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wholesomeplant  asked:

to get into bmc do you just,, listen to it and read the script? how do people know what they look like then?

there’s this stuff u can refer to

as for what they look like…i mean. the cast?? exists???? u can google who’s in it? and there are pics of said cast members in their costumes :0c


BSS respond to CCK’s challenge

So does Exo have all black dress code when they have dance practice?

gremlin daughter here to take all your blood and call you nothing more than a drink


It’s finale night, and I get to watch it live this time!! I’ve missed the live blogging and fam freak outs and everything else for the past few months. Better late than never 😅 Also, having friends who need models for photo shoots at art college (one week left!) is an A+ way to get good selfies afterwards @sassamyblake @thelovelylights @cvssivnandcr @dropshipbellarke @sherlockvowsontheriverstyx @train-wreck101 @the-ships-to-rule-them-all @rosymamacita

mryolothebro  asked:

Ok so here's the thing, I think the girl's vampire outfits are fine, but I kinda wish we could see what edea and agnes look like in the boy's outfits tbh. And you know what, the other way around too. I wanna see tiz and ringabel in the girl's outfits xD

I never did think about this. So many artists draw the boys in the girls’ outfits I haven’t really thought of it the other way around (not that I’m complaining of course).

If there’s any of the boys outfits I want to see on the girls it’d have to be…gosh, Conjurer possibly? Because I know the Conjurer outfit is just exactly Yulyana’s outfit but on Tiz and Ringabel it’s meh. I never really thought of Edea and Agnes in the boys’ Vampire outfit!

But, the boys in the girls’ Vampire outfit… I’m sure someone’s drawn Ringabel in it, but I kinda want to draw it myself.