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Reasons you should totally buy and play starbound

OK so i just finished the game and !!!!!! Oh my gosh !!!!! It is one of the best games I’ve played in years!!! So now I’m gonna tell all of you why YOU should all totally play the game and support the creators!

- it was made by Chucklefish, the same people who brought you Stardew Valley; but the two games could not be more different

- the 6 main species you can play as include super smart monkeys, carnivorous plant people who hate fire, weaboo fish, cowboy star people, birds who lost their wings and are really religious and sad about losing their wings ::::(((((, medieval robots, and. Humans. But who the fuck wants to play as a human amiright?

- the lore is actually really deep and cool!

- Esther, the old lady who helps you throughout the game, looks 100% like an old version of Jade Harley (but I’m on mobile so i can’t add a pic)
UPDATE: i’m on my laptop now, so here’s a photo

- the environment you play is in a procedurally randomly generated universe that you travel through! no two planets are the same!

- you can recruit other people you find throughout the universe to work on your ship with you, and each of them has a different role (engineer, medic, etc) and different dialogue lines!

- there’s tonnes of different biomes and areas to explore!

- even though it’s all done in pixel art the graphics are absolutely breathtaking!

- the music!!!!!! The music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- it’s multi-player, so you can bring your friends along to save the universe with you

- the main enemies in the game are basically space nazis, so have fun punching them

- other fans of the game, feel free to add more reasons

And the final reason you should play

- this gif

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Thank you Ishida, thank you God for TGRE 125

There are honestly more hate than I expected and I’m sorta disappointed? Cuz I mean I understand that there are people who has other ships, but Touken shippers who are hating this chapter saying that it’s too much and it doesn’t have anything to do with the plot?

Firstly, maybe it is too much and I am just a pervert but I think it is beautiful to see one of my OTPs making love. I have always wanted to my see ships and OTPs showing how much they love each other in canoned chapters and in my opinion Ishida did this without making it look like a hentai/smut chapter. Why? Because we’ll, for one he didn’t really show graphics (dicks etc) also it wasn’t just blush blush kiss kiss fuck fuck there was meaning and a story to it. Which leads me to my second point.

I’ve seen a few posts saying this already but I’ll say it again. This chapter HAD meaning, and it DID have something to do with the plot and the story. Kaneki has been so lonely especially since Hide disappeared. Now Touka is there with him and for him and loving him and he is not alone anymore. Yes that doesn’t mean that they have to have sex to show this but those two loved each other since part 1. Even when Kaneki lost his memories and became Haise he still had feelings for her.

My point is… this is Ishida Sui we are talking about and every chapter he writes always have meaning. I think we should all just except this chapter, we don’t have to like it but just except it. Because this is part of the story and Ishida probably has a reason for doing this not just because of fan service.


…..So. Looks like I fell into this fandom quite hard.
I’m not usually a videogames person, but when something hits me, IT HITS ME, and DDADS DID. I of course decided to use my OCs Alan and Ben as dadsonas (they respectively followed Joseph and Robert’s routes), and couldn’t resist drawing them in the style of Dream Daddy. I HAD A BLUST, even tho’ the graphic killed me. Alan and Ben stick together in their original story, but I had fun shipping them with the Dads too LOL!

But, speaking of Robert and Joseph. How could I not ship that too?
I might just follow the trainwreck of the Roseph/Joseb feels and vent with some nsfw fanarts quite soon. Stay tuned.


Drowning is Too Late to Learn by @accio-ambition​; rated T

“Right,” Emma monotones. “Anyway, if you guys could give me a tour of the boat-”

“Ship, love.” It’s Jones that interrupts her and she can tell, just knows, that he’s going to do that for the entirety of this project. “The Jolly Roger’s a ship, not a boat.”

“Not your love,” she mutters. And then, under her breath to self, she mumbles, “Really not your love.”

In a moment, he’s somehow magically appeared at her side instead of in front of her, breaking all her boundaries. “We shall see, Swan,” he whispers in her ear. “We shall see.”

Emma jumps, if for no other reason to hide the dissipating goosebumps on her skin.

“Gimme a tour of the ship -” she looks pointedly at Jones- “like Jeff said and we can all get on with our lives.”

