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Please reference this new prompt list! Our old one will not be used anymore.

1. “I want you. Only you.”
2. “Because I love you!”
3. “You make me so happy.”
4. “I thought you didn’t want me.”
5. “You’re just another player, and it’s a game over to us.”
6. “I was stupid enough to fall for my best friend.”
7. “No! I’m tired of doing what you say.”
8. “I swear, I’m not crazy!”
9. “You’re seriously a man-child.”
10. “It’s cute when you blush.”
11. “Oh God, he’s serious.”
12. “This is awkward…”
13. “Are you hurt?”
14. “This isn’t what it looks like.”
15. “Is there a reason you’re crawling through my window?”
16. “When were you going to tell me?”
17. “You’ve got a cute laugh!”
18. “Move in with me?”
19. “Are you jealous?”
20. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”
21. “The song was about you.”
22. “I guess this is it.”
23. “Can you do me a favour?”
24. “What do you mean, the door is locked?!”
25. “You owe me ten bucks.”
26. “Sorry, was I interrupting something?”
27. “Wanna bet?”
28. “That doesn’t look right…”
29. “You seem so familiar.”
30. “Wow, you’re stupid.”
31. “I’m not scared!”
32. “Oh, fuck, he saw me.”
33. “Am I dead?”
34. “Dude, that’s gross.”
35. “We’re both going to fail.”
36. “Come on, it wasn’t that bad.”
37. “I’m not crying. I have allergies.”
38. “Well, I’m happy you think of me when you’re drunk.”
39. “I thought you hated me!”
40. “This was a dumb idea.”
41. “You can’t fall in love with me.”
42. “You’re such an asshole!”
43. “Did I fucking stutter?”
44. “Wow, you’re pretty.”
45. “Why?”
46. “Hey, are you okay? I heard you screaming.”
47. “You should leave.”
48. “I can see you, you know?”
49. “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Of course I’m in.”
50. “If you die, I’m going to kill you.”
51. “I had a nightmare about you and I wanted to make sure you were okay.”
52. “That’s pretty messed up.”
53. “You remembered that?”
54. “At least I know what I want.”
55. “I’d say I’m sorry, but I’m not.”
56. “Can someone shoot him?”
57. “Don’t say a word.”
58. “Is that my sweater?”
59. “You’re bleeding all over my furniture.”
60. “You look…wow.”
61. “You’re mine.”
62. “That can’t be legal.”
63. “I want to see you.”
64. “Please, just come back.”
65. “Shit, that’s hot.”
66. “I think I like you.”
67. “Sorry.”
68. “Please don’t leave again.”
69. “Why should I forgive you?”
70. “You lied to me.”
71. “Someone will see us!”
72. “You’re good at this.”
73. “Stay with me?”
74. “Just go to sleep.”
75. “Come here.”
76. “You don’t need to pretend.”
77. “I don’t care!”
78. “I told you, I don’t do romance.”
79. “We should stop.”
80. “Do you even love me?”
81. “Where were you?”
82. “I can’t do this anymore.”
83. “I think I just fell in love.”
84. “I don’t want to fight with you.”
85. “Are you asking me on a date?”
86. “Prove it.”
87. “You’re so whipped.”
88. “I fall in love with you more and more every day.”
89. “You’re all I have left.”
90. “It’ll always be you.”
91. “Let’s run away and get married.”
92. “Just promise you won’t forget me.”
93. “Can I kiss you?”
94. “Hypothetically, if I asked you out, would you say yes?”
95. “I don’t want to lose you.”
96. “Let me hold you.”
97. “You’re perfect.”
98. “You mean the world to me.”
99. “Care to dance?”
100. “Forever?”

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zouriaf  asked:

#2 I’m lucky because I’ve gotten to know a thing or two about Beth (mum’s the word but bless her) so going off that ... let’s say Will takes the two of them somewhere & gets caught up talking to a girl across the room and Beth is all ready to swoop in there but Amelia pulls her back because she either A) is enjoying herself watching Will talk his way out of an awkward situation or B) has learned to enjoy a little mischief once in a while and uses the opportunity to take a page from Beth’s book

Sooooo… this took me three days because I’m absurd. Way to fail at flashfics, self. However, like a true flashfic, it hasn’t even been reread much less proofread. 

September 2045 - Galloway Position

There’s a kind of exhilaration whitewater rafting that fifteen-year-old Bethany’s never quite found anywhere else. The rush of the current, the way the whitecaps lap over the edge of the raft and her attention goes hyper-focused on what she’s doing… she loves it. She always has. Hiking is great, rock climbing is better, but whitewater rafting is the best.

She laughs, the spray of the surprisingly cold water peppering her face as they hit a class four rapid aptly named The Undertow and she has to hold on to the rope running along the side of the raft to keep from being bucked off into the water.

“Reverse on this side!” their guide shouts, gesturing to the opposite side of the raft where her big brother is easily doing the work of any two people on the other side. It keeps throwing them off-kilter. There’s too much power to his stroke with the oar and he’s used to his dad levelling that out on the other side, but the only Queen here today is Will.

Well… for now, anyhow. Beth’s pretty sure the woman sitting in front of her is gonna be a Queen before too long. And the thought makes her nearly as giddy as the spray of water splashing her face and the rush of adrenaline as the raft pitches. She loves Amelia, loves how happy Will is with her and Beth is more than ready to interfere to make sure he stays that way.

“Even it out, guys!” the guide yells again from his spot in the back of the raft where he acts like a rudder, controlling their direction as best he can. He’s okay, but Beth’s had way better guides in the past. Including ones who realized she actually knows what she’s doing and used the correct terminology. Then again, maybe it’s not her the guide is dumbing things down for. There’s two other groups on their raft. A young couple with a guy who looks more than a bit terrified - Beth’s pretty sure his boyfriend dragged him on this excursion and it will be their last rafting experience together - and three twenty-something women who seem to have limited experience but the right attitude and focus.

