this looks different in photoshop but i'm trying not be annoyed

“What’s so bad about reposting?”

“It’s easy to make gifs, who cares.“ 


And here’s why: 

  • Presumably, you’re reposting because you either: 

a) don’t have access to the video that’s gif’d because you don’t know where it’s from or you don’t know how to download it. Which already proves that making gifs is difficult because of the time spent video hunting and downloading. (You’d be surprised how hard it is to download videos from certain websites.)

b) don’t have access to photoshop, because you’re not sure how to download it, or you do have it but don’t know how to work it. Which again, proves making gifs is difficult because it’s more than just right clicking then saving as (which is what reposting is - so if you catch yourself doing this, stop!) You have to learn how to use photoshop to actually make a gif, and to actually use photoshop you have to know how and where to download it. Some people even pay for it, and it’s extremely unfair to those that do because something they essentially paid for is getting stolen from them.

  • Gifs are not even just about being able to do the basic load files into stacks or import layers from frames, whichever method of gif making you prefer. Nope. It’s about coloring as well, which makes your gif unique and different from someone else’s. People spend time making their gifs look nice in addition to spending their time looking for the right video and whatnot. 

So have some respect for people that do their best to provide you with pretty gifs on your dashboard to reblog >:( 

(No, it does not count if you repost someone’s gif and “give credit”, especially if the source is “it’s not mine but I found it on Google”. Tumblr made a beautiful function called a REBLOG. Use it. It’s your best friend.) 

Next time you say, “everyone reposts” or “they’re just gifs”, keep in mind making gifs isn’t actually as easy as some people belittle it to be! Try making gifs for yourself and see how hard it is. Really, try. 

(And if you’re thinking, “oh making gifs is so easy! I’ve tried it!” then it literally costs you $0.00 to make your own gifs and gain notes through your own hard work. Seriously. Stop taking credit for someone else’s hard work.)

Stopping reposts can happen if you take a step to stop yourself from reposting and letting others know why it’s bad too. If no one tells you what you’re doing is wrong, how would you know what you’re doing isn’t right? One by one, we can all eventually stop reposting because it’s very disrespectful to artists (yes, gif makers are considered artists too). If you want notes, earn them yourself just like how every original content makers do. And even if you can’t make anything yourself, don’t be mean. Support people’s works. 

(This applies to everyone that makes original content, fan art, fan fiction, graphics, etc. The steps in between to make them are different, but reposts affect all of us the same. Please stop reposting and respect the artists.)

thebeth02  asked:

Hi! I really like your account and I had a couple questions. I'm starting high school soon and I'm kinda worried over it and some other things, do you have any tips or advice? If you don't that's fine. Oh and, who's your favorite paladin?

Hi hi back!! Thank u for the kind words!!! :3c And to answer your question, if I had to choose a favorite Paladin, it would probably be Allura! I love Keith but by GOD he frustrates me sometimes. Anyway, onto the advice!!

Middle school and high school are VERY different, but the differences tend to be either incredibly obvious or more subtle. Like, the kind of subtleness where you’re in sophomore year and you look around you and you think ‘hm. Sixth grade feels very far away.’

Because you’re starting high school I’ll only focus on freshman year, if that’s okay!

For the most part, freshman year is like a underhand throw. They’re trying to ease you into things. High school, after all, means waking up at the most ridiculous hour of your life, depression, and puberty Really starting to take off. For the most part, adults know that you’re going through more stuff than school at the moment. But it’s up to the individual teacher to decide how understanding they’re going to be.

Now where to start… How about academics? If you care about your grades, freshman year is essential for starting off on the right foot. Most of your science/math/English placement was probably decided in middle school, but your freshman year is where you prove where you belong. Basically: you will probably stay at that level of math/science/English for all four years of high school unless you bust your ass and study and move up. (And by that, I don’t mean moving up a math level during the school year, I mean qualifying for honors math for sophomore year, etc.)

If you don’t really care about that sort of thing, okay. But if you want to be in all honors classes or AP classes for your junior and senior year, you need to start working immediately. My biggest regret of high school is that I spent my freshman/sophomore/part of junior year working in an aimless direction, and just went with the flow. Which was fine at the time, but it came back to bite me in the ass once I reached the end of my junior year and started the college process. You don’t have to commit yourself to one specific college from the moment you turn 14. But if you want to go to a good college, or if you want to win scholarships, you have to start planning and working towards that. I don’t mean to give you a lot of anxiety, but my high school was Very competitive and honestly pretty toxic, and it’s influenced my viewpoint.

