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Never Enough | Seth Rollins

Title: Never Enough, Part 1

Pairing: Vamp!Seth Rollins/ Reader

Summary: You’re so bad but I want a taste. A little taste you have, come on over. Right now, take me down. I want your poison.”

Word Count: 9,066 (i really did not let up)

Warning: Major character death (!!!), some sort of manipulation

A/N: Disclaimer: I know nothing of the medical practice and blood donations/ drawing blood. Also, I love you guys, I hope you like this.

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siimonsfangs  asked:

yooo I saw you were accepting prompts! Can you do a role reversal (simon as the clan leader and raphael as the fledgling) saphael fic? I've seen some posts about it and I can't get it out of my head 😅 thanks!

yes!!! i was so excited to get this prompt!! so its not really included much, but in this magnus would be in clary’s role and raphael is of course in simon’s


Raphael misses his heartbeat.

If he’s going to have a nightmare, he prefers to have the rapid beating of his heart when he wakes up to remind him that he’s alright. He’s okay.

But now he wakes up in the Hotel Dumort, forcing himself to breathe in and out, with no heartbeat to reassure him. In fact, the lack of movement in his chest makes the whole situation worse. It’s a painful reminder of the night before, when dirt and panic and fear were all beating down on him as he clawed his way up.

Coincidentally, that’s what the nightmare had been about.

He rolls over in bed and spots a thermos and a little slip of paper propped against it. He knows there’s blood in the thermos, despite Simon’s attempts to hide it with the solid metal of the cup. He reaches for the paper, which has Simon’s room number scribbled on it in a hasty, messy scrawl.

Raphael does not want to ask for help. Raphael Santiago never asks for help. He takes care of his brothers without help, he balances school and work without help, and he manages himself without help.

The thought of his family and his responsibilities make another flare of panic rise in his chest. How is he going to take care of his brothers? His mama can’t do it alone, she needs someone to help run things. But the sun will apparently burn him to a crisp and the crosses that deck out the Santiago house will apparently scar him. Which is a whole other problem. He needs to go to church on Sundays, he needs to pray at altar, he needs to wear his cross around his neck like he did every day before yesterday.

So he’s going to ask for help. Because being a vampire is not something he can figure out through his own craftiness and the internet.

He gets up and shuffles down the hall to room 210, where Simon is clearly still awake despite it being mid-afternoon. Raphael can hear a television running and loud guitar music being played and he briefly pauses outside the door, unsure.

He doesn’t know Simon. All he knows is that after Louis Karnstein bit him and Magnus and his newfound Shadowhunter companions rushed him to the cemetery, Simon had shown up with instructions on how to carry out the process. Simon had also held Raphael’s head while he drank blood for the first time, and then held his head again when he inevitably threw it up.

Simon had been nothing but kind to Raphael through the first couple of hours. He’d been soothing and understanding and he’d promised that he would help Raphael every step of the way.

But Simon’s clan has something like 200 vampires in it. He’s probably too busy to even learn Raphael’s last name.

“Raphael Santiago as I live and breathe!” Raphael looks up with a start to see Simon draped in the doorway, a smile on his face. “Well not live and breathe, but, you know. Everything okay?”

“Uh,” Raphael is suddenly overwhelmed with emotions that hadn’t been there only seconds ago. He’s not going to cry in front of Simon, though. So he just shakes his head. “Can I ask you some things?”

Simon’s smile is gone and he looks much more serious. With a nod he heads back into his room, leaving the door open for Raphael to follow at his own pace. The room almost looks like they’re in a different building. The ancient-looking wallpaper is covered up with band posters, some signed by bands who he probably met in person decades ago. He has blankets thrown around, clothes on the floor, water bottles of half-drank blood scattered around various surfaces.

He clears a space on his messy couch for Raphael, who sits stiffly beside him.

“What’s up?” Simon asks.

“I do not know how to do this.” Raphael sighs, clenching his jaw to keep his face composed. “I need to know how I can see my family. And go to church. And wear my cross.”

Simon blinks. “Very ambitious. When I was turned, I stayed in bed for three days.”

“I’m not like that.” Raphael says shortly. He wants answers, not personal anecdotes and caring advice.

“Listen, I’m going to be honest. For a while, life is going to be terrible. You won’t be able to see your family, you won’t be able to go to church, and you’ll probably hate…everything. Everyone does, at first.”

“I don’t want to feel sorry for myself, I want to figure out a way around it.” Raphael insists, immensely frustrated. He doesn’t care how everyone else reacts to it. He is not everyone else, and getting back to normal as soon as possible is all he wants.

