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I wanted to ask you a question about your dislike of fetishizing gays, lesbians, ect. When I was in middle and highschool, I read a lot of mangas and sometimes the occasional dirty birdy book containing 2 boys falling in love. I loved the stories but never looked at my gay and lesbian friends and tried to... imagine anything. I think a huge part of what drove me to enjoy the stories was how normalized the relationships were- I loved seeing the love. Is this considered fetishizing?

Um I don’t think so. I think fetishizing is more like de-normalizing it. It’s treating them different than you would a straight couple. I think that’s a good guide. If you wouldn’t go up to a straight couple and say “yas queen slay #pride” then don’t do it to a gay couple!

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when u do cat commissions, do we just give u a random warrior cat name, and u will draw them how u image them???

Uh I think you’re getting the ‘game’ I’m doing mixed up with commissions. I asked people just to send in a random warrior cat name and I would make up a little story for them, along with what I’d imagine they’d look like. I don’t know how much longer I’m going to do this; I’m just doing it for fun right now. Feel free to send in a name! I’ll try to do as many as I want this weekend, so far I’m having a lot of fun! 

Commissions are a whole different thing, but if you’d like a custom character for yourself I would be happy to discuss pricing and whatnot, since you’d be getting writing and a picture, likely much better quality than what I’m typing just for fun lol! My commission page is here if anyone is looking for it :P

So I finally went through omgeverythingplease and here are things that I didn’t know
  • Bitty is OBSESSED with food. OBSESSED.
  • Boy has a *problem*
  • Like I know we like to headcanon that Bitty goes into some sort of media, but he’s more likely to become a food critic. Basically he’s more into the “baking” part of “baking vlog” than the “vlog” part.
  • Holster is a grumpy messy bitch.
  • For real, the team seriously debated who was grumpier: Jack or Holster
  • (for like, a hot second, before the answer became obvious)
  • (It’s Jack. Jack is the grumpiest)
  • Ransom and Bitty are very close friends. Close enough that Bitty chirps Holster that he’s being replaced via tweet.
  • Ransom and Bitty get PSLs from “ ‘Bucks”.
  • That is a quote. Eric Richard Bittle has called Starbucks, ‘Bucks.
  • (I bet he calls Target, Tar-zhay too)
  • This one was a bit more analytical: we found out about Jack coaching peewee via Bitty’s twitter
  • Bitty is the one who tells us that the Jack says the kids call him “Coach Z”
  • Because Bitty is the one who typed out the tweet, if the kids called Jack “Coach Zed”, he would have spelled out “Zed.”
  • Therefore we can assume that the kids called Jack “Coach Zee” and not “Coach Zed”
  • However this revelation by Jack was immediately followed by a debate over Zee vs. Zed. So who really knows?
  • I still don’t know how either of them pronounces “pecan”
  • More after the cut because this is getting long

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Hi! I'm teaching myself how to draw and was wondering if you have an advice. How can I learn anatomy efficiently and learn to use reference photos and not be afraid of them. Thanks!

hello!!! So I believe that there is a such thing to use references incorrectly, and I personally think it is “incorrect” to try to copy an image EXACTLY how it is shown.

A common mistake is when people find a reference of a pose that they want to use for their own artwork, but they draw according to the outline of the person exactly how it appears in the photo. So they end up with a drawing that looks traced and boring!!! and also a drawing that looks too real (too realistic, this pose above would look odd in a comic for example).

What I do is that I look at the person in the photograph and try to imagine his body in blocks, rather than the outline of his body. I then proceed to draw each ‘block’. This will not only help you understand how bodies work a lot better, the drawing will look more 3 dimensional. 

^ this is my thought process of how I drew the two examples, you can see its a very big difference and so much easier! Drawing the outline is very easy to make mistakes because you might draw the limbs too long for example since you don’t know when to stop.

Don’t be afraid to change your pose a little bit! Remember, a reference photo is there to help you (and practice! it shouldn’t be perfect) so it doesn’t need to look exactly the same. Hope I helped!!!!!

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I thought pillow princesses where girls who don't reciprocate??

It’s sometimes a derogatory term but I think of it more as women who just strongly prefer bottoming to topping, in general. So you could say they aren’t reciprocating but I don’t think that’s the best way of framing it.

Jack Halberstam wrote a really good bit on how we think about stone butches as “women who don’t want to receive sexual pleasure from partners” but how that framing is all negative. But most stone butches don’t feel like they are missing anything, and certainly don’t feel like they aren’t receiving sexual pleasure from partners. They are, just not through physical stimulation. So that framing of stone butches is not correct, because it frames their sexuality in terms of lack. But they’re just tops, basically- women who enjoy stimulating their partners sexually, but actively enjoy that, and don’t crave being stimulated the same way. It’s not that they are missing out on anything. It’s that what they actively desire is stimulating their lovers, not being manually stimulated by them. So we have to do away with the idea that being stimulated is the only way people receive sexual pleasure. One of the best things Halberstam ever wrote, a really useful refraining from talking about it as lack, dysphoria, etc.

So pillow princesses, yeah you could say they aren’t reciprocating but they have a specific sexual role they have in mind, a specific way of having sex that works best for them, and with the right partner that is absolutely reciprocating because it fulfills the role the partner is looking to have filled. Basically, women who prefer “receiving” and women who prefer “giving” are a match made in heaven. And both are getting something from the other, just different things. But both good things!

I don’t think of myself as stone, but I certainly lean pretty hard in that direction, and it doesn’t mean I am missing out on anything at all- when I imagine sex, I imagine myself “giving” if that’s how you want to frame it, but that’s just what I enjoy more than I enjoy being the one receiving pretty much any stimulation. And it’s not even really related to dysphoria. Sometimes I’m not even especially interested in orgasm for myself the way I am for my partner. It’s just a genuine preference.

So I know this is LITERALLY NOT THAT DEEP but I love me a good pillow princess and will always defend them! Sure some women are just selfish but that’s not what I usually use it to mean. I love women bottoms :’) They are valid :’)

Some notes on the new heir...

