this looks a little bit intimate

like, just for argument’s sake, if dennis was a woman and her thing was that she was a callous emotionless hypersexual sociopath who goes through men like tissue paper, and mac was, i don’t know, her best friend from high school, and they had this contentious and codependent but warmly intimate relationship which was her only space to let her guard down and be human a little bit, and mac clearly adored her and understood her on a level that nobody else did, and for whatever reason, it was just established that they could never date, you can bet your ass that reviewers wouldn’t be like “ah yes, teasing a quasi-crush” they’d be covering it as the most epic will-they-or-won’t-they in tv history

Drarry Au: Draco is a designer on project runway and Harry is his model

•like it’s one of the first challenges and they have to make men’s wear
•and Draco’s got this because I mean come on he’s an absolutely amazing designer come on now
•but then he meets his model
•and he’s freaking gorgeous
•and Draco introduces himself and the man just smiles and says “Hi I’m Harry”
•and Draco died a little bit
•the whole time Draco can’t stop thinking about this gorgeous man
•and then fitting comes
•and Draco get to TOUCH him now
•like intimately because he needs to finish the pants
•and Harry the whole time has this sly confident smile on his face
•and the tension between them is so thick
•once it comes time for Draco to send Harry down the runway Draco is extremely nervous
•he hasn’t done his best because of this THING between him and the model
• but Harry promises him that it looks great
•and Draco wins the challenge
•after Harry asks Draco out for dinner
•and throughout the whole show they’re dating but no one knows cause Harry still is Draco’s model for male challenges and that would be awks if people new
•but once it’s finals night Draco had Harry be the model that wears his “show stopper” piece
•all the models have walked except Harry and once he hits the stage the crowd goes wild
•not as wild as they go when Draco grabs Harry’s hand and kisses him ON NATIONAL TV
•and Draco wins the whole competition and him and Harry go to like Barcelona or something and Harry becomes Draco’s main model forever •idk I just really love this idea sorry!!

~When BTS find Your Sex Toys~

Jin: This would be on complete accident. Jin isn’t the type to snoop, and so you would had have to leave it somewhere where he would go; under the covers, on the nightstand, dropped on floor. He wouldn’t think too much into it. Maybe blush a bit thinking about you being horny and using it.

Yoongi: He isn’t giving a single shit. This is completely hot to him. He would look over your toy growing a bit aroused thinking about where it has been. And you bet when you guys become intimate, he is gonna go for that toy and tease you with it.

Hoseok: Hobi would be feeling a little curious one day in your apartment as you go away for a few minutes. He’d walk to your night stand and take a peak, and when he finds a sex toy, he is gonna giggle and observe it. Probably play with it(NOT IN THAT SENSE, YA NASTY!) and see what it’s all about.

Namjoon: Sex toy? Don’t all girls use that? He would be so chill looking at the dildo or vibrator because all girls masturbate. Nam’s may look over the toy and see what it’s about then next time you guys have sex, he would use it on you and see what you like.

Jimin: This is what this boy gets from snooping like a brat! He would be looking in your drawer hoping to find some undies or something and then he’d see a vibrator. His cheeks would flush a deep red thinking about how you use it and what you think about. He would play around with it, but when he hears your foot steps coming closer, he is gonna panic, hiding it back in your drawer

Taehyung: “What is this?” he would pick it up, look at it and then Tae would start to giggle realizing it’s purpose. Just thinking about his girl sprawled out on the bed using this toy is gonna arouse the shit out of his and he would love to use this toy on you in the future just for fun. 

Jungkook: As a young kid, he is going to get the wrong idea about the toy because everything he knows, or lack of knowledge, about sex is a bit off. “Don’t girls masturbate when they aren’t satisfied?” He is gonna grow hot over the toy and next time you are intimate, he is gonna go hardcore on you.

Let’s talk about the [near] kiss

If there are people still disappointed about the (near) kiss, let’s take a closer look at this scene. 

We start with intense clutches and eye contact. Please notice how CLOSE they already are.

But they get closer, and Hannibal / Mads parts his lips a little more.

