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Just your gals Kate McKinnon and Kristen Wiig, wearing the same dress. I mean I know we’re all still freaking out about that amazing SNL episode with Kristen Stewart (also because of the shirt sharing thing). But then I found this and it’s just the best! They both look gorgeous!!!!

for anyone who wants to know, these are the sketches (you can find them on YouTube)
Kate: Southern Ladies - aired 05/09/2015
Kristen: Timecrowave - aired 05/15/2010

Gifs are mine

  • fanfic writer: *writing* Oh wow, they are going to love this. This is by far my best work!
  • fic: *witty lines* *perfect love making* *fluffy enough to kill us all* *a dash of angst, a smidgen of hurt/comfort*
  • fanfic writer: Oh man. This is it. This will be my legacy! *sweats into fic* *bleeds into fic* *cries into fic* *spends days perfecting the grammar and verbage and sex scenes* *has 15 betas look over it*
  • fanfic writer: Okay. It is finally time to release my baby on the world. Here you go fandom. You're welcome.
  • fandom: Ha, cute. *like* *kudos*
  • fanfic writer: :/
  • * * *
  • same fanfic writer: *writing* Whatever. This is shit, I don't even care right now. A singing squirrel? Sure, let's do it. Haha, cheesy lines that make no sense, sure. Grammatical errors out the wazoo? Why not. No one's going to read this piece of crap anyway, I literally wrote it on a scrap of 1 ply toilet paper with a broken yellow crayon.
  • fanfic writer: LOL *post*
  • fanfic writer: *sigh*
how I see the signs and what I want them to know
  • (side note - View of a Virgo rising, Leo sun in the 12th, Libra moon in 2nd, mercury Cancer in 11th, venus Leo in 12th, mars Leo in 11th)
  • Aries: was once my best friend, she made literally everything in my life brighter and always helped me to just enjoy things and stop worrying all the time. Also great hugs. Just simply has that energy, wherever it may be - physically, mentally, staying up until you binge watched that show, giving you their last money so you can get yourself something to eat before you starve to death, always down for a talk and a walk even if they had a packed schedule. Please don't miss out on times when you just have to take a day off to get your beautiful and strong energy back. I care about your health so please don't forget to eat properly and don't miss out on that quality time if needed.
  • Taurus: a girl from my drama class and my little sisters moon sign, I am just so in love with your sense for aesthetic. Total sunshines. I feel like I can always rely on you, super compassionate and knows how to make you feel comfortable when youre not. I love that when you have a goal in your mind, you will give your everything to achieve that! Also so humble but like I want you so desperately to know how beautiful I think you are!! I enjoy your company a lot. Please don't be afraid of changes, I know that's such a mainstream thing to write for Taurus but I really do believe that maybe sometimes you need to be reminded that life can also begin at the end of your comfort zone.
  • Gemini: a guy and a girl from biology class, I am literally stunned at how much these people know. Eloquent fluffballs. I could listen to you spreading knowledge 24/7, make great jokes in my opinion and just kind of knows... everyone?? Get along with so many people, can be very chill but also full of energy when they're talking about things they are interested in. Also fun-fact kings and queens. Please remind yourself to stay loyal to your true friends, you may know many people with whom you get along with so well and for sure everyone is intersting in their own way, but it's very possible to feel lonely in a crowd. Your closest friends will always get you out of that and help you, I promise.
  • Cancer: a close friend of mine, literally the most caring person I've ever met. Actual comedians. I don't know I just straight up fell in love with your humour. All the Cancers I know have or had some extreme physical problems going on, please get well soon if you read this and you're also not feeling well. Mentally on the next level, strong and kind of unbreakable. Don't hide their feelings because they just know that when you bottle up your feelings it's never going to end well. They just get you and will be there for you no matter what. Please take care of yourself just as well as you do with your friends and family, you are a true blessing and it's definitely okay to rant or cry or just let it all out.
  • Leo: my english teacher and a guy I used to be close with, very often completely misunderstood and taken for granted, which can lead to unhealthy behaviour. Will make you feel great after a plain shit day. I strive to be this talented at just expressing myself or being confident, even if you just want the world to think you are confident when you're actually not. Cuddly queens and kings. Better not hurt their pride because it took them a lot of time to actually get to that level and in a world where people hate on you for loving yourself, to them it feels like, despite all their work, they are not worth of loving themselves. Please don't forget that although sometimes it's hard to look in the mirror and like what you see, there are caring and warm-hearted people who love you just the way you are.