I know I’ll be getting a ton of asks about all of this stuff (including many angry ones) so I figured I would address these things before you had the chance to even send them.

Why did I pick Maisie? I’ve always loved Maisie, ever since she was a toddler. I like how her heart is constantly being broken (sorry kid), especially since it’s the complete opposite of what happened to her mother. She’s different than my past two heirs. She isn’t some stereotypical heartbreaker or nerd. She has multiple levels, and that makes me want to play with her more.

What about the classic Huntley blondes? I can’t have every generation all end up looking the same! I imagine we’ll get back to the blonde at some point, but probably not for a few more generations.

What will happen to Mia and Mikey? I’ll still be playing with them regularly until I’m ready to have Maisie move out. At that point I’ll probably only post about them when I’m getting them married, introducing their children, etc. Similar to how I did last generation. Of course they’ll still be around family and events and stuff. This won’t be the last of them.

How about that sibling rivalry? Don’t worry, I can assure you that there will always be tension between Mia and Maisie. They’ll definitely resolve their differences at some point, but I still want to explore that story line some more.

Bts reacting to your high school pictures!


“Ahahaha your hair! your clothes! Ya look wack! ahahaha”

“Do you remember yours?”

“Shut up. I don’t know you.”

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“Looksy what I found y/n~”


*waves the yearbook in your face* “To post on twitter or not to post on twitter? That is the question.”

“You better not.”

“Make me food and we’ll see.”

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“Aww look at my little jagiya! I’m going to show everyone!”


“Hmmm fine! only because you’re mine and I get to keep you all to myself!”

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“Ya look crusty.”

“Excuse me? Shall we look at your pictures?”

“I mean… damn mami. You was lookin fine as hell. Can I get past yous number?”

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“I’m gonna go show everyone this!”

“No Taehyung!” *you tackle him before he opens the door*

“Jagi what the heck?!”

“You needed to be stopped you animal!”

“Whatever, more for me!”

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“Ahahah you look so different! How?!”

“What do you mean? I look the same!”

“Mhm suuuure you do sweetie.”

“I do!” *you pout, crossing your arms*

“I’m kidding baby!” *he’d hug you afterwards, giving you smooches*

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“Were you cool though?”

“Define cool?”

“A kpop idol cool…”

“Boy if you don’t.”

“I’m cooler than you!”

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Sharing Can’t Be Wrong... - Dean x Reader x Sam (One Shot)

A/N: So, you all wanted this to continue. I left it open as a teaser, and it went over really well. Now, the full thing is here. Who doesn’t want the Winchesters to share them? Hope you all enjoy! As always feedback appreciated!

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Also tagging @growningupgeek @mrswhozeewhatsis @manawhaat @phoenixia67 @arryn-nyx @lovehelpmewrite where you all seemed to enjoy the drabble. If you don’t want tagged, let me know, and I’ll remove it!

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Warnings: Smut. No plot here what so ever. Just sex. Not much editing.

Word Count: Roughly 3500

“Dean?” You looked at him in confusion as he pulled back. Leaving you sitting on the large wooden table near the entrance of the bunker. Lips swollen. Confusion dancing in your darkened eyes.

“You know I love you, right?” His hand rubbed against your thigh, pushing up your skirt further. You’d dressed up a bit for date night.

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I can't even explain how much it meant to me what Jared said. (Please Read This)

My depression has been horrific for the past two months. There isn’t an honest to God day where suicide doesn’t cross my mind. My moms trying everything. Doctors too. Nothing is working and I’m about at my ends reach.

I told Jared on his Facebook live video how much the AlwaysKeepFighting campaign meant to me. That I battle depression daily and this is a true inspiration to me. Nothing could have prepared me for what he said.

He said these words with a genuine touch that really made me cry my damn eyes out. Telling me that “you are a brave, powerful soul. I’m sorry for your battles, but I’m proud of you that you’re battling daily and you’re still here. You’re stronger than I will ever me.” His words quite literally shook me to my core. As if having somebody that you look up to notice you, but to say what he did….

It’s the simple sweet things that this man does on a daily basis that really and truly helps people get the courage to keep on fighting. I admire Jared. I look up to him. I strive to be half of the amazing and kind man that he is, to make a difference in this world. He is my hero along with many others. He’s my superman. And hearing MY HERO tell me that I’m stronger than he will ever be, and that I’m a brave and powerful soul, I was at a loss for words. I still am.

There isn’t a single word I can say to describe how I feel. Never in my life (no matter how short) did I ever EVER imagine Jared Padalecki telling me these words. For him to share his love and support to my daily fight. MINE. It’s an unrealistic thing. It doesn’t feel real.

If you took the time to read this, then I hope in some way that this amazing man has somehow touched your heart as he has touched mine. Please remember, taking even a minute of your day to spread some love can really effect people as it has for me.

While his words didn’t cure my mental illness, it did do something else. It gave me hope.

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The other way around: do you think Bum loves Sangwoo ( even after finding out that he's a serial killer) or is it just that "at least it's better than with my uncle" kinda fucked up thing?

I’m tempted to just link to @getmetherapyplease‘s posts on this topic, because he explains it far better than I could, but I will answer as best I can. 

The simple answer is the same. Bum definitely loves Sangwoo in the sense that Bum experiences love, which is very different from the way most people experience it. 

Once Bum gets attached to somebody, being without that person feels like dying. Look what he says about being seperated from that girl in high school.

Bum apparently stalked this girl, to the point where she went to the police. He attempted suicide over her. And Bum felt almost this strongly about Sangwoo even before “moving in” with him. Imagine how he feels now that his life has revolved around Sangwoo for several months (I think he was taken prisoner sometime in spring, and it’s currently sometime in fall.)  

