this looks like girl hate but it isnt

Sick of you

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Request: Yes! Anon:  What about some Draco Malfoy imagine? Maybe like he is only kind and sweet with you. But doesn’t want that nobody finds that he is like that so when people are around, he is rude to you. You choose the end hahaha!!!

A/N: Hope you like it! I got a carried away. 

please dont hate me

“You look so cute when you blush!” my boyfriend Draco said. We’ve been together only a few weeks and I really enjoyed his company, he was always sweet to me.

“You know? It isnt fair that people say that girls look cute when they blush, they just make us blush even more!” I told him. At the moment we were near the Forbbiden Forest, it was sort of our spot.

“Well, I think it’s cute” he said looking at me s I covered my face with my hand.

“Shut up!” I said laughing “let’s go, I dont want to miss dinner”

“As you wish, my princess” 

“how you doin? guys” I said looking at Draco’s friends

“Hey Draco, Y/n” Blaise answered 

“Y/n, why dont you go to your friends while I am here?” Draco said looking at me

“I don’t want to, I want to stay here”

“And I don’t want you to be with us”


“I don’t like you to be with us! You are useless here” he said looking at me with something I could only descrive as disgust.

“Ok, I’ll go” I said as I walked away, he never treated me like that when we were alone. What was his problem?

“Weren’t you a little to harsh there Malfoy?” I heard Pansy, but she said in tone that sounded like she was mocking me.

“Nice one mate” was the last thing I heard as I walked away.

A little time later I was in the library when Draco came to me

“I’m sorry about that Y/n”

“I don’t know, are you?” I looked over my book

“Yeah, I dont know what happened to me” he sat next to mee and I putted my book down.

“That makes two of us”

“Y/n, I am really sorry, sorry for treating you like that babe, I am sorry”

“Ok, I belive you, just, don’t do it again ok?”

“Ok, I wont do it again, sorry again princess” 

But he will do it again. Repeteadly

Since that day I avoided to talk to Draco’s friends. But I couldn’t avoid them forever, it just kept happening, they would mock me everytime they saw me and Draco will be getting on their side, but the straw that high tumbler came when me and Draco were in a hallway talking, when Blaise and Pansy came to us.

“Draco! We just wanted to know if you were still be with us during dinner, without your stupid girlfriend, of course” Pansy said looking to me like I was just a piece of garbage.

I just stood there looking at Draco, hoping he would do or say anything, but he was just looking down, avoiding my eyes

“Yeah, maybe she could go with her mudblood friend” that was it. I couldnt stand them anymore. They could mock me but whenever someone mocked my friends I got angry, and specially my friend Emily, who was a muggle born, she was in Hufflepuff and I met her before I even met Draco. In thirth year I was in the Black Lake reading a muggle book wich I found in a library on Hogsmade when she came to me and told me that she was reading the exact same book. Since then we were friends ndwe would recomend books to each other all the time, wich was one of the tings Draco didnt accepted about me.

I was a half blood that came from a long line of purebloods until my father met a muggle and married her, and I was alays intrested in the muggle world, but since I met Draco I had to read the muggle books when I was alone.

But when I heard Zabini call Emily a mudblood I got out of there with tears forming in my eyes, not sad tears, anger tears. I was angry that every time Parkinson or zabini said something about me Draco wouldnt say nothing or he would get on their side.

I got out of the castle and went to the other side of the Black Lake, the side that was near the wall that kept Hogwarts away from the world. I sat with my back againts the wall and screamed. Even tough me and Draco had only been together for four months I was already sick of him and his friends.

Part two?

Sorry, not sorry


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I’m confused, I read some theory about how every song is going to be satirical and like I didn’t see much satire in Gorgeous? But that’s just me?

it isnt satirical at all ???? i feel like the overanalysis here is getting a little too much or something. since when do we start thinking that taylor doesnt write lyrics about things she actually feels?  

