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GENCON 2017 (Part 1)


This is gonna be my Gencon dump. It’s one on a school night, but f-it, I’ve got an itch to share what I’ve experienced.

Thursday: Got up and got ready for the con, took an Uber in the pouring rain with some raincoats covering our laptops, and around 10 and made it over to the convention center. Of course by that time the storm had passed and we carried our jackets around the rest of the day and I killed my shoulders with all the stuff in my carrier bag. Picked up everything at will call and then proceeded to try and find our way through the chaos to the Green Ronin booth to pick up my Campaign guide. It is really majestic, as you can all tell. We browsed artist’s alley for a while, and I was just…so amazed at all the artwork. It wasn’t as big as I thought it would be, but that’s because GENcon was really selective when it came to who had a booth. Met some artists I knew, and some of the artists behind the works that are in the D&D Handbooks. It was all just…really brilliant. I got to have a few good conversations with them about their success and how they broke into the industry. It was good times. At this point we met a few critters (I yelled “SAME SHIRT” at a ton of Critters but most were just confused. It’s ok; they made up for it at the live show). Saw Pat Rothfuss signing stuff but I didn’t pay him too much mind. 

At that point we headed over to the Westin for Matt’s GM improv panel and got in line. We met up with our DM Teri ( @tales-of-a-tardisgirl ) for the first time (pretty loudly on my side, as I’m prone to loud displays of affection) and sat for a while with her. Missed Matt sneaking in (He was wearing his Dread beanie and glasses with his hair tucked into the beanie), and then got into the panel in the second row (really close to Matt). My heart was beating so fast ya’ll, I was hiding my face and trying my best not to freak out. I can cover it well when I talk straight at someone I admire, but my hands will shake like the dickens. The panel was a blast. Everyone was pretty hilarious. At one point there was a joke made about Satine and Matt really liking Minotaurs, so I drew Matt stroking a Minotaur’s arm (I mixed up my monsters and drew a Centaur first but Teri had me fix it). Matt was looking out at the crowd at one point and we made eye contact and had an intense stare down. I proceeded to turn a deep red as soon as he looked away. Gave Matt the picture after the panel (sorry I don’t have pics, but it was pretty crappy) and he got a good laugh out of it. I informed him what we’d be cosplaying as the next few days and he told me he couldn’t wait to see.

 Well, I was sufficiently overwhelmed by all that. We met up with Teri’s group and got some food, then browsed around before Chris ( @gatherthewords ) and I took off to the Retrospective Panel with Matt at 7. We got there around 6, and a few people were sitting there waiting about.

 I met a guy named Frank (dark hair) when I heard him say Travis Willingham’s name and immediately butted into that conversation. He was explaining Critical Role to someone and I sat down to claim my spot in line to help out. His friend Alex showed up soon after and we all got talking about the show.Somehow Vast got mentioned, and a large man on the other side of the entryway we were avoiding sitting in front of perked up. He had been talking to Nicole, the Matt cosplayer we’d seen around earlier who gave me a keychain. 

I told him whom I was from across the way, and he freaked out, jumped up, picked me up and twirled me around. I haven’t been picked up like that in ages. Steve is a very large Australian bouncer who is just a bundle of profanity jokes and joy. I love him. We got into the panel and Chris and I got front row seats (again, right in front of Matt, but I had calmed down at this point.) 

Matt snuck in after I had made friends with fellow critters Nicole, Megan, and Katie who were all in the front row with us. The panel was amazing, funny, insightful, and it made Chris tear up. I played concerned girlfriend for a solid 15 minutes trying to figure out why she had gotten so emotional. We let Steve know we were going to go play D&D with our DM and her group, and he asked to tag along and see if he could play. With that, we met up with Teri and went to the Westin lobby to sit around in comfy chairs and play some Der and Der. I got to kill zombies as a dragon before Steve’s character killed me and most of the party. Rudy and Satine gave us all high fives on their way to a restaurant in the hotel as we played. Apparently she came out after we left quite a bit more inebriated than she was when she went in. We called it a night around 1:00 am.

And that was Thursday. I’ll do separate posts for each day because…well, to be honest, so much happened that it all needs to be broken down. If you see yourself, message me and I’ll add your screen name.

All I can think about right now is how Misha is like that stand up comedian that isn’t actually that funny and makes jokes that are kinda lame and he should probably just switch jobs because comedy isn’t really his area of expertise apparently, but then there is Jensen, that one fan with this weird crush that will crack up at literally everything Misha says anyway, crying on the floor while all of his friends look at him awkwardly because it was NOT THAT HILARIOUS

anonymous asked:

On the Arrow panel where Emily is describing the scene after Felicity rescues Oliver in the atom suit she reveals that it's actually a stuntman Stephen is looking at. She jokingly says he is gorgeous and than repeats the sentiment with he is a handsome fella and maybe it's just me, but Stephen stopped laughing real quick after that second part. I don't know he looked a little annoyed that she said twice how good looking the stuntman was. I am curious about what you think about it?

because when he was at the “City of Heroes” panel with David, he said that his smile in that moment was genuine because Emily looked really funny only in a half of the suit and pants so when she said: “I only wore the upper half of the suit” he was like “yeah, I remember that, you looked hilarious”:

so when she joked about the stunt man he was like “okay, it’s a funny joke, em, but that’s enough, it was our moment, I’m your handsome fella” lol

so, full suit, “turn around shot”… that was a stunt man:

moment when he smiles -  Stephen said it was him laughing at her ridiculous look:

so she was just joking, it was them) Idk, maybe he was just jealous of mike :D