Bum, like Sangwoo, was probably born mentally ill. And he has never, in his whole life, had anyone who genuinely loved him and valued him. It’s possible his grandmother did (the English translation says “grandparents,” but the original just says “grandmother.”) It’s difficult to say. He was only with her briefly, and he never talks like he misses her. She may not have been good to him, or he may not have been with her long enough to form a strong bond. After that he lived with an uncle who sexually abused him and doesn’t seem to care if he lives or dies. Certainly he never came looking for him. 

Now, objectively speaking, Sangwoo is worse than Bum’s uncle. He has tortured Bum, mutilated him, nearly killed him, continues to physically, sexually, and psychologically abuse him, and always will. And, oh yeah, he’s a serial killer, who has forced Bum to commit murder (Bum had no meaningful choice in that situation, do not argue with me about this.) 

But he also loves Bum. He values him. Bum is special to him. He wants to be with Bum forever. Bum has never had that. He has never believed he could have that. That kind of love is worth taking an occasional beating for. Or committing the occasional murder for. To make an overly simplistic estimation, his life used to be 100% shit. Now it’s 50% shit and 50% love, care and validation.

Every Other Weekend pt. 10

Prompt: After five years of marriage and two kids, you and Bucky decide you can’t make it work anymore.

Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Steve Rogers x Reader

Word Count: 1,368

Warnings: divorce, angst, cheating, language

A/N: TAGGING IS CLOSED. sorry it has taken so long!!!! but a heartbreaking part for y’all. (the last paragraph thoughhhhh.) 

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Part 9


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(the gif is for the flashback, nice.)

Steve opened the door to the small room and began to speak. “So the space is pretty full. A few more minutes and we’ll be ready to go.” You could tell when he turned towards you because he seemed to forget how to speak. “W-wow.” Steve breathed deeply as his eyes moved all over you. “You look absolutely breathtaking, better than I imagined.” His jaw was on the floor and you felt yourself blush. “Bucky’s going to lose his mind. In a good way, though.” Steve smiled. There was something different in his eyes that you’d never seen before, or never noticed. He seemed happy, yeah. But there was something else there.

You adjusted the flower in your hair as you stared at your reflection in the full length mirror. You felt like you’d waited for this day for forever. Or at least since you had fallen in love with Bucky. And it was finally here. After all of the planning and cake tasting and seating charts, it was here. “Thank you.” You smiled as you turned towards Steve, messing with the skirt of your dress. Taking a deep breath, you grabbed the bouquet of elaborate flowers and closed your eyes.

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Ok so. I always see people describing the male!mc as a cute small guy, but what if he's actually a really handsome man (like super tall and muscular)? What would rfa reactions be?

Ooh! I’ve never done anything regarding male!MC so I’ll give it my best!


  • You meet him in person 7 days after meeting him via the messenger
  • And he is completely caught off-guard
  • “… MC, is that really you?”
  • “Yeah, why?”
  • “I just… imagined you as so different.”
  • He literally can’t stop looking at you
  • Even forgets to invite you in for a hot second
  • From the way you talk in the chatroom he thought you would be cute and tiny like Yoosung
  • He was not prepared for this ABSOLUTE BEEFCAKE
  • He’s still in his cast so you have to help him around a lot
  • But he’s always super flustered when you do
  • He’s finally found someone more beautiful than he is
  • and he’s not sure how to feel about it


  • Is super blushy when you meet him at the party
  • Even though he’s gotten a confidence boost
  • and he was pretty dominant with that kiss
  • he’s still pretty afraid to touch you
  • It doesn’t help that you stand a near half-foot above him
  • and his constant internal dialogue is:
  • “Oh God oh God I look like a kid next to him”
  • that height difference tho


  • She figured you would be pretty masculine, but she had no idea you would be CUT like that
  • When she meets you at the party she can’t stop clearing her throat
  • She can’t look you in the eye
  • Poor girl’s ovaries are exploding
  • Zen’s a little jealous but he won’t admit it
  • Because Jaehee’s giving you those eyes


  • He nearly spit out his Dr. Pepper when he pulled up your SNS profile
  • “HOly shit…..”
  • He couldn’t stop scrolling through the gym pictures, even momentarily forgetting about the chatroom
  • Sits there sweating for a little bit when he sees the height on your profile
  • He thought he was decently tall at 5′9″
  • but OH BOY
  • “Luciel it’s not appropriate to ask someone to bone your brains out when you meet them”
  • oh boy does he want you to wreck him


  • Does Jumin Han is gay?
  • Well he does now, if he didn’t before
  • When he convinces you to stay in his penthouse he’s not sure why he feels the need to insist
  • But he feels something when he’s around you that he’s never felt before
  • He’s never experienced romantic love
  • And he thinks he knows what lust is
  • He’s in such denial but something definitely stirs when he watches the muscles of your back tense while you stretch 
  • He also knows that he’ll never hear the end of it if he says something

hope these were ok! ^^;;

I’m Legit (Jughead x Reader) /request/

Request for Shelby; Unnoticed sweet girl changes her look over the summer and catches everyone’s attention

I hear my alarm, and groan. It’s the first day of school, and I really didn’t feel like waking up, or going. I guess I have to anyways. I look way different than how I used to look, which is a good thing for me. I went very unnoticed last year. I wasn’t ugly, I just didn’t give the best effort into  clothing. I wore baggy shirts everyday, and old jeans. I only had one pair of shoes, and those were my gross converse which had dirt and grass stains all over it.

I walked into my bathroom and took a semi-short shower. Once I got out, I curled my light brown hair, and did my eyeliner. I then proceeded to my outfit. It was a black crop top, black jeans, and black boots. I topped it with my favorite leather jacket. I know that I looked good, and I was proud of it. This year, I’ll be different, that’s for a fact

Not like people payed attention to me before, but I hope they won’t be too surprised. I walked downstairs, and went outside to get into my 1969 Pontiac Gto. My car is honestly my baby. I drove to school, listening to classic rock on the way. I pulled up, and felt dread. I wanted to be here, but I’m used to going unnoticed. I shut my car off, and walked out, grabbing my bad along the way. I began walking towards the school, and felt eyes on me, and guys whistling at me. I looked down and blushed, and continued my journey to school.

