this looks like shit by the way


Excuse the speed but flying Noctis is hard to control, I wish I could walk instead.

So this whole area is very detailed, it’s not low poly like the rest of the buildings that are supposed to be seen from a distance, it even has collision so I’m guessing it was either cut from the game or saved for Ignis’ DLC.

It’s not in the video but I have screenshots. This hole in the wall leads to the room where Luna was sitting. It looks like a secret passage so maybe it was part of a quest to go see Luna. It could also have been for a cutscene, I don’t fucking know. Anyways look at this shit:

Either way I hope they do something with it in the future. I’d love Altissia to have some proper quests and not just hunts.

I remembered that time when McDonalds was giving Snoopy toys with the Happy Meal and I WANTED THEM SO BAD. So my smart ass decided to “fuck it I want two”, and I went with my brothers because that way it wouldn’t look so weird seeing grow ass 21 years old woman buying shit just for the toys, the problem was that my brother had like 17 and 15 years old, so they were in the ‘dude you are not my sister’ age. 

So, we went and a cute girl was in the cash register (it had to be a cute girl why god hates me so mucH) and I blushed because I blush when I see cute girls don’t judge me. Anyway, my BROTHERS were there and I was in the ‘please kill me with your hair jesus’ mood. She asked me what I wanted and I said “Two happy meals” AND SHE FUCKING LOOKED AT ME AND SMILED. And she said “For your brothers, huh?” and I replied with a ‘please be my wife’ voice “Yeah” And she said “Aw, what a nice big sister!” And I almost choke with my own saliva and my baby brother fucking smiled at me and saw me with the ‘please don’t flirt with her you damn idiot, you don’t know what are you doing’ which in retrospective was a very assertive assumption.

Anyway, she was putting everything in the box and she pointed at my brothers who aren’t kids at all and were very far from there because they were so embarrased with me using them to buy happy meals despite the fact that the two of them have very noticeable facial hair and she said “They are your brothers, right?” And I replied with an “Yes, if they are ignoring me, they are my brothers” And she laughed and I was ascending to heaven and then she asked the question of the apocalypse:“So, if this is for them, you don’t want the toys right?” And how I don’t have any filter or whatsoever and apparently my tongue  isn’t connected with my brain I replied with “No, the toys are for me.” 

The toys said “for 8+” in the bottom. 

SHE LAUGHED FOR LIKE FIVE MINUTES I FUCKING SWEAR. And my baby brother came and patted my shoulder and said “Yeah, she only used us to buy the toys, we don’t even eat this. She only loves Snoopy that much.”

AND SHE LAUGHED MORE and I was blushing so hard that I fucking swear I lost like five pounds because I combusted myself that day. 

She delived our happy meals and SHE MADE ME CHOOSE THE TOYS. 

“This ones are for you, so you have to pick them” 

I picked two of them really quick and I couldn’t even look at her face and well I was leaving the place my two brothers were laughing at me so hard and I could her giggles from the damn fucking door. 

I never ate my chips with so much sorrow in my life. 

there is no way that Mary doesn’t think dean and cas have a thing going on. Like, the first time he saw them interact was here in 12x01

and then this shit in 12x12

like cooome on. Especially since he later said “i love all of you”. bitch knows

p.s. his “flirting” with the waitress earlier was embarrassing and very “look at how straight i am. very hetero. much flirt”

Anyways here’s Delsin.  Either his favourite colours are gold and green, or that’s all he can seem to find on this hellscape of a planet.  Likes to sew, embroidery, and attach knickknacks to his shit in his down time.

And I tried. I tried to be beautiful in a way that caught you off guard. I tried to be smart without having to use a calculator. I tried to be funny without having to think of some stupid joke to say. I tried to be sexually experienced for you. I tried to have all my shit together. I tried to figure what I wanted in life. I tried everything just so you could look at me the way I look at you. I tried to be something that wasn’t me and even when I tried all theses things it still wasn’t enough to make you look at me. It still wasn’t enough to make you want me. It still wasn’t enough to make you love me. Never again will I ever be something other than myself for a guy. Never again will I betray the body I was given. The home that I hated for so many years and treated like shit. Never again will I put a mans needs before me because really men ain’t shit. They do not home a person for 9 months just to go through extraordinary measures to bring that tiny human into the world safely. They do not bleed for a week and have extreme pain just because they aren’t pregnant. Women do not open their hearts and hips and birth a child when it feels like every bone in their body breaking and more just so a man can decide if she’s the one he wants for the week. My point is, do not ever settle for a man that does not see you as magic and more. Women are not ordinary. We did not give birth to civilization just so we could be treated like shit.

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can we request more genderbent headcannons but for nishinoya and tanaka?

