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Jonah and his crush on Cyrus

Okay, obviously we know that Cyrus likes Jonah but a lot of people are unsure about jonah’s feelings about Cyrus. But I have a few things that bug me about Jonah’s behaviour around him that make me thing he might like Cyrus but doesn’t realise it? Or doesn’t want to acknowledge it:

Compliments: The amount of times Jonah has randomly complimented Cyrus, out of the blue for no reason is ridiculous. And they’re always really vague and awkward like ‘you’re so cool, man’ it’s like??

The 'gnarly’ text: First of all, who says gnarly anymore. Second of all, if I’m right that was the first text either of them had sent each other by the looks of it (unless Cyrus deleted older texts but.) I just find it really weird that Jonah would again, randomly decide to text Cyrus to let him know he’s 'gnarly.’ Like, he litErALLY DOES IT FOR NO APPARENT REASON BUT BECAUSE HE REALLY WANTS HIM TO KNOW?

Jonah’s response to the text: When Cyrus tells him it said 'girly’ and Jonah tells him it was auto correct, Cyrus starts getting all excited and being all 'so you think I’m gnarly?!1’ and Jonah says something along the lines of 'yes now can we leave it at that.’ Now I don’t know about you but it seems like he felt a bit embarrassed and awkward about something and he had something else he didn’t want to tell Cyrus.

The whole sports game fiasco: When Cyrus wants to take Buffy with him and then realises Amber isn’t going either, him and Jonah literally sit their and justify blowing Buffy off by saying 'it’s what Amber would have wanted.’ This is more both Jonah and Cyrus but they both clearly want this to just be the two of them and it was originally supposed to be a double date that is now just Jonah and Cyrus. Also they are standing incredibly close to each other the entire scene while Buffy just stands there like ’…alright cool.’

The Space Otters party: So the season 2 premiere. When Jonah starts talking about the 'real MVP’ for the space otters, Buffy AND Cyrus both automatically assume it’s going to be Andi and we can assume that an audience would too. But it turns out to be Cyrus. Now listen if that ain’t some classic foreshadowing to everyone thinking it’s gonna be Andi he ends up with but it turns out to be Cyrus theN. Also, the soft lil 'thank you, cyrus’ is absolutely wonderful and so sincere.

Jonah’s reaction to Cyrus’ kiss: listen I realise this shiz isn’t in a chronological order but just shhhh. So Cyrus goes up to Jonah and is like 'I kiSsEd iRis!1!1!1!’ And all Jonah has to say is ’…Oh… Cool’ (I think Idk whatever he says is very short and off handed). That’s it. He just immediately changes the subject, something he does a lot around Cyrus. Considering how excited he was for Cyrus to get to know Iris, the fact that now he doesn’t even want to talk about it is a lil strange.

The already iconic skateboard scene: Listen this is like. This gets me okay. Because Jonah first of all really really wants Cyrus to be able to skateboard so they can go do it together (skateboarding boyfs can i get a hell yea) and he seems kinda sad when he realises Cyrus is too scared to even try moving on the board. Then Cyrus crashes into the bush. Guys, Jonah’s face is a picture oh man. He’s on the verge of tears as he shouts for Cyrus and then grabs his phone and calls an ambulance. He doesn’t even check if Cyrus is badly injured he just grabs his phone and calls it he doesn’t care. He looks absolutely terrified that this boy has really hurt himself and like. All he did was fall into a bush.

In conclusion: Jonah Beck has an unrealised or unacknowledged crush on Cyrus Goodman and is ridiculously awkward and embarrassed around him and these boys must be protected at all costs thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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sorry, idk if you take prompts or not! you don't have to answer this immediately! fluffy au where lance and Keith start dating pre-Blades of Marmora, and Lance notices little things about Keith when they cuddle or do stuff together- Keith has sharp teeth, is unnaturally warm, has strangely good intuition, etc. Lance's suspicions of Keith (not exactly being human) grow further when they talk about their pasts with each other.

