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Here’s some characters from the Gravity Rises AU that I coudln’t help but draw! 


My affections and wishes have not changed, but one word from you will silence me forever. If, however, your feelings have changed, I will have to tell you: you have bewitched me, body and soul, and I love, I love, I love you. I never wish to be parted from you from this day on.

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what if one time while Fushimi had to do some hacking into a building during a mission so the ones heading inside would be safe, but when he solved it, it was Morse code saying "Stupid, monkey. Ready to play?" and instantly anxiety hit him like a bitch and started thinking Niki made this code and he started hyperventilating and Enomoto was also in the truck but he had absolutely no idea hot to calm Saruhiko down

I’ve done a lot of ‘what if Niki was alive’ asks so I kinda like the idea that this one isn’t Niki but instead someone who did their homework and is deliberately trying to get into Fushimi’s head, like Scepter 4’s been tracking down this powerful gang of criminal Strains who masquerade as rich private citizens. Their hideout is a high security office building covered with all kinds of traps and cameras and tripwires and all manner of things, and of course the only person who could hack that kind of network is Fushimi. The Strain group has done some research, however, trying to find out all they can about their enemies in order to defend themselves from Scepter 4’s attack  – maybe they’re working for Hisui somehow and he gives them all kinds of info on Scepter 4 and while he’s at it he codes the security system because he’s one of the only people whose codes Fushimi would have trouble hacking into. So Fushimi’s in the truck doing his job and working through all the layers of firewalls and protections while Munakata and the rest get into position outside. As Fushimi’s doing his work this complicated string of numbers starts appearing. He figures out the pattern pretty quick and ends up solving the code, which turns into a drawing of a monkey with the ‘does my little monkey want to play more?’ message and then the screen suddenly goes dark and all that’s on it is a picture of a rubix cube, rotating and flashing in different colors. Fushimi’s headset suddenly cuts out and the sound is replaced by Niki’s laughter (say Hisui used the remnants of whatever Aya did to make Fushimi hallucinate and turned them to his advantage here).

Fushimi grits his teeth and tries to ignore the sound as his fingers move on the keyboard and the cube onscreen rotates, colors changing and every time Fushimi matches a red tile there’s a flash of fire in the background of the screen. If he gets one wrong, little insults appear everywhere, calling him 'monkey, monkey’ all over the place. Poor Enomoto is the only one in the van with Fushimi and keeps trying to ask what’s wrong and Fushimi won’t answer, teeth gritting as he types faster and faster and he doesn’t even notice that he’s hyperventilating and his vision is blurring. Finally he manages to solve the puzzle and break into the security system fully and he just rips off his headset and falls onto the ground, choking like he’s going to throw up. Enomoto’s torn because the headsets have starting working again and everyone’s asking for backup from them, but at the same time Fushimi is clearly not well and Enomoto can’t just leave him lying there on the floor. He ends up taking Fushimi’s seat and jumping between checking the computer and trying to calm Fushimi down any way he can think of, just talking with him nervously and asking what’s wrong and trying to get Fushimi to sit and rest while Fushimi just sits there shaking and dry heaving. As soon as the attack team is busy fighting the Strains and doesn’t really need any computer help anymore Enomoto’s like crouching on the ground next to Fushimi and hesitantly rubbing his back while Fushimi tries to calm down. By the time the whole thing is over Fushimi’s breathing has evened out and he stands a little shakily. Enomoto asks if he’s okay, Fushimi tells him not to worry about it and don’t tell anyone this happened. Enomoto’s not really happy about that because he really is worried and Fushimi raggedly says that it’s fine, it was nothing, just a stupid ruse and he doesn’t want to talk about it.

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​This year I went to Warped Tour (July 21st in Scranton, Pa)  for the first time and it was great. I didn’t really meet any band members or Youtubers but when me and my friends were leaving we ran into Damon in the parking lot. When we were walking past him the first time I kinda looked at my friend like ‘Holy crap that’s really Damon’ while she squeezed my wrist because we’re fans. I got a hug and she yelled 'Oh my god you’re real’ before running which was pretty funny. I got a hug from Damon before me and my other friend followed the one who ran. After about a minute we went back over and I got a picture and another hug, one of my friends got a hug, and I got my other friends shoe signed for her. After I got her shoe signed, she ran over, yelled’ That’s my shoe’ and ran… Again. Before leaving, I got another hug and told Damon I liked his hair cx. Even though I wanted to meet more people, I was really happy I met Damon. He’s honestly the cutest

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Karasuno + iwaizumi and oikawas reaction after finding out their partner has huge dark circles under their eyes bc they stayed up the entire night playing videogames? :p

(From now on, whenever possible, I will try to write out how they will respond/what they will say because an anon has requested to have extra dialogue; I’m hoping this is what you meant? uwu

But bear in mind that this is extra work, so this will take up more time… and we’re both as busy as it is already. Thank you for understanding! (。´∀`)ノ)

Sawamura & Sugawara


  • “This isn’t even something as important as your examination and while I know you need some form of relaxation, isn’t that taking it a little bit too far?” 
  • “Take care of yourself a little bit more! Playing video games are fun but they are not all that healthy.” 