i think its clear taylor wrote this song from an authentic place? …. i dont see any satire. anywhere? : she met him… thought joe was gorgeous…she was tongue tied…she can talk to anyone and everyone in the room but him bc she was so attracted to him she couldnt form words….the only way she could talk to him was with a little alcohol in her system…and even then she couldnt ‘talk’ to him….his eyes melted her….she was frustrated she felt so much for him bc she couldnt do anything about it…she hates not being able to have something she wants (dont we all) … if he’s taken then it isnt so bad even tho she’d be jealous of that girl … but if he’s single thats even worse cause then she still can’t have him …. she can even explain how gorgeous he is - she’s like just look at him, look at his face… a chance touch of her hand set her on fire….drove her mad… meanwhile she was pissed her bf was off doing who knows what…and shes acknowledging that rs was not right ….and she ended up home alone with her cats instead of w her bf wtf…and maybe she did wish she could bring joe home..but she didnt…that doesnt mean that thought doesnt cross her mind in a what if scenario…. i see no satire, no throwing people off, no writing this from a ‘im a cheater’ perspective.

 i do not think she is making shit up based on some non existent personality, she is not writing this ‘from the place of a rumor’… she’s not writing this song to ‘throw’ people off on their actual story. she’s actually being brutally honest!

i find that satire takeaway from this song totally off track (no pun intended)

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I do like the way you see things. You were very critical last year of how Josh wasnt working and how he was pushing his relationship with Closh. But isnt he playing a different PR game at the moment? He is back on instagram, showing his gregarious & sarcastic side, working on a show that looks as if it could be a hit, his relationship with C isnt centre stage. Its fairly obvious that C isnt the love of his life, but she is a pretty, young girl, who is in his circle of friends.

Thanks for your questions. I’ll post them both here. 

Regarding Josh - he absolutely is playing a different PR game - Mr-I-Hate-Instagram has had to eat his words because, whether he likes it or not, he needs to elevate his social media presence to help promote FM. And he has to get committed to doing the right type of PR. Doing the minimum and expecting your fans to follow isn’t working. Josh has had an IG for almost a month and doesn’t even have 70K followers and he keeps losing Twitter followers. He needs to be seen with other likable celebrities, ditch the dead-end fauxmance and attend industry events. Some charity events would especially help. Going to Coachella and doing one walk on the fair grounds and picking up a tote bag didn’t do a damn thing for him. 

As for the “girlfriend”, she gets him nothing and hurts his standing with fans. At this point, they’re waiting for the contract to expire. She’s a user and he doesn’t much care for her, and fans can see it. His friends consistently mock her and ridicule her. You don’t post a video of her getting splashed in the face TWICE because you like her. And Josh has repeatedly complained about his fans being mean to his “girlfriend” yet allows his friends to post videos that give us more ammunition. No, she’s a joke not just to us but to the people forced to interact with her. Hollywood is the Mecca of two-faced behavior and they can post something that makes it seem like she’s well liked, but usually follow-up with little digs like “going to be a loooooong weekend” when referring to her.  She’s dead weight for him and he knows it.

“How can Jen be coy and reticent and private with the media when she is in a relationship with the director?”

We’ve never seen this much of one of her relationships. Ever. Not Nick. And certainly not Chris Martin, an enormous star in his own right.

This is a disaster for her image. And he loves every minute of the attention.

Jen isn’t carrying a strong feminist message, no matter what her $710 t-shirt says. 

There’s no way to positively sell this train-wreck of a relationship. At best she looks like a needy, insecure girl; at worst, a calculating woman who sleeps with powerful men to secure her position in her industry.  It’s bad.  She needs to end this and just come clean with her troubles. You can’t continue to deflect bad PR with even worse PR.

friendly reminder

degrading girls for their bodies is fucking gross

i see girls with small boobs get SO MUCH hate everyday, how we “arent women” or “look like men” and lots of gross stuff like that

this isnt related to the sidemen or anything, but if you cant appreciate and love a girl for her body (especially since she can’t help what she looks like) then you can absolutely, 100% off yourself

bunch of wankers x

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Hello yes may I please request more band! AU thank you


band AU part 2: marching season senior year (RFA is all in the same class)


  • section leader BITCH
  • best friends with every single girl in the flute section
  • it doesnt matter what yoosungs sexuality is every girl in the section calls him their “gay best friend”
  • lowkey always talkin shit about the other sections
  • he went from the most shy smol on the planet to “bitch if you dont have a dot book….”
  • wears his hair in a tiny little pony tail
  • constantly sunburned
  • the freshman in the other sections are afraid of him
  • always very quiet on the field!!!!
  • always hits his spot!!!
  • he is really good at teaching marching technique to the kiddies
  • he loves his flute children
  • when Yoosung is a senior a ton of girls are lowkey swooning over him but the other girls in his section r like bitch back up this one is OURS


