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Jumped on the bandwagon and started ME:A today.
Surprisingly the controls work pretty well for my “two hands ten thumbs” issues, but I’m still crap with aiming and keep my ammo in check.

Unfortunately I have found no way to change the German dubbing and I hate how unnatural everything sounds. I hope origin will offer the English audio files like they did with DAI, because THIS is horrible!

edit: could probably solve the language issue. Found a switch in the origins and right now the system is updating so I think there is hope.

milarca  asked:

“You bake when you’re stressed and sometimes you give me cookies, but recently you’re giving me whole baskets each day, now I’m not complaining but are you okay?” au for gramander? <333

(Sure sure sure! :D)

Newt was really puzzled when his neighbor, the grumpy looking office worker Percival Graves, shoved one day a plate of freshly baked cookies into his hands when he was fumbling with the keys to open the door to his apartment.

“Uh, I made some, to relieve stress. So, here you go.“

Newt barely met his eyes and muttered a silent “Thank you.“

It was really weird to imagine Mr. Graves baking cookies, or baking at all. Newt couldn’t even picture it. But the reminder of that being true was in front of him and it smelled simply amazing.

“You’re welcome, I guess.“ Graves replied and before Newt could say something more, he opened the door of his apartment and walked in, closing the door behind.

Newt stared at it for a moment, then to the plate in his hands. A small smile curled his lips up and he entered his own apartment.

The cookies didn’t only smell heavenly and look appetizing, they were the most delicious cookies Newt ate in his life. Did Graves study how to bake goods? Because those weren’t ordinary homemade cookies.

Newt munched happily on them, sipping tea and it just made him happy and all warm, fuzzy inside, he thought he should somehow return the favor.

Except Graves didn’t really give him any occasions to do so. The man was practically never at home whenever Newt came by.

When Newt actually had the chance to see him again, the man looked extremely tired, but blissfully smiled at him when giving another plate, full of cookies and even some cupcakes. Newt noticed that the plate was bigger than the last time.

“Oh, thank you very much, Mr. Graves.“ Newt looked up and shyly ducked his head after a brief eye-contact with the man. “I guess you had a stressing week?“

Graves zoned out for a moment and then snapped out of whatever he had in his mind.

“Ah, yes. Never mind that. Hope you’ll like them.“ He said softly and again, not quite waiting for an answer, entered his apartment.

“Those were very delicious, Mr. Graves!“ Newt raised his voice a bit, hoping that Graves will hear him and it will brighten his mood.

The next time Graves shoved cookies and cupcakes, and some other baked goods in his hands, Newt had to grab the basket with both arms, because it was very heavy. A whole basket. There were enough cookies to feed ten or more people. Newt looked from under his fringe at the man and winced.

Graves was pale, dark circles under his eyes were contrasting on the skin of his face and he looked like he didn’t eat or sleep properly in weeks. Probably that was true, if the way his body swayed dangerously when he walked back to his apartment, as always not waiting for a response from Newt, told about something.

Newt couldn’t let the man to himself even for a minute longer. He caught the closing door and when Graves turned his head around, slowly, tiredly even, Newt propped the basket and offered a full smile.

“Mr. Graves. Let’s have some tea together.“

Graves seemed to spring a bit to life at that and he nodded to Newt’s offer, a small smile making its way on his lips when Newt beckoned him into his apartment.

They had lunch, despite Graves’ protesting, him saying that he wasn’t hungry and Newt pouting at him until he actually ate the soup. He looked a bit healthier, a bit of color creeping into his skin as they sat together and munched on the cookies he baked, sipping the relaxing herbal tea Newt made.

“They want to promote me and I’m stressed with the amount of work and responsibilities that comes with the new rank.“ Graves confessed and Newt hummed in response. “I guess I take it way too seriously. Gosh, I’m forty and I’m behaving like a student before exams.“ Graves chuckled, rubbing a hand down his face.

“I think,“ Newt said and smiled softly, locking eyes with Graves and not taking them away, like he usually did “it’s not necessary to worry about something like that.“ He put the cup down on the table and reached out a hand, putting it atop of Graves’ one “I have a philosophy.“ Newt continued, looking at their hands, his smile widening when Graves didn’t withdraw his hand “Worrying means you suffer twice, Percival.“

Therapy 21.03.17 // the visit // part 3

We cleared up the craft and my therapist sat down on the couch while I was packing stuff back into my bag. I had thought beforehand that the downside of making models rather than talking would be that we wouldn’t get to sit in the usual therapy seats and I did want to have that experience. I wanted to feel what it would be like if I was seeing her face to face for therapy, and I wanted to know what her other clients got when they saw her. So when T asked “what do you want to do now?”, I pointed to where she was sitting and said, “can I sit there?”

She moved into her chair and I moved onto the couch. “This is where I would be sitting if I came to see you, right?” I asked her. I looked all round her office from there, taking in what I would be seeing if I sat there every week. Then I remembered I needed to pay her the £20 for my extra half-session last Thursday, and I got my purse out to find the cash.

“You can pay it by bank transfer, it’s no problem” T said.
“Yes but then I have to ask H to do it, and I’m just avoiding him knowing” I told her. We got into a bit of a discussion about general methods of payment.

When that ended, T asked “How has it been today? Did we do everything you wanted? Anything you are disappointed with?”

“No I’m really glad I came. It makes you feel not so far away. And yes we did everything I wanted.”

“Great!” T said, and then we sat quietly again. I know it’s after midday now and we were planning to finish at midday because T was going out in the afternoon and needed to get her lunch. So I have to somehow get up and walk out of the door of the therapy room. Or I could ask to sit in here a few more minutes while she goes in the house to get her lunch, but I think….I don’t want to be in here without her, I’d rather we kept the continuity and left together now.

I untangle my legs and reluctantly lean down to pull my shoes on. Feeling like I’m moving in slow motion, I stand up and head for the door. T follows me. I open the door, step out and we walk back round through the garden to the front of the house. T chats to me about the garden as we go but I’m not really tuned in. She’s saying something about the shape of the flower beds. I can’t work out how I should react - if it’s a good thing or a bad thing, the shape they used to be.

I open my car and put my bag in, then turn to say goodbye. T opens her arms for another hug and gives me a big squeeze. It feels like my mum hugging me, like she really means it. She whispers “well done” to me and I think about maybe staying in her hug forever. Then we let go, I get in my car and drive the 130 miles home.

My third image in a series of Leyendecker studies where I replace the figures within with Sailor Moon characters. In this case I’ve added Rei and Minako, with their respective sports equipment of choice. 

I’ve started creating stories in my head as I paint these things, and in this case I can’t decide if Minako has said something utterly brilliant or mind-mindbogglingly daft. Either way, Rei is giving her a not so subtle side-eye (or is perhaps looking at us, The Office style).