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.:BTS as Mysme Characters:.

Sooo… I’m trash and I’m pretty sure admin Eileen is going to lecture me later but who cares :) She loves me :D (?) Please deal with me, this is the only thing I can do to forget that tomorrow I have to go to school again… *Sigh…*

And then I remembered that the first time Leen played it she told me that she felt like she was in a chatroom with Bangtan soooo, yes


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  • Okay so
  • Do I even need to explain?
  • Both of the are narcissists so yes
  • Both of them are handsome
  • And also they both can sing
  • And act (Well I know Jin hasn’t been in any drama but I think he’ll do well deal with it)
  • Probably the others won’t say anything to him tho
  • Because mom Jin would let them starve to death if they do lol
  • Imagine Jin saying the cheesy lines of Zen tho
  • “Ah, how can you be so cute? If you continue being like this, the beast is going to come out”
  • “But Jin I only said hi–”

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  • Okay I know this may be a little cliché?
  • Like yeah, they’re both the youngest of the group 
  • but hear me out
  • Imagine that instead of not having gf for being a game addict
  • He does play videogames but he isn’t as addict as Yoosung
  • he doesn’t have one because he’s scared of girls
  • oml the best
  • yes I know he had a gf before chill ppl
  • So we know this lil bunny is actually a cinnamon roll
  • And super shy with girls, so cute isn’t he?
  • but then yANDERE JUNGKOOK
  • I don’t even know what I’m saying now forgive me ppl
  • “Uhm… Who were you talking with before I called?”
  • “There have been times I had to squeeze my pillow out of jealousy… You didn’t know that, right?”
  • “Are you worrying about me? Don’t worry! I’m a man, I can… Call the police right away”
  • I’m trash help

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Jaehee/Rap Monster:

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  • Y’all thought I wasn’t going to compare Jaehee with anyone?
  • Okay sooo
  • Intelligence? Check
  • Hard-working? Check
  • Mom nature? more likely Dad nature
  • Maturity? Check
  • Fan of Jin? DOUBLE CHECK
  • Ahem
  • So yes, he’s a fanboy of Jin but in a HEALTHY WAY LIKE JAEHEE
  • He doesn’t have tons of posters or his cd’s or his dvd’s nu
  • what u talking about
  • Ok, let’s say he has them
  • Yes, he’s a slave of some grumpy boy whose name I ain’t saying continue yet pleaaseee

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  • Okay we know Yoongi is actually a dork
  • But really, imagine him taking the place of Jumin
  • When he’s working he’s a workaholic 
  • The main reason as to why he’s rich(?)
  • I need a picture of Suga with Elly, please
  • The only difference is that he can’t fight with Jin
  • His jokes are strange as well, so yes
  • Also the savages moments omg
  • “I don’t get fan letters like you do…”
  • “That’s less likely than Jin getting a girlfriend”
  • Also poor Namjoon that has to do everything he says… Whew…

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  • I kind of wanted to put V and V together lmao but they’re so different that I had to stop myself from doing so
  • Again, do I need to explain?
  • Just look at his red hair, that’s enough
  • lmao but seriously
  • They’re “strange” in the eyes of their group
  • In a good way ofc
  • They get used to it too
  • Imagine Taehyung eating Honey butter chips while hacking
  • if that ain’t something I want to see then idk what it is
  • He’s so kind deep inside like 707
  • And I’m not saying anything more because I want this to be spoiler free

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V/Jimin: (Spoilers? A bit…)

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  • So let’s see
  • These two are too beautiful for life
  • They both would let others do anything to them
  • Even more for love
  • Imagine Jimin taking pictures too
  • I cri
  • Their soft hearts are so alike so I had to put him there
  • I still can’t believe V’s end tho…

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  • Ok, so I can see everyone’s faces right now
  • “wtf why is Hobi unknown????”
  • So considering the past of the Choi’s twins
  • Saeran used to be really soft and weak in his body
  • But he was still trying to have hope in life
  • u see what I did there
  • Jokes aside, Saeran only became rude and aggressive because of the things Rika did to him
  • So yes, it’d be the same for Hobi
  • Also V-Hope amarite
  • Imagine Hobi being so hurt because of these things
  • Actually nvm don’t imagine it, it hurts lmao
  • “I’m going to corrupt you…”
  • You already did u sexy sunshine dancing machine why

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Bootleg/Parody Cognitive Function Test

We have all been discussing strange mbti quizzes, some of them seeming like bootlegs.

