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“Where do think the money went?“ he repeated.
 "Guns?” asked Jesper.
 "Ships?“ queried Inej.
 "Bombs?” suggested Wylan.
 "Political bribes?“ offered Nina. They all looked at Matthias. "This is where you tell us how awful we are,” she whispered.
 He shrugged. “They all seem like practical choices.”

Thank you Ishida, thank you God for TGRE 125

There are honestly more hate than I expected and I’m sorta disappointed? Cuz I mean I understand that there are people who has other ships, but Touken shippers who are hating this chapter saying that it’s too much and it doesn’t have anything to do with the plot?

Firstly, maybe it is too much and I am just a pervert but I think it is beautiful to see one of my OTPs making love. I have always wanted to my see ships and OTPs showing how much they love each other in canoned chapters and in my opinion Ishida did this without making it look like a hentai/smut chapter. Why? Because we’ll, for one he didn’t really show graphics (dicks etc) also it wasn’t just blush blush kiss kiss fuck fuck there was meaning and a story to it. Which leads me to my second point.

I’ve seen a few posts saying this already but I’ll say it again. This chapter HAD meaning, and it DID have something to do with the plot and the story. Kaneki has been so lonely especially since Hide disappeared. Now Touka is there with him and for him and loving him and he is not alone anymore. Yes that doesn’t mean that they have to have sex to show this but those two loved each other since part 1. Even when Kaneki lost his memories and became Haise he still had feelings for her.

My point is… this is Ishida Sui we are talking about and every chapter he writes always have meaning. I think we should all just except this chapter, we don’t have to like it but just except it. Because this is part of the story and Ishida probably has a reason for doing this not just because of fan service.

Reasons you should totally buy and play starbound

OK so i just finished the game and !!!!!! Oh my gosh !!!!! It is one of the best games I’ve played in years!!! So now I’m gonna tell all of you why YOU should all totally play the game and support the creators!

- it was made by Chucklefish, the same people who brought you Stardew Valley; but the two games could not be more different

- the 6 main species you can play as include super smart monkeys, carnivorous plant people who hate fire, weaboo fish, cowboy star people, birds who lost their wings and are really religious and sad about losing their wings ::::(((((, medieval robots, and. Humans. But who the fuck wants to play as a human amiright?

- the lore is actually really deep and cool!

- Esther, the old lady who helps you throughout the game, looks 100% like an old version of Jade Harley (but I’m on mobile so i can’t add a pic)
UPDATE: i’m on my laptop now, so here’s a photo

- the environment you play is in a procedurally randomly generated universe that you travel through! no two planets are the same!

- you can recruit other people you find throughout the universe to work on your ship with you, and each of them has a different role (engineer, medic, etc) and different dialogue lines!

- there’s tonnes of different biomes and areas to explore!

- even though it’s all done in pixel art the graphics are absolutely breathtaking!

- the music!!!!!! The music!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- it’s multi-player, so you can bring your friends along to save the universe with you

- the main enemies in the game are basically space nazis, so have fun punching them

- other fans of the game, feel free to add more reasons

And the final reason you should play

- this gif

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I would like more followers and people to follow:

Hi!, I’m Tenoko1! Currently looking for more SPN family to follow and be mutuals.

-I’m a multishipper, but ship and let ship. Destiel is my main pairing. I ship Sam with almost everybody.

-I write fanfiction! And even make podfics and graphics for them!

-I also end up making lots of epub covers for fics I put on my kindle to read, so there’s that, because I always share on here, too.

-Occasionally, I do make gifs, mostly from my live reaction/episode discussion vids:

-Super SPN positive, love all the cast, wives, etc. save for TAW- for obvious reasons.

-Like I said, I do live reaction/discussion videos responding to submitting questions, reactions, etc.

And generally just love Supernatural a whole lot.

Please reblog, and I will check you out! ^_^ Hi!

We were good together, weren’t we?

Hello~! Ashley here once again with another following spree because somehow I lost over 100 followers within a few days that I have been gone and a few people have become inactive/changed blog contents, so I figured I try this to follow new people!!