I walked inside, still looking down, and bumped into a guy. I fell to the ground, and looked up at who did it.

“I’m so sorry! I wasn’t watching where I was going” I said looking up at the guy. 

I felt my shy personality coming back, and I didn’t like it, but I couldn’t be rude. Last year, I was shy, and super nerdy. Now that I think of it, I can’t stand my old self. Now I’m still smart, but extremely outspoken. I know I’m nice, but unapproachable 

He held out a hand for me, and helped me up, “Yeah, I could see that” he said sarcastically.

I looked at him. He was beautiful. He had blue eyes that you could get lost in. His jet black hair was under a crown shaped beanie. I think I could look at him all day.

“Yeah, anyways, watch where your going next time” he said walking away 

I stood there kind of confused as to who he was. I’ve seen him before, I know that, but not up close. I snapped out of my trance, and started going to my locker. When I opened it, someone stood at the side of it. I looked up to see the one and only, Reggie Mantle. Another kid that I knew, but never met.

I rolled my eyes, “May I help you?”

“Do you like tapes and CDs?” he asked me

I looked at him confused, “Um yeah, I guess so. Why?”

“Cause I’m gonna tape my dick to your forehead, so you can see these nuts” He responded, looking at me dead serious.

I looked at him with surprise, trying not to laugh. I close my locker, and walked away from him slowly. His joke was really funny, but the fact that he didn’t laugh, weirded me out. I let it slide, I’m pretty sure all the guys are trying to play around with me or something. 

This is how it went throughout the day. Guys coming up to me, and flirting with me. I’ve made friends throughout the day, which I was really grateful for. Last year, I wouldn’t even think that I would be like this. Having friends, or having guys flirt with me. It was different, and I felt special about it.

I walked into my 3rd class, which was computer applications, and seen that we had seating charts already. I found my name and sat down. I was in the far back corner, which was fine. I could text or eat back here without my teacher noticing.I looked at the name next to me: Jughead Jones. I wonder who that is, his name is weird, but unique.

The door then opened, and there was the kid with the beanie. I got excited when I laid eyes on him. Something about him really intrigues me, and I want to explore it. He started looking for his name around the room, and seen the seat next to me. He looked up at me, sighed, and sat down. Hm, okay. He probably doesn’t want to sit with me or something, not that I really care. 

“What’s your problem?” I snapped looking at him.

He turned and looked at me, obviously surprised by my outburst. I don’t care, if I’m going to sit next to a kid for the whole year, I should at least get to know what his deal is.

He scoffed, “Nothing? I haven’t even said a word to you, so how would I have a problem?”

“Oh, I don’t know, maybe because you sat down next to me, and sighed like I was the most unpleasant human being, but that’s a maybe. I wouldn’t know the full story, huh?” I snapped again while glaring at him.

I didn’t know why I was being so rude, I just was fed up with him at the moment. He doesn’t even know me, but is already being mean to me. He’s still cute though. 

My teacher walked in, and began to talk about really boring things that I didn’t care for. I jumped when I felt a hand on my knee. I looked up at Jughead, who was looking at the teacher, and copying what was being written down onto his notebook. His right hand was under the table, and I could see the corners of his mouth twitching up into a smile.

I shook my leg, but his hand began traveling up to my thigh. I then tried  to push his hands off, but he gripped onto my jeans. His fingers brushed my crotch and I felt my core tingle. I liked it, a lot. My teacher then turned and asked me to read something off of the paper that was given.

I started reading it, and felt my eyes widen when I felt Jughead’s fingers undo my jean button, and pulled the zipper down.I coughed and tried to concentrate on what was on my papers. My voice trembled when his fingers slipped into my underwear, and I tried to squeeze my legs shut so he could’ve at least waited until I was done. 

I finished, and then another student went. His fingers brushed my skin, and I didn’t try to stop him this time. He was smirking as he rubbed my clit with his index finger.

The teacher then went back to his desk and continued writing notes. Jughead’s whole hand started rubbing circles around my clit and I clenched my legs shut.

“No, Shelby” he whispered, then leaned down to my ear, “Do you want me to finger you, Shelby?” and he tugged at my earlobe.

I bit my lip and spread my legs, I felt his middle fingertip tease me, and he ran his finger up and down my slit. His hand came over and wrote something in my notebook. My vision blurred while I tried to read it:

‘you’re so wet babygirl’

and he was right. I knew I was wet, and I craved him and his touch. His finger entered me unexpectedly and I moaned. Everyone in class turned to look at me.

“Is there a problem, Shelby?” the teacher asked me.

Jughead sped up the pace, and I gulped and shook my head

“No sir, I accidentally gave myself a paper cut” I replied to him.

Everyone turned and returned to their work. Jughead’s fingers kept pumping in and out of me. I closed my eyes and his thumb pressed against my clit, and he added another finger. I almost moaned again, but stopped myself by biting my lip. I felt close, and then he started touching my g-spot. My mind went hazy, and I clenched around his fingers. He groaned, and kept pumping. 

I felt myself release, and went into pure bliss. I calmed down from my high, and looked to Jughead. He smirked, and leaned in and kissed me softly. I was already bothered, and I wanted more from him. 

I reached across, and wrote my number on his notebook paper. I wanted to know what he felt like inside me, and I was determined to find out.

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So I was just thinking about how different I look with my contacts in rather than when I am wearing my glasses. People say I look like a completely different person. I’m imagining a human waking up on a lazy day and not putting their contacts in and just wearing their glasses. “AAHH INTRUDER ALERT” “WOAH calm down pal. Where is this intruder huh?” “…human-Suzy… is that you?” “Yea.. how can you not tell? I’ve been working on this space craft for like 2 years” “why are you wearing that metal on your face?” “Huh? Oh my glasses? My eyes are shaped different and so I have to wear a prescription. I was too tired to put contacts in this morning so I just wore my glasses.” “But… do all humans do this?” “No just some people. Oh hey John.” “Hello human-John. Do you also wear the glasses?” “Nah I got perfect 20/20 vision” “really John?” *John nods* “Read that sign over there” “Easy ‘Colt Equity” *sign says 'Exit Carefully’*

NCT MTL to date a curvy girl


Anon: Could you do a nct127 mtl to date a curvy girl? Thanksss

Hi bub!  Honestly, I don’t think any of the boys would care about weight of size, whether you’re curvy or skinny. As long as you were healthy and if you weren’t he’d still want to support you. I’ve done this as most being those who would find curves sexy and attractive, those in the middle who really wouldn’t care and those at the bottom who might find an athletic body more attractive or would want a petite, slim girl!