Or… they have the right focus when they’re not blatantly checking out her brother.


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Zara Larson is so funny cus like wtf is her retweeting some random person on twitter harassing Taylor about the BLM thing going to do, get her cool points for bandwagoning on harassing Taylor cus then she just looks dumb. Also this mentality that if you don't hashtag a movement on twitter means you don't support is moronic, cus I'm pretty sure Taylor tweeted her support of a BLM march at some point oh but she didn't hashtag BLM so it I guess it doesn't count 😒

it’s just so dumb and gross to me that people who don’t even know taylor pull this kind of shit you know? taylor is a good person and has always been super supportive of other artists in the industry? this girl is an up and coming pop artist like shouldn’t she be hoping someone like taylor would give her a shout out or maybe even invite her on stage at some point in the future? it just seems beyond stupid to attack someone of taylor’s stature and alienate someone with her fan base to win points from stan twitter of all things? like i think this tactic of pretending to be as “woke” as possible to win fans is just so dumb and isn’t about making change or “using your voice” at all…it’s more about artists who think they’re mobilizing fans to buy their music even though the people they’re mobilizing don’t actually buy shit…it’s quite funny actually because all they get is retweets and headlines from dumbass sites like complex and jezebel. none of these people know how to play the long game and speak though their actions. that’s why taylor has been killing it for 10 years now and they’re barely able to get off the ground.

Legacy!verse fic:

Title: The Idiot Bat And His Lady
Rating: R
Pairing: Terry/Abby

Summary: Terry McGinnis and Abigail Queen fall in love, fall to pieces, and put themselves back together.

Notes: This fic takes place in ash818‘s Legacy!verse, which you should ALL be reading. Seriously, run don’t walk. Also, I am going to hell for writing this, you’re all welcome.


In Abby’s mind there’s a clear point where it starts, and that’s the night Terry rescues her from HIVE agents and she kisses him.

It’s mostly a spur of the moment, utter terror meets utter relief, kind of a thing. Terry carries her half way up the outside of a building, because that’s apparently what happens when you get rescued by the Bat, and sets her down on a balcony and wraps her up in his cloak (again, something that happens when you get rescued by the Bat) and they wait for reinforcements, because he’s been shot.

Abby keeps her hands pressed to his wound, huddles at his chest, and he holds onto her tight, sort of absently petting her hair.

“S’gonna be okay,” he tells her, thickly, and Abby is so, so scared that he’ll die and is in floods of grateful, frightened, exhausted tears, so she has to kiss him. She has to.

She kisses all over his bruised, bloody face and then his mouth – just a little, just a couple of times – and then it sort of… lingers, longer than it should. If Terry had been less woozy from effort and blood loss he’d have stopped it quicker; if Abby had been less frightened for him, less hopped up on adrenalin from her escape, she’d never have done it to begin with. She’s twenty five, for god’s sake – not that doe-eyed twelve year old with the dorky crush on her brother’s deeply-age-inappropriate best friend.

But just for a second there’s a little teetering over a very particular line between them, and in that second the line goes blurry and by the time they stop it’s… a little more sideways than it was before.

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I take hour buses everyday, they are fun aren't they? :''') Ah what's a habit you like from all VIXX members? ~Riri

It’s interesting….sometimes you meet the strangest people
Ooooo ok

N: the little jumping dance he does when he’s excited or waiting around for something. It’s kinda like he’s doing v subtle ballet and it’s so cute. Also the little neck chops heh. Also the whole Robin thing where he looks like a bird when he eats?? His mouth is so cute it really looks like a beak I’m crying. When he rests his hands on another members thigh or just touches them while they talk and watches them ;;_;; (esp Ken kill me)

Leo: lip biting? Tbh I hate it bc it gives me pain but I also love it do you see my dilema. Also the hair flip thing. Also not really something I like lol but that thing where he fidgets w his ear piercings when talking. When he stares off into space and looks like a little kid aaa. Head fairy is always cute ;o; when he finds something funny and looks at the other members to see if they saw it too. Using the others as furniture lol

Ken: kitty mouth kitty mouthhh. His lips curl sometimes like he’s not really smiling it just DOES it and it’s so cute ahhh…wait are these habits I’m not sure. When he smiles so brightly while telling stupid jokes and tries not laugh but he’s excited to tell it and then he gets happier when the members laugh at his dumb joke AAAAAA

ravi: eyebrowssss they’re so expressive when he talks just all over the place. Also when he talks for a long time his eyes are not on the camera usually they’re looking around (and the eyebrows are everywhere) and he’ll kinda rub his shoulders (I think he’s shy aw). When he laughs he covers his mouth with his fist and his cheeks crinkle :’) I’m not sure these are habits or just things their bodies do I’m sorry lol

Hongbin: cringebin omg when he literally folds in on himself from pure embarrassment it’s so cute. (Also hongbin has such an attractive laugh curse him it really brings me back to hongbin stan days) he also does this thing where he flicks at his ears when he’s embarrassed bc they get red?? And he’s trying to make them not red idk it’s cute. The little stomping he does when he cringes too lmao it’s so cute. Also when he’s laughing so hard and all his shark teeth can be seen ;u;

Hyuk: MY BABY. HE’S SO CUTE. When hyukkie talks it’s the cutest thing ever I think he tries really hard to annunciate so his lips push out a lot and he makes a pouty face thing idk y know what I mean we all suffer bc of it. When he looks into the camera and blinks. Just when he blinks in general his eyes are so pretty. When something is funny ot Jaehwan says something dumb his face breaks out into such a stupid grin and he has this high pitched giggle it’s so cute I’m cry. When he boop he nose. He also sniffles and rubs his nose a lot gross but it’s ok bc it’s him. When he smiles he has those little lip dimples idk what the heck they r but they’re cute. Also his face is literally
-w- I’m cry.

