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Rescue-Part 6 (Vanderlise)

Vanderwood finally explains just who is after them.

Warning- this chapter has darker content than previous chapters. Nothing NSFW, but mentions of abuse.

Saeran plopped onto the couch, laptop in his lap. He had spent 4 hours trying to track Elise’s phone to no avail. There was no signal to track! They had somehow disguised it. His brother was doing his best to pick up from where Saeran had stopped at. Hacking her phone was harder than it looked. He cursed his twin for making the phone nearly unhackable. Idiot.

Samantha was hugging her knees next to him, praying quietly. Saeran felt horrible for traumatizing her when he broke in, and although he’d never admit it, he wanted those men dead. She had nothing to do with whatever Vanderwood was involved with!

Speaking of the man, Vanderwood was a nervous wreck at this point. Saeran was worried that they were on the edge of snapping. They were his friend- something he also would never admit- and Elise was like an older sister to him and Saeyoung. And unlike his idiot brother, she was willing to just sit with him quietly and occasionally make sarcastic comments about people who passed by. He wanted her back. She helped him make sense of his new life with Saeyoung and Vanderwood.

“Vanderwood? I think…I think you should explain just who has Elise.” Samantha quietly said, finally breaking the silence and asking the question on the trio’s minds. Vanderwood stopped pacing and glared at her. She squeaked and pulled her hoodie’s hood over her face. “I agree. Vanderwood, just what are we dealing with here?” Saeyoung added, looking up from his computer. “We can’t help if we don’t know what we are up against.”

The man let out a sigh and ran their hands through their hair. Taking a deep breath, they sat on the edge of the coffee table, facing them. “The organization is known by many names, but most call it Acid due to their preference of killing victims with acid. It’s…it’s like a mob crossed with the Agency. While they don’t work with the government, they have enough on powerful people to get what they want.”

“How did you get involved with them?” Saeran questioned, sitting up. Vanderwood looked away, their eyes full of fear and anger as memories came rushing back. “My father borrowed lots of money from them. One of their services was loan sharks. My family was extremely poor, and my parents were not good people. My father was always getting fired, and would spend any money he made on alcohol and gambling. I… I was how my parents vented their anger. My mother made money as a prostitute, and blamed me for getting her stuck with my father. They hated each other.

“One day, members of Acid came to demand my father repay them for the loans he had been given. He couldn’t afford to pay them, and in a way of payment offered me. I was 10. They agreed and took me with them against my will. I was forced into Acid and did things that even the Agency was against. Freedom was a lost cause as anyone who tried to leave was found and shot dead. I never dared to attempt escape. Besides, if I did succeed, where would I go? They’d find me no matter where I went.”

They stopped for a moment to try and compose themself, but Saeyoung saw the tears that were starting to run down his friend’s face. He had never asked about Vanderwood’s past before; it was a silent agreement between the two that neither would inquire about the other’s past. He wanted to tell them to stop, to stop bringing up bad memories but before the hacker could say anything they continued.

“I was around 17 when the Agency contacted me. They promised me freedom if I joined them. Me, never having freedom before in my life, foolishly accepted without evening thinking of what my new life would entail. I didn’t expect to basically be abducted and brought to Korea, to a place I didn’t know or understand. I only realized the freedom the Agency promised was a lie when I was shoved into the back of a van while the other agents got into their cars. Honestly, I thought Acid had stopped looking for me. My guess is when the Agency’s files were released they saw I worked for them and who my partners were. They probably assumed Elise and I were dating and targeted her.”

Vanderwood finished their story, closing their eyes. They had never told anyone about their past. Not even Elise knew, and she knew almost all of their secrets. It felt like a huge weight had been lifted off of them after all this time of keeping it bottled up. They looked up at the trio in front of him. They were silent. Samantha had a look of horror and sadness on her face, while the twins looked shocked. “They most likely went after Elise also because she was a member of the Agency. She would be used to most of the practices Acid preforms.”

With that, they stood up and walked out of the room, ignoring the stares the three were giving him. They headed to their room, where they locked the door behind them, sat on their bed, and cried.

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