I also want to remind everyone that you’re all beautiful regardless of what you may personally think. Remember that you have only seen yourself in two different lights - in the mirror and in photos. Everyone else can see you when you’re subconsciously smiling, and when you’re laughing or when you’re speaking about something you love! You can’t judge yourself from only two perspectives, since there’s always going to be a infinite number of ways to see someone, ones you’ll never see but are definitely there…

(how have i never seen this before???? where is this from???)

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Johnny is probably a sucker for someone with hella curves. He likes butts, and boobs and, thighs - the whole works. Maybe it’s because he’s from America where being curvy is considered sexy, but I think he’d genuinely like curvier girls nevertheless; being an idol means that he sees a lot of skinny girl idols so he’d probably want a “change” and a different look.

Yuta is low-key a fuckboy. He’s probably a very hormonal guy so finds any girl attractive but curvy ones would be his weakness. He’d find them exotic and refreshing and would be the type to always have his hands somewhere lol If you were confident about your curves, he’d find it even more attractive and even if you weren’t, he’d be showering you in compliments anyway.

Haechan would find curvier or bigger girls adorable and he’d just want to coo at them all the time. Curvier girls would catch his eyes more than other kind of girls. Well, to be honest, I don’t think he’d care really; he’d just a soft spot for them and would like the look of curvier girls.

Ten is definitely someone who’d like touching his girlfriend’s waist, hips, butt and thighs. He just seems as if he’d always want that physical touch with his S/O, so, naturally, with curvier girls comes more of this. He’d always be telling them how good they look or how much he loved their loved because he genuinely would be in love with them.

Mark would like curvy girls because he’d like how they looked in clothes. This sounds weird but hear me out lol. Dresses, skirts, tops, jeans - look different on curvy girls than slimmer ones and I imagine that he’d like seeing his curvy S/O in clothes which accentuated their curves. Also like Johnny, he’s probably fairly westernised in his preferences, so curvy gals would be attractive to him.

Taeyong would probably like being with someone the complete opposite of him. If i were to describe this person physically, I envision them to have dark or tanned skin, big hair and being very curvy. He’d probably like the contrast of physical features, so dating a curvy girl would be a no brainer for him.

Kun would like how squishy and cute curvy girls can look. I’m not saying every curvy girl is like this, but, Kun probably would like small and curvy GF because of how adorable they look to him. He’d constantly be squishing their cheeks and wrapping his arms around them and basically worshipping them ok

Chenle, I see with someone whose not exactly curvy but not skinny either. Just “average” in times of curves. Tbh he’d probably someone who isn’t an idol and therefore isn’t thin and is just at a normal, healthy weight. He’d find curves attractive and “no” curves attractive of course, but I just see him with someone who doesn’t fit into either of these types.

Renjun wouldn’t really have a preference at all. He wouldn’t look at appearance as long as you were healthy and well. If you were curvy, he’d date you. If you weren’t, he’d still date you. As long as your personalities matched perfectly, appearance honestly wouldn’t matter.

For some reason, I see WinWin with someone who has the body of a dancer or someone who works out. He’d like the definition and tone-ness of their muscles and the strikeness of their body (in comparison to people who don’t) If they were dancer, he’d probably want to do duets or something sorry that was completely unrelated lol

Jisung would either like someone who works out/dances or someone quite thin or someone between. He’s pretty young obviously lol and hasn’t fully grown yet and probably ATM anyway doesn’t feel that “manly”. A curvier girl, although he’d find attractive, maybe wouldn’t allow him to be the man in the relationship and feel big and stronger because a quite skinny boy.

Jeno…. TBH I really have no idea why he might not like curvier girls. I just see him with a thin and petite and tiny little girlfriend. He’d date a curvy girl if that person was still petite and tiny, so he’d like small curves over bigger ones.

For Taeil and Hansol, they’re basically at the same place for the same reason. I always see these two as typically traditionally Korean in their preferences for anything, including women. They’d want a cute, small, thin girlfriend/wife so they could protect her. I think they haven’t really been “exposed” to super curvy girls compared to other members perhaps, so they’d a slight preference for slimmer girls.

I think Doyoung might date another idol in the future, maybe even date one. He’d probably want to date another idol rather than a non-idol because he’d like having someone understand his life better than a non-idol would. And female idols are usually very thin and not overly curvy, so he’d like thin and slim girls more.

Whilst Doyoung would date an idol, I think Jaehyun would date a model. Not a normal model but some supermodel whose super toned and has like literally no body fat and has super long legs and shit in order to model (ik there are plus models but I mean the really think ones in this case) . Of course he’d still like curvy girls, but in the end, I think he’ll end up with a model of some sort.

Jaemin *sigh* everyone is going to hate me for saying this, but I think he’d like skinny girls because he’s a teenage boys. Teenage boys around his age (at least the ones in Britain where I live lol) just like skinny girls and they don’t realise that curvy girls can be attractive until they’re like 17+. I think it’d just be his young age which means he’d like thin girls. I’m sure all this media and shit with skinny girls, would only reinforce this.


The Intervention

“Um, guys? What’s going on?” 

Clint looked solemnly toward Tony, shaking his head sadly as he watched the man stumble forward, brow set in confusion as he took in the setting around him.

The communal living room was filled with all the friends that the team had been able to find, and together, they had procured a large banner and written the word INTERVENTION in big black lettering, hanging it from the ceiling as they all stood solemnly underneath it.