Simon puts a hand on Raphael’s shoulder. “There are ways around it, but they take time. Just to say God took me months, and it’s a painful process. I only recently learned how to walk on consecrated ground.”

Raphael shrugs Simon’s hand off. “Well maybe I’m better than you at it.”

Simon’s lips press together and he’s clearly attempting to swallow a laugh. “Yeah, maybe. Go ahead and say it, if you think it’s so easy.”

Raphael doesn’t hesitate. He forces the word out of his mouth, but the only noise that comes out is a choked cough. He’s alarmed to taste a pooling of blood in his mouth and suddenly Simon’s shoving a cup under his chin. Without thinking, Raphael spits and watches in horror as his blood fills the bottom of the cup.

“Oh my–” He’s about to finish the sentence with the very word that just scorched his throat, but he stops himself. When he looks back up, there’s nothing taunting in Simon’s eyes. He looks sad.

“See?” He says softly. “It’s not what you think.”

Raphael never cries in front of people, but he’s never been a vampire before so he’s allowing himself to make an exception. His life is centered around family and faith. Now both of those are gone for who knows how long, and Magnus is off with a handsome black-haired demon killer and Simon is looking at him with so much pity in his eyes that it’s physically painful.

“I know it’s horrible.” Simon says. “But things get better. I can enter my synagogue again, and there are ways to see your family. How do you think your family will react to this?”

“My mama will accept it.” Raphael immediately says, because he knows it’s true. Guadalupe Santiago would never turn away one of her sons, alive or dead. “But I don’t know if I can–control myself–”

“I know.” Simon cuts off his rising panic. “I can bring them food and money and whatever they need until you feel safe around them. Just tell me where to leave it and I’ll get it done. And we can practice with your faith, together. Whenever you’re ready.”

Raphael wipes at his eyes and looks up. “Aren’t you too busy?”

Simon shakes his head, a determined glint in his brown eyes. “You’re family now. I’m going to do everything I can.”


“Because you seem like a good person.” Simon answers with a broad grin, which makes the pain in Raphael’s heart ease a bit. “And I think you’d do the same for me.”

If You Wouldn’t, That Would Be Nice

Blue opened his hand for the gift Dust had in his mouth, cringing when the dead bird was dropped into his palm. He slowly closed his fingers around it, careful to not touch it more than he had to. Forcing a smile, he gave Dust a pat on the head in thanks, having figured out he was strangely animal like and took after the annoying cat, needing only a pet or two to be satisfied after the latest catch. Blue was getting ready to throw the poor bird away when Dust turned around and crouched down into his normal protecting pose, before he heard horrible retching sounds and what the fudge was he doing!?

The bird missed the trash can as Blue dropped it prematurely in shock at what he was watching. He recognized it, the same thing that annoying, disgusting cat does!

“No no no, outside! Tile, something, just not the carpet-” Too late. An extra dead bird was spat up on the carpet, looking even worse than the first one. Blue rubbed where the bridge of his nose would be, feeling whatever patience he had left for stuff like this dissolve. He grabbed a newspaper and rolled it up, swatting Dust, wishing it was enough to beat him senseless.

“Out! Out! You disgusting- Ugh!”


I love venting about my cats through Dust, it just works so well.

- Mod R

anonymous asked:

Hey, can I get some Tomco fluff? Maybe where Marco is alone one a dangerous mission and he runs into this terrifying black mist demon in a forest? At first he thinks he going to die, so he faints before the demon can do anything. The demon then treats his wounds from his battles and turns out to be a total sweetheart? Marco tells Tom, and it turns out that was his Uncle?

Awww! Sure I can!!! I had a fun time writing this! I think I got a request similar to this, you may have sent it twice. But I would click to respond and I ended up deleting it. My computer had a virus up until last week and it really messed up my messages in tumblr and twitter.
Anyway I hope you enjoy the story! I just didn’t want you to think I was ignoring your request!

Marco huffed and trudged his way through the woods. “Get away from me!” Marco screamed at the creature following him. It was running faster and faster. He felt like this whole thing was a dream, and dream and he would never wake up. Marco picked up the pace, hearing the monster run further, it sounded like it was screaming at him to stop and turn around, but Marco wasn’t about to listen.

Things were getting worse and worse. First he got lost in the forests of the Underworld. And he met a fairy. And she was so pretty and sweet looking, holding a little flower. But then her head ripped open and she bared her teeth, swallowing the flower and lunging at Marco. He had tried to fight her off, but then something ripped her off of him.