Ok I think I deviated from the actual question but this was fun thank you :D

gilmore girls starters;

Send any of the following for my muse’s reaction: 

  • “If you’re gonna throw your life away, he better have a motorcycle!” 
  • “I have no patience for jam hands!” 
  • “I’m attracted to pie, it doesn’t mean I feel the need to date pie.” 
  • “I love you, you idiot.” 
  • “I’m afraid that once your heart’s involved, it all comes out in moron.” 
  • “It’s all any of us wants, to find a nice person to hang out with ‘til we drop dead. Not a lot to ask! 
  • “Oy with the poodles already.” 
  • “No men, just lots and lots of Chinese food.” 
  • “Yes, I left behind a glass slipper and a business card, just in case the prince is really dumb.” 
  • “I’m going to make out in the coat room. Don’t eat my chicken.” 
  • “Now I’m supposed to look pretty and girly, which is completely impossible because I’m gross, and I have nothing to wear.” 
  • “I’m gonna have to quit drinking coffee, and I love coffee!” 
  • “If it was physically possible to make love to a hot beverage, this would be the one.”
  • “I don’t like Mondays, but unfortunately they come around eventually!” 
  • “People are particularly stupid today, I can’t talk to anymore of them.” 
  • “Give me a burger, onion rings, and a list of people who killed their parents and got away with it. I need some heroes.”
  • “Because people like you. You’re quiet. You say "excuse me”. You look like little birds help you get dressed in the morning.”
  • “I’m in bed. I have ten more minutes to sleep. Not a lot of time in the grand scheme of things, but still, ten minutes is ten minutes. You know what I mean.”
  • “When my cousin got pregnant, my mom said it’s because an angel brushed its wings against her face.”
  • “My life stinks. Hey, let’s look into each other’s eyes and say “I wish I were you” at exactly the same time - maybe we’ll pull a Freaky Friday.” 
  • “I need coffee in an IV.” 
  • “Date her, marry her, make her Mrs. Backwards baseball cap. See if I care.” 
  • “I mean, it’s mostly ceremonial stuff nowadays. Declaring knighthoods, opening supermarkets. But now and then, you get to banish someone or pose for a stamp.” 
  • “College is breaking my spirit. Every single day telling me things I don’t know, it’s making me feel stupid.”
  • “You don’t need shoes. In my day, we walked twenty miles in the snow just to get to our shoes.” 
  • “I wanna get the healthy glow of someone who consistently goes to the gym, without having to go to the gym, of course.” 
  • “I’m so damn lonely that Animal Planet doesn’t even do it for me anymore.” 
  • “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m great. It’s big, fat, happy sunshine day for me.” 
  • “I know, and I don’t like it when people are all up in my grill.” 
  • “Ever worry that if a bird flies into your head, it will never get out?”
  • “My life meant nothing until you used my toothbrush.”
  • “This thing we’re doing here, me, you, I’m in. I’m all in.” 
  • “And it’s so good to have someone to share this hate with.” 
  • “I just like to see you happy.” 
  • “I’ll make some coffee.” 
  • “I’m blubbering, you’re freaks.” 
  • “He’s a grown with an etch-a-sketch.” 
  • “See? He called me hot plates. He so likes me.” 
  • “It’s like my life isn’t even real to me, unless you’re there and you’re in it, and I’m sharing it with you.” 

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Ikr and just, controversial opinion, book Michael and all the book characters are much more realistic characters and most of the reasons people hate on them are just them being freaking teenagers like sorry but :/

I like the musical better but the book has pretty good characters too, they’re not nice or perfect. Yeah Book Michael has a gross fetish, but a lot of teenagers do. It’s a phase he’ll grow out of then look back at like, “Man I was a dumb kid.” And if we want to about flawed characters why does nobody talk about how Chloe almost *raped* Jeremy then spent the rest of the musical blaming him? She didn’t know it, but when you’re writing her and other characters you should acknowledge they’re not perfect.

R: Oh they’re good! Happy. I think they’re just beyond excited for their real lives together to begin.

R: Here, I can show you guys a picture of them. I doubt they’d care.

R: It’s a little hard to read, I know my computer’s camera is kinda shit.

R: mynameis.mariuspontmercy says: “when @andmines.cosette makes you look dumb in all your pictures because she always looks perfect”. Then he put some gross emojis in. To be honest, they’re a pretty sickly sweet-

Éponine: Taire?

R: Mm?

Éponine: Please put it away.

R: Oh…right, sorry, Ponine…

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Ive been around for a while and I remember way back in one of your old streams you did a thing where you opened up a google doc so everyone could write dumb shit and I just wanted to apologize cause Damn. not gonna be specific and idk if you even remember but looking back the thing I wrote about you was pretty gross and uncool? youre a real ass person and it was probably uncomfortable. just throwin this out there cause Ive been thinkin about it, wanted to get it off my chest. stay frosty dude

awh i actually really appreciate that! Honestly I promise nothing in the doc bothers me at all, there’s literally some sonic vore picture on every single page so I definitely am not worried about the doc at all. Thanks for dropping me a line <3

Misconceptions | Kim Mingyu | Part 1/15

Pairing: Kim Mingyu X Reader

Summary: He sucks at commitment and she has a shitty memory.

Genre: fluff/angst/comedy

Word Count: 2,479

A/N: Okay, as suggested by our beloved beagle anon, I’m starting a spin-off series from Misunderstandigs about Mingyu! Prepare your butts, because this is about to be another emotional roller coaster. Also is it just me or do you all imagine Mingyu as a childish little jerk? God, I love this boy. ~Jasmine


Mingyu’s POV

I swallowed hard as I walked up to Y/N’s door. I was praying to Zeus I wouldn’t mess this up or make her cry. I nervously knocked on the door and waited for some sort of response. Soon enough, the door swung open and I looked up to see her father.

