this looks like girl hate but it isnt

realellie  asked:

heathers bninch

                                                     SEND ME A MUSICAL!

Listened to It | wtf is that | LOVE IT | meh | um…hate it | heard of it | yes!!

Rate: 1-10:  it gets a 6.5 bc theres too much jdonica and dan domenech isnt in it but candy store could revive me from the dead 

Favorite Lyric:
 "They couldn’t see past my rockstar mystique
They wouldn’t dare look in my eyes
But just underneath was a terrified girl
Who clings to her pillow and cries!
My looks were just like prison bars;
They’ve left me a myriad of scars.“  
id die for heather chandler
he’s got your handwriting down cold ! (:

Favorite Song:  candy store!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tf

Favorite Character: um,,,,,,, heather chandler ,,,,,,,,,,,,

Best Moment: noah fence but big fun is such a good time

Something that makes me angry: jdonica??????? who are they

Gives me the chills:  yo girl through i am damaged is brutal my dudes

Overall opinions:  why did my four kids fucking die also alice is a canon char ty gn

i always see those “7th graders now vs. me in 7th grade” things and it actually makes me think

  • girls are even more pressured to look more beautiful, wear more makeup, and look more like 20something year old women than they were when i was in 7th grade
  • like me, the people in question probably weren’t that fixated on looks in 7th grade (aka Not Cool and also Had Hobbies and Was A Child) as opposed to girls that (unfortunately) learn to hate how they look super young
  • people tend to blame girls who try to look older/more beautiful/more “sexy” instead of critically thinking about what causes our culture to pressure them to do this. it’s not because girls are just inherently shallow or attention-seeking it’s bc
  • from increasingly young ages girls are taught that they’re not worth much as a person if they’re not acceptably pretty and feminine

and i hate that post thats like “girls, you are so lucky because if you’re ugly you have makeup! guys who are ugly are just screwed” like no you dipshit women are held to a higher standard of beauty. the majority of men do not wear makeup and are still seen as attractive but women without makeup look “tired” or “sick”. in our society makeup isnt used to make ugly women beautiful its used to raise all women to this artificial beauty ideal that you idiots created. 

and while we’re at it who the fuck is stopping men from wearing makeup