  • Virgo: a girl in my class I simply adore, I always annoy you with my endless compliments. Kind of just in love with these down-to-earth and sweet people. Either super chill or worried a lot, I wish I could just hug you until you feel less stressed. Smol but strong beans you can learn a lot from. So reliable, I actually hate doing group projects and always want to do everything myself but since you share that opinion we created something I was really proud of and now we always do them together. Please remember that passion is something you shouldn't be ashamed of, you simply don't have to be because it's something you love and your needs are valid. Also dreaming big, it's possible, especially for you so why not?
  • Libra: a girl I recently got to know and am already completely amazed by, literal social butterflies who sometimes only know in hindsight how much they enjoyed the company of someone because they adapt so easily and it's rare to find someone where you can just simply be yourself. Love how they view life and that they make me want to talk more. Very open and you never feel excluded because they just know how to include everyone. Please don't forget to remind yourself who you truly are and not to lose yourself in another person, because there really is only one you no matter how good you are at adapting to literally every social situation, you are amazing and I want you to be comfortable as well.
  • Scorpio: my dad and my ex boyfriend's mom, two very caring peole in their own way. I always love how sharp their sarcasm can be. Can comfort extremely well when they want to. So many secrets and things to know about them that I can lose myself in them wanting to explore whats actually behind their shell. Teaches you life lessons. Please don't forget that humans aren't flawless and that's completely okay. You don't have to hold onto old grudges, communication is key and talking about these things, confronting these people who did you wrong will help you grow as a person.
  • Sagittarius: an old friend of mine, very cute people who get interested in so many things and they are so versatile and adventurous I absolutely love their lively nature. Memes™. Total dorks you can fall for in a second. Are actually the best partners to just talk to about anything because they will be interested and share their opinion with you. Please remind yourself that cutting off people can be a very wise decision and you don't have to keep up with everyones shit if that's just not what you're in for.
  • Capricorn: I am literally so attracted to these people it's unreal, although I kind of always think that they don't like me...... anyways, my bigger twin sisters are caps and they are humble souls who really had to fight for a lot in life sadly. So proud of you. Keep up with the hard work, you really deserve everything. So realistic and pure I have heart eyes. Supportive and extremely loyal. Will stand up for you if you need it. Straight face™ but still manages to make even the most serious people laugh. Please remind yourself to not overdo it with the work, take a day off to relax and let yourself go maybe, even if it's hard - with the right people you don't ever have to be afraid of being yourself.
  • Aquarius: my ex boyfriend whom I had a crush on for like 4 years, teached me great life lessons. Will always have a weakness for aquas, they just attract me so much, how much of a fluffy dork can you be tbh? Capacity of acceptance is incredible. So much fun to be with. Are kind of just good at everything? You can talk to them about anything, it won't feel weird, they won't question it and just talk to you about that topic. So friendly, an underrated trait in my opinion, just complete and simple friendliness you enjoy to the fullest. Please remind yourself to let people not only see your amazing shell but also your stunning core, there are people who love to talk about the same things you love and nothing about you is weird, you are special and I absolutely love it.
  • Pisces: a very sweet guy I've been texting with for the past months, very open minded and also have that sensitivity I strive to have. Very inspirational smol puppy. Actual daydreamers™, may be late to school but love deeply and would never neglect your love. Kind of hate almost everything that's planned out? (I'm sorry I just love to plan things out) will hug you no matter what. Does not fear to dream big, is very talented at artsy stuff in my opinion. Please don't forget that even if it seems hard, and yes our school system is kind of very bad,we get to have that education and your dreams will be reality if you work hard enough to achieve them. You have so much potential, please don't ever waste it.

Another art style change, another commission page update! I’m hoping to be able to get more commissions and help my rather low income, especially as I’m trying to be able to afford an animation school that will continue to better my art.