I have wondered for a long time what an actual bootleg mbti quiz would be like.

Like u know how some bootleg toys look funny.  That kind of bootleg.

So I made one.

This test will not give u a direct type, u have to determine what type u would get from ordering ur function scores from highest to lowest, highest being ur dom function.

If for some reason ur actual type matches the type u score as here, then idk what to say except “D:” .

Most of these qs will be based on stereotypes of things that aren’t inherently/exclusively about that function/are things everyone does, most will also be parodies. Some will be things that seem like they are about that function, but are actually things that everyone does.

Reblog this with ur actual type and the type(s) u got in this test.

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Pearl might’ve been a factor in Callie’s disappearance.

nintendo recently handed out review copies of splatoon 2, which led to more info on the game being released by those who received them, including the image below.

oddly suspicious that pearl would say that, right? and when you look at how marina responds to pearl, even she seems a bit concerned, which is kind of weird, because considering she’s an OCTOLING. so wouldn’t SHE be the one who acts this strange? hmmm….

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What do you make of that bts scene of carrie and daisy?

you know… i havent uhh said anything about that yet but its kinda been on my mind since it was released. i mean the actual structural stuff you can figure out quite easy- that its on Crait at the penultimate point of the movie (probably either just before or after the main battle) and its probably the first time these women have seen each other since Yavin 4 at the end of tfa.
what i can quite work out is what the look on leias face is. its a really strange expression she looks kind of drawn i guess and a little pained and totally focused on rey.
i think…. what i believe. is i cant understand why this moment would need to happen between leia and rey (alone) at the very crux of the film if rey was lukes? why waste screen time they barely even know each other and assuming reys lukes kid they have nothing in common really. i mean i think if reys lukes then a conversation between leia and luke in place of this would be where the most (idk how to phrase this) emotion? ? would lie. like thats where the conflict would be. these siblings that love each other but then theres leias kid and lukes on different sides and its complicated and theyre both scared their children are going to kill each other - that would be a goldmine.
But thats not what we’re seeing.

this isnt particularly scientific but knowing leia and rey face each other alone to talk at the penultimate moment of tlj and leia looks at her like That only convinces me further that reys her daughter.

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hello!! im new to the gorillaz fandom--like, DAYS new--and ive been all over the place trying to absorb fandom memes and info and all that. i just wanted to say that your blog makes me super happy and i wish you the best of days <33

Hi hello! i’m glad you like my blog that is so sweet welcome to the fandom (?? it sounds kind of strange to say) I don’t have a ton of fandom experience myself since Gorillaz is the only fandom I’ve ever really been ‘active’ in but I really like it everyone I’ve talked to has been really kind I think you’ll really enjoy it.

Idk if you care for this but I’m going to use this as an opportunity to share some of my fav Gorillaz blogs that you can take a look at if you want more content: 

@gorillaz-gal darling, sweet-heart, angel, I would die for her. Her enthusiasm is infectious I always am put in a good mood when I see her on my dash, irl noodle

@stylc where I usually go to get “Gorillaz New’s” She’s so good at keeping on top of all Gorillaz content idk how she does it, also puts links to everything which is really nice (and convenient) 

@stopgorillazreposts a very good blog, the owner is very dedicated to making sure artist are given the proper credit I admire it a lot pls give them some love

@noodlelove15 I admittedly don’t know much about her but she was one of the first Gorillaz blogs I followed so I want to give her a shout-out, good content

@gorxllaz idk what it is about their blog I just Like Their Content and find myself looking it pretty often they just got something good going on

@beatnosound really good stuff, they seem very cool, very good

@qorillas  so funny, good art, good content I adore her and her blog

@greywindys very interesting content I like seeing what she has to say about stuff, good writing, very quality, also very knowledgable

@plasticbeachcasio I don’t know them or anything but I really enjoy their blog the have funny posts also their writing is good !!