  • this bitch has one loud ass section
  • his section probably has a chant
  • they run laps around the field before practice just to be obnoxious
  • very tight knit group!!
  • if the band has to count out loud, his whole section screams SAX and SAXTEEN instead of six and sixteen
  • gets away with shit because him and the band director are pals
  • “you give Zen special treatment”
  • “he’s a special boy now run along”
  • he fucks around a lot but when its time to work he works HARD!
  • his other section members will always confess their love to him as a joke
  • also, they all call him “oppa”
  • dot book? i havent heard that name in years
  • if you ever see Zen with a dot book just know that its empty


  • the most terrifying woman you’ve ever seen,
  • her stare alone can kill 1000 men
  • (but really she just thinkin bout how cute Zen looks today)
  • the only person she can tolerate during marching bad rehearsal is V, because he’s the other drum major
  • she’ll walk around the field during practice and give tips
  • if Jaehee approaches someone you can assume they just peed their pants
  • but she’s actually very sweet and encouraging when she gives tips
  • that is, unless you keep making the same mistake over and over again
  • then she gets really passive aggressive
  • “no yea, dont listen to me! i’m sure that penguin walk technique you have will charm the judges at competition this year. i’ve only been doing this for three years but hey, what do i know?”
  • at this point V has to physically remove Jaehee from the situation
  • “Jaehee you’re scaring them again”
  • “good. they should be scared”
  • also Jaehee is that one kid in band who says they hate band kids all the time
  • like every three seconds “i hate band kids”
  • can keep time so well she is probably not human


  • also hates band kids
  • “Jumin, can we have a section chant like the saxophones?”
  • “no. thats stupid”
  • “can we have a cool section name?”
  • “we already do”
  • “we do?”
  • “the clarinets. now shut up”
  • the most well behaved section on the field
  • they all have dot books
  • none of them are well behaved because of Jumin, its mostly because they’re afraid of Jaehee who’s also a clarinet
  • but they let Jumin think that he’s the reason they act well
  • when they finally convince him to get section t-shirts it is literally this
  • “this is terrible”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • “its so boring”
  • “its says “go clarinets. isnt that exciting enough”
  • “you wrote it in ariel font”
  • “well yea, i’m not a fucking savage”


  • has played bass two all four years!!!!
  • his section is so messy (but the playing is clean)
  • but it doesnt matter because drumlines drill is easy as fuck
  • Seven doesnt even allow dot books in his section
  • if you get caught with a dot book he will throw it away
  • always wildin and adding their own visuals
  • “hey man, what if we did this”
  • and he’ll just flip his stick around and then pass it around his back and click on his rims a bunch of times
  • “oh, thats in”
  • for every dumbass thing they do 
  • “thats in”
  • when they play cadences Seven adds his own choreography
  • also adds his own vocals (saying dumbass shit when he’s not playing)
  • SEVENS DRUMLINE expectations:

Originally posted by colorlessmidnight

  • reality:

Originally posted by almond--milk


  • the most gentle drum major youve ever seen
  • tries to be intimidating but everyone can see right through him
  • him and Jaehee are like good cop/bad cop
  • “you dont have a dot book? oh thats okay, just please bring it next time. keep up the good work!”
  • tells his band he is proud of them every five minutes
  • also, he always raises the most money when they do fund raisers
  • if he’s not conducting during rehearsal he’s literally following the drumline around
  • he wants to keep them in check but they fuck around anyway
  • Seven will be like “V, think fast!” and throw a stick at him
  • they when he doesnt watch it Seven will say “yikes, you dropped a stick. thats 10 push-ups”
  • then V is like jAEHEE THEYRE DOING IT AGAIN :(
  • thinks drum major bonding time is very important
  • can often be found encouraging Jaehee and/or calming her down
  • everyone in band loves him
  • also picks on Jumin a lot and makes him do push ups in front of his section for no reason