Single Characters:

Prices are set for full-bodied drawings and simple backgrounds; prices may change for busts or torso-only drawings.
- Line art: $15
- Base color: $20
- Shading: $25


Prices negotiable, depending on the complexity of each component.
- Detailed background base color: +$15
- Detailed and shaded background: +$20
- Detailed border: +$15

Additional Characters:

- Up to two additional characters: +$5 each
- More than three characters: +$10 each, after the third

Payment will be upfront, once a price is worked out depending on the project, and through PayPal. If you have any questions, or are interested, please shoot me a message! Otherwise, spreading this would be amazingly helpful. And thanks to everyone who can help me out with this.

am I really the only one who doesn’t see the chin grab as ~romantic~? I don’t know to me it was just Gaston being a manipulative asshole and taking advantage of LeFou’s love and loyalty to force him to lie, it’s not a thing to be ‘aawww they’re so cute I ship them so hard *heart eyes*’ about, but anyway

Slytherins: messy or clean?
  • I've read, in a lot of places, that Slytherins are very clean and proper people. Like they don't like looking anything else than dapper and yeah, just clean. They don't like to have messy rooms, 'messy' outfits, or messy hair.
  • But I think there are Slytherins that just don't give a fuck. They'll have messy hair and messy rooms, dressing in chill clothes. Because they don't give a shit. They have other things to care about.

There was a post once with the hc of Jack having a tooth gap before the promotion and have I mentioned that I love it?

But then I started thinking about how Gabe would react when he suddenly lost it. So have this drabble. 

Gabriel exhaled as he stepped off the ship, taking in the view of the new HQ. He hardly recognized it, if he was honest. The size of it had doubled. The trees and flowers outside made it feel more like a resort and less military. In fact he’d almost swore a few of these people were touring the place rather than working there.

The most glaring difference, however, had to be the statue.

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anonymous asked:

One of my biggest pet peeves is when people use real-life examples to say why you should support their cause (ie, a feminist saying you should support feminism because of how women in the third world are treated) but, when you look at their blogs, they do absolutely nothing to help those people and complain about trivial shit instead. To me, it just seems like they don't really care about those who are suffering, but want to use their stories as a way to guilt trip others.

I agree.

Since you brought up feminism, I want to be clear on that, too. 

If a feminist in the West says something like, “I’m a feminist because I concentrate on women’s issues in my country,” then that’s more than fair enough. Contrary to popular anti-feminist belief, there are still issues that women face. If a feminist campaigns for women’s health issues or genuine discrimination cases or things like that, then that is totally understandable and I’ll totally support them in those things.

But if you’ve got one that does nothing but claim something like, “You have to say you’re a feminist if you care about women outside of the West!” then that’s utterly useless.

If all someone does is claim that there’s a boogeyman of some type and then say that they want to defeat said boogeyman, then their “activism” doesn’t mean anything. Nothing can change – and this covers every kind of activism – unless you look at specific situations and instances that you think are wrong, explain why they’re wrong, advocate a change/addition to the law, bring awareness of a specific thing that doesn’t have much awareness or set up/take part in support groups for victims/etc of something. Otherwise, it just screams as an excuse to feel “oppressed” all the time and lash out at others, which doesn’t help anyone at all.

You know?

anonymous asked:

MMMMM son that daddy shit 👀👀👀👀 you are the hero we need but don't deserve 💯💯💯💯💯💯 fuck that was so good. Just the right mix of yandere and caring. Fuuuuuuck yes 💞💞💞💞 I would give you my first born for a continuation of it

Thank you! I’m glad you like it so much! I accept first born’s as payment so here you go!


Everything had been going so well. Jesse and Hanzo had been eating up how well you had been behaving lately, letting them dress you up however they pleased. 

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trans-undertale  asked:

In fact here's something interesting: your post got liked by an actual neo-nazi! Good job!

Fun Fact: I have zero control over who likes my posts.  Them doing so does not associate me with their organization.  Besides that, I’d love to know how you’d even know any person liking a post is an actual neo-Nazi unless you’ve been obsessively stalking them.  I also don’t trust your judgement on who is or is not a neo-Nazi, because of how easily you abuse that term.  After all, one of your comrades at Berkley mistakenly punched a Syrian refugee they believed was a fascist.