@the-shy-lonely-weirdo not exclusively a Gorillaz blog but she’s so nice and has been a lovely person to talk to about head canons and just in general : ^ )

@bigdiccum this is a really personal preference I think they’re the funniest fucking Groillaz blog i would die for her too, bigdiccum come to brasil

I’m leaving out a lot of really cool people I feel bad about it but I don’t want this to get too long : ((( 

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Hi ! I haven't been on your blog for more than 3 months I think (2 nearly w/o internet) and god... I didn't realized how much I missed you. Like, I saw one of your ask, found it funny & clicked on it w/o looking at who it was & I fell on your blog. That was strange, like meeting an old friend I used to spend all my time w/ by accident at an event. I started scrolling & idk... I kinda felt like I was back home, or at least back somewhere safe. That's strange... But anyway, I'm glad to be back!!!❤

JALSKSLSKS this is so kind and warming. 😭tysm and welcome back to my mess if a blog aha

Making Up Our Own Answers

1. Vilde
I wonder how Pepsi Max Squad will fix things that they’ve done to her (in case if they’re actually going to do smth). The damage is done & for such a self-conscious person as Vilde it’s going to be pretty hard to get over it.

2. Isak & Sana

Isak is my hero, honestly. It’s kind of symbolic that in this clip Sana & Isak are sitting on the same bench as Isak & Eva were sitting. As told by Eva back in S1 - “Karma is a bitch”, but Isak’s decided to pay back his moral obligations on his own initiative - and it says a lot about him and his growth. I’m incredibly happy that Sana finally opened her heart a little bit, because now she needs support more than ever. And I have very high hopes that Isak’ll help her to deal with all the mess. 

After this clip I’ve also understood that Yousef is a very minor character in Sana’s story. He is just a part of that unbearable weight of misunderstandings & rejections that Sana had to carry by herself. I don’t know whether they’ll end up together or not, but in her story it’s really not the point in my opinion.

And COME ON Sana - Isak IS your best buddy, don’t be so tough on him

3. Isak & Mikael 

Well well well…Jealousy, huh? It is kind of…idk, strange? Has Mikael done smth to make Isak jealous? Or was it Even? I just can’t believe that Isak is that kind of person who is “hey are you looking at my boyfriend, come here i’ll kick your ass.” The saddest thing is that we’ll probably never know what has happened back in Karaoke Night because there are too many things that Julie has to explain in the remaining episodes.

4. Sana & Girls

I’ll tell you only one thing: I’m waiting for long ass conversation between all of them with revelations, confessions, forgiveness and lot of hugs - no fucking compromises for this

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“Should I take the upgrade?”

I’m way too invested in BMC heck

also– that little choker thing on the squip- it’s not a choker- in the script is says he can be programmed for different voices so that’s what it is- a voice box to change his voice

also– if the squip’s ears look a little strange it’s because I kind of tried to make them look like recorders to like pick up audio?? idk just to make him look a little more mechanic

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I have a hc of Sidon discovering Hylian foods then thinking it's not food like he thinks pancakes are some kind of strange pillow and he actually freaks the fuck out when he sees a Hylian vender selling those really long, beaded lollipops because (tbh it looks like a dildo) so he's just like shielding Link's eyes like "WHY ARE YOU SELLING THOSE HERE????? THERE ARE CHILDREN" and Link just "You're a child, I'm over one hundred and laugh in the face of death" idk I just woke up man

omg, ok but Sidon amazed pancakes aren’t some sort of fish like he was imagining since Mipha always called manta rays “Sea Pancakes” growing up and he’s like “dafuq is this?!”