  • only one in the RFA who isnt section leader
  • makes everyone do push ups anyway
  • if you look at him funny he’ll give you push ups
  • even if you arent in his section he doesnt care
  • once he made one of the flute girls do push ups because she missed her dot and Yoosung was like tbh i dont wanna start anything just do the push ups
  • once made V do push ups
  • everyone hates him except for his section
  • the only trombone without a dot book
  • not playing half the time
  • at the beginning of marching season they have Saeran teach the freshman marching technique as a way to scare them into submission
  • never misses his dot
  • makes snarky comments for all of rehearsal
  • but they’re FUNNY
  • always doing the most
  • always ready for a who-can-do-the-most-push-ups contest


i was helping my friend get ready for a date (w a guy) earlier n she’s like abt her outfit like ‘what do u think of this like, in ur certified lesbian opinion’ and it’s. i was a bit??? and i asked for clarification and turns out yea she was asking if i thought she looked hot n i just was so. gosh cos i dont think abt stuff like that abt girls like, well honestly hardly ever lol and even more rarely when it’s like, my friends. cos internalised homophobia n fear of being a predatory lesbian isnt it lol. anyway i explained that i can’t look at friends like that n she understood (she’s bi) but like. shit’s weird isnt it lol. weird fancying girls n hating urself n all that

I just had a thought about fem!Dan Howell being a very ferocious feminist

her channel would contain videos of her calling out sexism and wearing every single article of clothing that men supposedly hate

and there is a very popular video in which she walks the streets of london bumping into men who refuse to get out of her way and shouting at men who catcall her, actively freezing the entire street

Meanwhile fem!phil lester is a quieter feminist who lectures but never yells, embraces pink and frills and when someone calls her a girly girl she says “thank you i work hard and spend a lot of money to look like this!!” With a sweet eye smile like the angel she is

fem!phil isnt as active as dan and people think shes a basic level 1 feminist but shes just very passive and doesnt like conflict but she is actually very educated and his written numerous blog posts and has gone on youtube panels about sexism in the youtube community as the voice of reason

Opposite dan’s voice of action-feminist videos, phil is more solemn and serious, stays in her room and relays all the pains in the sexist world and being super kawaii people fall for her and comment things like “the world is so unfair” and slowly she converts all her subscribers to active feminists who then she redirects to dan where they learn how to call out sexism actively

Fem!phan as the greatest feminist tag team on youtube

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Riarkle and Lucaya camping headcanon

akjhfkjan this would be so funny

+ ok so like . farkle and riley would be completely clueless

+ like no fucking idea of wha t is going on

+ maya and lucas would have their tent up in like five minutes and farkle would still be trying to understand the directions as riley is sitting up against a tree, crying, because she stepped on a butterfly

+ and then lucas would try to offer help and farkle would be like super stubborn bc HE CAN DO IT he’s a GENIUS he surely can put together a fucking TENT

+ but . it turns out he can’t

+ so he begrudgingly joins riley against the tree and is just all huffy but she reminds him that he is very manly and talented and HOW EXCITING LOOK AT THAT BUNNY! WE’RE ONE WITH NATURE FARKLE!

+ and he suddenly remembers why he even went camping in the first place

+ bc he’s fucking in love with riley matthews

+ MEANWHILE lucas and maya have already set up both tents and are preparing lunch

+ and lucas is being a cocky little shit about how fast he can light a fire and maya is like …seems fake but ok

+ so his masculinity is Shook™ and challenges her to a campfire off and whoever lights it first gets to call the shots later

+ and as everyone knows, maya never steps down from a challenge especially if it’s one that could take lucas down a peg

+ so they begin working and within like two minutes Maya has a fire going and is screaming bc she even surprised herself

+ and then all of a sudden riley is running up to Maya and jumping on her BC SHE’S SO PROUD HER PEACHES

+ so lucas mumbles something irrelevant and sulks over to where farkle is and sits next to him so they can be whiny babies together

+ and then the girls come over and harrass them bc they boys are being so EXTRA 

+ and they’re just like “whatever you two are better off without us”

+ and the girls are like “u right”

+ so they walk back over to the tents and the fire where they start lunch and riley is playing music off of her solar powered bluetooth speaker that she will literally never use again

+ and then theyre dancing and laughing and the boys are having a very hard time acting like theyre helpless and whiny

+ bc look at their girls theyre so happy !!! we should be happy with them !!! such ethereal beings !!! how did we get so lucky

+ but of course they dont say that bc the masculinity is strong with this one

+ it isnt until the girls run back over to them and grab them to dance that they allow themselves to be happy and dance with them and eat their lunch of hot dogs and actually have a good time