“ …the word ‘Fascism’ is almost entirely meaningless. In conversation, of course, it is used even more wildly than in print. I have heard it applied to farmers, shopkeepers, Social Credit, corporal punishment, fox-hunting, bull-fighting, the 1922 Committee, the 1941 Committee, Kipling, Gandhi, Chiang Kai-Shek, homosexuality, Priestley’s broadcasts, Youth Hostels, astrology, women, dogs and I do not know what else … Except for the relatively small number of Fascist sympathisers, almost any English person would accept ‘bully’ as a synonym for ‘Fascist’. That is about as near to a definition as this much-abused word has come.“ 

- George Orwell (who knew a hell of a lot more about fascism than YOU do)

Either way, you’re still a shoplifting piece of shit, so nothing you say about the betterment of society matters when you can’t even care enough about others to actually support their jobs and keep prices reasonable for everyone else.

God, you are so embarrassing.  ANTIFA in general are embarrassing.  Like, all y’all look like the kids that got beat up at recess, and yet you think you’re a threat to anyone.

Have a Pepsi, chucklenuts.

B.A.P As Shit My Media Class Does

Yongguk: Stands on the sidelines stunned into silence by the argument happening before him.

Himchan: Laughs when someone says something stupid whether they were serious or not, lots of people become offended but does he care? No.

Daehyun: Argues about the noise a galah makes with the teacher.

Youngjae: Angrily slams his fist on the table in the middle of an easy, fifteen question practice exam.

Jongup: Stares into the distance with what I assume the effect of drugs may look like as an expression.

Zelo: Stops mid sentence to dance to Madonna. 

B.A.P as a whole: Has to take votes four times because the debate for what to study next kept ending in a draw, and cheaters.

what the strings think during a concert
  • first violins: don't mess up don't get lost don't mess up don't mess up don't get lost don't mess up don't get lost don't mess up don't mess up don't mess up don't get lost don't mess up oh darn I just played a c sharp where there a c natural shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit shit
  • second violins: oh dear we're lost and now everyone is just playing quietly. maybe if the conductor actually FKCUING LOOKED AT US DURING REHEARSAL WE WOULDN'T HAVE THIS PROBLEM.
  • violas: if we just got up and left right now, would anyone notice? like, seriously. if we left one by one, starting from the last stand, would anyone notice? would anyone care? if they did notice, would they even try to stop us? I don't think so.
  • cellos: HI MOM okay this is serious business. um pah pah um pah pah um pah pah um pah pah. serious business. woah the conductor just pointed at us. what does that mean? does he want more cello? more um and less pah? probably that. UM pah pah UM pah pah UM pah pah. srs bsnss
  • bass: it's been five minutes and the conductor still hasn't noticed that I've been on my phone the entire time. six minutes. are any of us still playing? I guess it doesn't really matter, considering we always have the same part as the cellos anyway.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog, super new to this shit. Is there a tag I can look up on your blog that explains this fake insiders trashing Zayn thing? I'm a Zayn fan (wish the other boys well but don't necessarily care about them or 1D) and new to Tumblr, and just finding out exactly how problematic some people claiming to be woke on this website are. Alternative facts exist here, like everywhere else and it's really saddening. Like isn't fandom of any sort supposed to bring you joy?

Hey nonnie. Thanks for the blog love. I didn’t dedicate a specific tag to that. It’s all in my fandom fuckery tag I think, which unfortunately, is over 2500 posts strong (damn fandom get it together).

In a nutshell, as far as I’m aware, it started on twitter and spread to tumblr. There was a fake insider that really was an insider, but was spreading alternative facts on purpose. Confused yet? Yeah, it was a mess. Basically a tiny “mistake” made by this person led to it being found out that they worked for Modest. They tweeted a relative from their fake account and of course, fans went digging and found their true identity. Their resume was still online.