It was time they sorted this. It had reached the limit, and none of the team could handle it any more.

(beware the read more, mobile users!)

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Gender Equality in Fantasy

Above is a screenshot from Dragon Age: Origins saying that men and women are generally regarded as equals in Ferelden. RPGs are thankfully past the days of minuses to Strength for female characters and often present worlds in which things like sexism and homophobia are said to not exist. I rather like attempts to make RPGs, Pen & Paper and Video Game alike, more inclusive. However patriarchy and heteronormativity aren’t superficial forces and you can’t just say they don’t exist while not changing key aspects of society. Despite claims of equality a lot of forces within society and underlying assumptions about gender that people have remain unchanged. Worlds which are said to lack patriarchy are still seeped in patriarchal values.

I’m going to use Skyrim as my example here, not because it’s particularly bad or anything, just because it’s a good example of “traditional” fantasy. In Skyrim women hold a wide variety of positions in society, you have women who are jarls, adventurers, generals, storekeepers, blacksmiths, bards, warriors, bandits, priests, guildmasters and wizards. Same-sex marriage also exists with such relationships being considered normal. But unless you get married you’ll never see a single same-sex couple in Skyrim and there’s still inheritance of titles based largely around having children, despite claims of equality the world itself remains heteronormative. And women still perform the majority of unpaid domestic labor, they’ll talk about how “there’s nothing a man can do that I can’t do better,” there’ll be a quest devoted to slut-shaming and being physically weaker or less aggressive than others is worthy of contempt, things you wouldn’t expect in a society free of sexism. It’s probably also worth noting there’s no trans people or people who present in ways that could be considered nonconforming for their gender in general, this is despite the existence of gods like Boethiah who is explicitly both a man and a woman.

You might say this is all proof that Bethesda weren’t trying to make a world free of sexism. But again, I’m not so much talking about Skyrim here as I am tropes common to worldbuilding in general. It’s far easier to imagine a world filled with dragons, elves and spell slinging sorcerers than it is one in which our societal understanding of and relationship to gender is fundamentally different than our own. Because if you’re trying to portray a world which isn’t sexist, those kind of standards would have to change. The Witcher 3 portrays a society which is patriarchal and characters who are sexist, but the narrative and protagonist view this as a bad thing. Geralt is good in regards to how he relates to the women in his life (if you told me when I started playing The Witcher 1 that Geralt will say “No means no - I get it” when turned down by a succubus I may not have believed it,) he’s a positive father figure and we see women like Cerys an Craite and Ciri struggling against such societal standards and other great characters like Triss, Shani and Yennefer. The Witcher 3 isn’t perfect when it comes to portrayals of gender, the game certainly has missteps, but it does show you can have a sexist world with a narrative and heroes that don’t reinforce those ideas. And in some ways it’s better and more honest than pretending that sexism doesn’t exist.

As I said earlier this is an issue that’s really widespread in worldbuilding. I don’t hate works that fail to do it and conceiving of a world which is that different from our own can be hard. But I think if you want to make a world that’s truly free of certain types of oppression, that should mean more than just saying that oppression doesn’t exist and not thinking of what the broader implications would be on a societal and individual level. Equality isn’t like a paintjob you can put on the car which is the society/world you’ve created, true equality is going to change what that world looks like and how people behave on some fundamental levels. It can be hard to envision a society which is so different from the one we live in, but I think that kind of creativity and imagination is worthwhile. 

Pre-Code Hollywood recs courtesy of my blog

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The pre-code era was a period lasting roughly between 1929 to 1934 in which Hollywood censors was a thousand times more lax. Of course, the naughtiness is not the only thing which makes pre-code Hollywood interesting, as these films coincided with the advent of talkies and the cynicism brought on by the Great Depression. Many of them featured social commentary on the economy, the changing role of women in society, the sexual double standard, the lingering traumas inflicted by World War I, abuse of power within politics, and religious hypocrisy. If you’ve never delved into this period, here are some films I would recommend to get you started:

Baby Face (1933)

Barbara Stanwyck plays a destitute young woman who sleeps her way through the business world hierarchy in order to grasp power and money, the bare essentials of the American Dream—but does this guarantee happiness or even a stable future? A great introduction to just how much pre-code Hollywood could get away with as well as being a satirical look at the American values.

Island of Lost Souls (1932)

Once banned for being “against nature,” this cult horror film deals with science sans morality. The hot, sticky atmosphere and gross subject matter allow the film to remain scary even to a 21st century viewer.

The Divorcee (1930)

A thorough take down of the sexual double standard. When her husband casually cheats on her, a woman sleeps with his best friend to “balance the books.” At that, her allegedly liberal husband shows just how backward he is by claiming women are supposed to be better behaved than men, which leads to a nasty separation and numerous sexual escapades on the part of the wife. Even eighty-seven years onward, this film remains a mature look at marriage and sexuality, daring for its time and still touching today.

The Bitter Tea of General Yen (1933)

Amidst civil war and treachery, an American missionary and a Chinese warlord fall in love despite their differing philosophies (not to mention the whole race thing). While the theme of miscegenation might not be too controversial today, I imagine its heavy criticism of religion still would be. (Alas, the film’s argument for racial tolerance is undercut by the casting of the very white Nils Asther as the titular Chinese general, but it’s still a good film to check out, one of director Frank Capra’s best movies.)

The Gold Diggers of 1933 (1933)

A musical about out-of-work chorus girls trying to nab wealthy husbands. Aside from being very funny and naughty, the musical numbers are all superbly choreographed by Busby Berkley, culminating in “Remember My Forgotten Man,” a piece highlighting the plight of WWI veterans. (It also features the best way you could ever call someone a ho: “As long as they’ve got sidewalks, you’ve got a job!”)