Hi there! And don’t be sorry! I generally don’t take prompts, since I’m writing way too many things at the moment (all my own fault ;D), but I have been known to jot down a quick blurb here and there …

Lance breathed in and out slowly before he approached Keith, sitting down next to him on the observation deck, turning to cross his legs so he could face him directly. He waited for Keith to look up from his tablet before speaking.

“So, I kinda need to ask you something, and you really don’t have to answer if you’re not comfortable, or if you just don’t wanna talk about it, or —”

“You smell a little bit like cow,” Keith said, wrinkling his nose, setting his tablet aside on the armrest behind him. “Have you been hanging out with Kaltenecker?”

“Um, yes, and rude.” Lance stuck a leg out and jabbed at Keith’s thigh with his toes. Keith pinned that leg beneath his, smiling smugly. Lance let him have his moment and then reached out with his other leg, and somehow they ended up tangled; Keith was half on Lance’s thighs, half pinned between Lance and the back of the couch and this was actually pretty perfect. 

Lance stopped laughing long enough to press a quick kiss to Keith’s cheek, and while Keith was blushing — this was all still so new, so tentative — Lance blurted out, “So, um, I was wondering about your parents?”

Keith’s smile fell. Lance reached out with his arms, an embrace that was both loose, so he could escape if he wanted, and warm, because Keith ran pretty hot and that was part of why Lance was doing this.

“What about them?” Keith asked quietly, warily.

“Again, you don’t have to answer, it’s just that … Right, so you’re wicked fast at sparring? Like, way too fast. You’re shifty about that dagger you always have on you, and you have really good night vision? Again, like, way, way good. Also, you’re nice and warm, which is great, but also a tad more warm than …”

“Than …” Keith trailed off, and his expression was now somewhat challenging, and Lance knew that Keith wanted him to be the one to say it.

“A bit more warm than most … humans,” Lance finished, and then he swooped in and stole another kiss. “But, like, you’re pretty hot, so that would be a perfectly valid reason for that, for me, so if you wanna leave it at that …”

“I … don’t.” And Keith actually looked a little … relieved? Scared, frustrated, too, but mostly relieved. “I … my dad, he’s … he was … pretty normal. His family immigrated from Korea to Tennessee — no, Lance, stop, don’t you freaking —”

“But Keith, you’re the only ten I see!” Lance howled, unable to hold back even as Keith jabbed at him with an elbow. “Ow, no, don’t care, can’t stop, won’t stop!

“I hate you sometimes.” But he then leaned in and kissed the side of Lance’s neck, his cheeks glowing pink, and Lance felt his blood rush to his own face; he quieted down, encouraging Keith with a nod. 

“I … my mom had my eyes, I think, or I have hers. And she was fast — a wicked fast runner. She never really cared much about her appearance, except that she wore a ton of make-up, and she said she had a skin condition, and dad backed it up and … She wore hats. All the time. Or scarves or bandanas … And then one day she was gone … A few years later, dad was …”

Lance held his tongue, waited for Keith to finish — he’d known or suspected most of this, but his heart still broke hearing Keith say it aloud. An orphan. Passed around different homes, with people that liked him, people that tolerated him, people that were cruel and indifferent … But no one, no family, that loved him like they should, like he deserved.

“This dagger is … I don’t know much, but what I do know …” Keith managed to pull it out from wherever he hid it, and then he carefully unwrapped the binding. “This symbol was on Ulaz’s weapon.” He revealed the crest. “He said these are ceremonial weapons of the Blade of Marmora, and I’ve always had it, so …”

The dagger trembled a little in his grip. Lance wrapped his hand around Keith’s on the hilt. Those dark indigo eyes stared into his, and Lance smiled back, as openly and affectionately as he could. 