On a lighter note, take the time to look at all the available classes, even the ones you can’t take yet. If you like biology, consider taking honors/AP bio as an upperclassmen, and plan accordingly for that. What prerequisites do I need to complete? Do I have to be at a specific level for math/science? When am I eligible for the class? That sort of thing.

Also: finish your requirements as fast as possible!!! I hate art classes, and I put them off until my junior year, which was a Mistake because junior/senior year is The Year Of Electives. Well, at least in my school. So instead of taking tons of cool electives, I had to take this goddamn photoshop class to fulfill my requirement. Freshman year me was thrilled about having a free period every day; junior year me cursed my fourteen-year-old self. God. Hindsight really is 20/20.

Another thing… teachers! Try to be kind to your teachers. Unless they’re raging assholes who spit toxic one-liners or seem to single you out in class just to embarrass you. Those teachers can burn in hell. But for the most part, high school teachers are either pretty nice or completely neutral. Any supposed ‘evilness’ will most likely be your angsty hormonal self projecting on them. For example, I hated my freshman year geometry teacher. I thought she was a b word, I thought she was incapable of teaching, I thought she was annoying. In hindsight, I was just shitty at geometry and took out my frustration on her. I joined my classmates in mocking her and the class behind her back, and my convinced 'holier than thou’ self decided I was too important to ever stoop to the level of asking her for help. Because of my big ego, I only got a B+ in math, and it started a pattern for the rest of high school.

Like… there’s honestly no point in making fun of teachers. Yeah, it’s fun to do, and it helps you bond with classmates but… it also gets in the way of you asking for help. Which, by the way, I cannot emphasize enough: always ask for help. Especially during your first few weeks of school, because again: freshman year will set a lot of patterns for the rest of your high school career. It is essential that you ask for help. Sure, your teacher scribbled some comments in the margins of you B- paper, but she was also grading 30+ other papers at the same time. Do you really think her comments are deep enough for you to fully understand where you went wrong? Ask to meet with her, comb over your paper with her, and walk away with a better understanding of how to write papers. Advice and knowledge like this can only help you in the long run. Suck up your pride and push it down; you’ll be better for it.

I focused a lot on academics so let me touch on some other things… like puberty! For the most part, that ball started rolling for everybody back in middle school. But it’s in high school that you really start to see those hormones get expressed. Everyone goes through puberty, and life, at their own pace. Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re falling behind, but you’re not. It’s not a competition. This would be the world’s shittiest race otherwise. Don’t worry about others, and focus on yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable asking questions about your changing body (because lord knows the American education system will never have an actually effective sex Ed course), google it!! There are always answers for those who search them out. Again: worry about yourself.

Another thing: friends! High school is a place where you’re going to meet a lot of new people all at once. You will make new friends. It’s statistically impossible for you to not make a new friend. If you want to speed up the process, join clubs! You’re a freshman, so no one actually expects you to maintain a totally active presence. Do what you can, drop what you can’t, and carry on. Also: the people you were friends with in middle school may not stay friends with you in high school. I ended up drifting away from most of my middle school friends; I still hang out with them, but we’ve lost a lot of closeness. It’s sad, but it happens, and the only thing you can do is move forward. Every lost friendship makes room for two new ones. I can honestly say that the bonds I made in high school were 10x stronger than the ones I made in middle school. And any close friendships I kept from middle school also became 10x stronger by senior year. My theory is that everyone is their worst self during middle school :p if your group can survive that, you can survive anything.

Finally… some health tips! Take care of yourself. It’s important to try to eat as healthy as you can as early as you can. Again, and I know I’m repeating myself, it helps you in the long run. Make sure to drink plenty of water and do not. I repeat, do NOT. Pull all-nighters when you don’t have to. The all-nighters I pulled during middle and early high school have ruined me. Also, don’t drink coffee. You will get addicted. All my friends are coffee addicts and it’s honestly disturbing how much they rely on a simple beverage. Drink hot chocolate instead, if you must! I love Dunkin’ Donuts. :3c

Anyway, this is a bunch of general advice/tips. If there’s something specific that’s bothering you, feel free to hit up my dms at any point!! I may not be fast, but I’m sure to respond. I like helping :3c

anonymous asked:

Hi! You don't have to answer this if this is annoying but I had a question. There's a drama that I really like but there's practically no gifs for it. So I'm trying to make some to promote it but every time they come out so grainy :_; Yours are so flawless and beautiful and smooth. Do you have any advice? I really want get this right and your gifs are so amazing.

hey, sweetie! I can totally relate to your question. this was also a struggle for me in the beginning (still is, sometimes). I’ll put together a quick guide for you, I hope this helps :) if you have any other questions or something you don’t understand, feel free to drop me another comment! 