“Hey there, Mingyu. What can I do for you?” Y/N’s dad asked me.

“I-is Y/N here? I need to talk to her.” I told him.

“Yeah, come on in. I’ll go get her.” He let me inside and I waited in the living room. I twisted and fidgeted uncomfortably as I stood there. It felt like a million years that I waited for Y/N to come down from her room.

“Hi, Mingyu!” I heard a bright, bubbly voice greet me. I turned and saw her, my best friend. I took a deep breath.

“What took you so long? Come on.” I grabbed her wrist and pulled her or the door and across the street to my house.

“Where are we going?” She asked me as we entered my house.

“Come on.” I said. “I have something to give you.” We raced up the stairs and into my Digimon themed bedroom (because Pokemon is just too mainstream for a cool kid like me.)

“Okay, now what is it?” Y/N asked, plopping herself down onto my bed.

I walked towards my dresser and pulled of the middle drawer since I can’t quite see into the top one yet. I pulled out a small, black box and turned around to face Y/N again. “Y/N, we need to have a serious talk.” I told her.

“About what?” She asked me.

“I’m not a little kid anymore. I’m eight. I think it’s time for me to man up.” I started explaining to her, trying to ignore her giggles. “I’m being serious here.”

“Okay, okay, sorry.” She tried suppressing her laughter.

“I’m a man now, okay? And you’re a girl.” I paced in front of her like I’ve seen powerful boss men do in the movies. “And my mom told me when a man loves a girl, he gets her presents.” I stopped in front of her, the black box hidden behind my back. “So I got you a present.

“Ew, you love me?” Y/N scrunched up her nose like she smelled something bad.

I rolled my eyes at her. “Look, Y/N, we’re not seven anymore. We’re basically grown ups now.” I explained. “So you can’t think love is gross anymore.”

“But it is a little bit.” She added. I ignored her.

“Anyway, as I was saying, I love you so I bought you a present.” I handed her the box and she smiled. I watched her closely as she opened it, her smile widening at the sight of the pretty little necklace I bought her.

“Wow! It’s really pretty!” She pulled it from the box and looked at the charm closely. “KM.” She read. Her eyes met mine curiously. “What does that mean?”

I groaned. “You’re so dumb sometimes. They’re my initials. Kim Mingyu.” I explained to her. She nodded. “And look.” I pulled my necklace out from under my shirt. “Mine has yours on it.”

“This is so cool.” Y/N smiled brightly. “Help me put it on!” So I did. It took a little bit of effort, but I eventually got it on her. “How come you got these for us?” She asked, staring down at the charm.

“Because I love you. I thought I already explained this.” I told her. She looked at me.

“There has to be another reason, Mingyu.”

I looked at her for a minute and became nervous again. “Well… There is something else. If I tell you, you have to promise you won’t cry though.” I held out my pinkie.

Y/N suddenly had a determined smile on her face as she linked her pinkie with mine. “Ha! Me, cry? Like you said, I’m eight now.” She said confidently. I nodded.

“Well… My dad got a new job and we’re moving.” I shrugged sadly. “And I’m not talking about down the street or to the other side of town. We’re moving far away.”

“W-what?” Y/N stuttered. “How far away?” She asked.

“So far away that we won’t be able to play anymore or even see each other ever again.” I told her dramatically.

“Never again?”

“Never ever.”

“Never ever ever?”

“Never never ever!”


“Never never never ever again, Y/N.” I said loudly. She stared at me with her big eyes and I knew she wouldn’t keep her promise. Before I could say anything else, she started crying loudly.

“But you said you love me! Why would you leave if you love me?” She sniffled. I sat next to her on my bed and wrapped my arm around her shoulders.

“Because, Y/N. Us kids don’t get any respect around here. My parents think that just because I’m younger than them, they can move me around against my will. I mean, they’re right, but still.” I shrugged.

“At least you got me this to remember you by.” She looked down at her necklace that she was twirling between her fingertips.

“That was the idea. I mean, maybe I was being a little over dramatic when I said we’d never see each other again. Because since I love you and gave you a present, we have to get married now.” I sighed.

“Married?” Y/N asked. I nodded.

“So we have to meet again.”

“Okay. Pinkie promise?” Y/N held her pinkie out. I linked mine with hers, giving her a small smile.

“Pinkie promise.” I nodded. “But this time you have to keep the promise! I told you not to cry and you still did!”

“Hey, don’t yell at me! I didn’t think you’d tell me id never see you again!” She pouted.

“You may be eight, but you sure don’t act like it.” I rolled my eyes at her. She gasped and hit me, making me jump off of my bed. “Don’t hit me!”

“I’ll hit you if I want to, Kim Mingyu!” Y/N yelled. I ran away from her, down the stairs and out the front door, where I proceeded to run around the neighborhood.

I’m really gonna miss Y/N and getting to play everyday, but we’ll keep our promise. I know we will.

I woke up in a cold sweat. My breath was ragged and shallow. My heart was racing. It’s such a shame I can never remember what I dreamt about. Then maybe I’d know what got me so worked up.

I shrugged it off though, and looked over at my alarm clock. Three in the morning. I let out a sigh and sat up in my bed. I definitely don’t think I’ll be going back to sleep anytime soon.

I got up and slowly walked out of my room and into the kitchen. I’ve never been happier to have my room on the first floor. I have access to the kitchen without having my mother yelling at me in the middle of the night about how unhealthy it is to eat after eight. So annoying.

I opened up the cupboard and pulled a cup out before filling it up with cold water. I quickly chugged it all down and sighed.

I hate this. I hate consistently waking up in the middle of the night from dreams or nightmares that I can’t even remember. It really sucks and it’s also very boring. I mean, nobody’s awake at three in the morning!