+ and then night falls

+ and things get wild

+ maya is cold . always . but she hates admitting it

+ so lucas tries to offer her his jacket and she’s like IM FINE

+ and he’s like YOURE FREEZING

+ so they’re bickering and farkle are laughing at them as theyre all snuggled up together as they have like thirteen blankets

+ and then finally maya storms off to the tent

+ and lucas is like “she’s lucky i love her”

+ and then he follows her in there and theyre bickering for a little bit and then it’s silent and riley is like …did she

+ did she kill him

+ so she gets up to go check on them and farkle yanks her back down and is like “i don’t think you want to do that”

+ and she’s all confused bc she’s like LUCAS COULD BE DEAD

+ but then she realizes

+ and she is now disgusted

+ and goes and unzips their tent with one hand over her eyes just to yell at them about how WE WERE LITERALLY FIVE FEETS AWAY HAVE YOU NO DECENCY

+ but then the only response she gets is maya throwing a pillow at her bc “jesus christ riley we were ASLEEP lucas and i did all of the work all day we were SLEEPING”

+ and then she’s embarrassed

+ so she apologizes and zips it back up

+ but little does she know that they were doing exactly what she had thought but pretended to be asleep as soon as they heard farkle try to stop her

+ lol they wild

+ so then farkle and riley go over to their tent to go to sleep bUT NOT BEFORE LOOKING AT THE STARS AND MAKING OUT UNDER THE CONSTELLATIONS BC THEYRE SPACE HOES

+ it’s just . a magical time


“Eric also told us why he did it, but I would argue he seems to give two different reasons in two different places. In the Web writings, Eric’s violence is often propelled by a sense of superiority over the dumb, the ignorant, and those who cannot play Doom. The Web writings, it could be expected, were also more targeted for public consumption. 
  But the diary entries tell another story. And because they were not necessarily meant to be public, they may be seen as more truthful. In two of the most telling views into Eric’s mind, he is Dylan Klebold: A sad, lonely, depressive. If Eric truly felt superior, it came from a sense of inferiority: 
  In late 1998 Eric writes: 
  Everyone is always making fun of me because of how I look, how fucking weak I am and shit, well I will get you all back: ultimate fucking revenge here. you people could have shown more respect, treated me better, asked for my knowledge or guidence more, treated me more like senior, and maybe I wouldn’t have been as ready to tear your fucking heads off. then again, I have always hated how I looked, I make fun of people who look like me, sometimes without even thinking sometimes just because I want to rip on myself. Thats where a lot of my hate grows from, the fact that I have practically no selfesteem, especially concerning girls and looks and such. therefore people make fun of me… constantly… therefore I get no respect and therefore I get fucking PISSED. as of this date I have enough explosives to kill about 100 people, and then if I get a couple bayonetts, swords, axes, whatever I’ll be able to kill at least 10 more. and that just isnt enough! GUNS! I need guns! Give me some fucking firearms! 
And this diary entry apparently comes in April 1999 (the first Friday of the last month, Eric indicates): 
  why the fuck cant I get any? I mean, I’m nice and considerate and all that shit, but nooooo. I think I try to hard. but I kinda need to considering NBK is closing in. The amount of dramatic irony and foreshadowing is fucking amazing. Everything I see and I hear I incorporate into NBK somehow. Either bombs, clocks, guns, napalm, killing people, any and everything finds some tie to it. feels like a Goddamn movie sometimes. I wanna try to put some mines and trip bombs around this town too maybe. Get a few extra flags on the scoreboard. I hate you people for leaving me out of so many fun things. And no don’t fucking say, "well thats your fault” because it isnt, you people had my phone #, and I asked and all, but no. no no no dont let the weird looking Eric KID come along, ohh fucking nooo.“

- Columbine: A True Crime Story
by Jeff Kass.

what it really comes down to is skinny girls can see positive representation for their body types everywhere and fat girls cant find representation anywhere. nicki minaj saying something that hurts skinny girls’ feelings is so not the problem here, and skinny girls can go right back to being able to fit into those cute clothes they like at the mall and seeing people who look like them in magazines, and getting their bellybuttons and hips pierced or whatever. fat girls are gonna go back to a world that tells them they shouldnt exist or that their only purpose in life is to satisfy fetishists. shut up with this “dont fight hate with hate” bullshit im not here for it. nicki minaj saying one thing against skinny girls isnt equal to the hatred fat girls face constantly (and a lot of the time from those same skinny girls) so stop acting like it is