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Spot on Anon

So I found the ask that seemed to have sent Gator over the edge. I copied the ask since it’s too long to screencap. Gator’s response is in italic.

All right Gator, let’s see if you’re brave enough to post this (I bet you won’t).

So you call us obsessed and deluded. Have you seen my blog? I dare you to find post were I analyze Benedict’s private life. I dare you to find a post were you see me analyzing every photos taken of him and his wife. I really don’t think you can say that about your blog, can you?

You see, us “nans” as you like to call us live in the real world. A world were Ben is happily married with two children. A world were we know that we don’t have a say in his private life and nerver will. A world were we don’t feel the need to insult a complete stranger to feel better about ourselves. You think what we’re doing to you is disgusting? Honey, that’s nothing to what you’ve been doing to Sophie and her kids for the last 3 years. What we’re doing is calling out your lies and your behavior. You’re the bully dear, not us. Let me prove that to you.

1) You never, ever call Sophie by her name. Always by some mean nicknames, like Zero or Octopus. That’s a totally normal thing to do for someone your age. NOT.

2) You over analyze every single photo of Benedict. Always saying there’s something wrong with him. Unless Sophie isn’t in the photo, because then he looks great. Even in pictures were Sophie was cropped out of. You always scream “Photoshop”. Because for some reason, you can’t bear to see them together.

3) You change theories every 5 seconds. Case and point, the last pap pictures. You started saying that Sophie ambushed him, then when your pal Aeltri decided that it was photoshoped, you changed your story. Because you can’t have an original thought by yourself. And now you’re saying that Sophie is using an old photo to mess with Ben. So which is it? I’ll tell you, it’s none of the above.

4) You’ll believe every lie told to you without questions, as long as it paints Sophie in a bad light. Case and point : the whole Groucho Club story. Again something started by Aeltri. That story is a hoax started by someone who thinks the Royal family are giant shape-shifting lizards. But when someone says something nice about her, you need proof in triplicate with a court seal to believe it. But yeah, we’re the ones that are obsessed.

5) Every time there’s a sighting of Ben and his family, you automatically deny it. You try to look for anything that would discredit it. Again, by ignoring all the facts. And when you can’t, you make up some bullshit theory. Case and point : the whole “it’s too hot in Atlanta to go biking”. But apparently, it’s not hot enough to stop Marvel from getting him to run around in full Doctor Strange costume. And by ignoring that plenty of people live in Atlanta and go by their business, even in summer.

6) You actually think you have mutuals with Benedict. If you haven’t hear from your sources in a while, it’s because they got bored of you. You were trolled. Do you honestly think that anyone with compromising info on Sophie would go to a no name blogger from nowhere USA instead of going to the police or selling the story to the tabloids? In what world does that even make sense?

You want to know why we screencap your blog? Because you crave attention, and reblogging gives you notes. Which is the only thing you want, not Ben’s well being. Because if you cared about that, you would delete your blog and apologize.
And to answer one of your anons, we’re not trying to convince ourselves by calling out your lies. Neither are we trying to convince you. Because it’s crystal clear that you’d rather die than to admit you were wrong. No we’re exposing you for what you are, a bully, a liar and a fraud.

I don’t know if I’ve seen your blog, because you sent this in anon.  (I try to avoid any seriously devoted Benedict blogs). I never said all nanny fans are obsessed. But if you are the one buying 16 photo ops in one day with Benedict, you are obsessed. As far as craving attention? WTF? Nope. I don’t care how many notes I get. I’m not in this for me. Never intended to even get involved in the fandom at all. It wasn’t until I saw how horrible Sophie was that I even started posting. I have absolutely nothing to prove to you or anyone. And I’m not the one sending in anon hate to someone with a different opinion/outlook on something, so how am I the bully? I’m not going to dignify the rest of your rant with an answer. Everyone who actually really follows my blog already knows what my response would be. Just know this, I care WAY more about Benedict’s wellbeing than I do about being right. So stop projecting onto me and take a good look at yourself.