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heeey i was wondering if u could explain the appeal of deere to me?? i don't really understand it b/c jeremy and jake dont interact much?? (if u don't mind and feel like it or whatever) [[ily]]

oh jeez ok


its not so much how they do interact, but how they could? at the end of bmc a lot of the characters are kind of left up to interpretation, but i do feel like their characters might really compliment each other?

jeremy is socially anxious and quiet while jake is outspoken and relatively extroverted
jeremy wears his insecurities on his sleeve while jake tends to keep his repressed
jeremy has a few very refined interests while jake does as many extracurriculars as possible

they’re the very definition of opposites attract, and yet they’re strangely similar?

like they both seek approval, and they both have some trouble at home (disappearing parents club lmao,) and they both clearly have trouble making and keeping strong frienships. idk my dude….

not a reason to ship them but just a cute thing: jeremy is like REALLY TALL but jake is TALLER alkdjfhaskdljh

it’s kind of hard to explain and i didn’t do it very well so im sorry but im not very good at explaining my reasoning lol, i hope this kinda gives you a look into why?? maybe?? ilysm akfhaskdljfh

My experience at the Seventeen Diamond Edge Hi-Touch in Chicago 170818

[Here’s a link to my post about my concert experience!]

I’ll add to this post if I can think of more to add, but my memory’s terrible, so I’m lucky I got this much down lmao

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I have a dilemma and idk why but you seem like the kind of person who might be able to help. I've made a really strong connection with someone younger than me (9 years - she's 19) and I fought it very much because I was concerned about the age gap but she is mature. She voiced her feelings towards me and I told her they were mutual but I feel a bit strange about moving forward because of how it might look - even though the connection is unlike any other I have experienced before. Any advice?

love is love is love, darling. the only opinions that matter are yours and hers.. and by the looks of it, you two are both on the same page. you’ll never know what can happen unless you give it a try. ❤

A strange sketch I made yesterday… I had to write something in the speechbubbles so don’t judge me. Also, this looks like some strange family photograph I know xD But it just appeared so I coloured it.

 Btw I’m still working on how I want to draw Gaster…I’ve seen so many awesome designs so it’s pretty hard for me to find something myself but I’m already kind of happy how it looks like. I tried to put some elements of Sans and Papyrus into it. I think he’ll look more like Papyrus and his personality would be more like the one of Sans…? And is he skeleton or not?! I can’t decide. Nope.

Can Gaster even make glasses? I mean this guy built many strange things .idk.

Alternative  Marvel movie titles

Doctor Strange: Don’t text and drive

Iron Man: Millionaire playboy discovers transformers

Iron Man 2: Father figures are just as shit

Iron Man 3: PTSD and anxiety;the story of a high school student

Captain America: The First avenger;Don’t kill the jews

Age of Ultron: Tony NO

Captain America Civil war: Don’t piss off 117 countries for your boyfriend

Thor: Bros can be assholes

Thor The Dark World: Ho’s before bros

Avengers: Are we some kind of suicide sqwuaaad?

Captain America The Winter Soldier: Sexual awakening of Captain America

Hulk: Radioactive

Deadpool: Mutilated avocado looks for love

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I don't want to sound dramatic at all but notice how out of all the girls only Sasha and Troian posted something about Lucys birthday. They normally do it for everyone, right? Especially Ashley and Shay which is kinda strange. Maybe it's just me, idk :(

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The following statements are solely based on what I have seen/heard/witnessed over the course of the entire series, it’s an opinion, not fact….

OF COURSE THEY DIDN’T. uGH. They both have this too cool for you attitude that annoys me sometimes. 

Originally posted by prettylittleliarsxxxx

It’s happened many many many many times, especially that whole phase where Lucy was NEVER in photos with the other girls and Lucy got awards and Shay and Ashley threw shade about it on twitter.

BUT, look, they could’ve just messaged her privately but yeah it’s kind of ‘them’ to like only post on everyone else’s bday except Lucy’s which sucks cause Lucy seems so genuine. 

They both got these, egos, over the course of the show and I think because Lucy is beloved and they have this ‘clique’/buttahbenzo bitchy alliance it’s like okay get over yourselves. 

Rant over. 

send me anything and i’ll reply with gifs

New Perspective (TOU) [SC]

I had this written for weeks, but i thought it was horrible so i didn’t post. But it’s actually not, so I apologize so the ridiculous delay. Hope the requester(thatstotallyaword) will still see this!

“Hiya! Could you possible do an imagine for a girl named Emma with blonde hair and green eyes who’s Steve’s sister and Soda and her don’t get along then something happens that makes Soda look at her differently and fall for her? Sorry that’s a lot of information”

– requested

– warnings: little swearing? kind of stupid idk. I suck at soda writing.