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how do u feel about faux queens (girls who dress up in drag)

I hate the term faux queen. Girls that do drag are just as important as ya main population of cis gay men beating their face and dressing up to have fun and make $. Drag is not black and white. Its not just drag queens and kings, just like gender there is a whole spectrum! The community looks down on “bio queens” but whats the difference? Drag isnt just female/male impersonation and exaggeration, i believe that its more of an art form today. Serving looks, deathdrops and having a snatched nose contour isnt just for men (and there’s a lot more to it than that)! Drag is for everyone! Whether you’re gay, straight, girl, boy, queer, trans, etc it makes no difference, you can do drag! Times are changing and so is the drag world. Everyone should be welcome to express themselves and just because youre a girl doesnt mean you shouldnt be allowed in the community!! Even in a community where women are being impersonated, an actual women is still being looked down upon

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hey, b i've been watching the 100 for a while but i'm not really *in* the tumblr fandom. i'm hesitant to join bc i've been apart of fandoms before where the canon girl/girl ship gets treated like shit and it's just realllly distressing. is the majority opinion of the 100 fandom anti clexa and lexa ?? it seems that just from the people I follow who post the 100 stuff that blarke is the most popular ship (for some reason)

blarke is super popular and they are pretty anti clexa but its actually quite a lot of fun to watch bc as a queer girl used to queer ships with no canon interactions, im enjoying the hell out of watching the straights and co. go nuts trying to insist theres something romantic between bell and clarke and desperately search for reasons to hate clexa

like it pretty much goes like this

blarkes: if blarke isnt canon maybe bob shouldnt make bellamy look at clarke the way he does :) maybe eliza shouldnt look so longingly at bellamy :) maybe they shouldnt give each other such intense stares and sad hugs :)
clarke, 15 miles away from bellamy and w/ her hand down lexa’s pants: bellamy who?

Badass || Matt Espinosa Imagine ||

So this imagine was reqested by pizzalover1924 ! Hopefully you guys like it, requests are still open and thank you for 300 followers!

     "Hey loser" I heard someone say from behind me “Fuck you to Matt" I said pushing my books into my locker, he leaned onto the locker next to mine "Its not very nice to say that to a friend (Y/N).” Matt said “Leave her alone Espinosa." my boyfriend Leo said pushing Matt away from me ”You good babe?“ he asked me giving Matt the death stare ”Im all good.“ I lied. I had always had feelings for Matt but he was such a dickhead to me all the time, we used to be good friends when we were younger but all that faded away I guess.

     ”Ill see you at the party tonight" Leo said waving to me and walking away “Fucking dick” I said to myself under my breath. Leo and I have been having problems for the past few months but I have been to scared of what he might do to me if I brake up with him, so I have been putting it off.

     At about 9 PM I started getting ready I took a shower and braided my hair so it would be wavy later I put on subtle makeup. For my outfit I chose a mint green long sleeve shirt and a pair of blue jeans and some brown ridding boots. At a quarter past 10 my friend Savannah Texted me saying she was outside, I grabbed my phone and slipped a 20 into my bra to pay Savannah for gas money. 

     “Hey girl” Savannah said as I got into the car “Hey” I said slipping into the car and putting the 20 on the dash “Whats that?” She asked “Gas money, just take it.” I said “Okay then, thank you.” She said smiling. She filled me in on all the drama at school that I had missed, and soon enough we were at the party.

     I got out of Savannah’s car and walked around the party looking for a familiar face, then I saw Leo and I knew I needed to brake up with him. “Hey,we need to talk.” I said to him “Okay make it quick then" he said scanning the room looking for someone, I looked around confused then I saw Matt staring at me and Leo looking concerned. ”Hurry up" Leo ordered looking inpatient “Um.. okay.. ugh i think that we should um… brake up because what we have isnt working.” I said playing with my fingers “Are you fucking serious you stupid bitch, well I fucking hate you and I always have go fuck yourself ugly ass bitch.” He said shoving me into a wall “What the hell man! Your just going to hit a girl like that whats wrong with you?” Matt yelled at Leo over the music , but Leo just walked away without a second glance.

    “Are you okay?” Matt asked with concern in his voice “Ya im all good” I lied “You know all the stuff he said was a lie, your smart and beautiful and a wonderful person to be around dont listen to him he just lost a wonderful person in hes life and hes an idiot for that.” He said “Thanks Matt” I said looking down at my feet to hide my rosy cheeks. “Wanna leave this place and get something to eat?” He asked “That sounds amazing!" I said grabbing his hand.