Ding, ding, ding! Bingo.

I smiled to myself. I quickly ran back to my room and jumped onto my bed. I grabbed my phone and searched through my contacts for my significant other.

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:27am]


To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:28am]

if you don’t respond, I’ll call you until you answer meeee~

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:29am]

what the hell do you want mingyu it’s like 3:30

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:29am]

i knew you’d be awake oppa :3

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:30am]

please it’s way too fucking early for this

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:30am]

i had one of those weird things again where i cant remember my dream but i woke up all sweaty

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:31am]

that sucks

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:31am]

come on wonwoo don’t be this way i need someone to talk to right now

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:31am]

then talk

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:31am]

you know, i was thinking the other day

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:32am]

what if the cells on your feet are actually tiny little factories

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:32am]

and the reason feet smell so bad is because they’re cheese factories you know?

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:32am]

why am i even friends with you

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:33am]

it makes sense though right

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:33am]

no the reason your feet smell is because you’re a dirty person

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:33am]

thats not true. i’m very clean

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:33am]

that’s a damn lie you never cover your mouth when you sneeze and when you do its either with your hand or someone else’s

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:34am]

oh come on nobody besides you even notices because you’re a judgmental little asshole

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:34am]


To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:34am]

your girlfriend has really changed you

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:34am]

she’s not my girlfriend

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:34am]

i don’t even like her

To: Wonwoo Oppa [3:35am]

yeah, sure. i’ll leave you to believe that. i’d rather try to sleep in complete silence than listen to you deny your undying love you have for your little girlfriend

From: Wonwoo Oppa [3:35am]

whatever go to bed

I set my phone down with a sigh. So much for that. Even though Wonwoo’s my best friend, he’s kind of a jerk. But in a good way. Like, he only became that way because of that girl he likes and it makes me really excited because maybe he’ll finally have a girlfriend and stop third wheeling with me and whoever I decide to take out.

I smiled to myself creepily as I thought about Wonwoo and his new girlfriend, but was soon torn from my thoughts by the sounds of a jingling collar. I looked at the entrance of the kitchen and saw my dog walking in.

“Tartar Sauce!” I exclaimed happily, reaching down to pet the stout corgi. “Did I wake you up, boy? Wanna come to my room?” I asked him. He only wagged his little tail. I picked him up and took him back to my room. I pet him as I laid on my bed and attempted to go back to sleep. It was hard, but I eventually got there.


I looked at all of the boxes in my room and sighed. I’m really not in the mood to unpack right now. All I want to do is sleep. I laid back on my floor and stared up at the ceiling. I brought my hand up to my necklace and twirled it around absentmindedly. I looked at the small metal charm that’s been tarnished over the years.

“KM.” I said to myself. I wish I could remember what that stood for. I’ve had it ever since I could remember, which really isn’t saying much since my memory is about as good as Dory’s from Finding Nemo.

Nonetheless, I remember that it was given to me by one of my friends when I was younger. It’s such a shame that I can’t remember who they were. Damn my memory.

“Y/N!” I heard my father calling for me. I sighed and stood up. I went out of my room and down the stairs. I saw my parents sitting down on our new couch with some unfamiliar faces.

“Oh.” I paused.

“These are our neighbors. Mr. and Mrs. Xu and their son Minghao.” My mother said to me. I approached them timidly and shook their hands.

“It’s nice to meet you, Y/N.” Minghao smiled at me. It was pretty infectious, and before I knew it, I was smiling too. “From what your parents told me, we’re in the same grade and will be going to the same school.” He smiled.

“Oh really? That’s good. We should get to know each other so that I can have a friend on my first day.” I grinned. He nodded. “I’m gonna take him to my room, okay?”

“Sure thing.” My father nodded. So Minghao followed me up the stairs and into my empty bedroom.

“Wow, you guys just got here, huh?” He asked.

“Uh, no, actually. We’ve been here all day. I’m just too lazy to unpack.” I laughed embarrassedly. Minghao laughed too.

“Want some help?” He asked. I thought a minute before nodding.

“If you insist.” I smiled. So we started opening box after box, talking a little here and there.

“Hey, that necklace…” I heard. I looked up at Minghao and then down at my necklace.

“What about it?” I asked.

“I think one of my friends has one just like it.” He said.

“Hmm, really?” I asked curiously. Maybe his friend could be the one who gave it to me… No, it couldn’t be.

“I guess it’s a popular design.” Minghao smiled. I chuckled.

“I guess so.”

“Are you excited to start at a new school?” He asked.

“I’m actually pretty nervous. I’ve been with the same people since preschool, so changing schools now is a little scary.” I admitted.

“Don’t be worried. Me and my friends will take you in. There are thirteen of us in total, but Wonwoo goes to another school so you won’t see him much unless you decide you want to hang out with us.” He smiled.

“Thirteen of you? That’s a pretty huge friend group.” I noticed.

“I guess so.” Minghao nodded. “We’re all really close too. I guess that’s what makes us special.”

“Wow, that’s incredible. It must be nice having such a good group like that.”

“It is. You’ll know soon enough. I think you’ll get along with everyone nicely. But watch out for Mingyu hyung.” He chuckled.


“You’re pretty so he’ll probably be all over you.”

I blushed at his statement. “Oh, uh… Thanks, I think.” I laughed nervously.

“If you want, I’m supposed to hang out with them later and I can introduce you to them then. But only if you’re up to it.”

I smiled. “That would be nice.” I nodded.

“Awesome.” He grinned and then looked around my room. “I don’t think we’ve made much progress.”

“Yeah… I guess I’ll do this all later. I don’t want to bore you with all of this useless junk. How about we go now?”

“Sure. Off to the middle of the woods!” He exclaimed happily as we walked out of my room.