“So maybe you’ve got a Galra grandma or grandpa, huh? I mean, I assume you’re a quarter or less, based on genetics, since you, uh, don’t exactly look Galra. Except for the weird eyes — not yellow, but, ah, not exactly a human colour, either — and all that other stuff I’ve already mentioned, but did I mention that I find all of it cool? And I really appreciate how warm you are, like, wow, this Castle can get —”

“You … you really don’t care?” Keith blinked, those wonderful eyes widening. “You’re … you’re not freaking out or angry or scared or —”

“I’m kinda a little more blown away by the fact that you’re from Tennessee, actually.” Lance laughed when Keith nudged him again. “And I … really, really wanted you to tell me. Because I did sort of get an inkling that something was up, once we started doing this boyfriend thing and bonding and stuff.”

Keith methodically re-wrapped the dagger, put it back in its hidden spot, and then threw his arms around Lance’s shoulders, hugging him tightly enough that Lance felt tears spring into his eyes — because Keith had been scared, and now he wasn’t, and Lance felt like he wanted to spend all of his time making sure Keith was happy. Which was sort of scary in its own way.

“Thank you,” Keith whispered.

They sat like that for a bit, and then Lance pulled away, trying to wipe his tears discreetly. “Okay, but, um, really, I should be thanking you.”

Keith tilted his head in a gesture of curiosity. “Why?”

“Because …” Lance grinned wickedly. “Now that I know for sure, I can cross ‘make out with a hot alien’ off my bucket list.”

Keith tackled him to the floor and then there was yelling and an impromptu sparring match, and a broken Altean relic that they immediately accused each other of breaking and holy crap, Lance had a boyfriend from Tennessee, wasn’t that wild? he asked Keith, who laughed in his face and said, with a near perfect drawl, “Yer right — nothing stranger has ever happened to anyone ever.”

Lance had no idea what he was getting into with Keith, with Voltron, not really, but this kind of revelation only made him excited for what he would learn tomorrow. And the day after. And pretty much any day, all the days ever with Keith, his Tennessee-born, part-Galra space ranger partner.

Notes: And there it is, once again, way more fluffy than I intended … That was pretty fun to write, actually :D Thanks so much for the idea, dear, and for being so kind as to send it my way! *hugs* I hope this was okay :)


Lance is a super good gymnast and while he was trying to hide how flexible he was it was hard. Like when people asked him to get something for him and they were far away he could pretty much bend in half to get to it. They’d look at him like “Σ(‘◉⌓◉’)” and he’d just shrug it off saying he just stretched.

But while fighting Lance is just so graceful and easygoing it’s not hard to tell he’s most likely a gymnast or dancer. He denies it at first since he was made fun of for being a gymnast before while being a man.

Slowly he becomes more and more comfortable and weird. Like Shiro will ask him to get something for him and Lance will just casually look like he’s breaking his body to get it because he didn’t wanna get up from his seat either. It’s weird and stuff like the really crazy yoga poses but super super cool to see up close.

Just give me a flexible Lance who could probably bend in half and do the really complicated yoga poses and do the the splits and freakin just Lance being flexible in general.

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I have a question--as a brand new DM, I introduced my players into a city that I have planned as having a very corrupt political center, while the rest of the city appears largely normal. I'm hoping for them to over time start to putting together the puzzle as they go on other adventures, which is going well so far. My main problem though is that I have guards everywhere in the city, and patrolling outside the city, and I don't know how to use them to instill fear without tipping my hand? /1

/2 My players keep interacting with the guards as if they have the power in the interaction, which, narratively, they don’t, or just passing them by completely in the open. I’m at a loss how to enforce the idea that these guards are scary and fully in the pocket of a corrupt king when they don’t even know the king is corrupt yet and the guards have no reason to attack or imprison them for existing. Help??

Oh boy do I have some ideas for you! Just think of how corrupt cops/guards might act!