They continue getting closer and Will / Hugh smiles. Just look at that little smile. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

BUT HOLD ON because they get even closer and Hannibal / Mads bends his head a bit more too.


And then Will / Hugh shies away and looks down, while Hannibal / Mads still watches him.

But they continue getting closer, and at this point, they’re almost pressing their foreheads together.

I don’t know about other people, but this feels so powerful and intimate and intense to me. The embrace shown on the finale was already perfect, but this? This is the cherry on top of the cannibal cake.
‘Arrow’ Exclusive Clip: Felicity Tours Helix’s Base
In this week’s episode of “Arrow” — titled “Checkmate” — the team scrambles to track down Susan Williams (Carly Pope) after she was taken by the recently u…
By Jacob Bryant

Amidst all that, Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) has finally decided to join the worldwide hacker group Helix after spending weeks using their tech to secretly dig up dirt on various criminals that Team Arrow was looking to track down. In the clip, Felicity is given a tour of Helix’s base of operations by Alena (Kacey Rohl).

“I just thought that a secret hacker organization would be a little bit more intimate,” Felicity says after seeing the size of the operation.

“Well, Helix is a worldwide operation,” Alena responds. “Kinda like the U.N. if it actually accomplished things.”

Felicity is drawn to multiple screens with images quickly flashing across them. Alena tells her it’s a real-time feed of every cell phone camera in the world running through a pattern recognition algorithm.

“That’s a lot of power for someone to have who’s not government,” Felicity says.

“The fact that we’re not government is the whole point,” Alena responds. “Power to the people, right?”

Looking at the Coco trailer I think Pixar is doing what Pixar does best and doing a small story in a big way. The trailer is very intimate, a lot of focus just on a quiet moment with the protagonist with only a little bit at the end hinting at the plot. I think that’s probably going to be its biggest different with Book of Life, as Book of Life is this big epic story with a love triangle and bandits attacking the town and a bet between gods and a man trying to return to the land of the living and so many characters have their own thing to resolve. And it does it very well, but I don’t think if Pixar had Book of Life it would have worked out so well. Pixar does not do big scope stuff as well, imo. I think Coco’s going to keep it closer to the protagonist, no huge epic stakes for a large group of people, more just Miguel and his family.

Which is what Pixar does best. Inside Out is at its heart a little girl dealing with depression and it is considered their greatest in a long time and I think they know that. Other studios like Dreamworks, hell, Disney without Pixar, they’re good at epics. They’re good at loads of characters fate of the world it’s all down to this stuff. Pixar is good at small. At character over story. At making a small thing seem big because to the characters going through it, it’s huge even though it may be something the people living next door to them may not know ever occurred.

So as of the trailer, that’s my expectation for Coco. Something intimate, close and dealing with how we handle the past and the memories of our loved ones. Which sounds like the kind of thing Pixar can handle pretty well so I’m excited.

MEEEEHHHH I like it but I don’t… so here it is anyway. Cinders looking menacing. I imagine the scar being very… scary if he get very angry. 

So this is either “I’mma fuck you up” look or “I’mma fuck you!” look… you decide. 

Also my lovely Cinders likes the dudes. He have very little intimate experience with women and preferred the intimacy he had had with men over ladies. He is VERY respectful to women tho. A bit fascinated by women in general in a non-sexual way. Amazed at the fact they carry babies (or lay eggs in some cases) and find them very cool.

He would never question a woman as a warrior or anything like that. Women are just people with different bits to him. And his Female Jedi General and Shaak Ti before that kind of made him unable to even consider women as anything but equal, if even more important than him. 

Cinders had a VERY close relationship to one of his batch brothers. He was killed in the event that gave Cinders his name tho and he never speak about him or any of his other companions from before that time.