“What?” I asked.

“You’ll see when we get there.”

Reasons you should read Beauty Queens by Libba Bray

Basically, it’s the coolest book ever. It starts off with a planeful of beauty pageant contestants crashing on a desert island. The goal? Survive, and still win the pageant. I sauntered into this book thinking, “Neat, Lord of the Flies with pageant girls.” 

And then it blew. My. Mind.

First of all, it’s hilarious

“Obviously,” you may say, “the situation sets itself up to be funny.” And sure, sure, but it’s all in the voice, and the girls, and some of the crap that apparently exists in the universe of Beauty Queens. Check this out: 

  • “J.T. Woodland, known as “the cute one” in The Corporation’s seventh-grade boy band, Boyz Will B Boyz. Due to the success of their triple-platinum hit, “Let Me Shave Your Legs Tonight, Girl,” Boyz Will B Boyz ruled the charts for a solid eleven months before hitting puberty and losing ground to Hot Vampire Boyz.”
  • “Don’t you want to be a contributor to our economy? Don’t you want to make sure we can have bikinis, cable, and porn? What are you, a communist?”·
  • “Loch Lomond, the sexy and manly spy in a series of popular Scottish crime capers. Known for his fancy gadgets, fast cars, beautiful women who often end up dead, and his trademark phrase, “I’ll have the haggis – boiled, not fried.””
  • “Hi. I’m from Arkansas, the cantaloupe state. And tonight, I hope you will hold my melons close to your heart and vote me your Miss Teen Dream.”
  • “Nicole pointed out at the horizon. “Um, does that ocean look kind of high to you?”
    “How can the ocean get high? It can’t inhale. I know a lot about it. My platform is called Don’t Do Drugs Because They Make You Dumb,” Brittani explained.”
  • “Being beauty queen is like being marine, only harder. Marines do not fight in four-inch heels.” 
  • “Miss Teen Dreamers. It is time to get ahold of ourselves. Miss Alabama, I did not mean that literally. That is gross. Stop it.” 

So yeah, this thing is friggin’ comedy gold, with a side of girls using “girly things” like makeup and shoes and pretty dresses to create survival gear. 


It is a feminist, intersectional masterpiece

It goes everywhere

  • There’s self-identified feminism from Miss New Hampshire:
    “My platform is Identifying Misogyny in American Culture. It’s all about helping girls ID the objectification of women when they see it. You know, like when girls are asked to parade around in bathing suits and heels and get scored on that.”
  • There is general snark and mockery toward anti-feminists:
    “We’ll take your calls in a moment. But first, Ladybird, you’ve come under fire recently for your promotion of a pageant that some see as antiquated. That the system rewards girls for being pretty and it values compliance and conformity rather than the boldness and rule-breaking that we pride in our boys and which often help them feel entitled to success, to getting ahead in life.”
    “Well, frankly, that’s the sort of stuff I expect my critics to say, because they want to turn all women into sluts who can get an abortion at the drive-through while they’re off at college gettin’ indoctrinated with folk-singin’, patchouli-wearin’, hairy-armpit-advocatin’ feminism, which is just one step away from terrorism, and we should all be afraid of that.”
  • Between Miss California and Miss Colorado, it dives right into racism in institutions of beauty:
    Miss Colorado: “Nicole knew about Sherry Sparks and the scandal. Everybody did. In the forty-year history of the Miss Teen Dream Pageant, she was the only African-American winner – until it was revealed that Sherry had once shoplifted an eye shadow from an Easy Rx store and she was drummed out in shame. It didn’t matter that in the years since then, two white contestants had been disqualified for sexy phone photos, or that last year’s winner, Miss Florida, had been forced to apologize when it was discovered that she had gotten drunk at a frat party and a video surfaced of her sloppily twirling batons in her underwear and bra. No, it was still Sherry Sparks they talked about.”
    Miss California: “She looked back at Nicole–friendly, easygoing Nicole–with envy and unease. She knew the Top Five would not hold both a black and a brown contestant. No matter what they claimed, the pageants were not multicultural-friendly. It was funny to Shanti how her white classmates could distinguish between several white faces but would get confused when confronted with, say, two Asians, frequently mistaking one for the other as if looking at a spot-the-difference kids’ magazine puzzle and feeling stumped.”
  • How about the dismal state of sex education in America? Yeah, this one talks about that too: 
    “In health class, they told us there’s an or in whore because you always have the choice to respect your body and say no. You’ve got one of those STPs now, don’t you?”
    Petra stared. “STP is a motor oil.”
    “Oh. My God. We didn’t even learn about that one. It must be really bad!” Tiara gestured solemnly to her crotch. “Protect the citadel. Protect the citadel.”
    Petra looked to the others. “Help.”
    Nicole shook her head. “Public school Sex Non-Ed. When I’m surgeon general, I am so fixing that.” 
  • Then there’s Miss Michigan, who is basically one of the most awesome characters in the book. Heck, she’s a comic book nerd whose personal motto is “What would Wonder Woman do?”  And, as if she wasn’t awesome enough just from that:
    “Being alone didn’t scare Jennifer. She’d been alone since she was ten, when she begged her mom to stop sending her to stay with Grandma Huberman, the religious nut, who told her God could see into her wicked, wicked heart. While saying this, she’d waved the copy of Women’s Basketball Weekly she’d found under Jen’s bed, the one in which Jen had drawn a heart around the picture of star point guard Monica Mathers.
    “God doesn’t like lesbians,” Grandma Huberman hissed, throwing the magazine in the trash.
    Jennifer knew what lesbian meant, and she knew she probably was one.”
  • Since when are disabled people allowed to be beautiful, right? “Well,” says Beauty Queens, “screw that.” And then it throws Miss Illinois at you. Miss Illinois accidentally blows up a snake (long story, okay?) and she makes her stance pretty clear: 
    “I am hearing impaired but that doesn’t stop me! I hear with my heart. Well, not really. Because, as anybody who is not a complete and total moron knows, the heart does not have ears. This is the kind of s**t they make disabled people say all the time so everybody’s all “okay” with us. Soooo annoying.”
  • Miss Michigan has a crush on Miss Illinois, and Miss Illinois is teaching her to sign. It’s basically the cutest thing in the whole world.
  • Now by this point this book has already earned its position as a Pillar of Hell Yeah, but does it stop there? Oh no, my friends, it sure as heck does not. Miss. Amazing. Rhode. Island. What’s so great about Miss Rhode Island? Allow me to shed some light on the situation:
    “I think you’re missing the salient point here,” Shanti said. “Miss Teen Dream is a girls’ pageant. You are not a girl. Ergo, you are disqualified.”
    “Who says I’m not a girl?”
    “You have a wang-dang-doodle!” Tiara squawked.
    “Is that all that makes a guy a guy? What makes a girl a girl?” 
    and if that wasn't enough
    “Why not do one of those drag pageants, win money that way?” Nicole asked.
    Petra kicked the tree. “Because I’m not in drag! This is who I am. That’s why I want to make a statement, so people understand. It’s a stand against discrimination.”