Sorry about it probably not being what you wanted, but I cant write about domestic abuse ive been around it personally so writing about it is kind of hard. But anyway requests for imagines are still open!

Tired of This Crap (Rant ahead)

 If you dont like my rant, or rants in general i suggest you do not read. (Though my rants i mean no harm ^^ at least try to)


External image

Its fans like these two just irritate me to no end.

Lets start.

The new turtles should just die? Seriously? Just because their not the 2003 turtles they should just die, wow…just….wow….

Let me school you on some of your points here.

The turtles are slimmer-

  • Well yeah, in EVERY incarnation they have always been slim, they look shorter and thinner because they are still growing. Like this point doesnt even make sense!

Their eyes can be seen through their mask-

  • Im guessing your not a fan of seeing the eyes, which is okay i guess, to me i always loved their eyes because eyes holds a very big part in expressions, I mean have you seen how expressive this show can be with their eyes?


External image


External image


External image


External image

Now try to imagin them without eyes and just have white, it’ll look odd. Which brings us to our next point.

The creators of this show knows how much we love the 2003 series, so when their eyes go white, its a reference to the 2003 series.

  • External image

It also gives us the element that they are in ninja mode. Their eyes dont go white at random times, they go white when their on a mission and when they get serious about stuff, pay more attention and you will see that.

Raph can stick his head in his shell….

  • Last time i checked they’re turtles….i mean their still heroes in half shells (Right?) im not sure but this little point seems to be just dumb. Turtles stick their body limbs in shells, yes they never did that in the previous versions (At least i dont think correct me if im wrong) But in this version it can be done.

Turtles in their shells:


Their not like the 2003 turtles, Yes they can go in their shells, why is that such a big deal to some of you? (Not all)

On to your next point,

  • You must of not watched the show past the first episode, Donatello does not have freckles, its Mikey who has the freckles, Donatello has the gap, Raph has the lightening bolt, but so what, the creators were trying to give the turtles a different look, so we can actually tell whos who without the mask. Why should it even matter how they look? As long as Mikey is still Mikey, Donnie is still Donnie, Leo is still Leo and Raph is still Raph then really its okay that they look that way. 
  • Casey is the same way, just because he has teeth missing and looks different shouldn’t  matter, they got his personality down, he is a jerk at times, but hes a jerk with a good heart, he’s actually older then all of them, hes 18, so really he isnt a child, he’s an adult. I dont know  why that matters either, as long as he’s still Casey then we should be okay, actually this current season he’s really growing on me, and dang it, we shouldnt be nagging on how he looks, hes still the bone head we love, even if he isnt exactly like the 2003 Casey, they are telling it from the beginning meaning one day we will see that Casey again, and soon im sure.
April is a dumb white kid who the kraang kidnapped…….
  • Guys….APRIL IS A DUMB WHITE KID, like wtf you really havent seen past episode 1 have you!? Let me go on a rant and tell you that you really need to get your shit straight. April is a 16 year old girl who was a victim in the whole mess! She never asked to be kidnapped in the first episode, and comparing her from the first episode to now, she really has come a long way! She is smart, brave, independent, moody just like every teen girl, she will kick your ass if you lay a hand on her boys, she will show you up, I mean she impaled a guy with no hesitation! Like no you DO NOT insult my girl. Just because she isnt the April O Niel in 2003 doesnt mean shes DUMB and white kid? Really? Just no. You need to take a chill pill and eat pizza, stop it with your jerky self.
Karai is Splinters Daughter
  • well i guess you have made it to season 1 finale. Anyways so what? Thats their story, cant really have Karai be shredders real daughter again, cause that would just be copying the same story (Not the same but you know what im trying to say, well i hope you do haha) No body wants to see that again when its already been done.

Splinter is Master Yoshi

  • Again like with the white eyes, they are taking the story from the 80s version and adding their own style to it, whats wrong with that? Nothing.

Donnie loves April, but its obvious Casey is gonna get the girl because mutants look stupid….. 