He thought he was saved, but that’s when he began to get chased by this new monster. It was big and covered itself in a cloak of black smoke. Marco couldn’t see it’s face, but he knew it was terrifying. He ran faster through the forest and tried to lose it, but it ran faster too.

Then everything stopped and it was gone.

Marco skidded to a stop and turned around. There was nothing but the dark forest all around him. Marco gasped for breath and looked all around him, trying to find where the monster had went. He turned around and saw a faint grayish light coming from the distance. He looked closer, but turned when he heard a small noise behind him.

Only to turn and be face-to-face with the black, mist covered monster.

Marco let out a scream, before falling to the ground, hitting his head hard and passing out.


“Mar-Mar?” A soft voice cut through. Marco groaned and his eyes fluttered open. But then the feeling of dread set in, like he was still being chased. Marco shot up and began screaming.

“GET AWAY FROM ME!” Marco screamed and tried to fight whatever was there off. But a set of arms pulled him closed and he heard a voice hushing him.

“Shh, Marco it’s only me.” Tom spoke. Marco looked up and he felt relief wash over him. He lept into Tom’s arms and the demon held him close. “Tom! Oh Tommy you saved me! I knew you’d come for me… Oh Tom it was terrible!” He sobbed. Tom held Marco close and let him sob into his shoulder. “You saved me! Oh thank god you were there!” Marco blubbered.

“Mar-Mar… I wasn’t there.” Tom pulled back a bit and Marco looked confused. “You were in the dead area of the Underworld. I don’t know how you got there, you must have been lost. It’s dangerous though!” Tom cried. “You didn’t run into that fairy girl did you? God she’s nuts! You know she east flowers, right?” Tom asked.

“No, no, it wasn’t the fairy.” Marco assured, holding tighter onto Tom. “This-this monster pulled her off of me. It was big! Huge and long and lanky! With claws on it’s hands and feet! I couldn’t see it, just the figure. It was covered by all this black smoke and-”

“That was who saved you.” Tom explained, holding Marco’s hands gently. Marco’s head shot up and the demon nodded. “Marco, his name is Aax. He… he lives in the dead area.” Tom began, with a bit of a sad look. “He had some sort of falling out with my father, nobody knows exactly what happened. But he stays there. He found you and tried to call out to you but you didn’t understand him, he only speaks in tongues.” Tom continued.

“He… he was trying to save me?” Marco asked. Tom nodded. “Oh my god… I was so scared I…” Tom cut Marco off with a hug.

“It’s alright, it’s alright. He knows he can be scary I mean… he’s a demon who lives in the most dangerous area of the underworld. It’s understandable.” Tom assured. Marco took a breath and nodded, leaning against the demon. Tom gave the human a kiss and held him close. “Oh you poor thing, you’ve gone through a lot.” Tom pouted and held Marco close. “First that fairy then my uncle scared you… uh, I need to tell him how off putting screaming at children and running through the woods is.” He groaned. “He can be a little clueless.”

“It’s alright, tell him I’m sorry. And if things aren’t too bad with your family and him, I’d like to see him again and thank him for saving me.” Marco told Tom.

“I’ll see if I can find him but, I wouldn’t count on it.” Tom explained.

“Nobody knows what happened between him and your dad?” Marco asked. Tom shook his head.

“Whatever it was it had to be horrible. Aax is never even seen anymore. Kids around the kingdom make up stories and say my dad killed him, and now he’s a ghost that haunts the dead area.” Tom explained. “But I know he’s alive. I’ve gone looking for him in the dead area and he saved my life too.” Tom smiled. Marco did as well. “My dad won’t even talk about it, one time I brought it up and… my dad has been angry before, but how mad he was when I brought up Aax was… terrifying.” Tom shuddered.

Marco leaned against Tom, thinking about this carefully. “Hey, it’s no big deal. You need some rest.” Tom urged, throwing a blanket over Marco. The human boy nodded and cuddled close to Tom, closing his eyes.

“I just wish there was a way I could see him again, tell him ‘thank you’ and that I’m sorry.” Marco yawned, beginning to doze off.

“I wish too.” Tom sighed. “I remembered what a great guy he was when I was really little and… I miss him. He was a big member of my family.” Tom sighed. “I wish my dad would tell me what happened, I’m old enough and I wanna help… I wanna see my avunculus.” he mumbled. Marco looked up confused.

“Avunculus?” He asked.