Employees’ Entrance (1933)

Malcolm McDowell once said he felt movies before the 1970s did not have truly evil characters in the lead. He never watched Employees’ Entrance, a movie where the central figure is a corrupt, raping, heartless, tyrannical department store manager who not only never answers for his crimes, but is even presented as something of a heroic figure in the context of the Depression due to his opposing the insistence from the higher-ups that he lay off his lower level employees. Complete with suicide (both attempted and successful) and despair, this movie is kept from being unbearable with doses of comedy and lively direction.

Little Ham Man (Small?Hamilsquad x Reader) 9

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You walked home with the, you sighed, six men. You hoped that no more founding fathers would appear because this situation was getting out of hand. The boys were roughhousing behind you, Hercules holding Alexander in a headlock and Lafayette and John laughing at their antics. You scowled them, but they ignored you, continuing their behavior.

You had no clue what you would do if another showed up.

You opened the door for them, all of them running in. This time, your neighbor didn’t dare to come out of his room, since the last incident. You locked your door behind you and looked at all of them. Thomas and James sat on the counter, James leaning on a cup and closing his eyes, while Thomas walked around with that stupid cane of his.

You heard their stomachs growling when you walked there, and with the limited amount of money your job gave you and your bills that you had to pay, you didn’t have much to spare.

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Y/N and Park


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Genre: Fluff (w/ a tiny bit of angst? Just a pinch, like 1/8 of a pinch lol)

Characters: You x JImin

Word Count: 2.3K

Plot: Jimin was popular and you weren’t. You never thought your paths would cross, and you never wanted them to. However, fate had other plans (lmao this is such a  cliche plot but just read it, it’s not that cliche).

a/n: This was inspired by the book “Eleanor & Park.” If you haven’t read it, you should because it’s really good! I used the same format as the book. Also, the line break indicates a new day. :)

Your POV

He was always the popular boy. Ever since elementary school, he always had a group of friends following him along with an audience. You never knew what was so great about him.

While he was friends with half of the school, the other half– minus one, wished they could be his friend. That minus one was you.

You sat alone at a cafeteria table and tried to eat your lunch in peace. However, the fact that Park Jimin kept throwing glances at your way irked you.

Jimin’s POV

He first noticed you on the first day of grade one. You were quiet and remained to yourself. Not a lot of people noticed you, and you seemed to like it. You were so shy and he never thought much of it back then, but he thought it was adorable now.

Jimin always wanted to talk to you, but something about you made him too nervous to approach you.

Jimin stared at you across the cafeteria, admiring your beauty from afar. He watched you take a bite out of the disgusting school lunch and chuckled to himself when you made a grossed out face.

Your POV

In class, you were bored out of your mind. The teacher called on students, asking for an answer to a question that was only answerable if you were as smart as himself. The teacher called on Jimin’s name and you rolled your eyes. You waited for a stupid, unfunny answer that would be followed by laughter from the other students.

Jimin’s POV

He heard the teacher call his name. He didn’t know what the question was or if was even a question in the first place.

Jimin wasn’t paying attention to the teacher, instead, he was distracted by watching you doodle some drawings in your notebook. They looked like scribbles from where he was sitting, but he remembered that you were good at art. He always wanted to see your scribbles up close and wondered what you were actually drawing.

Your POV

You waited at the library for your partner. 20 minutes has passed by and you grew agitated

You felt stupid and should’ve known that Jimin would be late. Maybe he wasn’t going to show up at all.

You were supposed to meet up to work on an English project, but by the looks of it, it looked like you would have to start tomorrow.

Jimin’s POV

He ran to the library as fast as he could. He didn’t mean to be late, but his boss made him stay and extra half an hour to clean up at his job.

When he got to the library, he saw that you were already packing up. Jimin walked quickly to your table and apologized.

Your POV

He gave you an excuse that he probably used for everything. You rolled your eyes but emptied out your bag to start the project. You were annoyed that he was late, but at least he was there now.

You asked him his what favourite Shakespeare book was. There was no point in choosing one yourself since you doubted he’s ever read any in the first place.

Jimin’s POV

“Uh, Macbeth.”

He never even read it. Did he even get the name right?

He saw you reading it in the library one day and it just popped up in his mind.

Your POV

Just two days into the project, you found out that you and Jimin had many things in common. You liked the same books, TV shows, and types of movies.

It was strange, you never thought Jimin would ever be into the same things you were into.

Jimin’s POV

You asked him what his favourite colour was. He liked blue, but he knew you didn’t. He lied and said he didn’t have a favourite color, just so he wouldn’t lose that connection with you.

Your POV

You presented your project with flying colors. You didn’t expect a good mark because of Jimin, but when your teacher handed you back your mark, you were surprised that you actually achieved a good one.

You were happy the project was over. However, as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were going to miss sharing a bond with Jimin– even if it was just the slightest bond possible.

You still couldn’t understand why he was so popular or had people following him like a bunch of “fans,” but Jimin wasn’t as horrible as you thought he’d be.

But he was still popular, and you weren’t. That meant that he wouldn’t be forced to talk to you or make small talk anymore because of the project. The project was over, and so would your friendship– if it even was a friendship, with Jimin will be.

Jimin’s POV

He watched your expression as you received your mark. He didn’t look at his mark when the teacher gave it to him, but when he saw your smile, he knew it was good.

He was happy the project was over. He felt that the two of you developed a friendship. Now he could talk to you more often and more freely– and without the topic of Macbeth popping up.

Jimin’s POV

He hurried out of class to catch up to you. He saw you walking towards math. He had that class too.

“Hey, good job Y/N. I think we did the best.”

“Oh, uh,” you looked shocked and he thought it was so cute. “Yeah, I think so too.”

Your POV

Jimin sat beside you in math class. He usually sat at the back, but today he sat at the front. With you.

Your POV

Two girls that usually sat at Jimin’s lunch table approached you. They knocked your tray down and your food splattered everywhere. Onto the floor, on the table, and on you.

Jimin’s POV

His head turned into the direction of the noise. He saw you standing there covered in food.

He looked at his two friends who were giggling, approaching his table. He gave them a death stare and they sat down quietly, avoiding eye contact with him.