Reblogs are loved.

kalonaire  asked:

me as your first impression 😘

OK another backstory lolol: Kristy joined our lil squad a little bit later via Raima in our fb chat! I remember being slightly intimated because you and Raima would just cuss each other out calling each other hoe and bitch ((LMAO LOOK AT ME NOW YOU HAVE RUBBED OFF ON ME HOE)) I remember all we did was send rude gifs of our biases into the gc and we’d slowly kill each other hahaha oh and you were always doing your projects during skype and you were so stressed;; i felt so bad;;;


((I still look at our Cali (2)and that airport pictures and just :333))

lol I was kinda awkward at first lol, but in the end it was just like our skype calls. You were/are so funny and that made me a lot less nervous when meeting y’all. I remember thinking the whole time (about you): she’s so nice, she’s so funny, she’s so cute, she’s so easy to talk to, she’s so g8, she’s such minimalist goals, etc. lolol And I still think this lol, but now I can say that:

 A) she owns A LOT of hats B) so down to earth C) easy to talk to D) *cough* smol *cough* E) leaves 0 room for Jesus when Jungcook is involved F) has an amazing taste in music and fashion G) is a totally amazing person I’m so lucky to call my friend <3 I love you bb <33333

Tell Me What To Draw

(under the cut is me and kristy look at our height difference!!!)

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do you think it was a deliberate choice from the start? there are only three occasions when he's called him rob and one was in response to another character already calling him rob. or do you think it was just a weird coincidence to start and then they ran with it? or do you think it was danny? i like it because it also reminds me of their age difference and how much aaron used to look up to robert (and still does a bit). also it manages to be both formal and complete intimate at the same time.

i think it was a happy accident more than anything else.

and that the writers don’t pay as much attention to it as we do, as is the case with a lot of little things in the show.

i agree that it add so many layers.

“it manages to be both formal and complete intimate at the same time.”

yes!!!! that’s exactly what i love so much about it!!!

In a world of endless realities, the one in which we manipulate is the only truth.

A new Asuka Langley Soryu role-playing blog to add to the fandom. Looking for a little bit of intimacy in my writing. By intimate, I solely mean particular attention to conveying detail and emotion. Usually, my threads tend to run between 800-2000 words depending on my muse and also, the talent of my partner. 

I’m particularly interested in experimenting with different characters within the universe. Even Ritsuko, Misato, Kaji, Rei, etc. Since there’s such a vast area of territory (psychologically and emotionally speaking) to work with, we shouldn’t have a problem writing a piece of substance. 

Message me if you’ve any interest in plotting.

(Open to f/f and m/f.)

But imagine that you’ve been trying to flirt with bestfriend!Ashton forever and he just isn’t getting any of the hints that you’re throwing at him even though you almost can tell that he has a crush on you too and you just love it when you’re the reason behind the flush in his cheeks when you do something a little more intimate than normal best friends so one day while the two of you are walking together, you stop suddenly and gasp a bit and say, “Whoa, whoa, your hand looks heavy, let me hold that for you.” and when you slide your hand in his and he curls his fingers around it, his cheeks turn red and he can’t stop grinning.

Melissa Wold McCollum

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

I married my legal husband back when I was just out of college and he was still a student, back in 1989. We decided that first year that we were strong enough together that maybe it would be ok to experiment a little bit with other people. Well, we quickly discovered that if I’m intimate with someone, odds are very good I’m going to fall in love with them. It was a good thing we actually were that strong together! Cue lots and lots of talking.  And then more talking. And a bit more talking for good measure. This was before the term polyamory was in common usage, so we were pretty much off the map and finding our own way. But we never looked back. So, that is how long I’ve been practicing polyamory.

But how long have I been polyamorous? At least since I’ve been falling in love with people. Being in love with one person doesn’t flip that switch in my head that turns off the ‘falling in love’ ability. And when I fall in love with someone new, I don’t fall out of love with the first person. I remember back in high school, when I was doing the writing-horrible-poetry thing that teenagers do, I started a poem with “Love is not an only thing, it can’t be 'only you’…”. And then I promptly backpedaled and spent the rest of the poem trying to reconcile myself with the idea that you have to end up with only one person. But I think that was my first inkling. Monogamous relationships have never been an easy fit for me.

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

I have two husbands these days, though to be on the right side of the law only one of those ceremonies involved a marriage license from the state. (Check your local bigamy, cohabitation, and adultery laws first. Be careful.) We share a home and a wonderfully busy life, and just celebrated our 2nd anniversary of saying 'I do’ together in front of friends and family. I look forward to growing old along side the two of them, and having joyful adventures along the way. I also have a long distance relationship, that has been ongoing for 23 years now. We are all free to have other partners, and currently two of the guys each have another stable relationship in addition to me. And we all get along beautifully. My metamours (partners’ partners) are awesome people, and I am lucky to have them in my life.