“Oh, it means uncle.” Tom spoke. “We were always close and… I guess sometimes I don’t think about how much I miss him.” He mumbled. Marco sat up and gave his demon a hug, kissing him behind the ear and nuzzling his soft hair.

“It’s alright my Lorslq.” Marco cooed. Tom’s ear perked up and his ears twitched.

“You remembered the Enochian I taught you!” Tom grinned. Marco nodded.

“Of course I did. Your native language is so nice, and you ARE my flower.” Marco giggled, nuzzling the demon again. “My sweet flower, my lorslq.”

okay kids listen up

the girls??? all dead/gone except namjoon and jin’s. if you look at the timeline of things happening, they die before jin fixes the timeline or whatever he did to prevent that other girl from dying.

i’m sticking to what i said about it being a loss of protection and innocence for the rest of the boys. it makes complete sense that now these boys are all completely left alone.

i agree that jin is a time traveller. i think because of the events in wings and hyyh where all the boys got caught up in such horrible things, he did something to fix that.

i think they all still know each other exist and everything, they just don’t remember everything like jimin and hoseok in the hospital, tae killing his dad, etc. but jungkook still got into a car accident. that was one thing jin couldn’t fix.

he said that there are some things you can’t change and that was one of them. from what i saw, i think jungkook lost his memory completely. i don’t think he remembers those boys until he sees yoongi’s lighter on that girl’s guitar.

jungkook and yoongi, in my opinion, stayed friends after whatever had happened to the rest of them happened. so he remembers yoongi. that’s why yoongi gets that call. jungkook is remembering.

idk what that has to do with the story as a whole but maybe jungkook remembers the events from a timeline jin had reset?? just a guess.

anyways, just by jin wearing different clothes and catching the flower vase, he kept his girl from dying. jin’s clearly a time traveller and i’m just waiting to see how everything ties together.

@cinnaminsvga here’s some bullshit

CR episode 97 spoilers

alright tary’s dad is a dick.

he spends 5000 gold to kidnap his son (horrible budgeting by the way, dumbass is completely broke and spends 5000 on a mercenaries when he probably could’ve sent a courier with a letter asking him to come back for five? he’s either lying about everything or horrible with money) then when his son arrives he talks a big game about how he was so worried and always cared and did everything because he loved his family. that’s bullshit. he doesn’t give any shits about Tary he only was worried because if tary was dead then the marriage would be off and he’d lose all his wealth which is all he cares about.

i say that tary should just leave and never look back. let them try to survive on the streets it’s what they deserve. honestly though they are probably lying and won’t actually allow tary to leave without a fight. but whatever happens he shouldn’t help them out of this when they treat him so horribly like he’s not even a person, thinking they have to physically kidnap him to bring him home as their first attempt to do so.

if vox machina wants to do the nice thing they could offer the daringtons a new home in whitestone where they can start over but personally i don’t think i would want people like them poisoning the city. treat them like the trickfoots and throw them a sack of gold and say good luck never talk to me again

badassusername  asked:

JayDami headcanons? Early in their relationship, before they worried about morals or romance, they just enjoyed each other's company as relief from their more complicated lives. They could talk about books or other simple things before chaos resumes

God, the intellectual conversations and debates Jason and Damian could have. Science, literature, philosophy. And they’d get so passionate about whatever they were talking about. As I’ve been told by my rare dates, being passionate about something is very cute/attractive, so I could definitely see this as a way these two fell for each other, too.

Like they have these meet-ups, discussions and it’s totally their relief. So one night, Jason just like, hears a banging on his door at two in the morning. He answers, and finds Damian there looking half-dead and horribly distraught and Damian just looks up at him and whispers, “Can we just…talk?” and Jason just kind of looks at him, and Damian smiles real sad and says, “I still haven’t been able to disprove you stance on the Milgram experiment, and why it says more about mob mentality than the power of perceived authority yet.”

And so Jason’ll let him in and they’ll talk and next thing he knows, Damian’s asleep in his arms, in his bed, and Jason realizes he doesn’t want Damian anywhere else.

Castie X Reader

Request: Request: Could you do one where the reader is saved by Cas and brought to the bunker. Then when tfw begin explaining all the supetnatural she gets like a flashback and it turns out shes an angel who fell then she and cas fall in love. Sorry its a lot

Request: Can you write a fic about Castiel cast down on earth to capture a demon but was injured during the fight. The demon take the reader as hostage btw. The reader was grateful for him to save her but soon found out Castiel is an angel and was his soulmate. Sorry for my poor English.