You know I’m really liking these genderbend hc’s - Admin Hope

Tanaka Ryuunosuke 

  • Loads of people are intimidated by her and she likes it that way
  • Gets her nails done and they are pointy and always painted black
  • Has a lot of ear peircings and probably a nose ring
  • Wears v intimidating makeup and her wings are always so on point rip me
  • She is so aggressively supportive of her friends and does everything she can for them
  • Possibly the best senpai, whenever she hears someone talking shit about one of her kouhai’s you’ll definitely hear her yelling at them or giving them dirty looks
  • Her hair is a little past her shoulders but since Saeko is the only one that she allows to cut it it’s kind of uneven but she says it adds to her look
  • Loads of cursing and stressing Daichi and Ennoshita out 24/7
  • Yet she is super helpful and kind once you get to know her
  • She slacks with studying until the last minute and only tries for bare minimum 
  • Don’t let Noya and her study together they won’t get anything done and will end up ordering a pizza and watching anime together

Nishinoya Yuu

  • Girl is always ready to fight someone and she’s short so people don’t really take her that seriously but she has gotten into a fight before
  • Tanaka backed her up one hundred percent and they both ended up getting suspended for like three weeks but Saeko got their things from school every well
  • Feisty and not afraid to call people out when they are being problematic even if it’s her own friends
  • Flexible as hell and getting even more flexible as the days go on shit she could be a cheerleader if she wanted to
  • She’s super confident in herself and always tries her best to be there for her friends
  • Has short hair because she doesn’t like the hassle of long hair, probably works at a gym during the summer
  • Tanaka dared her to drink a large slushy in less than a minute and she fucking did it and shes didn’t get sick afterward she then proceeded to get another slushy 
  • She is fun and light hearted but can get very serious especially when she is playing 

i stg i thought sana was gonna give isak a condom at the christmas party like look at this shit

what was i supposed to think

also isak you’re a teenage boy why didn’t you say anything

I had a dream that shiro crash landed on an island on earth with some alien (I can’t remember if it was galra or not) but either way he was 100% done with their shit the moment they spoke because they tried to fight him and shiro was just so exhausted. He was like “Look, I am the black fucking paladin. I have fought [starts listing things he’s fought] I just want to rest you piece of shit.”

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Something actually happened in Sweden- some refugees raped a girl. Chelsea was wrong to tweet that without knowing the facts and it's not the first time she tweets fake news. I love her but she needs to be more careful. Everything can be used against them these days.

lmao who’s your source because literally every journalist/reporter/anchor on my twitter timeline and in the trend on twitter is mocking him for making shit up and nobody’s talking about rapes except trump supporters (using wack graphics that look like they were made in ms paint). there’s absolutely no way that’s what he was talking about or he would’ve said that. he was talking about terrorist attacks and rambling off countries where once’s have recently taken place. even people in sweden are confused and the government has asked that he clarify his statement, which he has yet to do.

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since Freddie's bday, Briana and her fam had been trying to drop hints that Louis and B were on their way to reconciling. Sun article places eleanor in LA for a long period of time. Does no one notify them about these things or do they just blatantly disregard it?

i don’t think they get notified about shit which makes me very smug because they end up looking like morons

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My favorite "tumblr blatantly misrepresenting Clinton" post was the time someone edited a speech where she basically said she didn't support universal free college because people who can afford it should still pay, to make it look like she opposed free higher ed in general. It was so perfect: taking a Clinton stance that was still economically just, plus way more practical than the equivalent Bernie proposal, and kneejerk shitting on it because it wasn't ideologically pure enough, lol.


Well, not mine mine, but I was the one who responded and inserted the actual quote, in context. It got a tonnnn of notes :)

My best bonding moments with my sis are when we’re both freaking out about my parents like…she said “IM PUTTING FOUNDATION ON UR FACE SO U DONT LOOK SO SICK NO OFFENSE” and I was like “that’s a great idea Katie omg thank u!!!”
And she’s putting a shitload of different products in her hair and grumbling “I can’t BELIEVE I am still going out of my way to please our shallow bitch mother!!!” And “dad has THE NERVE to try and visit as if he didn’t beat the shit out of me and disown me like three times WHAT THE FUCK” and I’m like. Go off Katherine

ABC of Me!

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A - Age: 23

B - Biggest fear: Water don’t ask why I don’t know I have always had this fear

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C - Current time: 17:51 or 5:51pm

D - Drink you last had: Vimto fizzy zero

E - Every day starts with: looking through my Tumblr notifications :P

F - Favourite song: I just love music so I don’t have a favourite song but recently I have be constantly listening to Brett Young - In Case You Didn’t Know

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G - Ghosts, are they real?: hell Yeah 

H - Hometown: Widnes, Cheshire or as I like to call it The Shithole 

I - In love with: to many people such as Joseph Morgan and Jeffrey Dean Morgan. (if you meant not a celebrity then you're shit out of luck cause this guy take up way too much of my time :P ) 

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J - Jealous of:  this may sound weird but I’m not a jealous person the only time i feel a little jealous is when I have to take a picture with my really skinny sister I wished I had her figure sometimes

K - Killed someone: no well not yet we still got time and a lot of stupid, annoying people out there 

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L - Last time you cried: last week I was having a bad day and I kept thinking about my grandad who I lost four years ago but it still hurts a lot like he died yesterday 

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M - Middle name: Louise 

N - Number of siblings: 1 older brother and 2 younger sister 

P - Person you last called/texted: I facetime my little sister to sort out my niece outfit for her birthday my nan making it for her (she want to Queen Elsa)

Q - Questions you’re always asked: “What the fuck?” “Why?” “Do I really have to do this shit?” “What the Hell?” “When will they update their story?” I ask myself a lot of questions 

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R - Reasons to smile: My family (some of them) especially my nieces they always make me smile and my friends that includes you guys.