If you had to classify the dynamic, I think the term I’ve heard used is an open polycule. Imagine the ball and stick molecule models from science class. Now use that same idea to model out connections between people. Polycule. The term tickles me.

There have been other dear people who wandered in and out of my life over the years. I have been an extraordinarily lucky woman, and have connected with some incredible men. But for right, now I find myself surprisingly content and not looking for any other partners. I am…peaceful. I like it.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

I had to ask my sweeties, because it is harder to see myself. I would have just said that I have learned to communicate well. Relationships in general thrive on open, honest communication, and poly relationships even more so. You need to let yourself be absolutely transparent and vulnerable, to know yourself and own your own shit, and start from the assumption that your partner means well. And then talk and talk and talk. We joke about “So Much Damn Talking”. But I really like relationship geeking–talking about connections and structure and how people get along together,  and where there are trouble spots and how to make things stronger.

But my loves also pointed out something else that I do. I have a knack for accepting people exactly as they are, without trying to change them into what I think they ought to be. And I let my relationship with each person find the form that actually fits the people involved, instead of trying to shoehorn them into a predetermined slot in my life. People are fascinating, in all their wonderfully unique selves, and each connection we create is unique as well.

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

Ah well. I have had some absolutely wonderful people in my life, and I have fallen head over heels in love again and again. And many of those people? Have left. Sometimes we physically moved away from each other. I’ve lost a love to death. But often, the person was monogamous at heart and found their next candidate for “The One”, leaving no room left for me in their new life. I wanted their happiness, so I let our relationship transition from being closely entwined with each other, to something more distant. I loved seeing them glow…but part of me is bitter-sweetly wistful to this day.

And so now, when one of my loves starts seeing someone new, I can get Jealous with a capital J. Because underneath that is the fear that I’m going to lose someone who means the world to me. Again. My loved one falling in love with someone else is the cue to that hurting person inside of me that I’m not actually that important, our relationship isn’t really real in their eyes, and they’re going to be moving on any time now. Again. I’ve got decades of experience showing me that this is the way the pattern goes.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles?

In my long term relationships, I talk to my partners and ask for some extra reassurance. I let myself feel, and cry and shake if I need to, and write long journal entries that nobody will ever see. I practice self care: I take walks, and long hot showers, and make sure I get sleep and food. And I work my way straight through the fear, as long as it takes.

What I don’t do is ask my partner to change their actions with the new person. In fact, I’d really rather they didn’t. Because I won’t put limits on their love, and I won’t squish them into a box. That way leads to resentment all around. And I won’t grow and become stronger by avoiding my feelings, will I?

And then? I take a leap of trust. I choose to believe my love is telling me the truth when they say they are with me because they choose to be, and that they’ll continue to be by my side even as they explore something new. And, after a few months pass by and I see that their actions match their words, the initial shakes fade away as I get used to the new normal.

Also? These days if I were to date, I’d prefer not to date monogamous men who are just looking for a casual 'in between’ relationship. I don’t regret loving where I did, and I still care for every one of my past loves. I still let the relationships I enter into find the form that is right for the people involved. But I’ve grown pickier about who I start relationships with, now that I’ve identified a pattern that I don’t want to continue at this stage of my life.

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

I get myself tested at least on an annual basis. I am fluid bonded with my two husbands, and we all use condoms on the occasions that we are sexual with anyone else. If a relationship got serious enough that someone wanted to change that agreement, we’d talk about it first, and see what was best and safest for the folks involved. But at this point we’re all pretty stable in the relationships we have, and content with these measures.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

Early on, I let my infatuation get the best of my good sense, and I let myself believe a gentleman when he told me that it was, “ok, but his girlfriend really didn’t want to know.” I’ll bet you know how that turned out. The girlfriend had no idea that they supposedly had an 'understanding’, and ended up hurt. And oh, I regret that. To this day, I’d still rather believe that he had deluded himself and heard what he wanted to hear, rather than believe that he deliberately lied to me. I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that someone I love might actually be deceitful.

