this looks good i like it

I dunno guys I just drew somethin’.

So I started watching kdramas (while I shoud be making new playlists I am so sorry 😭) and now I am so addicted. I am watching The Legend of The Blue Sea right now but I already have this huge list to watch.

ok so october last year I was on this school trip to sarajevo, and while walking around town alone I ran into some guys from my school and they invited me to walk with them and I accepted bc y not, we were headed the same way anyway.

so we got talking, and they asked me abt my sexuality bc they’d heard from someone that I was bisexual, and I got sorta cautious and suspicious bc the last time my sexuality was found out/brought up by co-students (2 years prior or smth) I was immediately bombarded with questions like “does that mean you’ve had a threesome? have you had sex with a girl? would you have a threesome with me?” like honestly, it wasn’t a good experience.

but I tried to be optimistic, even if I was a bit anxious, so I said “yeah, I am” and still kinda expected the same questions as before. but these guys were so cool about it “that’s so cool! I love that- so if we point out that a girl is good looking (you know bc we were in a foreign country so when we spoke danish no one understood us) you can join in too!” and honestly it’s one of my fondest memories and definitely the most comfortable I’ve ever been with a group of people after sharing my sexuality.