  • Okay….im not mad, im not, really! Just….i hate some humans sometimes. LOOKS SHOULD NOT MATTER! Donnie is still a human boy in a giant turtles body you twit! Donnie has been nothing but a good friend for April (not saying Casey hasnt been) And by now Donnies crush, love towards April isnt that big of a deal, he’s being a teenage boy who saw a beautiful girl and started liking her a lot, that like turned into love, that love turned into true love, is it one sided, maybe, we dont know for sure, but so what, Donnie has backed off and gave April space when she needed it (And yeah i know at the beginning of season two he was being “Creepy” but still he was giving her space, but he needed to know if she was okay so he kept his distance till she really needed him) and MUTANTS LOOK STUPID? SERIOUSLY? YOUR BASICALLY CALLING THE TURTLES STUPID LOOKING, BECAUSE NO MATTER WHAT VERSION THEY ARE IN, THEY ARE GIANT MUTANT TURTLES!!! Okay onto the next point.

There is no point to the foot being an organization as in they have no goals what so ever.and the story line is no where near as good.They have three toes.Its all about the krang and mutants the foot don’t even play a big part.

  • This comment might of been made when season 2 was just starting or was right in the middle (Comment was made like 5 months ago) but the foot has a huge part of the story, no its not just about mutants and kraang, It seems that you only seen season 1 only, maybe some of season 2, but there is episodes dedicated to Karai and her past. They pay so much attention to the foot and Shredder, please watch the serious again. Get your facts straight.


You stopped watching after 10 episodes? Like how? I was hooked since episode 1! I mean how!? Meh maybe im just the odd one on this earth lol.


Its kiddy

Well this just says it all

  • you have not seen the ending two finale where Leonardo gets beat thrown into the window

I mean look at this shit:

Leo goes on an adrinaline rush just so he can protect his brothers, He wanted so badly to end it all, end Shreddr, the man who hurt his brothers, his father, and then just to get this in the end:


Thrown into a window.

Oh and lets not forget how Shredder threw exhausted Master Splinter down a drain in front of his kids and April:


Then there was the most emotional scene ever in this whole damn finale:



This scene tore all of us who love this show apart, i know it screwed me up for about a week x..x



You must not like humor do you? Like how can you not like their humor? Donnie is the sass master, Leo is such a diva, Raph is the sarcastic master and Mikey is just a big giant baby that annoys everyone for the hell of it. lol. You just need to see season 2 and season 3 like badly, but meh its up to you.


But this is DEFINITELY NOT KIDDY this show, has tested the waters so many times, just like tmnt 2003 series. This show doesnt have the tone that tmnt 2003 series had, but thats okay, not everybody likes intense, dark, griddy story lines all the times, a lot of people i know actually like the balance this shows gives. Its not to funny where its humorless or its not to serious that its hard to get through

These creators spend so much time and effort into this show, it kills me when i see comments like these, like seriously, TMNT 2003 is not perfect, it has its flaws to just like this show, and i understand opinions and stuff but dont be a jerk about it saying the new turtles need to die, like how old are you? I know i shouldnt be this upset over it but damn it, im sick of hearing stuff like this. the Nick series TMNT has been nothing but enjoyable, and if you tmnt 2003 fans wanna hate on it, great good for you, watch the 2003 series then, stop bashing the nick version over pathetic reasons like Donnie has now a gap, or the Mikey is so immature, some bs reasons.

If your gonna bash it at least have some good reasons instead of just nit picks and nags. 


(Dont get me wrong guys i love tmnt 2003 series, just i tend to love everything turtle wise, from the 80s to now.)

Okay, i think im done, if you guys have sources to these gifs and the picture of Donnie at the end please link me so i can give credit! 

Also you are welcome to put your input on this, this is just me being irritable, people like this just makes me go grrrr. lol. 

and i hate that post thats like “girls, you are so lucky because if you’re ugly you have makeup! guys who are ugly are just screwed” like no you dipshit women are held to a higher standard of beauty. the majority of men do not wear makeup and are still seen as attractive but women without makeup look “tired” or “sick”. in our society makeup isnt used to make ugly women beautiful its used to raise all women to this artificial beauty ideal that you idiots created. 

and while we’re at it who the fuck is stopping men from wearing makeup 

like. i hate straight people who try to act like you cant look gay. like theyre mad at me for clueing in that a girl likes other girls. they say its because ~appearance doesnt matter~ but really they want to presume everyone is straight with no consequence and its a lot easier for them to pretend that isnt homophobia when they convince themselves they are being good allies instead of harming actual sga people.