But you can bet these days that I won’t be anywhere near a 'Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell’ sort of relationship. If you can’t talk to everyone involved, there is no way to verify actual comfort levels. I don’t want to be involved in a structure that hurts someone else, even inadvertently, and I deserve partners who are honest and ethical. Even if the couple legitimately has an 'understanding’, these days I’m not comfortable with whole swaths of my life being shrouded in secret. I’m much more comfortable with folks who have easy lines of communication, and who are able to be open about who they are and who they love.

Open. Honest. Ethical. Transparent. Loving. And, as my new husband says, at the end of the day I need to be able to look at the person in the mirror, and be able to live with what I see.


Selena had just put Eden down for the night and was finally getting a chance to watch her fiance’s new video. She was a bit nervous because from the looks of it, there would be a lot of intimate moments with Shay. Although they were friends and she knew nothing was happening, she couldn’t help but feel a little jealous. Selena opens her phone and eagerly opens up the video, then watches it with a small smile on her face that only faded towards the end.

So I had a dream that it was the beginning of series 4. The camera was panning slowly up what looked like a sheet and then you saw joined hands and then it cut to Sherlock and John at the Cross Keys in s2 cuddling and discussing The Henry Knight case on their last night before returning to London. And in my dream it was obvious that they were intimate.

Then the scene cuts back to the present day again with the joined hands and pans up a little bit further and you see an arm draped across someone’s chest. But it’s super close up so you can’t make out more than just isolated body parts. Then flashing back to Reichenbach with John and Sherlock talking about Moriarty and John says he’s going to bed and kisses Sherlock good night.

Back to the present and the camera goes up further and you can see Sherlock’s sleeping face and he’s the one doing the cuddling and you start to hear a rhythmic beeping. Back to TEH and TSoT era and John and Sherlock are dancing in 221B and it’s super intimate and John dips Sherlock and when they come back up they’re breathing heavy and grasping at each other and they kiss and then John pushes Sherlock away and says he can’t and they argue and Sherlock says “why are you marrying her?” And John yells “Because you left! You left once for two years and it almost killed me, and I can’t ever risk that again.”

And then back to the present and you see Sherlock cuddled on his side, beeping sound, and the camera slowly zooms out and you see John, pale as death, wires everywhere, he and Sherlock in a hospital bed.

And then the opening credits.

And if I can add, I do love the idea of beginning s4 right at or after garridebs and flashing back to how they got there. Not saying John and Sherlock were together before the fall, it was just a dream but God me I woke up and cried.

Orphan’s Anniversary Pt. 1

So, this might actually be the antithesis to 3 Rounds, as it is all fluffy from start to finish. This will be a two-parter, so keep an eye out for the sequel, hopefully coming very soon.

Previous installments can be found here.

Orphan’s Anniversary

He likes to watch her get dressed. He just likes to look at her, regardless of what she’s doing, really. There’s something intimate about watching her put her clothes on, about seeing her brush out her hair and swipe on her mascara. He’s transfixed. She’s not super comfortable with it yet; it’s still a fairly new development. She moves just a little bit stiffer, more controlled, when she knows he’s watching, but he doesn’t care.

“Are you just going to lie about all day?” She asks disdainfully, sweeping her hair back over her shoulder to put an earring in. He’s spread long-ways across the bed, propped up on his elbow as he tracks her movement around the small room. He waits until she turns around to look at him before giving her a half shrug and a smirk. Rae pulls her mouth into a straight line and turns back to the mirror.

He tosses back the sheet and strides across the room in just his boxers to stand behind her and wrap his arms around her waist. She’s still fiddling with the earring, murmuring obscenities under her breath, so he takes advantage of her bare skin and presses a kiss to her neck, rubbing his stubble back and forth until she makes a sound of protest.

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When the Stars Align

Pairing: Phan
Rating: PG-13 (mentions of sex/not very descriptive smut, minor swearing)
Word count: 929 (short so take the time to read ;) )
Summary: A look into the mind of Dan Howell.
“Being well known is nice, I guess. It certainly comes with its costs though. Every little thing Phil and I do is dissected into something romantic. At times it becomes a bit overwhelming.”
A/n: I’m REALLY proud of this so I hope you like it.

