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“I did it for you.”

worship, an epiphany, and hair

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I love anything with an overdramatic chat noir

He’s singing an Extra Song™. It’s from Uta☆Pri, probably.

It’s not quite as dramatic as I wanted it to be, sorry! Couldn’t quite figure out how to draw his hand ^^; Love the Cat Son, he’s precious.

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Small Bug reaction under the cut.

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@demoncovenantmaster here ya go 

more aquawatch stuff for @macabrecabra ‘s au !!! i love it so much but i dont wanna bother them with asks so i kinda?? imagined my own headcanon that lucio likes nestling up in fur because its similar to kelp but a bit stronger and warmer for sleeping. an example ft the titan waveking reinhardt being confused by this smol kelpie curling up in his beard, braiding it, etc, because lucio just really loves the texture and is super friendly and would swim up to anyone and do this stuff probs