My older brother has a strange obsession with cars and controlling his sister’s life. 

By sister, I mean me, obviously.

It’s kind of annoying.

“It’s so hot,” I whined. Mainly to aggravate him, but also just to whine. It’s stress-relieving. Doctors recommend venting, I swear on it. It’s therapeutic. “Didn’t you think to bring along a drink?”

“No, Queen Y/N, I didn’t.” He barked, pulling out a comb and running it through his dark hair. He’s more of a girl than me. That says something, too. “Do you think you could complain some more?”

I’m by far the cutest Randle.

Steve has this thick, thick greasy dark hair.

I know I have a different mother and that probably means I was blessed with a prettier one, but damn, my blonde hair makes his dark slime glimmer with plain ugliness.  

And I have these piercing green eyes. I don’t like them much, but guys say they’re real cute a lot.

I kicked a rock on the ground. The sun was pouring down like hot tea. That’s a cute comparison, huh? I think so, anyway. I bet you my English teacher would like that one…

“Glory, Steve, how’re you gonna work in this all day? It’s ninety degrees at the least!”

The temperature was just insane today. It was surely the hottest day of the summer.

I carefully checked my shoes for scuffs since I kicked that little stone once or twice. “Thank the Lord I hydrated some earlier.”

He rolled his eyes and shoved me. I started up with a whole string of complaints and had to jog to catch up to him as we neared the DX.

He works there a ton ‘cause he likes cars and hates our dad. Me, I had a million places I’d rather be. 

“Steve-y,” Sodapop greeted with a smile. What, were they together or something? Pet names? Glory.

I did not like Soda one bit. I didn’t hate him — not as much as he appeared to hate me, anyway.

It’s just so annoying to always hear your girlfriends in your ear yapping about your brother’s best friend and oh-have-you-talked-to-him? and he’s-such-a-doll!

I navigated my way to the gas station, leaving my brother to do whatever it is he does with Sodapop in the garage. The DX consists of a garage, a little convenience store, and the gas pumps in front. Sounds big but it ain’t.

Positioning myself behind the counter, I crossed my legs and carefully observed my manicure.

“What’s her deal?” I heard Soda ask Steve as they walked in a few seconds after I sat down.

It was real similar to any other convenience store. Little more limited. They had necessities, but didn’t have much else. The DX made its money of small car repairs and gas.

Obviously, they were aware I was right there. But it never stopped them before, did it? "Oh, is the brat bitchier on this fine day? Couldn’t tell.“

“Well, I don’t think I oughta answer that.” Funny how you stop yourself now, Sodapop. I couldn’t figure out what the girls liked about him.

His big soft eyes met mine and I rolled mine to break the awkward tension. Okay, he wasn’t that bad, I guess.

“She’s angry ‘cause I said she can’t go to her friend’s house,” Steve spat. “I caught her with a Soc the other day!”

“No,” Soda looked from me to Steve then back to me. God forbid I associate myself with Socs! “She didn’t —”

“Oh, yeah! I ain’t gonna go into details, man, but it was pretty horrifying.”

I narrowed my eyes and flipped my hair. I was so ready to fight with him. “That’s not true Steve Randle, and you know it!”

“Oh, it isn’t?”

“Oh, it isn’t? No, no it ain’t! I’m not as loose as you make me out to be, you know. Joey and I barely hit second bas—”


“Shut your trap,” I hollered with perfect eyebrows tight in anger.

Steve got a drink for Soda but got nothing for himself. He leaned against the thin shelf holding small bags of chips.

He shook his head slowly. “You know that kid Pete wanted to go with her? Comes 'round five every Sunday for a tank full? Good kid. He’s one good kid…”

Peter doesn’t even speak! I’m positive something’s wrong with the kid.

“Well, what’d you say?” Soda asks softly. He ran a hand through his blonde-ish hair. It’s not as blonde as mine.

I was repulsed. “I said no, of course! He’s kind of a loser — thought that was known around God’s green Earth.”

Sodapop took a sip of his drink as Steve got all bent out of shape. “He might be a little different but 'least he don’t ride around in a Mustang!”