Firstly, I’ll like to apologize in case I don’t follow most of you back, it doesn’t mean I love you or your blog..I’m just super picky! ;~;
Those with stars are a huge plus

Looking for:

Haikyuu!!**** (especially if you ship Oihina/Iwaoihina/Kurohina; Practically anyone and hinata LOL)
Bungou stray dogs
Yuri on ice
Seasonal Anime***
Boku no hero academia****
Shingeki no Kyojin**** (especially if you ship Ereri)
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Fairy Tail*****

Bonus: If you are a graphic maker/ Artists/ Writers (any fandom; please specify which you do & your tag, i will definitely check it out and like/reblog!!)
Have a tag system, please or at least tag majority of your posts especially snakes because I have that blacklisted and need those posts tagged!!

Also: I’m looking forward to meeting new mutuals and getting to know you guys, so please message me and say hi!!

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Yuri on Ice Polyship Week

Please note the dates have been changed to June 19th-25th.

Hey, everyone! Like many of you out there in Tumblrland, I’ve developed a small Yuri on Ice obsession as of late. I’ve really been enjoying the various character/ship weeks that are happening, and I wanted to try my hand at one. After looking at the schedule on @yoievents, I didn’t see anything shining a light on polyships, so that’s what I decided to do.

I must admit that I’ve never run an event like this before, so I’m following the lead of everyone else. Feel free to send in tips/advice if you like. :) (Also I have approximately -10 graphics skills, so if someone felt the urge to step forward and slap something together for a better banner or maybe a prompts graphic once we have them, that would be the actual best.)

As for the week itself, all types of fanworks will be accepted as long as they relate to polyshipping in some way. Ratings, ships, etc, are all up to the creators.

Here’s a tentative schedule; let me know if something on it doesn’t work for you guys.

Through May 14th – accepting prompts

May 15th – 28th – prompt voting (I’m shooting for two prompts/day to give people a variety)

May 29th – final prompts reveled

June 19th – 25th – YOI Polyship Week

So, yeah, you can start sending in prompts now! Anything goes – particular AUS, genres, quotes, general prompts, etc, etc, whatever inspires you or might inspire someone else. And please share this post so other people can find out about the week. <3

I’m looking forward to this adventure. :) ~your mod @wedge-antilles-feelings

calmandcalculating  asked:

team legends

God yes I love group BROTP asks 

  • Which one is more fond of scary movies: Rip has a whole litany of scary movies on hand, from different eras. He loves scary movies but can’t bear to watch them alone, so he’s glad he has an entire crew who is willing to sit and watch through the movies with him. 
    • There are like, definitely VR versions of horror movies or ones that transform your whole room into the setting of a movie. Those are not allowed to be watched by members of the team. Nobody’s pointing fingers at anyone else, but last time, someone broke a headset, and two other people blasted the headsets (hint, one was burned, the other was miniaturized, but again, nobody’s pointing fingers). 
  • Which one gets the most excited about Halloween: God if this isn’t a Ray Palmer thing to do I don’t know what is. He puts up decorations around the Waverider and puts in candy and forces the team to go trick or treating. 
    • “Professor Stein, your bowl is empty!” Stein, inside the room: “Not my problem, I said one candy per person.” “Who took all the ca-Sara, Mick, you have to respect the rules, come on we talked about this!” 
  • Which one would be more likely to survive the apocalypse: Mick because he has great street smarts. Maybe Amaya too. Like, Sara and the Hawks have died about 500 times already, Stein would be the person who gets bit first, Jax would go well until he sacrifices himself for someone else, Rip would probably function well as a hermit and then die the second he found a group, and Ray and Nate would inevitably die. Mick and Amaya though? I feel like they’d have a good shot. Throw in Len too, he’d do well enough with Mick at least. 
  • Which one would literally kill for the other: lmfao like….all of them? Rip’s literally killed for Jax, Rogue Canary would do it in a heartbeat, I’m sure Nate would kill for Amaya and if the mission called for it, I’m sure everyone else would do it too. Maybe Kendra didn’t, aka Miss “It Was Literally My Job To Kill Savage and I Still Wasn’t The One to Do It”. 
  • Which one likes to scare or startle the other: RIP AND RAY ARE EASILY THE EASIEST ONES TO SCARE OH MY GOD. 
    • Jax and Sara do this all the fucking time, and they usually pull in Len to help them out so he works with technical things (like turning the lights off or making it more chilly in the rooms Rip & Ray are in) while Jax and Sara start making the noises. Rip and Ray once screamed and hugged each other under a table, only for the lights to turn on and see Jax and Sara on the floor laughing.
    • Gideon recorded the whole thing, the traitor. 
  • Which one is more likely to need comforting when they get spooked: Rip does but does anyone comfort each other? Not really. Gideon just tries to make him feel better afterwards. If anything the team will tease each other if they’re spooked until the person is more annoyed than scared. 
  • Which one always puts on a brave face: Ray tries but he very quickly fails lmfao
  • Which one would be more dangerous if they suddenly became violent: god Mick, Kendra, and Sara. They are not to be startled by accident. 
  • Which one would be more likely to commit a crime: HAAAA Sara, Mick, and Len. 
    • Honestly though Stein would probably somehow get himself mixed up in a crime ring.
  • Which one believes in ghosts: Jax!!!! Jax does!!! He does not mess with the supernatural and he gets frustrated because Nate and Ray are constantly bringing in creepy shit onto the ship and he is convinced there is going to be a possession. 
    • As fellow POCs I would like to believe that Kendra, Len, and Amaya also believe in ghosts. Kendra’s probably seen a few exorcisms and been a ghost hunter in a past life. 
  • Which one likes to watch spooky show on television: Mick loves the graphicness. Stein will walk in, look at the tv, go “oh god no not this again” and walk out.
  • Which one has nightmares more often: Rip for sure. 
  • Which one would want to explore a real haunted house: Again, Nate and Ray, Horror White Boys™. They also suggest splitting up oh my god. 
    • Sara probably tags along because she kind of believes in spirits but she’s also convinced that she could drop-kick one if needed. 