Anyway, this person was using Harry and Louis as bait to draw Larries in. They’d tweet little things that turned out to be true, which gave them cred. But it was always little things. Like when Louis momentarily fucked off to Fiji while on tour…

…they posted pix of where Louis was before the pix of Louis in Fiji hit the fandom. So after reeling people in, the rumor mongering started. It wasn’t all about Zayn. They acknowledged Louis and Harry were in a relationship–they also added a heaping helping of drama. Lots of angst and lover’s spats. I assume they were trying to get people to become disillusioned with Larry. They also implied that Liam and Zayn were in an on/off non-monogamous relationship. Yep, some of those Larries who denied/ignored Ziam were told by their insider that they were hooking up. To be fair, a couple of Larries caught in this web did say on blog they thought their was “something” going on with Liam and Zayn. And that was probably because of the insider. But just a couple…

So once Fall 2014 rolled around, after over a year of grooming, the big Zayn rumors hit. In hindsight, this was staging for the coming Zayn leaving mega stunt. And because it was Larries that had been targeted from jump, it was Larries that ran with it. Remember, they had been piecemealed little inconsequential bits of truth to establish credibility. But still, given how terribly dysfunctional this fake insider portrayed Harry and Louis, they should have been suspicious. When I was told about all this, I was immediately suspicious. And I was shown screencaps of conversations that were hella confusing. But in the end, it wasn’t difficult to call bullshit. They should’ve called bullshit. Because the ultimate target of this con wasn’t even Zayn. It was Larries and their credibility. They’d guessed right about a lot of things, so that credibility needed to be impeached. And 1DHQ was successful in keeping Larries marginalized and looking “crazy”.

Because the Larries involved have still not come clean about this (some aren’t around anymore), the damage done by these fake rumors still impacts the fandom. Many people hate on Zayn based on all the on blog shade these Larries were throwing based on planted, fake rumors. Off blog, they were also aggressively pushing their inside information. So a lot of other fans do not have all the facts and don’t know they’re collateral damage in a long con. smh But fights broke out, mutuals broke up, partial receipts were released into the wild. Messy messy stuff.

P.S. Don’t ask me for details. I’m not getting back into ancient history. This is the one and only FYI.

Speaking of character development...
  • "Kiss me and I'll cut your fucking tongue out."
  • "I miss you." - "You say that again, I'll rip your tongue out of your head."
  • "Take your hand off the glass."
  • "You wanna chit-chat more or you wanna get on me?"
  • "You ready to go again or you need some time, firecrotch?"
  • "Liking what I like don't make me a bitch."
  • "You're nothing but a warm mouth to me."
  • "I missed ya."
  • "How do you know if a guy you've been hanging out with likes you?"
  • "He isn't afraid to kiss me."
  • "Fuck you is what you were invited to."
  • "Would you at least look at me?"
  • "You love me and you're gay."
  • "I know what he felt with me. He can't fake that."
  • "It's a fucking piece of paper!" - "Not to me."
  • "Not everybody just gets to blurt out how they fucking feel every minute."
  • "DON'T."
  • "The other one. The readhead."
  • "I like fucking carrot tops."
  • "He in trouble?"
  • "I gotta take care of something important."
  • "25 bucks gets you a dance." - "25 bucks for your ass, huh? Never had to pay for that shit before."
  • "Jesus Christ, Ian."
  • "Don't make me say it, asswhipe."
  • "Yeah, sure. Got nothing better to do than watch a bunch of pruny queens slap their sacks against your asscheeks."
  • "Those fingers go anywhere near that cock, Imma break every knuckle on your hand."
  • "Ian, what you and I have, makes me free."
  • "I just want everybody here to know, I'm fucking gay."
  • "You're going down, Army."
  • "Fucking cheat on me, Ian? Won't get out of bed and you're fucking bouncing off the walls. I came out for you, you piece of shit."
  • "Red-head. Bat-shit crazy. Packing 9 inches."
  • "Are you out of you're fucking mind? [...] You are out of you're fucking... don't touch me. [...] You need to pack you're shit."
  • "You're sick. You need help. I got to take you to a hospital, Ian." - "Fuck you." - "Hey, hey. You are going to the psych ward or a fucking E.R. It's up to you. [...]" - "Okay... okay. I didn't know how important this was to you."
  • "I'm worried about you. I LOVE YOU..."
  • "His partner. Lover. Family. You know?"
  • "Can I go in with him?"