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ok, I love Life is Strange, but I have to say… it reeeeally skeeves me out that every single girl in the school (besides alyssa who’s only purpose is to be eeyore and have the world dump all over her constantly) is the same super thin, flat chested waif bodytype….

It’s just.. people with such negative (and often plain mean!) opinions of Taylor are those who don’t know her at all—they base their perceptions on media portrayals and slandering of her. Like, fine, go ahead and pelt me with spit balls made of your Twitter receipts! Meanwhile, all of us on here, my friends and I, and pretty much every single person who actually knows Taylor Swift (!!!) know first hand that she is nothing but empathetic, generous, smart, witty, and overflowing with love.

My drawing practice that I started approximately last… Thursday or so (?) up until now contained:


Me printing out anything I could think of as references – a tangle of singular limbs from different perspectives, whole body pictures in different poses, half a dozen faces and lots of Marvel characters

Using up almost a whole pencil, one eraser, a forest worth of trees and a good deal of my ink cartridges

Spamming my followers and the rest of tumblr with random doodles

My Mum promising to take me shopping so I can get a wider variety of pens and drawing stuff despite my complaints that she doesn’t have to spend money on me

Drawing, drawing, drawing without knowing if there is some progress already, just keeping at it


… I’m not an artist, but up until now, I think I’m doing it right. XD  


Day 2-ish of diet thing and me n @jasker made chicken and on top of that a mix of garlic onion mushroom w spices ye and then avocado w egg on mine and shawna has an extra potato and then mayo (light mayo lmao) w chili garlic sauce on top

I’m in the really weird limbo stage when investment in a long-term special interest winds down so my brain starts fervently pinballing between other short-term fixations because the void needs to be filled somehow.

@other autistic folks: does anyone else get this?


1 year. 2 girls improving(?)
idk i think i like the old one better somehow but i also spent more time on that one. i really hate some parts of the old one though.


Cat Person / Dog Person