this looks like crap omg

I’m not sure what’s going on but I’ve been meaning to submit fan art anyways and I, for one, love this strong beefly daughter and accept her as our new wrestling overlord

you’re one of my absolute favorite daily blogs and you’ve always tried hard to make people happy!! I hope you know that you’ve succeeded so many of us, including me!! ❤


6.03: okay…


maplestory icons taken from the credits of Black Heaven. (sorry for the lower quality on luminous + aran)

all of them are 300px. x 450px.!

free to use, no need to ask, no credit necessary. I just think they’re really cute.

Oh, just a redraw from the cutest smile in the world….

Dating Soonyoung/Hoshi

How you guys met:

  • you were literally going out just to buy a few things from the convenience store and apparently you live very close to his dorm????
  • He’s out buying mutha-fuckin chips n stuff for him and the other members
  • You both reach for the same damn shrimp chips
  • Oh crap, look at that cute lil ball of fluff
  • He’s like, omg, i’m having a moment and offers to let you have it bc you’re hella cute to him too
  • But you’re like nah man I’m good, you go for it
  • Amazingly you keep bumping into him at every location in your area
  • and OH MY LORDY LORD, you know that he’s from seventeen- like YOU KNOW THIS FAMOUS LITTLE HAMSTER BOY IS TALKING TO A REGULAR PERSON LIKE YOU and it is an amazing experience
  • So you decide to do a little research on this cutie at your local cafe, and you sit down with your handy laptop and start watching some of their videos
  • How does he get inspiration from a tissue??? You’re just-
  • “Hey!”
  • And jisoos christ it’s him
  • “Um, hi” *slowly pushes your laptop away because this is hella awkward*
  • Too LAtE he’s already seen you in action and knows
  • “So you like my group?”
  • Welp, might as well commit seppuku at this point, he’s seen you, he knows you like him
  • “Yeah you guys are so talented”
  • watch him become the most happy little creature on the face of the planet as soon as he hears those words
  • the cute girl/guy he kept running into thinks he’s talented
  • You guys start getting super friendly over a span of a month, texting, calling, going out to eat
  • I mean, all the other members are so annoyed because hoshi doesn’t have the balls to actually ask you out so all he does is talk about you non stop
  • During their comeback, and as he’s watching you react to him as you watch their video, he gets this creepy/cute grin on his face the more he gets that you like it
  • “Wow, Soonyoung that was soooooooOOoOO good!!!”
  • Um what?
  • He says he got inspiration for the dance routine by thinking of how to confess to you
  • omG he’s so cute
  • “Please date me”
  • “Hell Yes I will”

Dating Hoshi/Soonyoung:

  • Literally non stop laughing because he’s so freaking hilarious
  • You always telling him to dye his hair back to _____ because you thought he looked really good
  • teasing him about that one time he grew his hair out long bc the CEO told him to
  • “Hoshi, lets go camping one day, you can make all the fires”
  • “I’d burn the entire woods down y/n, my skills are too good”
  • Literally half the things you talk about you won’t remember the next day but does it matter you guys have so much fun
  • Him dancing to music while you watch happily from the side
  • Always being able to put a smile on his face whenever he’s down just by giving him a peck on the cheek
  • You guys are mostly loud, everyone knows it
  • but there are moments
  • when you guys just
  • sit, huddled together, playing with each other’s hands and fingers, in silence
  • and you love those moments
  • being graced with his beautiful vocals
  • Him always getting super giddy when they have a comeback soon
  • because god damn it he wants to tell you what’s gonna go down but also wants to surprise you
  • Almost all his choreographies have you incorporated into them somehow
  • “Soonyoung isn’t this from that time when we were-”
  • “Yes, yes it is”
  • Boo Seungkwan and Lee Seokmin being the Mother-in-laws you never wanted
  • always smiling because he’s always there for you
  • putting on some jamming music as he twirls you around your living room, and it’s so cheesy and you guys are so happy it’s the best
  • The greasiest pick up lines you’ve ever heard
  • “You wanna go-”
  • “YEah I DO”
  • “Out on a date with me?”
  • Him suddenly coming over with a bouquet of flowers on your 1 month and 2 week anniversary only to find out it’s actually in two days
  • “I still love the flowers, don’t worry-”
  • “I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!”
  • “But you’re my idiot”
  • Him sometimes sleeping over at your place, and you having to get him up by saying “HOSHI FIGHTING” so that he’s not late to practice
  • he’ll come over, tired and worn out, and just fall into you
  • you making him his favorite food when he’s like that
  • petting his head as he falls asleep on your lap, and how could you ask for more than this?