this looks horrible

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the heck is going on with George's hand at the beginning of ep 25 (please, please me) when they're waving at the girls? It looks like his hand's just spasming out of control

ik honestly its horrible it looks like a spider or something

seriously goerge??? is that how you flirt with girls or has your inner demon taken over again???

Keith: Whoa, you look horrible 

Lance: This is worse than the time you dared me to lick the swing set

Keith: I didn’t dare you to lick the swing set, I said ‘Lance don’t lick the swing set’ you punched me, and then licked the swing set

anyone who shows any inclination of having had any affection or affinity for mccree since they first saw him are immediately suspect and have horrible taste. when I saw mccree the first time the first thought in my head was “he looks horrible.”