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Hi!!! I'm the living meme thing person!😀 Honestly, I'm just so bad at explaining things omg ;-; I can't even tell you what a living meme is even though I asked for it wtf ._. I can't even explain what's a meme \(°□° )/ I'm so incompetent omg XD I will change the request a bit, so what about them reacting to their girlfriend always making dank horrible jokes and looking at them with at derp face after telling the jokes?😀 (I don't know if that's even english bruh) Thank you~❤

Sorry these were shorter than usual! I couldn’t really come up with a situation for each of them, so think of it as everyday occurrences!

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Wonho - “Hey, Wonho-oppa.” “What.” He looked at you with slight interest. You two were doing whatever couples do in the city of Seoul– visiting boutiques and buying from food stands whenever one came by. You were holding his phone in your hand when suddenly, you placed the screen next to your twisted face, “What do you call a blind dinosaur?” Already knowing where this was going to go, Wonho could only chuckle at your silliness. He never really understood these kinds of things and only went along with your joke. “What?” He smiled when he saw you make finger guns at him. “Doyouthinkhesaurus.” Wonho shook his head, chuckling at your terrible but adorable joke as he placed his arm around your shoulder and dragged you to another boutique. “We’re going to get you a better joke. And some dank memes because you’ve been looking at the wrong ones. I’d tell you a chemistry joke but I’m afraid I’ll get a bad reaction.” At that point, Wonho made the face you wouldn’t believe. 

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Kihyun - Like cliche couples, you two decided to visit a small restaurant downtown where you two could grill meat and talk for a while. Sure he hasn’t been up to much, so why not? While you chose what to order, you patiently waited for Kihyun to finish. As he did, you stared off into space when you unconsciously pursed your lips and widened your eyes. “You okay, Jagiya?” Kihyun scrunched his eyebrows as he looked at you funny. “You’re endearing by the way,” Kihyun added. You let out a playful sigh and told him, “I once had Deja-Moo before, you know, the feeling that you’ve heard this bull before.” You let out an alien-like sound and whatever was going through Kihyun’s head, the waiter saw it too. “Oh, come on! That was good!” Your fists lightly hit the table as he snapped out of his thoughts. “Oh, I’m sorry, I’ve never thought your jokes were this terrible. Terribly punny.” “Really?” “Oh come on!” If he could, he would have flipped the meat tray that arrived soon after.

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Hyungwon - Eating dinner at his apartment, you two were simply enjoying your meal: fried chicken with beer. No one wanted the beer. As Hyungwon was picking away at a nearly-cleaned bone, you cleared your throat, grabbing him attention. “Hyungwon-oppa, I’m reading a book on anti-gravity.” You reached for a piece of chicken in front of you, acting natural. Hyungwon, on the other hand, tilted his head and questioned, “There really is a book on that? Do you like it?” “Yeah, it was impossible to put down!” You slammed your chopsticks onto your plate and made that face where you knew it was a good joke this time. Hands hitting the table and laughter that seems to only belong to yours was a time for Hyungwon to recollect his thoughts. “Wow. I once heard a joke about amnesia, but I forgot how it goes.” And then, it was his time to start laughing uncontrollably. Your face became blank and then to an “are-you-serious” look when you saw him rolling on the ground, smacking his thigh until you threw a piece of your chicken at him.

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I.M - “Oppa!” You called out in the apartment. “Nae?” You found him in the kitchen, head buried in the refrigerator. You approached him with your phone in hand, a picture of the Eiffel Tower on the ground. “Do you see this?” You said, trying hold back your laughter. I.M pulled his head back and stared at you, wondering what you were going to say next. A few minutes passed and he didn’t say anything up until, “The Eiffel Tower?” “No!” You laughed and hit his chest. Okay at this point, I’m either blind or she is. I.M thought. “The I Fell Tower.” You stated. “You always do this.” I.M tilted his head back and let out a quiet laugh and ruffled your hair before you quickly fixed it. “Always making terrible jokes for me to listen to and laugh.” He grabbed a water bottle and walked out of the kitchen, saying, “Maybe next time you can top my jokes! There’s a reason why we’re called MONSTA!”

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This is so late now, but a cute AU art thingie for @ginrou. I totally meant to draw something sooner, but I lost track of time and I also have a shit memory D: I wasn’t sure if I was gonna include their Pokemon or not. Maybe next time! I had fun drawing this and it makes me want to doodles some things for my version~ Anywaaay..Happy Super Belated Birthday XDD;

*still waiting for an explanation as to how this adorable baby turned into a horrible monster in three years*


       Pandora’s heart nearly stopped when she saw him, Remus kneeling on the ground over someone on the ground. With all her heart she hoped that it wasn’t Tonks but as she approached all she could do for a moment was cover her hand with her mouth as tears filled her eyes. 

      Kneeling down she looks sadly down at Nymphadora slender fingers reaching out to shut the other witch’s eyes, before hers met Remus’. 

       “Remus I…” she wasn’t sure what to say. She knew the pain of the loss of a spouse, some days she wasn’t even really sure she was over it after all these years, but there was no good thing to say. Gently she places a hand on his shoulder testing to see if it was alright for her to hug him.

  • Holster : I've seen Jack's stuff a million times.
  • Shitty: Why haven't I seen it?
  • Holster : Why do you wanna see it?
  • Shitty: He's my best friend.
  • Holster : Again, why do you wanna see it?
  • Shitty: What if Jack gets into an accident? What if he's horribly disfigured and I have to identify him, and all that remains are his private parts? And I'm standing there and I'm saying, "Sorry, officer, I can't help you because, no, I haven't seen his penis." And then, boom, he's buried in an unmarked grave.
  • Holster : Again, why do you wanna see it?
  • Shitty: What did it look like?

“She never thought she would be this happy again.” - Chapter 5

You guys seriously need to read Silence by proudtobeaginger!! It’s such a good on-going series. It’s a AU where Lucy is muted and meets Natsu on her first day of High School.
As soon as I read the part where Natsu gave Lucy the special whistle, I freaking had to draw it.

Hopefully you like it proudtobeaginger~ Please excuse Natsu’s horrible arm and whistle. Yes that is suppose to be a kiss on the forehead *sobs*.