  • “I know you love playing them and that they are fun, but why are you letting it take precedence over your school work and health? That’s not good!”
  • “I’m sorry, I don’t want to sound naggy but really, don’t do that again! Falling asleep in class is bad enough but that will affect your grades too… Please think about your future a little more…" 

They would basically reprimand their partners for staying up late, telling them off gently and saying that this (the dark circles) is what they get for not sleeping at a time that they were supposed to. And if they fall asleep in class, they would lecture them further on why they should not be obsessively playing video games over the expense of their health; although ultimately they would let their partners know that they are sorry for nagging away at them, but they are just concerned about their health.


  • "While I know you enjoy playing these video games… could you at least rest a bit, please? You don’t look all that good like this…”
  • “As much as I want to take care of you, I am only one person and I can’t help you with everything, _________! Please get some sleep tonight, okay?”

He is likely to tell his partner to get some rest instead; he wouldn’t stop them from doing what they like, but he would also prefer if they knew how to take care of themselves better. He also would help them out/take care of them if he can or needs to with their studies/anything else just so that they could head home earlier to catch some shuteye, although he would feel a little frustrated if he finds out that his partner has fallen asleep in class.

Nishinoya, Tanaka & Hinata


  • “What, you stayed up all night yesterday without me? How could you?! Geez, and to think you’re living an even manlier life than me now! Tsk, I have to try harder! (Although you kinda look like crap now…)”
  • “Video games? I never really tried them, maybe I should… Hey, let me play some the next time I come over!”


  • “Ugh, too busy playing games and you can’t even reply to my messages?! Do that first! Or I’ll be coming over next time just to watch you play!”
  • “Man, if you really wanna look this disheveled I’d rather you do it just in front of me, why let everyone else see you like this too?!”


  • “V-video games? I haven’t played much but I know that they are fun… a-although, maybe you should get some sleep?”
  • “Uwah!! That scared me… w-why do you look like this?! M-maybe you need some makeup to cover it up…?”

All three of them would likely be more annoyed at the fact that video games are their partner’s top priority now instead of them, although they would still be quite concerned over their partner’s health because just by staying up for one night they look pretty terrible already, they probably can’t imagine what it is like if they stayed up for multiple nights… They would definitely want to try the games that their partners have been playing as well just for the sake of it. But if their partners still insist on staying up despite their pleas, they would stay up with them too to hopefully guilt-trip them or to convince them to go get some rest. All three wouldn’t blame their partner for sleeping in classes because they themselves are guilty of that too.

Kageyama & Iwaizumi


  • “You definitely need to go rest! Those dark circles don’t look good on you… I-I’m not implying that you’re not good-looking, t-though!”
  • “Don’t compare my setter skills with your video game skills! It’s not like I play obsessively… so you should get some sleep!”


  • “As much as I think it’s good that you found something you like, you should try to take care of yourself too… especially when it comes to your health.”
  • “Don’t… just stop playing so much, goddamit!”

Both Kageyama and Iwaizumi are the tsundere versions of Sawamura and Sugawara, wanting to care for their partner but at the same time rather embarrassed to show that they actually do. Nevertheless they would still try their best to look over their partners and try to tell them to take care of themselves either directly or indirectly, or even taking matters into their own hands if they have to. Even if the both of them sleep in classes occasionally, they would still tell their partners not to do it because there might be important things that they have missed.


  • “So that’s the reason why you didn’t reply me last night. I didn’t know that a game is more important than me.”
  • “Well, maybe some makeup would be good right now. But then again you probably deserved it because you should know that staying up late warrants something like this.”

Tsukishima can be a little passive-aggressive towards his loved-one especially if they start to neglect him; even if he doesn’t like that behavior he wouldn’t condone it, but he will just feel as though he isn’t as important anymore as compared to some other things. He would, however, still be quite concerned if this behavior continues on and would ask his partner to stop before they completely destroy their health, especially when they start to suffer from the side-effects of lack of sleep. He wouldn’t advocate nodding off in classes, but he isn’t going to stop them either if they really needed the nap.


  • "I think you need to get some sleep, you don’t look so good…”
  • “You can do what you like, but don’t you think you should take care of yourself a little more…?”

Yamaguchi would be more worried about his partner’s health rather than their obsession over that particular video game, because he probably knows what it is like to get a new game that is really addictive. He would still remind his partner to take care of themselves, though. Yamaguchi would also help his partner take down any notes throughout the day just so that they can make up for whatever that they have missed, not wanting them to lose out just because they were busy sleeping away; he wouldn’t like it very much when they napping in class, but he wants them to at least get some rest as well.


  • “Hey, that’s not fair, ________-chan! I can’t believe you put a video game above me!”
  • “You don’t look as glamorous before… but you’re still beautiful. Just get some sleep tonight, will you?”

Oikawa would pout and whine to his partner, mostly about not getting enough attention from them when he wants it (although they might argue back that he’s too engrossed in volleyball sometimes as well). Like everyone else, he would be concerned about them too, but he wouldn’t stop them from doing what they like and staying up late because it is something that he does often too when it is related to volleyball. Nevertheless, Oikawa would be quite unhappy if his partner has been sleeping in class, reprimanding them and telling them off, although he would word it differently from Sawamura and Sugawara, telling them that he would be worried about them and even asking them what they thought he would feel if they collapsed all of a sudden, etc.