“Steve!” I snapped. “I am not attracted to him. He’s not even popular, which just adds to the growing list of reasons why it’d never work. And you would ride around in a Mustang if you could!”

“Yeah,” he said icily. “Whatever.”

Sodapop looked over his shoulder at the gas pumps. “There’s people waiting. Steve, we oughta get out there. And with the repairs on Lindner’s car…”

Well, soon enough, I was positioned on a stool in the garage. This was an hour or so after I finished pouting in the empty store. Steve and Sodapop were working on a car that needed tons of tiny fixes.

Steve was pumping all the gas, though. It was so damn hot outside and I nearly felt bad. The girls — even his guy friends — would chat him up for the longest amounts of time, too.

“My hair isn’t bouncy anymore,” I frowned trying to sort of spring it. My attempts failed, naturally. I needed to borrow money to get my hair done up. The heat acted as iron weights.

Then, David came around at about two in the afternoon. He was a Soc who just never got the hint. Football team quarterback with an excessive amount of cologne always trailing behind him. But he was fun at parties, I guess.

“Hey, Y/N. Can I talk to you out here?” He asks real polite, careful not to invade the garage workspace. He knew my brother hated Socs. David fit just right under that category.

I mumbled an uninterested, “I suppose.”

David ordered me to go out with him and I declined for the third time.

It ended with him being smacked on his cheek.

“She’s sorta a bitch, huh?” Soda asked Steve as they covered themselves in oil. Gross. I could hear them as I watched David speed off in anger.

“She's sweet to her friends, but no one else.” Steve shrugged. “Doesn’t even like to go steady, really. Rejects everyone or’s easy for a night.”

I gaped, stomping into the garage. “Take that back!”

“It’s true!”

I pouted some more. The day seemed to be stuck in pause. Steve would work late, too. I was stuck there for a whole while longer. He was literally, like, babysitting me!

I hated Sodapop staring at me. I’m Y/N Randle, for Christ’s sake! I was one of the most popular girls in school. Why did he think he could judge me?

I didn’t need to take that! Who was he to judge me? He was beneath me in all meanings of the phrase!

He’d give me these little half smiles. The fake kind, I’m sure. 

And he’d either stare at me or pay no attention to me. That happened a lot.

I wasn’t attracted to him, but I mean, he’s hot! Naturally I’d want to catch him staring at me. But when he did, it was a pity stare. Like he felt bad for me or something.

“It is so hot,” I sang in frustration.

Standing up for the first time in probably an hour, I stretched up for the ceiling and I didn’t reach it.

I’ve always been medium to short in height. I was about 5'5 at the time, and skinny.

My skirt was light pink. It reached the middle of my thighs, I think. It was short but it was cute with my long white socks that came almost to my knee.

“Glory, Y/N. Think the skirt could get any smaller?”

“Shut your mouth, Steve.”

“Buddy, pass me that rag?” Sodapop pointed to a ripped red paisley cloth on a work bench.

“Here,” I said coyly as I gave it to him. We locked eyes for a few seconds and I looked away. Quickly, I groaned. “I hate it here, Steve! It’s so hot!”

He shrugged. “You never should of fooled around with some random Soc when you told me you were at Veeta’s house.”

“I was at her house! We went out together and I ran into Joey — who, for the record, is not a random rich boy!”

“If he’s so into you then why hasn’t he asked to take you out, then? Huh?”

“Because I said no! Are you happy?”

I rolled my eyes and stormed off back into the store room. I had fought with Steve a countless number of times that day.

“I’m sorry! Does that make you feel any better, Soc Queen?” He was yelling from the garage.

“Drop dead!” I hollered.

Twenty minutes later I was bored trying to curl my hair again with a pencil.

I was sticking to my clothes with sweat, it was so hot. Soda was wiping his forehead off a ton earlier that day, too.

Suddenly — as I’m about to drown in my own pool of sweat — Soda’s inside the shop, breathing hard.

“You oughta call someone,” his chest kept rising as he caught his breath. His soft eyes were wide with concern and alarm. “Something’s wrong with Steve.”

