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One day all your old best friends are going to stop talking to you. And that girl that you had your first crush on will move away. And your childhood pet will finally sink into their last dream. It makes you think.

It makes you think about how shitty it all really is. Yeah, things are kind of looking up, but you can’t have the careless wonder you did in your childhood. There are no more knights to defend your castle (they couldn’t stand being around you anymore). And you’ll feel hollow and lonely and just foolish. Everybody goes through this, right? You should be happy. Things could be worse. And you finally found somebody that you can be happy with but all you can do is think about how you’re just awful to them and why they haven’t left you yet.

And I guess you could say that you started thinking like that the first time you were picked last for the kickball game, or how you didn’t get invited to that slumber party, or maybe it was the way that somebody you used to be close to would stop talking to you altogether. That maybe you weren’t good enough, or maybe you never were. You’ll think that you’re over it, that it won’t hurt you anymore. But you’ll see an old picture, drive by an old hang out, or smell an old smell, and then you realize—it never really stops hurting.

It hasn’t yet.

—  maybe i’m just being nostalgic//excerpt from a book i’ll never write #44

The same mistakes || M.C.


Summary: You’re best friends with Michael (you’re also roommates) and he is in love with you but you can’t see it so you always do on dozens of dates which fail miserably…. Dun dun duuuuuun


(Michael’s P.O.V)

She was in her dressing up to go on a date with him, again.

I didn’t like him, at all. He was the kind of guy who would treat you like a princess but right after you had had sex with him he’d be gone. It pained me so much to see her making the same mistakes all over again.

“Michael!” her beautiful voice called me, “Could you please come here? I need your help with this necklace.”
“Of course”, I said, opening the door of her room. I just stared at her in awe; She looked beautiful as ever.
“D-Do I look alright?” she asked nervously as she saw I was staring.

What did I want to say?
“You blow me away, I wish you were mine.”
But I knew I couldn’t. She already had found her ‘Mr. Right’.

“You look awesome”, I smiled at her and helped her to put on the necklace.

There was a knock on the door.
Her date was here.


You sat in the restaurant with him. You had waited for your food forever, and all he did was talk about himself. Which was fine, but it was boring. You had wished he’d show a little interest in you, too.
“I need a little bit fresh air”, you said to your date and stood up.
“You okay there? I was just about to tell how I got into Harvard”, he said and frowned.
“Oh- yea, I just don’t feel too good”, you said, faking a smile and walking out of the restaurant.
You had no intend to go back, but instead, you just wanted to go home and get a hug from Michael. You felt like shit, knowing that this was just another bad date in the big group of others.


“Michael?” you called out his name and closed your apartment’s door behind you, “Are you at home?”
“In the living room”, you heard his soft voice. You walked towards his voice, finding him sitting on a couch eating pizza once again.
“You’re home early”, he said, his eyes glued to the TV screen. He was watching a movie, you supposed.
“Yeah”, you sighed and sat next to him, “Wanna share your pizza?”
“Um, weren’t you just in a restaurant?” he asked confused, lifting one of his oh-so-perfect eyebrows.


“Yep”, you said and let out a small sigh.
“Oh no”, he mumbled, turning off the TV and turned his whole attention to you, “What went wrong?”
“He was great, exept for the fact that he only talked about how HE has succeeded in life and how HE went to Harvard and how HE is so rich and shit”, you mumbled playing with your hands.
“You know, you wouldn’t have to go on shit dates if we were together”, he blurted out accidentally.
“What?” you frowned and looked at him.
“O-oh no I just m-mean… I- I’d never hurt you”, Michael stuttered nervously and you noticed his hands were shaking slightly. You took his hands in yours and kissed his cheek.
“I know you wouldn’t”, you said softly and stood up, letting go of his hands.
“Where are you going?” he asked.
“To the bed. I’m really tired and have a lot to do tomorrow. Goodnight, Michael”, you said to him smiling a bit and went to your bedroom.
“Goodnight, sleep tight”, you heard him say after you.


You woke up in the middle of the night, sweating and shaking. A nightmare; You had seen a nightmare. With shaky legs you stood up from the bed and tip toed to Michael’s room.
“Michael?” you carefully whispered from his door. He slightly stirred his other eye and mumbled tiredly:
“You ok there?”
“This sounds stupid but I-I had a nightmare and I don’t want to sleep alone”, you whispered. Michael reached his both hands towards you, mentioning you to come to his bed. You went under his warm blanket and he wrapped his both arms around your waist.
“You okay now?” he checked and you nodded, already feeling your eyelids getting heavier.
“You’re the best Mikey”, you said and yawned, “Maybe we really should date.”
“I’ve waited for those words for seven years and you decide to tell me at 2 in the morning?” he chuckled softly.
“Yep”, you said, half asleep.
“We can date if you want to and we don’t have to date if you don’t want to”, he said.
He softly kissed your lips before you fell asleep.