His blood was boiling. He wanted to yell at them and tell everyone to stop staring at you. He was furious. But in the end, he turned his head and remained quiet for the rest of the lunch.

Your POV

You were embarrassed but not surprised. Those girls did that often to people. You just happened to be the next target.

You knew he saw you, and for some reason, you wanted him to stand up for you. He didn’t, though.

Your POV

You sat at the cafeteria table and ate the food that was on your tray. Suddenly, you heard a slam on the table and looked up to see Jimin standing in front of you.

Jimin’s POV

He stood in front of you and smiled. You looked startled, so he apologized.

He purposely left his lunch at home, just so he could eat the cafeteria food with you.

When he took a bite out of what looked like chocolate pudding, but tasted liked canned dog food, he tried his best not to throw up.

Jimin’s POV

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For yesterday.”

Your POV

You considered him Jimin a friend. You didn’t know if he considered you one, but if he did, he had plenty of those. It wasn’t like Jimin had to stand up for you or say anything. It’s not like he had to care.

So, you forgave him, you had no right not to.

Your POV

You saw the same two girls walking towards you while you stood at your locker. You knew they were coming, they’ve been doing it for about a week.

You waited for them to appear and throw your notebook or something out of your locker and onto the ground, but they never showed up.

You looked past your locker door and surprisingly, they were gone. Instead, you saw Jimin.

Jimin’s POV

He didn’t know why his “friends” were acting that way. Why was he even friends with people like that?

You were the nicest person ever. Maybe they couldn’t see it, but Jimin knew you.

Your POV

Jimin walked you home. You knew he lived in the other direction, but he insisted. You didn’t mind, you liked the company.

You liked Jimin.

Jimin’s POV

He wanted every excuse to be with you. Maybe he should just ask you out, but he was too afraid.

He liked you, he always has.

Your POV

The school dance was coming up. You weren’t really a party person, but everyone was talking about it.

Everywhere you turned, there were posters advertising it. Every morning on the announcements they would remind everyone to buy their tickets.

You were also used to people going all out just to ask someone to the dance. People wrote songs, bought gifts, one person even kidnapped their significant other just to ask them to the dance.

You didn’t really want to go to the dance, but if Jimin asked you, you wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.

Jimin’s POV

Jimin wanted to go to the dance with you. He knew you were shy and didn’t want to do something big to ask you like everyone normally else did. He didn’t want an audience, he wanted you to feel safe and comfortable. Just you and him.

After school, while he walked you home, he thought of how to ask you. What if you said no.

Your POV

Jimin didn’t really talk much like usual. You felt as if something was bothering him.

“Are you okay, Jimin?” You asked.

He turned to you and looked shocked, like he was just pulled out from a daydream.

“Do you wanna go to the dance with me?”

He sounded nervous, but then shocked at his own words. It was cute.

Your POV

The night of the dance arrived. Jimin would be at your house in 20 minutes.

You looked at the mirror one last time. You wore a blue dress that fit you in all the right places. Your hair was down, and you wore makeup that looked alright. You felt embarrassed since you looked so different.

Maybe you should change. You could feel your insecurities acting up and wondered what Jimin would think. What if he thought you looked ugly? What if he said you looked good, but didn’t mean it?

Suddenly you heard the doorbell ring.

Jimin’s POV

Your mother opened the door and Jimin greeted her kindly. He stepped inside and waited for you to come down.

When he saw you appear at the top, his mind went blank. All he could see was you and you were glowing.

You looked different. Not better than how you always looked, but not worse either. You always looked beautiful to him. But now, you just looked different. Good different.

You looked like a princess waiting at the stop of the staircase and he felt as if he were in a movie. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you

He could tell you were nervous. He decided to walk up the stairs to help you down so you wouldn’t have the spotlight all on you.

He took your delicate little hand and led you down. Your mother stopped you two near the bottom to take pictures. He didn’t mind, he wanted to remember this moment.

Your POV

Your mother was embarrassing you. You told her to stop but she didn’t listen.

Finally, she and your father let you and Jimin leave.

“Y/N, you’re so beautiful, you know that right?” Jimin said to you once the two of you were outside.

You blushed and thanked him. It wasn’t like you’ve never received a compliment before, but the way Jimin said it was different than how anyone else gave you one. He talked about you– not how you looked tonight, not your dress or your makeup, just you. His words made you feel like you really were the most beautiful girl in the world.

Your POV

You were surprised. The dance was really fun.

At first, you felt a bit awkward because Jimin knew everyone there and you the opposite. You barely knew anyone and weren’t really used to such social events.

But Jimin never left your side. He danced with you the whole night. Some of his friends joined in as well, and although they didn’t really know you, they didn’t care. They wanted you to have fun just like Jimin, and that’s exactly what you did.

Jimin’s POV

Jimin knew that you were having fun. You were smiling so much and he was happy to see you having fun in a place that was out of your comfort zone.

Although you didn’t really know anyone there, Jimin was happy that his friends didn’t exclude you and quickly invited you into the fun. Everyone would finally see you for the amazing person you that really were.

Jimin didn’t stay with you because he thought it would be rude to ditch you, he stayed with you because he wanted to be with you. He wanted to live in that moment with you and only you forever.

Your POV

After the dance, Jimin drove you home. You two raved about how fun the night was.

When Jimin reached your home and you sighed. You didn’t want the night to end, but all good things do.

“Thanks, Jimin, I had a really great time,” you said to him with a smile.

“Me too, Y/N,” Jimin said back.

The two of you stayed in his car for a bit, just looking into each other’s eyes waiting for someone to say something.

“Y/N…” Jimin said softly, with a nervous look. He moves closer to your face and soon you’re only inches apart from each other.

You opened your mouth to say something, but Jimin leaned in and brought his lips to yours, closing the space between the two of you. You close your eyes and melted into his warm kiss.

It was past midnight– the night was already done. But unlike all good things that come to an end, in the moment, you knew that you and Jimin were going to last forever.

Thanks for reading! & lol maybe this actually was really cliche…