  • Have the players have to solve a crime (missing daughter, theft, etc.) and the guards are super unhelpful or get aggressive during questioning and they might get a hint there’s something being hidden. That’s a possible encounter waiting to happen.
  • Have the local news or rumor mill start openly talking about possible guard corruption. Players can overhear it in the bar if they don’t get the hint. Some taverns might be strictly guard while others are free of guards.
  • Maybe there’s some sort of shady drug/weapon “bust” where the guards take everything from the players or NPCs but don’t actually report it and just keep all the loot for themselves.
  • Basic bully behavior where they also are in a position of authority should give the players a good hint that they’re not friendly in any way.
  • What kind of corruption are we talking about here since my bf just finished the sopranos and I feel like you could look to the mob for ideas too?
  • Bf/DM also suggested watching The Wire (HBO) for corrupt cop ideas. Staging crimes, taking money for bribes, having their own drug problems, and way more I can’t think of right now. Either the players could see some weird bribe going on, or possible weapons trading, or whatever this city is really corrupt about, and BOOM, another possible encounter. 
  • The guards straight up ask the players to do something shady or corrupt. They ask the PCs to take out some people or steal some loot and the people who they are supposed to victimize are really cool. 
  • Are they racist against elves or some other group? The players could witness their brutality firsthand or watch the carnage from afar.
  • Read up on some real life corruption from the past or even watch the news, sadly, for more ideas. 

I think maybe you’re worried about timing, where in that you don’t want the players figuring out the boss immediately, but there’s the also the point you want them to figure it out. Some of the above could turn into a full out battle too soon I guess for you, but do you really want them to wander somewhere else and miss this total corrupt town (although, the next town could be equally corrupt). Sometimes you can explain the entire plot to the party and they still won’t necessarily get it. Are the players new too? Welcome to DMing it sounds like you’re off to a great start!! I’m sure some of my followers can add way more to this - feel free to add/reblog! 


  When her teacher had first informed the fourth grade class that they would each be assigned a pen pal, she’d tilted her head slightly at the notion and wondered what on Earth she was supposed to write to a stranger about. Where did one even begin? How could a person be expected to try and connect with someone that they’d never even seen before?

   Stationary was passed around along with a small index card containing basic information about the soon-to-be recipient of her written words, and she’d pulled her writing utensils out of her pencil case while she pondered what to discuss. Perhaps the little card would provide her with some answers? She’d held the thick cardstock between her fingers, green eyes scanning the basic demographics of the student who lived in Alabama. Picking up her pen, she wrote the date in the upper right hand corner before neatly scribing,

    Dear Obi,

Hello. My name is Shirayuki. I’m 9 and live with my grandparents in Illinois. I don’t have any pets, even though I really want a cat someday. Do you like cats?

I like flowers and going on hikes. Are there any woods where you live?

It’s still warm here. Even though it’s September, it’s still hot. Is it hot where you are?

Do you like to read? I do! What books do you like?

Please write again soon.




  Dragging her tongue along the glued seam of the envelope, she blanched at the taste and texture before pressing her finger along the edge to close it up tight, writing her name in the upper left hand corner and copying the school’s address off of the blackboard like their teacher had instructed them to. After writing in Obi’s name and address, she stood and headed towards the teacher’s desk, dropping it into the basket perched upon the wooden corner before heading back to her seat. There was still another fifteen minutes left before lunch, so she retrieved her library book from her bag and cracked open the spine to  where her worn out bookmark was keeping her place marked.


   Two weeks later turned into the beginning of October, and with it came the responses from all of their pen pals.

   Shirayuki had stared at the envelope for a moment while her fellow classmates had ripped their paper envelopes open and read their responses. She would have joined them, but her squinting eyes were far too busy taking in the penmanship in front of her.

   It was an absolute disaster. She’d crinkled her nose as she tried to make out what he’d tried to pass off as legible. First of all, he’d misspelled her name so badly that she wasn’t sure if he’d even put any effort into it at all. If that wasn’t enough, the ink from his pen had blotted all over the envelope and had smeared everywhere.