My eyes nearly fell out of my head. “What do you mean? Are you stupid! Why didn’t you call anyone already, you idiot! Jesus Christ, what did you do — just leave him? What’s wrong with him? Is he alive? What the hell happened? Sodapop? Curtis! Are you okay? Speak English? Ugh, nevermind! Don’t you have a brain?!”

He was too busy blinking and when he was finished I was already at Steve’s side in the garage.

He was laying on the ground with his eyes shut. His skin glimmered with perspiration and he looked less hostile with those sharp eyes of his closed.

I wasted no time in propping his head up on my lap. “Stevie, I thought you were smart, huh?”

Blindly, I reached around for any kind of drink. What I grabbed was Sodapop’s from the early afternoon. Steve was semi-awake, but just barely.

“Come on,” I tapped his cheeks. My eyes wouldn’t leave him. “Get up, Steve. C'mon, you’re a Randle!Wake up, Steve. C'mon, you got it. I’ll buy a root beer float, you love those. Come on, now.”

Soda was watching me, intrigued. It was weird 'cause he seemed to be watching me and not his best friend. "What’s wrong with him, do you know?“

"He’s breathing,” I said. “Already checked his pulse. He tends to faints every summer. Doesn’t ever drink enough. I try to tell him to, but he doesn’t listen very well. If he doesn’t get up within the next few minutes, getting him checked out wouldn’t do any harm. He’s okay, though.”

Sure enough, Steve opened his eyes up and blinked and let out an obnoxious groan.

He was already trying to lean himself up on his elbows when I stopped him, holding onto him.

“Steve, slow down,” I warned. “Are you alright?”

I helped him stand slowly. “I’m good,” he muttered. “I passed out, huh? Shit, my head hurts… You got an aspirin?”

As I rolled my eyes, he turned to grin at me.

“Every time you do that I have a mini heart-attack,” I told him sarcastically. I tried faking annoyed, I tried ignoring my heart that was still racing in fear. I pushed Soda’s drink at him so he could try to drink up. 

I’m always having to remind him to hydrate during the summer. He’s like a little kid, I swear. “Drink it, Steve. Get through that entire thing, okay?”

Steve managed a genuine smile. He had a hand pressed to his head. He was pretty red, even through his tan. “But you’re always there, aren’t you?”

I shrugged, “Can’t convince myself to let go.”

We hugged each other at the same time right then and there in front of Sodapop. He didn’t need to stick his arms out and neither did I. We just knew. It’s hard to describe.

“You had my back, huh? I guess you can go out if you want.” He rubbed his eyes. “Meet me back here before nine or else you won’t be able to handle the Randle. ”

I nodded, but was just going to walk to Darlene’s, probably. Her house was always cold. I said bye and all that, reminding Steve to drink up. “Ew, Steven. Hey, Sodapop, make sure he goes through three more drinks at the least!”

I stopped walking shortly after that when I heard footsteps behind me.

When I turned, I saw Sodapop. I automatically assumed it was Steve because I was only a few yards from the DX.

Soda frowned. No, it was a thoughtful look. “Hey, Y/N, where’re you heading to?”

“I’m not sure,” I said. “I was thinking Darlene’s since she came in earlier. Maybe a drive-in. I got some money on me. Why?”

“Do you think I could come with?”

What the hell? “You want to come? I mean, yes, you can, but…”

He glanced back at the DX. “I asked Steve and he said it was swell. And you don’t got to blow any money on me. Actually I have enough to pay for you, too.”

“You don’t got to pay for me,” I said. “Don’t you think you oughta stay with Steve, though? So he don’t faint again or nothing?”

“He’s kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.”


“I reckon he’s part of it.”

“Well, who or what’s the other part?”

Soda bit his lip for a long time and I forced myself to look at the ground so I wouldn’t stare. “You are,” he said.

“Me? Why —”

“Look,” he said slowly, “I know we don’t get along real well —”

I scoffed, “because you hate me.”

He opened his mouth to object but I gave him a look and he stopped. He knew I was right. “Have you ever looked at somebody, and suddenly had feelings for them, almost?”

Darlene, of course he liked her. “You can come if you want. To Darlene’s.”

He was confused. “Not Darlene. You. I’m talking about you.”

