and white, Jaebum’s was light blue and white (i really want it omg. If anyone can hook a girl up with a link to it that would be great), Jackson’s was blue and silver, Mark’s was blue and white, Bambam’s was black and gold (i think), and i believe Jinyoung wore a black and white one. (sorry if these colors aren’t right)
  • During Jackson and Bambam’s rap in Just Right, Jackson said “Say yeahhh” & “Say blab blab blab” and Bamba, said “Say dab, dab,dab” and “Say dab boiiii” (what else do we expect from him lmao) 
    • p.s. you guys better believe I was dabbing like fucking crazy the whole night  
  • They were talking about the different dances that they do, and Jackson announced that he loves the way Yugyeom does the little shoulder dance during his solo in Fly (I agree with Jackson, that is my fave part of the choreography tbh). And because of that, they made him do it for us. 
  • Before they performed “This Star”, Mark said that jinyoung wrote the lyrics. He then asked him why he named it that. Jinyoung replied with “It’s not called This Star, it’s called These Stars” and pointed to the crowd (that was smooth af)
  • At the end when they were saying their speeches, they all wanted Youngjae to go first. Before he started speaking the crowd started chanting “youngjae! Youngjae Youngjae!” even Jackson joined in.
  • Youngjae said that he performed today because he felt guilty. He didn’t want to let us down. He said he wasn’t feeling good and he hopes we understand. Jackson replied by saying “We will always be here for you Youngjae!!!” (i love supportive jackson)
  • All the members kept asking Youngjae if he felt okay throughout the whole show :’) 
  • Jackson asked if we knew who Mike Ditka and Michael Jordan were and then said that “Igot7 are better!!!”  
  • They did a dance roulette thing. There was a spinning wheel that would choose which choreography people had to do in order to pass the mission and to help them come back (to the city) again. There was a camera that would choose random people from the crowd to dance
  • Speaking of camera…during one of the songs (i think confession song but i’m not sure), bambam takes one of the cameras that was on the stage (the one that projects the crowd on the big screen) and started filming people in the crowd and they would show up on screen! 
  • Jinyoung took someones camera on stage and started filming the members 
  • MC Bambam made an appearance ft. MC Mark and MC Jackson
  • During the last few songs, Yugyeom wore the pink bulls hat that Jackson always wears. He even pointed to it during his speech
  • The members (but mainly bambam) would take peoples phones and take selfies / pics of the other members. 
  • Jaebum said he would say his speech in Korean to make it more sentimental. He basically thanked the fans for being so welcoming and for supporting them all these years. 
  • Before Jackson started his speech, he yelled “EVERYONE LEAVE YOUR BOYFRIENDS” and then started laughing. Then he just says “WHOEVER HAS A BOYFRIEND CAN LEAVE” and pointed to the door. He then said that he hopes we stay healthy. Fame and fortune don’t matter, what matters is that we all stay healthy. Because we only live once ;)
  • Bambam said the same thing he said in Dallas. He needs to forget about the haters and just move on cause he already has everything he needs. 
  • They asked us all to stick our hands out (like as if we were about to do like a handshake type thing) and they got in a half circle (as if they were including us) and say “Got7 and igot7!” 

heyoo anne (@elizasrighthandman) and i finally got our jaxcon jpegs! 

  1. thank God chris had us take a second one because we look terrible in the first one.
  2. gum was about to fall out of my mouth in the first one. i chew gum pretty much constantly, and of course the one time in my life it betrays me is when i’m shaking jensen’s hand. i don’t even know if i said anything to him because gum was literally falling out of my mouth.
  3. speaking of shaking hands, i went up to misha first and stuck my hand out to shake his and he just…stared at me. i had to be like “uh, can i shake your hand?” and that’s when he looked down and noticed my hand. thanks, mish.
  4. our original idea for our op was to ask them to jump on our backs, but one of the volunteers was very adamant about that Not Being Allowed because of lawsuit possibilities so we didn’t even bother trying to ask them. which is dum because they are both teeny and i can lift more than twice my weight.
  5. so instead we ended up just asking them to “squish us between you” and before i even finished the sentence jensen spun me around and reached past me to latch onto misha. it’s so just, like, auto-pilot for them to squish people.
  6. i meant to ask them to smile and OOPS wow obviously i didn’t manage to do that even though i had two chances.
  7. as you can see, we switched sides in the second pic. i awkwardly was like “hey, sorry, we have to retake our picture,” and they just grabbed us again immediately. i did not realize that misha was burying his face in my hair.
  8. all in all, this $239 experience was a huge disaster. 

My absolute favorite thing to do is to find whenever someone posts those “Send an anon message in your native language and I’ll guess what it is and what it says” I’ll send them a message in Auri (my conlang) and just watch the PANIC ENSUE *maniacal laughter* - it seems the overwhelming consensus is that it looks pretty Slavic but I feel like that’s just because of the carons but this is the first time I’ve ever seen it compared to any african languages lol.

I’m gonna tag them: language-obsession (sorry Ewen, just in case you see this)