   She sighed; typical boys. Working her finger into the corner, she carefully broke the sealed paper open and unfolded the white paper to read what vague responses she was sure awaited her. Before she had the chance to begin, something fell from the letter and landed on her desk, startling her. She froze, lifting the paper up tentatively in order to see what had sprung free from the envelope.

   It was a… pressed flower?

   His penmanship on the stationary was a tiny bit better than the envelope, but he’d still spelled her name wrong.

      Dear Shinayuki,

My name is Obi and I just turned 10. I live with my aunt and uncle and cousin in southern Alabama. I don’t have any pets either, so I know how you feel. I’ve always wanted a cat, too. My uncle is allergic. I don’t think we’ll ever have one.

 I don’t go on hikes because there aren’t any forests near my house. I walk on the beach instead. Sometimes really cool stuff washes up on shore. One time I found a jellyfish. It stung me. I don’t really like them anymore. They’re weird looking out of the water. Flowers are cool. I picked this one during the summer. It came off of some plants that grow near the end of our road. My aunt put it in between the pages of a really heavy book for me. You can have it. I don’t know what it’s called. I’ll ask my uncle.

It’s always warm here. Living near the ocean is like that.

I don’t read all that much. It’s cool that you do. I guess if I had to read it would just be comic books or something. Those are fun.

Hope we can write again soon.



  He lived near the ocean? Shirayuki scribbled his name onto the very last page of her colorful notebook, along with his address. That night, she’d spread the thick world atlas out upon the clean surface of the dining room table and looked up the name of his town. He lived right along the Gulf of Mexico, and she looked that up next. The water was a dark navy blue where he was, with lots of beaches and sunny weather.

   She’d held up the dried delicate flower, twirling it gently between her thumb and forefinger while resting her elbow on the table and placing her chin in her hand. She wondered if the air was salty, or what the waves sounded like? Was it hard to sleep at night when they crashed against the shore? What kinds of things washed up on the sand? Did he collect seashells? Did he fish? Had he ever seen a shark?

   She wrote her questions down in her notebook, working all the way up until her grandma informed her of bedtime. As she stared at her ceiling and watched the shadows dancing upon the walls, she closed her eyes and envisioned how the sand would feel beneath her feet, warmed by the sun and weathered by the water. Maybe someday she’d see the ocean for herself.


   Was it weird to send him something in return? Shirayuki patted the object in her pocket, glancing at all of the lowered heads around her as her classmates each scribbled their own messages out to their own pen pals. Her teacher didn’t specifically say that they couldn’t include things in their letters, but she still didn’t want to get in trouble.

   She picked up her pen and wrote down the date in the upper right hand corner, just as before.

      Dear Obi,

Thank you for the pretty flower. It was so nice of you to send it to me. I can’t wait to hear what it is. I haven’t seen anything like it around here. I wonder if it only grows down there?

I wanted to know, have you ever seen a shark? I’ve only seen one once at an aquarium. What kinds of things do you find on the beach? I would love to find a seashell.

It must be warm there all the time. Is it hard to celebrate Christmas without any snow? I love the snow. I always build a snowman with my grandpa. It’s lots of fun to have snowball fights. It’s fall here right now, so the leaves are starting to change colors. It’s still warm outside, but it gets colder at night. Halloween is coming up. I love to go trick-or-treating. I’m going as a fairy. What will you be?

Please write again soon.




  With another quick glance around to make sure that she wouldn’t be caught, Shirayuki quickly stuck her hand into the pocket of her sweater and carefully took out the crimson red leaf that she’d found on her way to the bus stop that morning. She handled it with care as she folded the paper around it, making sure not to crinkly and crunch it as she placed the letter gingerly into the envelope.

