this looks different in photoshop but i'm trying not be annoyed

“What’s so bad about reposting?”

“It’s easy to make gifs, who cares.“ 


And here’s why: 

  • Presumably, you’re reposting because you either: 

a) don’t have access to the video that’s gif’d because you don’t know where it’s from or you don’t know how to download it. Which already proves that making gifs is difficult because of the time spent video hunting and downloading. (You’d be surprised how hard it is to download videos from certain websites.)

b) don’t have access to photoshop, because you’re not sure how to download it, or you do have it but don’t know how to work it. Which again, proves making gifs is difficult because it’s more than just right clicking then saving as (which is what reposting is - so if you catch yourself doing this, stop!) You have to learn how to use photoshop to actually make a gif, and to actually use photoshop you have to know how and where to download it. Some people even pay for it, and it’s extremely unfair to those that do because something they essentially paid for is getting stolen from them.

  • Gifs are not even just about being able to do the basic load files into stacks or import layers from frames, whichever method of gif making you prefer. Nope. It’s about coloring as well, which makes your gif unique and different from someone else’s. People spend time making their gifs look nice in addition to spending their time looking for the right video and whatnot. 

So have some respect for people that do their best to provide you with pretty gifs on your dashboard to reblog >:( 

(No, it does not count if you repost someone’s gif and “give credit”, especially if the source is “it’s not mine but I found it on Google”. Tumblr made a beautiful function called a REBLOG. Use it. It’s your best friend.) 

Next time you say, “everyone reposts” or “they’re just gifs”, keep in mind making gifs isn’t actually as easy as some people belittle it to be! Try making gifs for yourself and see how hard it is. Really, try. 

(And if you’re thinking, “oh making gifs is so easy! I’ve tried it!” then it literally costs you $0.00 to make your own gifs and gain notes through your own hard work. Seriously. Stop taking credit for someone else’s hard work.)

Stopping reposts can happen if you take a step to stop yourself from reposting and letting others know why it’s bad too. If no one tells you what you’re doing is wrong, how would you know what you’re doing isn’t right? One by one, we can all eventually stop reposting because it’s very disrespectful to artists (yes, gif makers are considered artists too). If you want notes, earn them yourself just like how every original content makers do. And even if you can’t make anything yourself, don’t be mean. Support people’s works. 

(This applies to everyone that makes original content, fan art, fan fiction, graphics, etc. The steps in between to make them are different, but reposts affect all of us the same. Please stop reposting and respect the artists.)

For the record, if that poster was fanmade, I wouldn’t say one word about it. But it’s not fanmade, it’s not a labour of love, it’s official material created by someone who’s being paid for it.

And as someone who works in the art/design industry, it really, genuinely annoys me when people are paid for this stuff and deliver bad quality. Because a lot of the time, of course, the client can’t tell how bad it is, since they’re not a designer or artist themselves. So people get away with it, and in my opinion they shouldn’t; to me, that’s taking advantage of someone else’s ignorance. It’s like building someone a crappy house because they won’t be able to tell the difference at first. So yep, at that point, I’ll make fun of it and point it out.

It’s one thing when it’s someone’s hobby, when you play around with Photoshop for fun. You’ll never see me making fun of someone’s creative efforts in that context, because that’s just mean.

But when professional work looks that bad? When you’re paid to do something, and do it badly? It lowers the standard in the industry. It gives people wrong impressions of what constitutes good design work. And it’s not just someone’s creative effort, it’s something made to represent a company or a show or a movie or whatever, and it’s their job. When something is your job, you’re supposed to do it properly. You’re held to a higher standard, or should be.

Leaving a negative review on someone’s fanfic is mean. Leaving a negative review on someone’s badly-written unedited self-published novel which is riddled with errors and which you paid money for is a different matter altogether. At that point, it becomes a matter of discouraging substandard work in an industry, and hopefully preventing more people being taken advantage of.

That’s just how I see it.