CSBB 2017 [read here: tumblr  |  |  AO3]

I would like more followers and people to follow:

Hi!, I’m Tenoko1! Currently looking for more SPN family to follow and be mutuals.

-I’m a multishipper, but ship and let ship. Destiel is my main pairing. I ship Sam with almost everybody.

-I write fanfiction! And even make podfics and graphics for them!

-I also end up making lots of epub covers for fics I put on my kindle to read, so there’s that, because I always share on here, too.

-Occasionally, I do make gifs, mostly from my live reaction/episode discussion vids:

-Super SPN positive, love all the cast, wives, etc. save for TAW- for obvious reasons.

-Like I said, I do live reaction/discussion videos responding to submitting questions, reactions, etc.

And generally just love Supernatural a whole lot.

Please reblog, and I will check you out! ^_^ Hi!

We were good together, weren’t we?


 I’ve seen how much he needs you, how much you need him… you’re like two sides of the same coin.

[for the lovely Chofee]


“Tell you what, kid. When you get a gold medal, then I’m all yours.”

the gold standard by smartalli. coming soon. (maybe.) (hopefully.)

Come and join this brand new network for Kylo Ren fans ! We’re excited to announce the opening of the network that we hope will promote a supportive, encouraging environment for any and all types of Kylo Ren fans.

Kylo Club: An Overview

  • looking to promote kylo ren-centric creations of all kinds (art, writing, graphics, gifs, etc.)
  • will have a discord server for like-minded kylo ren fans to chat and make new friends
  • reblogs submissions to the #kyloclub tag daily, so expect daily kylo ren!
  • plans on having monthly events to encourage creators to create!
  • any and all ships are accepted and harassment of members is not tolerated

Why You Should Join

  • a chance to make new friends!
  • an ensured safe haven for kylo ren fans, family protects each other
  • currently anybody can submit their works to the #kyloclub tag, but joining will give you bragging rights of being one of the first few members of the network!
  • only network members will be able to join the discord server or participate in group events

How To Join

If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask !

bombadils-brain  asked:

Will you be selling graphic novels online at any point? I'm gutted that I don't have a chance to get one at the convention.

TL;DR: I hope so.

Here’s the graphic novel situation:

  • I want to have my own little store, with better, more custom merch.
  • I have no time. I’m doing an entry every three days for book two.
  • I also have no space with which to store merch.
  • And little to no money with which to make merch.
  • Most of these problems are alleviated come September, when I turn in book two and move to a larger place in LA (I’m in NYC for the summer, working on a business plan and collaborating with Harper-Collins on book two).

Additionally, complicating the graphic novel matter:

  • Harpers does not (at least this division, so far) want to do graphic novels. They consider it low return on investment.
  • I am doing this in part to see if I can change their mind with data.
  • Any comic entries I print can’t go into future books. Harper-Collins wants to be the first and only print publisher for the contents of their books. So I’m having to be very careful about what I do and do not print.
  • It takes a surprising amount of time for me to retrofit the web entries to fit print specifications.

All that said, this is my game plan:

  • See how well things sell at HeroesCon.
  • Try to sell leftovers at another con or speaking gig or somesuch.
  • Sell the rest online.
  • Gauge interest on graphic novels. If graphic novel interest is high, use that as leverage with publishers.
  • Failing that, look at selling my own stuff online. Maybe take on a part-time employee to help with shipping. Maybe partnering with someone like TopatoCo makes more sense. That’s a lot of research that I do not have time to engage in right now.
Follow Spree!

Hey, everyone!

I’m looking for new anime blogs to follow, so like or reblog this post if you’re posting/reblogging about:

-Shingeki no Kyojin
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Also, like or reblog if you ship:

-Ereri/Riren (I don’t mind both)

Important: Have a tag system.

If you are a graphic maker, please specify it in the tags so I’ll check your edits! ;)

It’s time for Lingfan Week 2017!


