this looks like a ship graphic

“I only like *Insert mlm or wlw ship* because it gets me hot-”

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“Excuse me this *insert companion here* is not bi and that’s why-”

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“Preston just doesn’t look good with Sole like Danse and Maxson do-”

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“I don’t want to tag *insert underaged, non-con, graphic violence, self-harm, etc* on my fanfics because no one will read it-”

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“There’s another settlement that needs your help-”

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“If you like the BoS, Institute, Railroad, or Minutemen you’re disgusting and-”

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“If you like this character you’re disgusting-”

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“EXCUSE ME *insert character here* isn’t trans. Stop making trans headcanons for them-”

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“*Insert canon gay character* is not gay and here’s why-”

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“Kill yourself-”

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“Tunnel Snakes Rule.”

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hey o/ i’m dee and my dashboard is Dead™ so i’m looking for new people to follow!

fandoms im interested in:
 - vanitas no carte
 - d gray man
 - ao no exorcist
 - bungou stray dogs (im not caught up yet)
 - voltron: legendary defender
 - naruto
 - boku no hero academia (also not caught up with)
 - one piece (ki n d a)

i’m looking for people who:
 - tag!!!!
 - make graphics/fic/art (not necessary)
 - dont do ship wars/discourse
 - are nice people owo

pls reblog and tag what you post or just like this post and i’ll check out some Blogs thx ♥!


waava week (2016) // day 4 · differences 

the difference between ‘like’, ‘love’ and ‘in love’
is the same as ‘for now’, ‘for a while’ and ‘forever’


Welcome! This is a blog dedicated to the ship rebelcaptain (Cassian & Jyn) on Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Here you can find beautiful edits of not only rebelcaptain but also Cassian Andor, Jyn Erso, Diego Luna, and Felicity Jones. We will be making original content here on the blog and also reblogging various edits like gifs, graphics, fanfiction, fanart, and icons.


Apply here to join our blog! We’re looking for people who can make HQ original content on the blog such as gifs, graphics, icons, and fanfiction. Any of these is welcome!

Let this ship keep floating strong!

Look, there’s this thing called ‘character dynamics’.


Shipping isn’t just about romantic relationship.

If that’s the case, I can’t have my crack ships at all.

If I want to make Chlonette icons, I will fucking make them because I like their interactions as rivals. If people see it as LGBT+ representation, it’s their own interpretation.

Let me make my stuffs.

I’m a graphic maker.


MCU Ladies Week | Day 3: Favorite Scene | Peggy and Angie, 1.01 “Now Is Not The End”

We all gotta pay our dues, even if it takes awhile. You’ve got talent, it’s just a matter of time before Broadway calls.
I’m afraid I can’t carry a tune.
It doesn’t matter when you got legs like yours.

You look me in the eye and tell me that this was not the beginning of a romantic comedy. I dare you.

Clara/Rose teacher AU– while taking a job at Coal Hill Secondary School, Rose meets a brilliant young teacher named Clara. They form a friendship, which quickly grows into something more.


Naruto + Harry Potter aestheticsship: Sai & Ino Yamanaka + Inojin

“It was like a lone fire burning in the middle of a blizzard. Sai looked up at the sound of her voice. Both his eyes were red and swollen from crying. Before she noticed who had reached out first, they had clasped their hands together. 

“Thank you, miss beautiful.”


The two gently smiled at each other.”

hannibalcatharsis  asked:

2, 9, 13 and 16 please for the valentine ask thing

Thank you :D

Valentine Fandom Ask Meme

2.  Is there a ship you didn’t like at first but ultimately started shipping? Mmh… I’m sure there is, but I can’t think of one ?

9. What ship represents the kind of relationship you’d love to have ? Noctis and Luna from FFXV, definitively (but I want a happy ending LOL). I mean, their bond is so strong, they don’t need to see each other to love each other. Their love is deeper than looks or physical contacts. It’s almost like they feel each other’s love, always. I want a deep bond like that. ♥

13. Name a ship that deserved more content. Honestly, I would take more content for all my ships LOL But I’d say Locke and Celes from FFVI, because their love deserves to be shown in high quality graphic. That game deserves a remake, and their love was already very strong and beautiful on the SNES, so with a remake, it would be even more touching.

16.  Is there a ship that made you realise something about yourself? I don’t think so.

Send me a number


jihan x chocolate icons!

  • please read before using :)

Stare Down Challenge Featuring Eisuke Ichinomiya x Soryu Oh

This CG is from Voltage Inc.’s Kissed By The Baddest Bidder and is of a much younger Eisuke x Soryu. I love this CG a lot because the look in their eyes is so intense :p (some people might already be shipping these two LOL)

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character/ship aesthetic meme: silhouettevalentine requested: aqua

“try all you want, but you’ll never defeat a heart filled with light.”

shootingsharp  asked:

ok but like.... what if u talked abt me..... slides my url over

ok but what if i talked about u

  • Do I Follow Them?: hell the frick yeah.
  • Why Did I Follow Them?: omg i followed them because they wanted a graphic and my bf liked them and then i found out we actually knew each other and i shit myself.
  • Do We Role Play?: look it’s a work in progress.
  • Do I Want To Role Play With Them: of /course/. i’d be insane not to want to.
  • An AU Idea For Our Muses: a universe where jill trusts sherry. yeah give me that one.
  • A Song For Our Muses: honestly. jill is heather. sherry is veronica.
  • Do I Ship Our Muses?: i mean. that’d be pretty out there. not rn.
  • What I Think About The Mun: fuck i love you okay you don’t understand how hype i was when i learned u were the jake i waited for cause i sucked ass and didn’t ever talk to you or reply cause /work/. i w8d for u. u w8d for me. why have you still not added me on skype.
  • Overall Opinion: if you’re not following them, i need you to sit down with dr phil and question your life. let him be your moral compass. let him guide you to this fucking blog.
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