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Little Fairy Tale [8/10]

Part 1 >> Part 2 >> Part 3 >> Part 4 >> Part 5

Part 6 >> Part 7 >> Part 8 >> Part 9 >> Part 10


Arthur wasn’t sleeping.

Alfred was pretty sure he wasn’t supposed to know about it, but he wasn’t. The omega, whenever asked, would smile a little, nod, and claim he’d just woken up from a nap, but it was a lie. And Alfred knew it was a lie because he’d pretty much caught him, having dozed off himself in his mate’s hospital room in the side chair, arms folded on the edge of the bed and head resting atop them. Arthur had spent a good deal of time just running his fingers through his hair, which had been soothing, definitely, but a little worrying when he snapped away and the omega claimed to have only been doing it for a minute or so.

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OK, before I vent some more. Let’s talk about some scenes that J2 nailed. Sam and Dean’s awkwardness around Mary is adorable. I love how Dean Fucking Winchester tried to tell his Mom to stay home with so much hesitance and she told him ‘No’ so nicely with a 'good talk’ and how embarrassed Sam was to be Dean’s brother when Dean was inhaling pie and just how big, awkward and vulnerable he was in the last scene with Mary. I love how he let Mary get on her toes to hug him and how he different it is from when he makes himself smaller and folds himself whenever he hugs Dean. Its adorable.
I love how Dean and Sam can actually tell their Mom confidently that look, we realized we only had each other and see, this is my family, my family hunts.

And I love the extremely short - blink and you miss Sam and Dean scenes. When Sam is curling his lip and telling the Bitch to go screw herself and all his bravado of 2 days disappear the moment dean appears and his voice is so small when he says 'Dean’.
And how broken and scared Sam looks when she threatens to do everything to Dean that she did to Sam.
And the bitch tortured Dean in front of Sam. And Sam looked so scared, his lips were shaking with the emotions and fear - For DEAN. Let me repeat how Sam did his best to be brave and sassy in the face of his own torture but when its Dean standing there, blood on his face - and looking actually scared himself of the psycho bitch after whatever she did to him - Sam is terrified. And Dean, he looked so done like he was about to pass out and said he feels dead but he still made sure to actually smile at Sam. The moment before Mary entered was so tense - the bitch about to do something horrible to Dean in front of Sam and Sam was yanking on his chains by then.
Tense fucking moment. it was good. J2 were fabulous. Now only if the other storyline wasn’t more important man. A hug would have been beautiful and perfect. You know how magical J2 would have made that.

thesonofhypnos  asked:

(part one of ask) umm, sorry if im wrong about this but i have a thought. i always assumed that mystery was the one that possessed arthur. he appeared behind arthur in the shadows in ghost when his arm turned green, and maybe him ripping it off was him covering up his tracks, like, WOW THAT WAS SCARY HAHA BUT HEY I SAVED YOU FROM THAT ARM. and not only that, but the arm got away, and it was afraid of treelady in freakout. since mystery knows who she is, and is afraid of her, one could...

(part 2 of ask) could assume that things created from him would be afraid of her too. and maybe that hallucination that arthur had was a latent fear of mystery, and when vivi wakes up he has an innocent “idk” look on his face, then kind you have when you DO KNOW. plus, kitsunes are sometimes associated with chaos and trickery, and you could assume that he is tormenting these people for the fun of it, plus whenever his “true form” is referenced its always scary lighting glowing eyes and broken mirrors. the gang doesnt know he’s bad, and he is prt of the group. as to why treelady is tracking him, idk, even though he MIGHT be bad, you can still have other bad people come after you. or, major plot twist, mystery turns out to actually be the bad guy and treelady is a good guy tracking him down. but again this is all on assumption and speculation so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hmm!  Interesting theory.  I hate to do it, though–I’m gonna poke a few holes in it.

Number one: the use of color as a theme in MSA is a huge factor.  If something is associated with a character, is is always that character’s color.

Mystery is red.  Whatever possessed Arthur is green.  Those are two very different colors.

In addition, check this out:

These are the official profiles for both Mystery and whatever the fuck possessed Arthur.  They are separate and unrelated.  There wouldn’t be two profiles for one character, as evidenced by the fact that both Living and Dead Lewis are combined into one profile:

Moving on!

In the beginning of the video, we see this.  This shows us that Arthur’s arm is still possessed by whatever took control of it.  It’s highly unlikely that Mystery is in two places at once–this is a separate creature.