So, to sum this whole business up: Do I really need to sum it up? You need this book like you need oxygen. It will fill a hole in your life that you maybe didn’t even know was there. Trust me.

If you still aren’t convinced, just read this, A Word From Your Sponsor:

“This story is brought to you by The Corporation: Because Your Life Can Always Be Better™. We at The Corporation would like you to enjoy this story, but please be vigilant while reading. If you should happen to notice anything suspicious in the coming pages, do alert the proper authorities. Remember, it could be anything at all – a subversive phrase, an improper thought or feeling let out of its genie bottle of repression, an idea that challenges the status quo, the suggestion that life may not be what it appears to be and that all you’ve taken for granted (malls, shopping, the relentless pursuit of an elusive happiness, prescription drug ads, those annoying perfume samples in magazines that make your eyes water, the way anchormen and women shift easily from the jovial laughter of a story about a dog that hula-hoops to a grave report on a bus crash that has left five teenagers dead) may be no more consequential than the tattered hem of a dream, leaving you with a bottomless, free-fall feeling.

This is the sort of thing we are warning you about.”

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i hate to be the bearer of bad news but the person who had that long commentary on past lgbt community stuff is...a pretty gross person (i can't remember Everything but there's commentary in one of the reblogs, if i had the spoons to rn i would look)

sifting through the notes, i found two or three comments that he’s racist (without sources but i’ll give the commenters benefit of the doubt) and it sucks how many racist cis white gay dudes there r but i do have a question

i’m white, i don’t condone racism and i am more than willing to listen to poc perspectives on these kinds of things, and i’ll delete the post regardless, but i still think the point he made about The Ace Discourse is good. is that a bad thing? what he said didn’t mention race at all, (but maybe it should have idk, i know twoc were INCREDIBLY important to the formation of the modern lgbt community and we should never leave them out of Anything), so would his explanation still be acceptable if a non-racist person said the exact same thing word for word? i don’t wanna go on a big ol rant defending an old racist guy but i do wanna know if i can agree with him on one (1) opinion that has nothing to do with race so help me out here yall

vintagxx  asked:

Mileven 12

In which Mike gets braces and El gets worried. (I didn’t proofread this, I’m sorry!) Please enjoy! 

“Ways You Said I Love You” Prompt #12: When we lay together on the fresh spring grass

El wakes early on Saturday morning and, with a chocolate-coloured blanket wrapped loosely around her shoulders, watches two episodes of The New Scooby-Doo Mysteries, humming along to the familiar theme song over a bowl of Fruit Loops. She had taken advantage of Jim still being asleep, using the opportunity to float the bright red box of sugary cereal down from the highest cupboard in their small kitchen, glad to be free (for one morning, at least) of the bland taste of Cheerios. Throughout the cartoon, as she crunches happily on her cereal, El’s mind wanders to Mike; to his frighteningly accurate impression of Scooby that never fails to make her laugh and is, in her opinion, much better than his attempts at Yoda.

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You know that Teen Titans Go! show manages to do some borderline offensive things for the sake of comedy. It’s incredibly dark, and I honestly dislike that it basically takes these wonderfully built characters from the Teen Titans show and makes them into parody because it seems like a step backward…but I’m legitimately putting that aside.

Cyborg is constantly falling back on black american stereotypes in his character. There’s a difference between him using AAV and virtually making him embody every stereotype. 