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S - Song last sang: Carrie Underwood - Chaser (Don’t judge its catchy)

T - Time you woke up: I was up at 5:45am this morning as I was in work for 7 but usually it differs depending on how i’m feeling.

U - Underwear color: Pink

V - Vacation destination: Japan and South Korea

W - Worst habit: I can be extremely lazy at times 

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X - X-rays you’ve had: 1 even though I’m extremely clumsy my Bones are pretty strong 

Y - Your favourite food: Lasagne 

Z - Zodiac sign: Taurus 

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have fun guys 

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i dont know shit about boy scouts idk if its realistic that i think of them all as like, 12, and its probably just a casting issue bc colon spray is fucking older than me and playing 15, but i feel Real Uncomfortable with ppl joking that the scene w/ jughead stealing the kids sundae is like, gay or that jughead is seducing him, because… that kid looks like a kid… im pretty sure jughead is supposed to be a ways older than him… sorry to be sensitive but its gross. why make jokes about that when you could at least joke about him hitting on dilton, who is his age, instead

Soooo, I haven’t posted an annoyingly out of context snippet of a drarry wip lately…

I recently started something new called Retrospection that I’m quite excited about =)

“That shit you were saying about the danger of half-bloods yesterday was about blood,” Harry retorted.

“Not really,” Draco replied, looking animated. “The danger is being raised in one world or the other, but still belonging to both. That’s how you get lunatics like the Dark Lord, trying too hard to only be a part of one, and shun the other.”

“So I’m dangerous then?” Harry asked, wondering if that should bother him. He never reacted the way he should with Draco. It never used to bother him, but now he couldn’t stop wondering if it was a problem.

Draco tilted his head to the side, considering him. “In a way. But you’re just as wary of muggles are we are, sometimes. Aren’t you?”

Harry clenched his jaw. Following the battle, someone had dug up details about his upbringing. He hadn’t commented on them, so most people thought they were outrageous rumours or cries for attention. But the truth was out there, and there were those who knew enough to know it was true. And then there were those, like Draco, who shouldn’t know it was true, but did anyway. He knew Harry too well.

“I’m wary of people,” Harry finally said. “Magic or no magic, pureblood, or half-blood, or muggleborn. Everyone has the potential to be a horrible person.”

“Merlin, you are pathetic now,” Draco said. “Even though you’re right. That’s a sad way to look at the world.”

“So’s spending most of your life believing a group of people should be killed just because they have different blood,” Harry countered.

“Touché,” Draco muttered.

They were silent for a while, and Harry wished he felt unsettled, but he felt calm, and at ease.

“We should have fought about all that,” he said quietly. “I wish we had.”

“I thought you were tired of fighting?” Draco said, eyeing him with a strange expression.

Harry shrugged, and dug his toes into the bottom of the lake. “Fighting is easier than this.”

“What’s this?” Draco asked, lifting a hand of water, and then separating his fingers and letting it trickle through, before doing it again.

Harry didn’t know what this was, and that was the problem. He looked around, until he spied the girls further down the shore.

“I don’t know,” he said, starting to head towards them. “Unresolved.”

Anywhoo, I’m very excited for this fic, hoping it won’t take me forever to finish it, but I wanted to share a wee bit, sharing always psyches me up to write more =)

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i think obi wan was kind of like "no, anakin. /this/ is how you feel, do this, be a jedi, etc etc" but like anakin is the /chosen/ one and that shit wasnt gonna fly. like you know when gifted kids get bored or they outgrow regular stuff easily, or they try to be perfectionists because the pressure that is placed upon them young and it cripples them if they dont do something right. kind of felt anakin was like that. "im not the jedi i should be. i want more"

oooooh that’s such a good point and a great way of looking at it!!!

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(wamt to hear about your crush)(and your rant about hands)

haha oh my heck well my crush is sorta like a puppy dog (that’s weird) but he’s hyper and funny (and sorta a lil shit (in the best way like take that as a term of endearment) but also amazing)(like literally type 7 for the enneagram type) and rly stubborn and will say what he thinks like just no cares at all and is really just looking for lots of fun in life but he also can get really deep and serious and has one of those listening faces that is just the beST (like u feel like ur being understood but ur also safe idk?) and yeah (i should talk to him more)

…also the hand thing (LOL) okay if some1 asks me about it tmoorrow i will try & explain but i needa sleep (it’s so weird)(but like people get it once they think about it)(i have passed this hand thing onto many friendos)

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"What kind of boyfriend would let his sick-as-shit girlfriend handle a car so early in the morning?"- Right? Wouldn't he have got a taxi instead, cos his "girl" is so sick? She's still trying way too hard to make herself look like the poor put-upon perfect girlfriend. And wait, I'm not from the US so is Walgreens even open at 4:30am? Is it a 24hr shop?

She makes Dean look like a selfish asshole.