(A/N) Sorry the ending kinda sucked 😂

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Imagine being Derek's girl best friend (but both of them have feelings for each other) and then the pack of alphas kidnapping you to get to Derek and he goes to Scott for help and when he gets there to save you they threaten to bite you and all that and yeah you decide how it ends :) you're amazing by the way I'm in awe of your writing

A/N: Aw, thank you so much, that’s way too kind of you to say - I’m blushing right now, so thank you for that! I hope you enjoy it x

Originally posted by teamsciles

‘Why do alphas insist upon making humans their friends around here?’ asked Aiden, circling you with a look of mild disgust on his face.

Ethan shrugged, but you could see that his heart wasn’t fully in it. You had hoped to appeal to his better nature, towards his love for Danny, but with Aiden in the room and the threat of Deucalion if you did anything stupid that was a near impossible task. So you stayed silent, hoping in the back of your mind that the others wouldn’t do anything stupid, that they’d stay away and stick to the plans which they’d been making to deal with the Alpha Pack.

Deep down, however, you also hoped that Derek would be safe. That, whatever happened, he’d be OK.


‘Scott, we can’t just leave her!’ said Derek, hearing his voice wavering slightly and mentally cursing himself. He couldn’t let his emotions bubble too close to the surface, least of all now when he needed to focus on saving (Y/n). He knew the Alphas would sink the deepest depths of hell to get back at him, but he really hadn’t – for some unknown reason – expected this.

‘I know,’ said Scott softly, his attention slipping towards where the rest of his pack were.

‘Please, just help me get her back.’ Derek could feel the panic washing over him, couldn’t believe that he needed to get help with this, least of all that he was practically begging. But he needed to save (Y/n). With Cora away and Peter being his usual unhelpful self she was all he had left. And he refused to lose her… especially as he hadn’t told her that he loved her, hadn’t even managed to ask and see if she felt the same.

He shook the thoughts from his head, looking imploringly at Scott.

The teenager nodded. ‘All right, but we need a plan, first,’ he said, motioning the others over so that they could come up with something.

Derek didn’t like that they had to wait until the evening to put the plan into action but he understood why. He was waiting outside the back door of the Alpha Pack’s hideout, Isaac beside him. Scott, Kira and Allison were out the front, ready to cause a distraction. All he needed was to hear Stiles making some odd bird noise from the alleyway and he’d know to break the door, to get in and find (Y/n). Right now he was grateful that Isaac was remaining silent.

The call came and Derek pulled the door with all his might, knowing that the sound had probably altered the group. They’d separate, knowing that they needed to deal with the front door threat, too. But he didn’t care, he rushed in without thinking, his mind only set on saving (Y/n).

‘Well, well, well,’ came a cold voice when Derek and Isaac had checked the first couple of rooms. Derek’s attention snapped upwards, finding the twins with (Y/n) in-between them further down the corridor. ‘Look who decided to turn up.’

‘Looking for this one?’ asked Ethan, shaking (Y/n) who grimaced slightly.

‘Leave her alone,’ growled Derek, feeling his teeth growing.

‘Aw, I was thinking of a little snack,’ said Aiden, gnashing his teeth together.

(Y/n) flinched away from him slightly, the fear behind her eyes breaking Derek’s heart.

‘You know, see how it turns out. Fifty-fifty chance, wanna risk it by taking another step?’ asked Ethan.

Derek balled his hands by his sides, trying to weigh up his options.

‘I’m gonna get you out of here,’ he assured (Y/n), locking eyes with her. She nodded slowly, but there was still the flicker of fear behind her eyes. ‘I love you,’ he mumbled, before nudging Isaac lightly.

In that moment he was glad for the time teaching his pack. For the training which he’d forced them through. As Derek dove towards Aiden, Isaac went for Ethan. They were by the twins before the duo could do anything, and (Y/n) ducked away from the fight, knowing there was little she could do in a werewolf fight without some kind of weapon – but it didn’t stop her from looking for something to use.

The fight which followed was quick, mainly just Derek and Isaac trying to keep the twins apart. They landed a few good punches, gained a few in return, but eventually found the moment to call out to the others and dash outside, Derek grabbing (Y/n)’s hand firmly in his own.

They piled into Stiles’s jeep and Scott’s car – which he’d borrowed once more from his mother – and it was only then that Derek relaxed slightly.

‘I’m so glad you’re safe,’ he told (Y/n), lacing his fingers through hers.

‘Thank you,’ she mumbled, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek before resting her head lightly on his shoulder.

Derek wondered if he’d be able to work up the courage to talk to her about his admittance, but for now knowing that she was safe was good enough for him.