this looks like a lovers quarrel

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The Goryeo Domestic

This isn’t about palace rules or Jung (who is, by the way, probably as consequential as a fly), this is about pent-up anger, frustration, pain and disappointment and misunderstanding. They are basically having a lover’s quarrel in front of a whole unit of Palace guards and they don’t give a damn; arguing almost without actually talking to each other and only communicating through the guards, but the whole time they never stop looking at each other. This is A BATTLE OF WILLS. Hae Soo is punishing Wang So and he simply takes it.

Of course, So immediately realizes she is lying to him,  just like he recognized her apprehension on the boat, just like HE NOTICES EVERYTHING ABOUT HER because he knows her like no one else, sometimes even better than she knows herself. HS’s reaction might seem as a little extreme, but let’s face it, she has been extreme from the beginning, just like Wang So which is probably one of the many reasons why he was so drawn to her. Her action show that they have a long history - SO KNOWS WHAT SHE IS CAPABLE OF, he saw her hurting herself before and she knows it. He respects Soo’s guts and like the tactician he is WS realizes that SHE IS DEFIANT AND ANGRY AND this is a battle he cannot win, therefore he retreats in order to fight another day.

It’s such a heartwrenching sight to see him once again standing outside, banished by a woman he loves, UNWANTED ONCE AGAIN. AND JEALOUS. He can hear Jung’s voice and again another woman in his life “chooses” his younger brother over him (it’s even more poignant the place where he told HS his childhood story about Jung is so close). His jealous and turbulent reaction shows that no matter how much he tried to let HS go, he simply can’t.

craftydiva0828  asked:

Looking for a fic where Katniss and Peeta are supposed a couple but she and Gale have a fight at town wide festival and Haymitch breaks them up and warns them it looked like they were having a lover's quarrel. Thanks

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Abandoned Cat 15

“Look, Hyesung, this is the cat.”


“you see, this cat can transform into a man.. at night, but that’s just my guess, because i haven’t seen him transform during a day.”



“okay… i suppose.”


Hyesung fought with Eric, they yelled and kicked each other, like a kids, he never showed me that side of him.

Those two were lovers.
They dated for almost 4 years long, despite being quarreling everyday but they can last for that long time, there must be something special between them.

Ah, why am i jealous? They’re over now. 

Hyesungie is here.

He’s mine.

“Hyesung, about the cat,i really told you the tru-”

“Dongwan, I am sorry for never telling you about Eric.”


“I know i’m not really open to you, but it’s not because i don’t want to, i just not ready.
And, I.. i also will believe anything you say now, even about that damn cat.”

“Ah, Hyesungie..”

“I understand you, that’s okay, you can tell me whenever you’re ready.”


“About the cat, I’m telling you the truth, even it’s ridiculous but it’s really what happened.”

“…yea it’s ridiculous…”

“Yes, why do you think i still persistent till now?”

“..because nobody with normal head will believe that story.”

“Hyesungie, look.”


“Hyesungieee believe meeee ♥”


“I won’t till you believe me.”

“I told you i will believe anything you say!!”

“Didn’t looks like it”

“Watch your hand!! You *BEEEEP*”

“Hyesungie you’re so cutee♥”



“I’m sorry..  ha ha ha”


“Hey Hyesungie,  let’s forget about everything right now, so much happened today, makes me soo stressed.”

“……nah, i can’t”

“Why not?”

“I don’t want to.. right now”

“Oh, really?”


Let’s call it a day.


Reaction to Once Upon A Time 4x18 “Sympathy For The De Vil”

So Cruella’s mother made her afriad of dalmatians…

Haha…I thought Cruella’s power was stupid…

You lied about something horrible, how could Emma not be angry?!

Well I’m glad that was civil, Regina

Am I the only one who isn’t sure how turning Emma’s heart dark will get Rumple his happy end? Even after Rumple’s speech to Belle?

OH MY GOD!!!!! That was pretty good Regina

Oh A lover’s quarrel 

Aww they kinda do make a cute couple though….

Mommy tag team time!

“I need to be around people I trust, and right now that’s not you.”

Awww Look at the concern on Killian’s and Regina’s faces

“Blasted bird….I’ll show you what angry looks like”

Not Cool man….

Oh no no no no….please no

Oh my god….Cruella

OH MY GOD!!!!! And Emma’s going dark