That said, I think you’re very correct that Arthur is afraid of Mystery’s true form as a fox.  After all, Mystery did tear his arm off, which, no matter the reason, has to be horribly traumatic.  I think it’s also likely that, given the fact that Arthur is still looking for Lewis (and doesn’t realize that the angry pink ghost IS Lewis), Arthur’s memory of the events in the cave are spotty at best.  He may not know that Lewis is dead, and h may not completely remember getting possessed–he may only know that a giant fox with six tails tore off his arm.

That sequence where he thinks he sees fox Mystery in the car is a direct parallel to what happened in the cave–the robotic arm is sparking, suggesting that Arthur is remembering how it felt to have his possessed and out of his control, and he’s clutching it in a similar way to how he was in Ghost.  And seeing fox Mystery looming over him… it’s like it’s a relapse into the memory of the moment his arm was torn off.  THAT’S why he’s afraid of fox Mystery.

Mystery is definitely a trickster (this was even confirmed in a livestream Ben held ages ago), but I don’t think he’s at all malicious.  If anything, I’d say he’s demonstrated how much he’s trying to help out the Skulls.

Closed RP - Vampire

To think that among supernatural creatures there was still some belief that some things were not real was laughable. But, it was true. There were things conjured by human imaginations that were so fantastical…they couldn’t have been real! 

Vampires were one of them.

Yes there were youkai who fed off blood exclusively. There were even bat youkai that could vanish into thin air. However Vampires in the definition of a dead creature who needed blood to continue its comfortable existence while infecting others with a bite was…simply not known in these parts. So that left only one explanation. 

“Damn Foreigners…." 

Growling under his breath he stared at his reflection while kneeling beside a pool of water and eyed the wound in his neck. It wasn’t a simple bite, the entire left side had been torn in such a way that he could swear the artery was visible. However if that were indeed the case he would be dead from blood loss. 

The wound did not bleed however. Nor did it heal, as it had been two days since his encounter with the monster and it still looked as open as the day he received it. That was the least of his issues. During the day he felt horribly ill, food and rest did nothing to quell the fever that left him covered with sweat and aching all over. Whatever this was that afflicted him, his own demonic power was was in a full scale war with it. 

Such a predicament. To think he’d only been out on his own for a year now. Tasting the freedom of the wide open world while being out from under his parents wings. At nineteen summers of age, he was obviously foolish enough to think he was invincible. So what did he do? Rush into a cave chasing another youkai.

Rushed head long into it. Assuming that it was that demons den. Assuming that nothing else was in there. Assuming that whatever was in there couldn’t blind side him and make a bloody meal out of his foolish carcass. 

Heaving a little sigh, then flinching a little when he heard air escaping through the hole in his neck, the young youkai rose back to his feet. The taste of humility still fresh on his lips along with the bile he’d purged in the bushes behind him. Doing his upset stomach no favors, though it did not stop him as he resumed his travels once more. Seeing no other choice in his situation, as he gazed through the forest he caught the first glimpse of his destination. 

He was going back home. 

( haisai-haitai )

@waste-land-artist continued from (X)

“I’d like to think they weren’t horribly murdered.” Yun’s voice was a bit muffled thanks to her protective mask, but on the upside the smell of dead bodies wasn’t as strong.

She walked around the sides of the rotting pews, carefully looking for a trap or anything. “Dunno. Someone with enough of their mind grounded into reality to plan though. Think the bodies were dug up? Or whoever killed just to get this ‘sermon’?” Not gonna lie, it freaked her out. She dealt with people who did crime for profit. Not…whatever this was.

“…Think we can find ‘em?”

McCree kept his deliberate pace down the center aisle. He stopped halfway down and glanced at the nearest body. The decay on it was so great it was nearly impossible to determine if it were man or woman. It just leered up at the cowboy with its rictus grin as its head lolled to the side.

“Bit’a both,” he said. “There’s a mix’a bodies. Some are long gone.” He moved forward again, towards a woman with long black hair. Her body was dusted with soil. “This one’s been dead fer less time but long enough t’have been buried.” He brushed some of the earth off her pale cheeks with his prosthetic hand before his eyes shifted to the corpse next to her.

“This’n though is freshly dead.” The body belonged to a teenage boy. Dried blood still caked his neck and chest where it had spilled from the gash cut in his throat. He still wore the clothes he’d been killed in. “Ain’t see a rhyme er reason te this yet.”

McCree turned his head to look at the empty pulpit. “But it ain’t finished. Ev’ry congregation needs a preacher.”