   She handed it into the basket upon her teacher’s desk, her nerves a jumble of pins and needles, just waiting to be caught and punished. When nothing was spoken and no wrong-doing acknowledged, Shirayuki returned to her seat and breathed a sigh of relief.


  It was almost Thanksgiving before she’d heard from him again.

   He’d spelled her name right this time. Shirayuki smiled down at the envelope before eagerly tearing it open. Before pulling the letter free, she remembered last time and gently removed it from it’s sheath, opening it slowly to protect her from any unexpected surprises.

   She wasn’t disappointed. A grin was practically encompassing her face as she breathed out a quiet awe of appreciation. A perfectly pristine white sand-dollar lay safely ensconced in the letter, her fingers brushing along it’s strange texture before slipping it into her pocket as discreetly as she was able. She’d only seen them in books before, never up close. She’d examine it in the bathroom before lunch, where she could be alone. She returned to the letter with barely concealed excitement.

      Dear Shirayuki,

Do you mind if I call you Yuki? It’s easier.

I hope you like the sand dollar. It was the only one that was whole. My cousin was jealous because all he found were chipped ones or pieces. I thought maybe you would like it.

I’ve only seen a shark once. It got caught in a fisherman’s net and I helped him cut it loose. It was wiggling all over the place. It scared me. I’ve seen dolphins swimming off shore. You can see their fins poke out of the water. They look different than a shark’s.

I’ve never seen snow. I always thought it would be fun to sled. Do you go sledding? Maybe someday we can go sledding together. I want to make a snow angel.

I went as a ninja for Halloween and got a lot of candy. What’s your favorite kind of candy? I like anything chocolate. I don’t like chewy stuff or hard candy.

Thanks for the leaf. I didn’t know that they could get red like that. Are they all like that? Or just some of them?

Hope we can write again soon.



   Shirayuki folded up the letter and placed it into her school folder. They wouldn’t be writing anymore letters until after Christmas, but she didn’t want to wait that long to hear from him again. Obi was surprisingly easy to talk to, and it was fun sending him the things that she saw everyday that he thought were so unique. Biting her lip with anxiety, she raised her hand and asked to be granted permission to use the restroom, her hand in her sweater pocket the entire way down the long and silent hallway.

   Looking at herself in the mirror of the unoccupied bathroom, Shirayuki knew that she would need to ask grandpa if she could borrow some stationary.

   She was going to write to her pen pal outside of school.

Discreet Training

Pairing: Klaus/Asana.

Requested by: Anon.

Summary: Klaus is covering Schuyler’s class and Asana messes up another spell because she became distracted by her boyfriend. Klaus trains her to keep her concentration and each time she is distracted by him, he goes further. He is discreet. 

Warning: Sexual and mature content. Recommended for 18+.

I do not own the photo.

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the signs based off of ppl i know

aries: passionate as hell, down for anything. lowkey emotional and high key energetic, but they’re good at whatever they do to channel that energy whether it be sports or some type of art. loyal friends

taurus: stubborn, but always has good intentions. loves food, loves sleep, loves to feel like they belong/are wanted. driven, won’t stop til they get something. passionate about the world around us, accepting.

gemini: super clever and intelligent, always has something to say. their rambling usually has substance, just might be hard to find. always changing and moving so it’s hard to keep up with them but once you click with them, they’re good people to keep by your side. always happy and trying to help others, lowkey emotional and detached. (im a gemini so might be biased)

cancer: won’t ever admit it but emotional af. clingy but that’s not always a bad thing, super loyal, has good intentions always. wants to belong, always searching for something “real” with substance and if they find that in a person or a passion, they’re a force to be reckoned with. they have a lot of problems they might want you to listen to but no doubt they’ll do the same for you. lots of corny jokes, social butterfly

leo: funny and whether or not they want attention, their presence demands it. that one person that seems to get along with everyone. loud laugh. their pride before anything. the type to have a night out with, will make you forget about your problems.

