this looks bad but elsa is so gorgeous

dude, experimenting with techniques is so freaking stress-relieving and the results are UNFFFF

Anyway, this is for the ‘10 things I hate about you’ AU I mentioned the other day

I’m still figuring most stuff out but here’s what I got thus far:

  • Elsa and Anna’s parents are dead (FRICK CAN’T THEY JUST STAY ALIVE FOR ONCE DAMMIT) so Elsa took over the parent role and is very over-protective of her lil’ sis. 
  • Elsa’s in College already and Anna’s a senior in High School (It’s a big institute or something, fight me) and despite the fact that Anna’s pretty popular, Elsa is known throughout the school as the 'Snow Queen’ both because she does a pretty decent figure skater and because she’s known to be rather anti-social, cold and no-nonsense, meaning people keep their distance from her, however she is also greatly admired. 
  • Hans has not only a very bad reputation, but also a rotten personality that makes the rumours about him all the more belieavable and thus, despite his looks and the fact that he comes from a well-off family, people are afraid of him and avoid him.
  • Hans lets Kristoff talk him into going after Elsa because dating someone so unreachable and gorgeous would grant him quite the status in his family circle (His family thinks he couldn’t get a date if his life depended on it)
The Only Thing That Seemed Right ;

     He had just proposed. And she had said yes. Sure, it was hasty, but Anna felt it in her heart that something good was going to happen because of this. What it was, she didn’t know, but the giddy feeling never went away.

     She was getting married. To Hans? Yup, everything seemed right in the world. Her grin wouldn’t leave her face, and Anna wanted to shout to the world that good things were happening to her, that there was someone who loved her. After all the years of only paintings and the maids, she finally had someone for her own, who loved her for her, and wanted nothing more from her but a happy life.

     It also helped that Hans was easy on the eyes. Practically gorgeous, she’d vouch. Sea green irises, fiery red hair, and a jaw line that could literally melt her. What more could she ask for?

     "You’re crazy for wanting to marry me,“ she laughed jokingly, playing with his hand as they walked back to the balcony. Should she tell Elsa? Well, of course. But.. give it few more minutes. She wanted to revel in her new fiance’s company. "But I’m just as bad, so–”

     She stopped and looked up at him, with a smile on her face. He wasn’t going to shut her out; he had promised. And she would make him feel wanted, the way his brother’s never had. Twelve brothers–yeesh! What a family reunion that would be. She’d have to meet them eventually. Anna hoped that, maybe by seeing their youngest brother with a fiance, they would give him a bit more credit. Hans was a wonderful guy, and she fully intended on making them see that.

     "You may be crazy,“ she tried again, attempting to stay focused and not lose herself while staring at him, "but I think you’re absolutely amazing.”

Okay so I had another super-busy and stressful day at work. It started snowing as I was driving home, and traffic was so bad that I barely broke 40 mph all the way back.

But the postman was very, VERY good to me today. :D

Disney Store order! :D BABY SVEN, AT LONG LAST YOU ARE MINE. And with Elsa, I finally have all of the toddler dolls. Yay!

But there was a second box that I didn’t know the source of.

Look, it’s Anna being all adorable!

HELLO GORGEOUS OMG OMG. I actually hugged the box. Shut up, I’m not crying, you’re crying.

Seriously though she is ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL and I cannot begin to thank a certain someone *cough* searlait *cough* for going above and beyond the bounds of generosity to send her to me because… I am seriously speechless. This is me. Utterly at a loss for words. Just like I am with her fics. Because… oh my God. Anna. Baby. ;-;

(I may or may not have spent some time hugging the box. Because I am an adult.)

She’s going to look gorgeous with the rest of my Frozen collection.

*sighs happily*