Casual sex.
A daily-maybe more-occurrence in the Howell-Lester household. Sometimes I’d even wind up on my phone as I lazily went through the motions of the intimate act.
Do I love Phil? Always. Does he love me? Of course. Some might say then we should invest more time in focusing on each other during something such as sex but really the way I see it; if we can treat it casually that just shows how close we are.
It’s as we finish one of these regular acts of affection one afternoon that I come across a tweet from a phan account. I recognize the user name, someone who tweets us often I presume. “When the stars align you’ll be mine, but when the moon goes down and the sun comes up you’re gone like a leaf in the wind.”
I mindlessly favorite the tweet forgetting that such a thing doesn’t go unnoticed now that I’m a mildly known contribution to the human race. Soon the tweets of major ‘fangirling’ pour in and, as sweet as it is, I worry if she’ll realize what I thought about when I read the tweet.
Being well known is nice, I guess. It certainly comes with its costs though. Every little thing Phil and I do is dissected into something romantic. At times it becomes a bit overwhelming.
I mean I suppose they’re not wrong though…Phil and I have been romantically involved for a good while now but… When I look at him while he’s talking it’s usually just out of respect.
I often find myself staring at Phil, studying the features of the man who I so love, but I surely am not going to do that with a camera in front of me. No definitely not when we have day time best friend mode turned on. Never in a million years.
6:15 am that morning:
Phil had kissed my lips softy that morning. He tasted of lavender and honey-which is strange for someone who just woke up as I had noted. My eyes fluttered open to be greeted with a mug in my face. Tea was on his breath, that made more sense. “Good morning, bear,” Phil greeted in his voice that glided like butter. I could melt away right with it and listen to him all day if I had the time. Time isn’t something easily spent now a days. Money has been plentiful for us but time not so much. I can dress nice in my Alexander McQueen all I want but my mind is still draped in rags.
So deep in thoughts I had been that I missed the trace of Phil’s body on top of mine, but as soon as I became aware the electricity could have powered cameras for the whole world to watch it go down.
His lips were warm on my skin, his breath leaving fresh morning dew on me, the grass. I savored the moment like a lolly but as I said time is not what I’m rich in and soon the morning hits us like a brick as the sun pulls us apart and the disease of life has once again infected its most easy victims.
12:00 midnight that morning
“I missed you, baby,” Phil spoke seductively in my ear after returning from a quick errand. I had somehow found myself pressed between a wall and a hard place and I bet you can guess which Phil was.
It isn’t unlikely that this type of intimacy would occur between us either. Give us a break here, despite our success we’re still young horny fucks.
I like being close with Phil, whatever way I can get that is good with me. In such a full world it gives me the feeling that there’s just us. Just Phil. Just me. As close as two people can get. He has gravelly fingers that are rough on my skin but it awakens my sense so I don’t mind. And his hair-although artificial- is black as coal to match the night.
I was a mess under his grip, so much that my thoughts could hardly be collected, but I looked out the window in between desperate gasps for air and there in the Phil’s hair colored sky were the constellations. Bright and beautiful. And I couldn’t help to think that somehow maybe the stars and Phil and I, we’re not so different. Brought together by insane luck to form a big picture. I finished hard and I was seeing stars in every way and it was a beautiful moment between us two but only under the stars. Only ever under the stars.
6:30 am the next morning:
The sun is rising and so our masks come back out to play and it dawns on me like the morning sun, my skin kissed with the light from the window, torso wrapped in his arms.
Phil and I are what that poem is all about. And so in that case, we’re not faking it in any way in the day, maybe we’re just not ourselves until we’re together in the real.

I have a renewed belief that we are going to be ok. And here is why...

I have had some time to think, and while I still don’t know how I feel about the current situation on a character level I am starting to feel a bit better about where we are headed when you look at the way the writers are presenting the story to us. I could be way off, but it’s starting to feel like we are finding our boys in an Us v.s. Them situation.

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