  • Sunday July 9th- Scars
  • Monday July 10th- Journey
  • Tuesday July 11th- Role Reversal
  • Wednesday July 12th- Immortality
  • Thursday July 13th- Touch
  • Friday July 14th- Alternate Universe
  • Saturday July 15th- Family

This year’s prompts were suggested and chosen by you! You can participate by creating fanfiction, fanart, graphics, gifs, videos, playlists, etc. It is up to you which days you take part in. If you would like us to reblog your work here, please use the tag #lingfanweek. As this is a week celebrating Lingfan, please do not include other Ling or Lan Fan ships in your works. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. Please reblog this post to spread the word, and most of all, have fun! We look forward to seeing what you come up with.


Gather round Klonnie fam for a very special Halloween event: Gothic Klonnie 2K17!

If you’re a #klonnie shipper who loves gothic #classics like Dracula, Frankenstein and The Picture of Dorian Gray LOOK NO FURTHER than this week-long event (October 24th - 31st) brought to you by @thefudge and @irresistible-revolution. Gothic Klonnie 2k17 will celebrate all that’s dark and beautiful about this ship by creating gifsets, edits, graphics, fics and fanart inspired by literary quotes from famous gothic novels! (namely, we will give you a quote each day as a prompt and you have to either incorporate it or draw inspiration from it when you create your work!)

Days and themes:

Day 1: Dracula by Bram Stoker

Day 2: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

Day 3: Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu

Day 4: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson

Day 5: Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier

Day 6: The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Day 7: The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

Tag your posts with #gothicklonnie2k17 or #klonniegothic or just #klonnie, and join your fellow children of the night in making this a klonnie-tastic Halloween!

Find Your Hacks & Workarounds

No matter what type of business we are running or what goals we chase - we all face apparently insurmountable difficulties - as for example 

  • building a user base for your app although there is no interaction yet,
  • having to postpone some to dos although they are all crucial and diligent, 
  • finding investors without having finished that prototype yet 
  • or hiring the great but still affordable talents that help you to get done all that work
  • … 

The Dutch bicycle manufacturer VanMoof had such a problem as well:

They sell almost 90 percent of its bikes online. 

But as they shipped the custom made bikes to customers, it found that they were often arriving severely damaged.

The damage reports were a major problem for the company because the street bikes that it manufactures are at the high-end of the market… But even with the best brand and great marketing you CANNOT WIN, if the products is delivered to the customer in bad shape or even in pieces…

But then the company came up with a genius solution - dropping shipping damage by over 70 percent!

What was the trick?

Printing a graphic of a flatscreen television on the side of the packaging box - making shippers think that they were transporting flatscreen televisions.


A highly effective but yet cheap way of fixing the problem and giving the business the push it needed…

Innovate like VanMoof!

Always look out for solutions like this - practical, easy to apply, affordable but effective. Dare to try new paths, unconventional solutions, be creative.
Find your hacks and workarounds.

your m

Yuri on Ice Polyship Week

Please note the dates have been changed to June 19th-25th.

Hey, everyone! Like many of you out there in Tumblrland, I’ve developed a small Yuri on Ice obsession as of late. I’ve really been enjoying the various character/ship weeks that are happening, and I wanted to try my hand at one. After looking at the schedule on @yoievents, I didn’t see anything shining a light on polyships, so that’s what I decided to do.

I must admit that I’ve never run an event like this before, so I’m following the lead of everyone else. Feel free to send in tips/advice if you like. :) (Also I have approximately -10 graphics skills, so if someone felt the urge to step forward and slap something together for a better banner or maybe a prompts graphic once we have them, that would be the actual best.)

As for the week itself, all types of fanworks will be accepted as long as they relate to polyshipping in some way. Ratings, ships, etc, are all up to the creators.

Here’s a tentative schedule; let me know if something on it doesn’t work for you guys.

Through May 14th – accepting prompts

May 15th – 28th – prompt voting (I’m shooting for two prompts/day to give people a variety)

May 29th – final prompts reveled

June 19th – 25th – YOI Polyship Week

So, yeah, you can start sending in prompts now! Anything goes – particular AUS, genres, quotes, general prompts, etc, etc, whatever inspires you or might inspire someone else. And please share this post so other people can find out about the week. <3

I’m looking forward to this adventure. :) ~your mod @wedge-antilles-feelings