anonymous asked:

Could you recommend some books that helped you learn to draw?

I get questions about my process/requests for advice a lot, and I almost never respond, because I don’t know what to say and my advice can basically be summed up as- mess about until you figure it out. No one can impress an artistic idea upon you until you are capable of seeing it on your own.

BUT- I do have an answer, in this case.  Here are some books that taught me many things about art and the craft of drawing.

Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters, by Robert Hale
This is a classic that’s been in print since the 60s, and for good reason.  It teaches you not only anatomy and how to represent it, but, more importantly, how to learn from the art you observe.  It will change the way you look at models, your own representative work, and the work of your favorite artists.  I use the observation techniques I learned from this book every damn day.  It’s got like 10 different covers, but mine has this ugly head on it.

Figure Drawing for All It’s Worth, by Andrew Loomis
Another classic, this one from the 40s. The purports to be a figure drawing book, and it is, but it also has lots of lessons on expression, mood, and design.  It came out of one of the high points in advertising and graphic illustration, and focuses on clean lines, expressivity, and realism.  Many many artists love this book, and will tell you about it at length.

Making Faces, by Kevyn Aucoin
This book showed up at my house when I was about 12, and it completely changed how I look at characterization and visual shorthand.  Legendary makeup artist Kevyn Aucoin (RIP) taught me so much about shading, mood, and how to use cliche to achieve my goals.  Outside of being an amazing resource on the actual application of makeup, there’s loads about performing personality and gender through visual cues.  What makes a brow line “masculine?”  How do you convey innocence?  How do you approach the giant hill of not making every face look the same, but giving them all the same amount of life and interest? This book will give it to you.

Graphic Storytelling and Visual Narrative, by Will Eisner
Will Eisner taught me how to divorce interest from beauty.  His work on the understanding of graphic storytelling is less well known now than some of his proteges’, including Scott McCloud (Understanding Comics, by McCloud, is also amazing) but Eisner is the one who set down the rules that McCloud expounds upon in his own work.  A lot of people don’t love this work because it feels basic- he tells you how to communicate through cliches and quick cues.  And that’s antiquated, because we like to subvert tropes and add layers of symbolism over our storytelling today.  But it’s still a great foundation of rules to understand and then cheerfully break.

Dinotopia, by James Gurney
When I was a kid, I was obsessed with National Geographic.  Back in the 80s and 90s, they used illustrators, including James Gurney, to illustrate what life was like on a Roman war ship, or what ancient Minos might have looked like.  Dinotopia took everything that I loved about “real” illustration, fine art, scientific and graphic illustration, and gave me my first hints of possibility.  You CAN be a great artist and still draw your dreams.  You can have a sense of bigness and possibility and also use all the craftsmanship and skill of a “real” artist.  This all feels obvious now, but my copy of Dinotopia (with intact dustcover) follows me wherever I go, and continues to inspire me every day.

