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so there’s this terrible spotify ad (i don’t have premium because unemployed. boo) from biore, about their ridiculous nose strips, and i want to throw something across the room every damn time i hear it. FIRST OFF, those “blackheads” on your nose usually aren’t even blackheads, they’re sebaceous filaments. if your skin is properly washed and exfoliated, then they’re not dirt, they’re supposed to be there. they’re just going to come back and biore KNOWS THAT, so they have that awful ad telling you that they look “dirty” and disgusting (their words!!! idk about the word disgusting but i know they used dirty and the entire ad is very very self esteem-killing) so you’ll keep on buying the damn nose strips for a fake condition that isn’t going to go away. you can diminish their appearance using AHA exfoliants, but they will be back within 24-48 hours if you try to remove them.

in other words: fuck you and your predatory scam, biore. throw out ur biore strips guys.


D E F I A N C E   I S   F E M A L E

Tess Asplund defying a march of 300 uniformed neo-Nazis, Sweden

Lucie Myslíková standing up to a neo-Nazi demonstrator, Czech Republic

Ieshia Evans making a stand against police brutality, Louisiana USA

Saffiyah Khan defending fellow protestor Saira Zafar at a far-right rally, UK 

Unknown woman standing up to police in a prodemocracy protest, Chile

fullview probably! thenks

always wanted to do that thing where u draw anime ppl in a rl pic so i chose this picture i took at didneyworl like last october?? the only one where there’s like, no rl ppl lmaoooo

my fave riz ahmed thought is how we need to stop talking about diversity and start talking about representation. diversity is limited and a demand that is often answered with tokenism. representation on the other hand is clear, its not fluid, its sharp, its definite, its inclusive of all under represented folks across race, color, gender, sexual orientation, abilities. it demands accuracy and it means business and that is why instead of asking for diversity, we need to start asking for representation.


Luke rubbing Michael’s tummy | How Did We End Up Here?

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