this looks kind of horrible

Yes this game totally sounds like the perfect fit for Garnet.

I forgot how horribly terrible names arcade games had.

This looks kind of cool, i was always into fighting games when i was young, but they were so expensive.


I already feel bad for this thing

I don’t think a single piece of it would ramain after that


“Tell my wife i’m sorry!”

oh god Garnet see what you did, you ruined a family.

Garnet is going to be beating the meat it seems. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I’m so not sorry for this : )



The Girly Cheerleader Zenny


Zenny The Rainbow Unicorn

HERE COMES ZENNY BRAVO,in all his magnificent narcissism and over-board flirting.

And I’m not stopping here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Local lesbian attempts to find good lighting and angle to show off her, hand-me-down-from-her-6-feet-tall-cousin, pants. Fails.


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#36 for Raina and Kaidan please!

#36: “I don’t want to be alone right now.” 

Thank you! It feels good to be writing again, even if I’m still feeling pretty shaky over it.

“I want to be alone.”

These words were familiar to Kaidan. He’d heard them, or some variation of them, countless times before. Shepard never wanted to share her grief, except maybe with a bottle of hard liquor or the side of a punching bag. Regardless of what he wanted, finding solace in another was never what Shepard needed. Comfort was a balm meant to soothe the souls of the hurt, not a badge of pride for the selfless to wear. Silently, he gave her the space she craved when she needed it, watching as she drank the pain into submission and let her deal with her demons alone.

“I don’t want to be alone right now.” 

The unfamiliar words caught Kaidan off guard. Her bare feet had allowed her to sneak up on him. The sight of her disheveled clothes and the moisture that pooled along the bottom lids of her green eyes made his stomach clench. The muscle in her jaw stood out starkly in her face, almost as though she was in pain for seeking out comfort from someone. Silently, he lifted his arm and she sank into the curve of his body, clinging to him as he wrapped his arms around her and let her tears soak through his shirt.

Body Loving

I know there be a lot of people out there asking themselves how anyone could ever possibly want to be with them when their body is looking so horrible. This could mean many different kinds of “horrible”. Maybe you feel you’re too heavy, maybe you feel you don’t have much curves, maybe you have acne, stretch marks, scars, discoloration, too much body hair, too little body hair, or you just don’t feel comfortable in your skin regardless of any specific issues.

So let me tell you a bit about me. I am a college student, Hispanic, and a female. Very recently I had a former model beg to sleep with me, I had two attractive brothers take me out for frozen yogurt, a guy I just met ask to have sex with me, a young asian guy ask me out after dancing with me once, and had many many different men asking me to dance with them. On top of this I had so many women complimenting me on my looks and my ability to get guys, asking me how I do it. Now yes, spoiler alert, I am pretty. I am very pretty, and I am a relatively good dancer. However, that’s taking into account the fact that I have really bad body acne. My arms, chest, back, and even my stomach is littered not only with acne but also with dark scars. I’ve always considered myself pretty, but I’ve always thought in the back of my head that if anyone saw my bare body they’d be disgusted, that no charm, good sense of humor, or booty shaking would keep anyone by my side.

Then I remind myself, that I am so pretty. I am not pretty because my face is, or my body with clothes on is, I’m pretty because I am. I’m not pretty because guys ask me out, guys ask me out because I’m pretty. When I started to go out there believing that I am pretty, that I am wonderful, that I am intelligent, charming, and powerful, that’s when others started to notice it too.

I’m gorgeous because I say I am. I’m beautiful because I believe I am. I am worth it because I am. People have seen my body, but because I’ve learned to love myself, they end up loving me too (some times a little too much ;) lol)

Gilbert: -and that’s when the plan will go horribly wrong.

Matthew:… what kind of plan plans to go horribly wrong?

Gilbert: Look, birdie, if it’s part of the plan that the plan is going to go horribly wrong then when it does then everything is going according to plan!

Matthew: That’s- now is the time for rational thinking.

Gilbert: Rational thinking would tell us to think irrationally. 

Matthew: You can’t-

Alfred: I’m in!!

Matthew: *dies*

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You look like some kind of horrible hybrid love child between Ziggs and Tahm Kench. What is up with that?

The yordle’s face would grimace. Oh, nooooooo, you didn’t.

“… You look like an angsty teen just spat you up on Deviant art. No comments. Zero views. Tell me, what up with that?”