“You don’t like me, Soda.”

“I didn’t think I did,” he said looking down at his hands. “I thought you were a real bitch to Steve and everyone else. But I know better, now.”

I laughed dryly, “No, no you don’t. I am a bitch. Always have been, always will be.”

“I didn’t see it at first,” he said slowly. He always speaks so slow! “But I do now. You know I ain’t that smart. But I got you figured out, now. The second you saw Steve hurt you were at his side. And you act like you hate everyone, but it’s because you don’t wanna get hurt, isn’t it? Some kind of defense thing. Like Dallas, like how he acts like nothing can touch him…”

I swallowed. “What’re you trying to get to here?”

He bit his lip again. “You’re just different than I thought and it’s interesting, I guess. Like a shell. I don’t know.”

“Okay,” I studied my shoes.

“Well, I’ve fell for you,” his eyes sparkled. “Sure, I thought you were pretty. Everyone thinks you’re pretty — you’re Y/N Randle. Also thought you were mean, but, in reality you’re just tryin’ to look out for yourself because no one else does… Besides, you know, Steve.”

I grinned. I had no idea what I was doing or anything, really. I didn’t like being deciphered like that but I couldn’t find it within myself to be angered. I think I already liked him. Alright, I did. Happy?

“I just wanna figure you out some more,” he told me. “So, I was wondering if you’d let me buy you a Coke.”

“Like a date?”

His hand linked with mine. “Yeah, like a date.”

“Well, I won’t object.”

“Being mine is also included in the package, doll. Just thought I’d let you know.”

“Only if you’re mine.”




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I’m kind of scared right now because I’m really enjoying writing my first Ducktales oneshot but writing Scrooge McDuck seems a little daunting because the Ducktales 2017 is larger than the MML fandom (or looks that way to me idk) and I really don’t wanna mess him up. 

It’s a very strange feeling. 

Though I have to admit, writing a multichapter fic with a grumpy old man from one cartoon to writing a oneshot with a grumpy old duck isn’t really huge a shift.

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I don't get it like?!?! What's up with her shirt? Why are her pans so big? TBH that's what's annoying me the most. It looks sloppy. Not even like a belt or anything? Ya know your getting papped so you just gunna leave pants that fit and your effort at home? oK?? But seriously wtf with the pANTS?!??!

“you just gunna leave pants that fit and your effort at home” adkshsksj pls

You’re right tho, the whole outfit looks sloppy and it’s all different shades of white which just makes it more bizarre lmao It doesn’t seem like something a fashion blogger would wear but anyway…

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So I saw a thing that said George Lucas didn't really think much about Anakin's scar like he just added it bc it looks cool and said he probably got it from slipping in the shower. Idk now I just imagine Sith!Obi-Wan asking about it and Anakin just being like "Uhhhhhhhhhhh, well..." And making up a story Obi-Wan doesn't even kind of believe

List Of Bullshit Stories Anakin Skywalker Has Told Various People About How He Got His Cool Scar™ Which Is Totally Cool Shut Up Everyone:

  • fought and killed a sarlacc
  • fought and killed two sarlaccs
  • fought and killed three sarlaccs, and a lost but strangely aggressive bantha, while wounded and with a sandstorm raging around him (“wait how did you even find so many of them in one place–” “shut up”)
  • had to get out of his starfighter while in the middle of an epic battle in order to fix it before it blew up, got hit in the face by debris from the enemy ships he’d destroyed, almost died in the process
  • had to defend a group of innocent younglings from certain death by two, no, three, no, five murderous criminals armed with knives while he happened to not have his lightsaber on him and had to fight them bare-handed (“how could you not have your lightsaber on you–” “shut up” “–and how did the criminals even get into the Jedi Temple–” “were you there? no? then let me finish”)
  • fought Ventress and totally won, but she just– (Ventress overhears that one and proceeds to laugh hysterically for three hours)
  • basically there were just so many near-death experiences
  • and incredible fights
  • and astonishing shows of strength and skill
  • and epic chase scenes across half the galaxy
  • and daring, gracefully carried-out plans
  • also: [stares off into the distance with a wistful expression] “sand”