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Random question - did Cass ever learn how to drive anything during her solo series?

She is riding a motorcycle – batcycle? – by the time she moves to Blüdhaven and is confident enough on it that she drove it off the Birds of Prey’s plane mid flight in one issue because EXTREME. 

Before that she got around almost entirely by foot and grappling hook. 

So it’s hard to say if that’s something she learned while with the Batfamily or if it was part of her training. I mean, if Damian can drive a car at five, why not Cass. Regardless. 

I should also note she really like bikes. Enough that this is what her personal batcave in Blüdhaven looks like:

[Batgirl (2000-2006) #60]

Also like… not to pull up the favoritism game or anything, but if you want to put some perspective on things: this is the third Batcave that Cassandra has been given by Bruce. For herself. Filled with vehicles/tech/equipment/dojo/etc. And modified for her to use verbal commands. 

Just saying. For those who don’t think Daddy Bruce has a certain Princess 

I know what she looks like in the comic books, we’ll deviate if the right person is different. We haven’t even begun the conversation, but it’s about the spirit she exudes, not exactly what she looks like.
—  Joss Whedon on the casting for Batgirl (X)
Daughter of the enemy (Jason Todd headcanon)

Requested: Yes
Request: Seeing that you are willing to do a Arkham Knight Jason, can you do a Headcanon of him being your boyfriend while being Bruce’s daughter, and also the current batgirl (since Barbara is Oracle)?

  • This looks like conflict galore to me
  • You would probably meet when he comes tries to kill you
  • When he can’t bring himself to kill you, he instead asks you out
  • He totally wants you to give some info on Bruce and what’s he up to
  • But understands that he is your father
  • And that you want him to get hurt
  • Most conflicts are sparked when you try to make him understand that Bruce didn’t replace him
  • He mourned like everyone else
  • he refuses to believe you
  • even though you were trying to keep the relationship a secret
  • Bruce knows
  • Bruce always knows
  • He decides to not intervene as long as Jason does not oppose a threat to you
  • Bruce know’s you won’t spill any info on the Arkham Knight
  • Even though you know a lot, maybe even too much
  • Thanks to you Jason hates Tim that little bit less
  • Especially when you tell him that Tim pretty much blackmailed the man
  • You can’t force Jason to choose between keeping you and killing Bruce
  • But you do let him know what’s on stake 
  • He thinks about things a lot more
  • Instead of making angry, on the spot decisions
  • Jason fears being betrayed by you in favor of Bruce 
  • You can never really convince him otherwise 
  • Having to make it work
  • Whenever you and Bruce are on patrol and Jason decides to strike you try to separate them both so no one gets hurt
  • The family might feel as if you’ve betrayed them because you’re working with Jay
  • But family sticks together, no matter what


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So there’s the Lego Batman Movie, right? And Lego has issued a set of blind-bag minifigures themed around that. (I tend to suspect that not all of said minifigures were used in the movie, such as Batman-as-a-caveman, but clearly the line is around because of the movie.)

So I’m looking at the list, and one catches my eye.

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Someone has good taste in women….

(I just wanted to try out this look w Kory in this style and tbh I’m all about ladies kicking ass and being buddies. No need to pin anyone against each other.) 😘

Cassandra Cain for Batman 2k15


- Convergence: Batgirl 02

The art make Tim somehow look like Dick here, dunno why. Anyway, the coffee scene is cute. Reminds me of No Man’s Land where Tim traded batteries for info.

I really don’t get what’s with Cass here. It’s a weird way to end this for her and it annoys me that we don’t get a proper ending of this little story for her part.

Max Gibson as Batwoman!

So the design for this one was suggested to me by a friend, who said I should give Max a hood (similar to that of SpiderGwen’s). I liked the idea but couldn’t figure out how it’d look and still make sense. Then I remembered I’m working on cartoon/comic book logic here, and that it didn’t have to make sense at all. So there’s that. Again I stuck with the simplistic style of the DCAU. Next time I’ll try to do a whole BatFam Beyond picture….. maybe….

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I see lots of batboy headcanons but not too many batgirl ones. Have any batgirl headcanons you'd like to share?

i’ll put down just a few from the top of my head!


  • loves having her hair petted!! only by her s/o, alfred, and maybe bruce if she’s in a good mood. she’ll squint happily at them like a cat
  • she’s so good at carnival/fair games and will win her s/o all of the prizes. all of them. they’re both banned from several carnivals because everyone assumes they’re cheating
  • she really doesn’t know the difference between their clothes any more. what’s her’s is their’s and maybe that flannel was their’s at a point but not any more.


  • loves DIY projects it’s ridiculous. why the fuck did she put a tiny plant in a light bulb and give it to her s/o. that makes no sense
  • impulse buys anything that reminds her of something her s/o would like. they have a steady collection of stuffed animals
  • she’s completely wack with yoga. she takes them to every new experimental class at the YMCA


  • sends them e-cards for every occasion. they’re not sure as to whether or not she made them herself, but every one looks vaguely familiar (she scans hallmark cards)
  • she’s the queen of the dvr. if there’s something they want to watch, she’s probably already recorded it. 
  • she leaves giant kiss marks on their cheek. bright red lipstick. it looks like clip art it’s so perfect

Tried jumping onto Batgirl’s side. The idea was to show a noticeable age-ing/ difference from when she first started crime fighting to where she is now. So her current battle outfit is riddled with dents and scratches. I had this gnarly idea to have one deep scratch over her helmet’s eye to give her a dark look. It was originally supposed to be more reminiscent of the Batgirl from the Joker Returns movie but it ended up looking more like the Batgirl DLC game design. I like the hard shell armor compared to her past self but I think I can come up with something fresher.  And when you try to think about what Batgirl would have worn when she first starts crimefighting then it makes sense to jump to the current Babs Tarr design. She wouldn’t wear a leotard and skinny leggings because she’s street smart enough to know what skidding on gravel would do to that kind of material so a leather outfit just makes the most sense. I just tweaked the colors to see if the 90′s animated series colors worked and it did but I won’t be using Babs Tarr design. I want to find my own Batgirl. 


Happy 50th anniversary Barbara Gordon!

Detective Comics #359 was published on November 29, 1966

[Caption: six stacked edits of Barbara Gordon, as she appeared on various covers throughout the years: 1) Detective Comics #359; 2) The Batman Family #12; 3) Secret Origins #20; 4) Birds of Prey - Manhunt #3; 5) Birds of Prey #100; 6) Batgirl #2 (variant cover).]