Let’s analyze Gator’s response shall we?
She first starts by attacking fans lucky enough to go the LFC and have their pictures taken with Ben. I don’t know about you, but that reeks of jealousy. I take comfort in knowing that Ben’s security team have Gator on their watch list.
It wasn’t until I saw how horrible Sophie was that I even started posting.
That’s Gator speech for “My internet boyfriend found a IRL girlfriend and I can’t take it. I’ll spend my days shitting on her to feel better about myself”.
And I’m not the one sending in anon hate to someone with a different opinion/outlook
Saying that you think she looks ugly is an opinion. Saying that she’s a drug addict whore, a blackmailer and an abuser is slander. There’s a huge difference between the two. A difference that every bully seem to forget.
I care WAY more about Benedict’s wellbeing than I do about being right.
I almost choke with laughter when I read this. If she truly cared about his wellbeing, she’d apologize and delete her blog. Not make up even more disgusting lies about Sophie and her family. But she’s right when she says she doesn’t care about being right. If she did, she would have stop by now.
I’m not going to dignify the rest of your rant with an answer.
Of course she won’t. That’s because she can’t. That anon is spot on about Gator and the rest of the SGB. Even Gator can see that. And we know what your answer would be. It’s the one that Ben and Sophie would like to give her : fuck off.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I just wanted to say that really like your art style and I adore the way you draw the MCSM characters! Your art style really brings life to your drawings and, gosh I just really enjoy admiring your works. I was wondering what you use for your digital art (software/devices) and how you got to be so good at drawing. I'm sorry for asking so many questions, I really love your art and hope you have a wonderful day!!!

this is unbelievably sweet, thank you so much!!! i draw on photoshop cc 2017, and use a wacom cintiq 24hd which ive had for about 4?? 5 years now? before that id draw traditionally or with a mouse, which let me tell you, is not fun. i’ve been drawing for as long as i can remember.. up to around 10+ years maybe. so it’s really all about dedication, having a passion for it and keeping at it. 

i know it gets annoying to hear this but it really is the truth - lots and lots of practice and drawing every day! even the bad stuff, you gotta draw it out. one thing that helped me improve a LOT and Very Quickly is tracing, actually (but remember to never ever trace other art or trace things you dont have rights to and posting them as your own). i take a lot of photos of myself in specific poses or just specific things such as hands or legs, and trace over them to get the feel of them. i did this a few times until it stuck with me as muscle memory, and now im able to make a lot of fun poses or know how to draw certain anatomy from memory! even now i still model for my own art, especially for more difficult poses. so fun fact, every time you see my art, now you know that each character is… actually me. kind of a weird thing to think about haha. tldr art is like riding a bike - you learn by riding it yourself rather than watching someone else ride a bike, i always say. you gotta find that thing/trick that Works for you and you own it, and that’s how you’re gonna get to a point where you start loving your art & being proud of it.

a fun activity to do is to pick something you wish to learn how to draw, let’s say a cat. first, draw the cat how you’d draw it, with no references, nothing, just how you remember to draw a cat. then after a break, get an image of a cat and trace over it. after another break, try to draw a cat from memory again, and look at the difference between your first cat and your last cat! immediately you’ll see improvement.

speedpaints also work Magic for me, whenever i watch speedpaints or speeddraws i immediately get inspired and motivated to get drawing. most of the time its me wanting to try out for myself whatever it is i saw in the video. two of my favorite channels i like to watch are kiwi byrd and marc brunet (he’s got a few 3d videos but if you look deep enough there’s some about drawing and painting). they have a ton of tutorials and speedpaints that are just downright pleasant to watch.

TO SUMMARISE, my top 5 tips that worked like a charm for me:

  1. learn about the line of action
  2. gesture drawings/life drawings
  3. tracing exercises
  4. speedpaints
  5. use something you really love as a muse to keep you motivated (for instance my big muse right now is mcsm, it’s got me drawing every single day and enjoying it!)

For the record, if that poster was fanmade, I wouldn’t say one word about it. But it’s not fanmade, it’s not a labour of love, it’s official material created by someone who’s being paid for it.

And as someone who works in the art/design industry, it really, genuinely annoys me when people are paid for this stuff and deliver bad quality. Because a lot of the time, of course, the client can’t tell how bad it is, since they’re not a designer or artist themselves. So people get away with it, and in my opinion they shouldn’t; to me, that’s taking advantage of someone else’s ignorance. It’s like building someone a crappy house because they won’t be able to tell the difference at first. So yep, at that point, I’ll make fun of it and point it out.

It’s one thing when it’s someone’s hobby, when you play around with Photoshop for fun. You’ll never see me making fun of someone’s creative efforts in that context, because that’s just mean.

But when professional work looks that bad? When you’re paid to do something, and do it badly? It lowers the standard in the industry. It gives people wrong impressions of what constitutes good design work. And it’s not just someone’s creative effort, it’s something made to represent a company or a show or a movie or whatever, and it’s their job. When something is your job, you’re supposed to do it properly. You’re held to a higher standard, or should be.

Leaving a negative review on someone’s fanfic is mean. Leaving a negative review on someone’s badly-written unedited self-published novel which is riddled with errors and which you paid money for is a different matter altogether. At that point, it becomes a matter of discouraging substandard work in an industry, and hopefully preventing more people being taken advantage of.

That’s just how I see it.