Find Your Hacks & Workarounds

No matter what type of business we are running or what goals we chase - we all face apparently insurmountable difficulties - as for example 

  • building a user base for your app although there is no interaction yet,
  • having to postpone some to dos although they are all crucial and diligent, 
  • finding investors without having finished that prototype yet 
  • or hiring the great but still affordable talents that help you to get done all that work
  • … 

The Dutch bicycle manufacturer VanMoof had such a problem as well:

They sell almost 90 percent of its bikes online. 

But as they shipped the custom made bikes to customers, it found that they were often arriving severely damaged.

The damage reports were a major problem for the company because the street bikes that it manufactures are at the high-end of the market… But even with the best brand and great marketing you CANNOT WIN, if the products is delivered to the customer in bad shape or even in pieces…

But then the company came up with a genius solution - dropping shipping damage by over 70 percent!

What was the trick?

Printing a graphic of a flatscreen television on the side of the packaging box - making shippers think that they were transporting flatscreen televisions.


A highly effective but yet cheap way of fixing the problem and giving the business the push it needed…

Innovate like VanMoof!

Always look out for solutions like this - practical, easy to apply, affordable but effective. Dare to try new paths, unconventional solutions, be creative.
Find your hacks and workarounds.

your m

anonymous asked:

Are you taking prompts? If so could you write something where the TARDIS expresses love for Bill with a really posh kitchen and laboratory? Her own personal test kitchen?

yes of course i will write the inaugural Bill/TARDIS fic i mean what do you think i am for if not this

Bill/the TARDIS, vaguely implied Twelve/Nardole, ~1.2k words, not explicit

The first night (“night”) Bill stays in the TARDIS, the Doctor gives her a rambling ten-part set of directions in re: where the guest bedroom is. He grins, she grins, he grins wider, she gives him a thumbs-up, he returns it. She walks with a measured pace to where she’s fairly sure he can’t see her, and then she bolts. And doesn’t forget the instructions so much as discovers they don’t make sense, since everything looks the same, and ‘pass the Mechanical Turk’ doesn’t work at a T-junction with two Mechanical Turks. She runs and the ground feels weird and she sporadically opens doors until she finds what she optimistically hopes is some sort of futuristic Space Toilet, but which is probably a bougie Space Laundry Chute. She vomits into the hole, closes the lid, and straightens herself out before wobbling back into the corridor.

Professor “The Doctor” What had said this was to get her acclimated to time/space travel but she’s 95% certain he’s just lost, or something is broken. So it’s reasonable to have puked in a closet and then walked away, if they’re doing lies. This place is big enough, he probably won’t even notice. Right? Right. She wipes her mouth and soldiers on.

Keep reading

arrowgirl20  asked:

I absolutely love your icon. It looks like a Olicity romantic novel cover. It's fantastic.

Thank you!!! I loved that shot of their hands on his chest and so I fiddled with it and… as much I loved the icon I had before, I knew I HAD to use this one. It feels very iconic and emblematic of Olicity. 

Don’t get me wrong because I don’t want to hate on the ship in any way or form and won’t tolerate people coming to me to hate on the ship and praise another one, but…
Was it really necessary to make that scene the focus of the entire chapter, and to do so graphically? Almost through sexualizing lenses?
It felt very cheap to me… As though I was reading canonised fanfiction in some particular points… And I know that people are only going to look at it through shipping lenses and accuse me of being bitter but I’m a touken shipper too and I didn’t like how it was portrayed at all
Yes it was consensual and yes it was also gratuitous and in no way necessary for the development of the plot OR of the characters’ dynamics… Not to mention that it kinda gave the message that one single person (through offering sex) can be the reason for you not to kill yourself
Ishida is seriously going with the failed pregnancy route uh
I really don’t know how to feel about this
(Please don’t reblog this post. I don’t want to talk about this nor do I want it to be the start of a flame when people will inevitably get me wrong. I just want to ramble on my blog. Respect that)

i’ve been looking for more people in my fandoms to follow, so like. if this stuff pertains to you, pls reblog or like the post so i can check out your blog.

  • fandoms: mass effect, dragon age, overwatch, world of warcraft. i have a wow blog at @nightwell if you’re interested!!
  • tagging systems are really important. like, fandoms, characters, and ships.
  • you make edits or graphics? that’s super cool. write fic? that’s super cool, too.
  • if you ship jaal w male ryder, you get extra bonus points. fuck it. if you’re gonna put more gay content in general on my dash, you get extra points in your favor.
  • it would be favorable if you weren’t homophobic or transphobic. or like a shitty person in general.

btw, signal boosting this would be great.