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“I only like *Insert mlm or wlw ship* because it gets me hot-”

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“Excuse me this *insert companion here* is not bi and that’s why-”

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“Preston just doesn’t look good with Sole like Danse and Maxson do-”

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“I don’t want to tag *insert underaged, non-con, graphic violence, self-harm, etc* on my fanfics because no one will read it-”

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“There’s another settlement that needs your help-”

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“If you like the BoS, Institute, Railroad, or Minutemen you’re disgusting and-”

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“If you like this character you’re disgusting-”

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“EXCUSE ME *insert character here* isn’t trans. Stop making trans headcanons for them-”

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“*Insert canon gay character* is not gay and here’s why-”

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“Kill yourself-”

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“Tunnel Snakes Rule.”

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waava week (2016) // day 4 · differences 

the difference between ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘in love’
is the same as ‘for now’, ‘for a while’ and ‘forever’



Can I just say, I think my favorite thing about this adorable ball of doof is that he’s so interactive with his fans? Like, kudos, bruh. He must have to wade through a veritable hellscape of shipping for the amount of times he actually reblogs fans’ Tumblr posts. That’s some dedication to one’s following.

Clara/Rose teacher AU– while taking a job at Coal Hill Secondary School, Rose meets a brilliant young teacher named Clara. They form a friendship, which quickly grows into something more.

I started binge watching Markiplier’s Subnautica series yesterday, only watched that all today, and am going to finish it up tomorrow. I love it so much.

I’ve always been drawn to survival games, even though I’m horrible at them. I like the concept of exploring an alien ocean, finding new creatures, figuring out what they can do, and how they can help/harm you. The graphics are beautiful and very aesthetically pleasing. I love how you have to gather resources form different parts of the sea and the sinking ship to make tools, gear, and housing. I like that you have to scan things to learn new blue prints. I enjoy how there was a storyline implemented. I really like how you can customize your base(s) to look pretty much however you’d like and do whatever you’d like. I like that you can build ships and upgrade them to dive to deeper and deeper depths. I like how at certain depths, the hull starts to get crushed under pressure. The game has a realistic feel to it.

I find it interesting that there are little…
Almost puzzles that you have to figure out, such as needing the last fragment of a ship to finish a blue print, but you have to make a laser cutter to get through a door to get the fragment.

I could never play it, but I do enjoy watching a playthrough of it.


Naruto + Harry Potter aestheticsship: Sai & Ino Yamanaka + Inojin

“It was like a lone fire burning in the middle of a blizzard. Sai looked up at the sound of her voice. Both his eyes were red and swollen from crying. Before she noticed who had reached out first, they had clasped their hands together. 

“Thank you, miss beautiful.”


The two gently smiled at each other.”

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Why does Aluin turn down so many people? He comes across as the type who would like no strings attached.

Snow Snow :: because Aluin doesn’t have the heart to sleep around. please, he might be hard-ish on the outside but this vampire is NOTHING but mush ( and anger ) on the inside. I’m pretty sure he would regrtet becoming THAT MUCH like his own father. 

and well, it took Lani months of me just saying /maybe/ to her before giving in for a ship.   I’ve had a few ships that’s kinda ruined shipping for me.

 but look at this, I am trying? I have, I think, two right now. I just need time to warm up to the idea of shiping one of my muses with someone else’s really.  

and if i like the ship, you will know, likely with lots of inbox stuff, more roleplays then you can hold and my love for making graphics…


“Tell you what, kid. When you get a gold medal, then I’m all yours.”

the gold standard by smartalli. coming soon. (maybe.) (hopefully.)


jihan x chocolate icons!

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Stare Down Challenge Featuring Eisuke Ichinomiya x Soryu Oh

This CG is from Voltage Inc.’s Kissed By The Baddest Bidder and is of a much younger Eisuke x Soryu. I love this CG a lot because the look in their eyes is so intense :p (some people might already be shipping these two LOL)

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"Give me a TV series and I’ll tell you" ask meme: The Flash

Well, this was fun to write. Thanks for asking!

Favourite character: IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE! But I think I’ll go with Cisco. Being such such an essential member of the Flash team, he is intelligent, good-natured, positive, and not to mention completely adorkable with his movie quotes and graphic tees. Did I mention he has superpowers? He’s the light of my life istg.

Funniest character: Cisco Ramon, need I say more? ;)

Best-looking character: Iris West. How does she always look so flawless, like how?!?! Her fashion, make-up, hair, her everything is forever on point. I love her.

3 favourite ships: WestAllen. They’re just so meant to be. I’m a sucker for relationships between best friends who know each other better than anything and who are always there for each other no matter what. 

Coldflash is also a quality ship. I like how they both balance each other out. Barry being a pure, good cinnamon roll who cares about others and slowly dissolving Len’s coldness is what I live for.

Caitlin Snow x Happiness. Please leave the girl alone and stop killing her fiances/partners. Let her live. 

Bonus: Iris West x Eddie Thawne. They were really good together. I know it was a typical love triangle plot, but honestly, Eddie was the sweetest guy, and they just cared so much about each other. I support Iris being with anyone who makes her happy. 

Least favourite character: I’d say Zoom by default. There aren’t too many characters I hate in the Flash, but he killed so many people, terrorized an entire earth of people, and put Caitlin through hell. Ugh.

Least favourite ship: Hmmm I’m pretty okay with most ships on the Flash (Barrisco, Wally West x Jessie Quick, etc.) but I suppose it would have to be Wells x Barry/Cisco or Caitlin Snow x Cisco. I like them strictly as friends, Caitlin and Cisco being one of my favourite brotps since episode 1.

Reason why I watch it: (1) to watch Barry fk up the timeline and (2) to see if my favs are still alive and well. 

Why I started watching it: I was already a huge nerd who spent most of her free time watching superhero movies and playing video games. When I heard a new superhero tv show was going to premiere, it gave me a chance to do what I always wanted, to get more into comic books/DC/Marvel… And so began my descent into dctv hell.


character/ship aesthetic meme: silhouettevalentine requested: aqua

“try all you want, but you’ll never defeat a heart filled with light.”