What bothers me most is watching the upcoming episode previews in which Starfire is told she is dumb and bemoans her ignorance. As the usual formula suggests she finds an unnatural way to make herself smart. This troubles me because…Starfire isn’t stupid…she’s foreign. The original cartoon and even TTG! initially seem to recognize that. You may think I’m reading too much into this or am looking for reasons to dislike the show, but this literally took five seconds of thought after watching the preview. There are some good things about the show, but the writers also use some pretty gross things. This is one of them because basically by changing the constant line from “Starfire doesn’t understand Earth and Earth ways, while also being genuinely  unable to understand why people would so easily abuse her kindness” to “Starfire is kind of an idiot” equates  the two. I dunno I tried to recall an insistence of Starfire actually being “stupid” and all I can think of are instances where she either didn’t know what something was, didn’t understand slang or a metaphor, or just was unfamiliar with Earth custom. A classic line of comedy has always been othering and I don’t want to say that it can’t ever be funny, but with all comedy there is a line where you begin insinuating things or begin from a premise. Here it seems like the premise of the joke is that Starfire’s lack of Earth knowledge is equal to her being stupid. Her being foreign and from a different culture is the source of her lack of intelligence, and that  sounds fucked up. Starfire calls herself ignorant in the promo, which is arguably true. She is ignorant of Earth ways and she has to learn, more importantly she wants to learn. Starfire never places any moral value on the cultural differences except for that which is considered evil. I dunno it just doesn’t sit well with me specifically because they never portrayed Starfire as stupid before. There’s also the fact that she’s the “pretty girl” of the group, who is often considered the dumb one in traditional cartoon narratives, which indicates other things. It’s not like they started from the premise Starfire is dumb…it started from Starfire has misconceptions and ignorance of Earth…therefore she is dumb. To me that is telling young kids(the target audience) that foreigners to your culture aren’t just ignorant but stupid. Why? Because not knowing about your culture is the same as being stupid. In the original cartoon Starfire is depicted as someone who just doesn’t know Earth culture who is of average intelligence.. In TTG! all the characters have been dumbed down, and the only thing separating Starfire from the others is that original conceit that she is from another world. Since I’ve been on bedrest for surgery recovery I’ve seen a lot of that cartoon and I can say this with confidence…Starfire isn’t more or less stupid than any of the other characters because they made them equally dumb. Raven may be slightly smarter than the other characters, but they have all been made fundamentally stupid people for the sake of utilizing that kind of mundane just for laughs comedy. There is nothing inherently wrong with that. It is just problematic to me that they took the character whose foreign ways and lack of knowledge about local culture made her have ti learn and make mistakes and aligned that with her being stupid.

IF you ever watched Ed, Edd, & Eddy the character of Rolf was “the odd foreign kid,” which I believe the creator said was based on a kid he knew growing up. Utlimately Rolf was played pretty straight even if for laughs. He was no stranger than some of the others kids in the cul de sac. He ate strange food, had odd customs, and a very strong sense of honor. Regardless of how confusing he could be to his neighbors and friends he was always one of the gang and willing to share his culture and time with people who didn’t hurt his honor of scam him. He was shown to be smart and hard working, but the cultural nuances of middle Americana escaped him, BUT it went both ways! His teachers, friends, and neighbors often didn’t understand him. Even though the audience was probably supposed to identify more with the American kids Rolf was played as though his cultural values were normal. No one thought he was dumb, even if they thought certain things were insane or gross, and Rolf was more than willing to inform anyone of how rude they were to  him by the social rules of his upbringing. To me that’s the best way to play the “foreign” character in a children’s cartoon.

TTG! seems to be using Starfire’s foreignness to prove how dumb she is or equate with it. It just…I don’t think they should be teaching that to kids.

he needs no army

Title: he needs no army
Pairing: Michael x reader
Rating: PG-13
Words: 3.5k
Warnings: unwanted touching from a stranger

Summary: Michael gets possessive when someone gets handsy at the club, and some things are made very clear to you.

AN: title from Two Door Cinema Club’s “Sleep Alone”. A very nice anon left this prompt in my ask and I’ve done my best to fill it, but I’m not sure it’s as close to the prompt as I would have liked. Dear prompt anon, I hope you like it! I don’t feel like this is my best work, but I hope no one is too upset by it. <3 (also, featuring turnfree, because why not?)

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what are the people in team solo mid like? i just recently got into league and LCS and TSM is the team im rooting for. its like an irresistable pull

hahaha glad to hear that you like tsm! ok here goes

in general - i think they’re all good friends, their personalities work well together. they’re all funny and have the same sense of humor i think. homoerotic subtext is real lmfao

dyrus - he has a tumblr! not gonna @ him though, it’s here. hes v nice, interacts with fans a lot on here. he likes cute animals. i’d say he’s probably the most mature/serious out of everyone on tsm, due to seniority (aka longest time spent playing professionally).

santorin - newest member of the team. ohmygosh this kid is a cutie. he uses “:3” “:P” “:D” in everything haha. one of the only streamers whose music i like, if that means anything. idk i think the best description of him is the “good guy santorin” meme LOL

bjergsen - “leader” of the team. back when he was on copenhagen wolves i think he was kinda quiet and shy, but these days he’s SUPER charismatic, outgoing, and confident. the change is actually amazing lol. he seems to be pretty opinionated too, because tsm legends always shows him arguing with loco; it looks like he’s the only one who’s consistently outspoken in team discussion

wildturtle - *gross sobbing* ok im done. seems happy all the time, biggest troll on tsm. used to be known for doing dumb stuff like flashing into the enemy base. not serious about much, quieter than bjerg. likes turtles and cats apparently.

lustboy - meme king. he’s from korea so his english isn’t fluent yet (he’s improving every day tho), but people say that he talks a lot when he’s around his teammates. he has a tumblr too, but he doesn’t really interact with followers. his twitter is great, please go check it out. likes cats.

it’s like okay basically here’s how it goes

  1. awwwww cute!! = i like it
  2. AW A BAB = i like it a LOT
  3. OH WHAT A DUMB NERD = REALLY like it, getting pretty excited

no no this is good bc it’s like,,,, people who love the game already love ellie and if ur gonna let her feelings for riley get in the way of that it only shows that you’re pretty fuckin ignorant and gross bc she’s still the same, and her friendship/relationship with riley was a part of who she was before TLOU and you loved her anyway and if this changes how you look at her then you’re dUMB bye

pls don’t write it off as sisterly love or friendship no no this is important 

“boys don’t like it when you wear that” uM EXCUSE ME THERE ARE A MILLION THINGS BOYS WEAR THAT I HATE TOO

  • those fckn gross thick gray toed socks that always look dirty
  • hats 5 sizes too big with the dumb stickers u left on it
  • jeans with buttons instead of a zipper like wtf
  • “sports sandals” with knee high socks are you 80
  • did i mention the gross gray toed socks

im pretty sure you can deal with a pair of high waisted shorts shut up