virgo: introspective, once they deem you worthy enough to have an actual conversation with substance, you’ll be fascinated with their views. won’t take your bullshit, observant and intelligent but not the type to show it off. perfectionist. outgoing/friendly personality hides how introspective they are. good people to have late night drives with

libra: a little bit weird but in a really good way. likes looking nice and making things look nice so they’ll either blow off school and prioritize the arts/fashion or work hard to make their report card look nice. they wanna be Somebodies, don’t wanna be in the background. moves on from lovers really quick, they don’t mean to but if it doesn’t work then it just doesn’t work. magnetic, people to admire from afar

scorpio: super fashionable, not very approachable but they exude this vibe of “cool and confident” that makes you wanna get to know them. good, effortless style. into the stuff that’s not really mainstream. deep talkers, they know what’s up. super cool music taste. loyal n passionate but don’t get on their bad side though. doesn’t like to admit they’re wrong

sagittarius: seriously my favorite, I hope you all have a sagittarius friend. funny without trying to be, that person everyone wants to be friends with, makes everyone laugh, super good with people, effortlessly likeable. loyal to friends, but not afraid to cut people off if they fuck up. they don’t have time for that. hard to stay committed including school, they’ve got better things to do. adventurous, won’t ever settle. cheesy as hell. if you want an honest opinion, find a sagittarius

capricorn: works hard but only if they find it worth working hard for, knows what they want. doesn’t get enough credit, often the outcast. dependable, but passive aggressive. wants success, always working towards that.

aquarius: my other favorite sign, they’re golden. wants whats best for the world, and they’re willing to do whatever to make that happen. not afraid to speak their mind but be careful because they won’t ever admit to being wrong. super confident and can by cocky, it’s actually admirable. magnetic. it’s not hard to befriend an aquarius, they won’t judge you. but good luck on keeping them as a friend and getting them to connect with you. super innovative and creative.

pisces: highkey emotional and loving but won’t ever show it verbally. creative as hell, always has their head in the clouds. musical and artistic, someone to be envied but they have golden intentions so you can’t even be bitter. super duper loyal. more selective than a cancer about what they’re emotional about. if you wanna be inspired, find a Pisces. good people to road trip with since they’re idealistic, but make sure at least one of you knows when to be realistic

The German Clusterfuck: The Artillery Luger - 9mm Parabellum

The Luger. Probably one of the most iconic pistols ever made, as it was the flagship side arm for the Imperial German Army in World War 1, the Nazi German Army’s secondary side-arm during World War 2 and the sidearm for Neo-Nazis and mass shooters since. They’re accurate, very reliable if fed the correct ammo and overall really handy guns.

The Artillery Luger is here to fuck that all up.

The basic idea of the Artillery Luger was to give artillery troops a weapon that bridged the gap between a Luger pistol and a Kar98AZ carbine. The idea was to give it an 8 inch barrel, holster stock a la the Mauser C96 and the now famous 32 round Snail mag.

Problem was, it really was bad at both. the 8 inch barrel made it really heavy as a pistol, add the snail mag to the weight as well. And it’s lack of any realy way to hold the barrel made it pretty weak as a rifle, as you had to have either a really tight 2-handed grip or fire it 1 handed and look like a fool. Also the Snail Mag was and is a pain in the ass to load.

The Artillery Luger was a pretty big failure, and most Artillery soldiers opted for pistols while the Artillery Luger tended to float into the hands of offensive troops like Stormtroopers, who really only used it for it’s 32 round drum. Following the war, the Artillery Luger floated onto the used market, and serves as a great odd little gun, and if Hunter Thomson used it, you know it’s weird enough to be cool.

i’ve never been one to really care about engagement rings… wedding rings either really… Being able to wear something that people can look at and just KNOW i’m hitched is cool but it’s never been a thing i really want..

and i don’t even want a big wedding I kinda just want to have a super small private wedding and then just have a big party later.

maybe i’m weird. i just don’t care about all that extra stuff