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Treetop Confessions

Summary: An accident in training causes feelings to be confessed.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: Language, implied sex.

A/N: I wanted to make a Loki or a Thor story in honor of the Ragnarok trailer, and I still may of y’all wanna see one, send me requests for either one of them! I just had this one in writing for so long and I FINALLY finished it. So Voila`!

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Ever since Bucky fucking Barnes came to the compound, I have NEVER been the same. The man showed up, and all of a sudden I lost all control of my emotions, hormones and body. Literally everything just fell apart. Also, I haven’t gotten laid in over 3 years. 3 YEARS. I’m not the type to take someone home and sleep with them once, or to be friends with benefits. It’s been my only promise to myself, to not have sex with a random stranger JUST because I’m feeling frisky, that’s what I have toys for. I only have sex with someone when I’m in a relationship with them. HOWEVER, James Buchanan Barnes may make me throw out every promise I’ve ever made to myself and not think twice about it. The sad part is I don’t really even know him very well, we only say a few words to one another. For the longest time I thought the guy just didn’t like me, and Steve had to reassure me that’s not the case, he just doesn’t know how to socialize anymore, and certainly doesn’t know how to talk to women. It’ll take some time, and I understand that. Doesn’t make it any less frustrating that I can’t get over this stupid school girl crush I have on the guy.

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Greased. - Chapt.1  - Bucky & Steve x Readers - Series

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A/N - So I hope this goes well and everyone enjoys it. It’s reverse Grease to a point. I will probably be completely inaccurate here, but here goes nothing.Had to include OC due to not being able to juggle to main reader POV. Avengers AU. I don’t own Grease nor the Avengers, js.

Steve x Reader
Bucky x OC (Rachel)

 - Imagine Grease but in reverse. It’s the 50s and two best friends are in The Widows gang, a group of not so friendly girls. They  fall for the not so dumb jock and the other a class clown. This could only go wrong. 50s College AU

(Chapt.1) (Chapt.2) (Chapt.3)

Warnings: Future smut, just cursing in this chapter.

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Realize--Chapter One "Mutual Nerdery"

Tom HiddlestonxReader

I’ve been reading too many imagines on @theartofimagining13 … this is the first chapter of the story monster it created.

Chapter One - Mutual Nerdery

You sneak up behind your co-star where he is stretched out on your couch, a beat up copy of the play and your cat settled on his lap, and take a quick picture with your head on his shoulder, both of you making faces. You looked a little ragged after working for hours together in your cramped living room, going over the different versions of the text and other insights into your characters. You posted the picture on twitter for your modest fan base, “Hours discussing Shakespeare? I can think of worse ways to spend a Saturday night. #MutualNerdery.” When he’d suggested these little “dates” to help develop your character’s chemistry and to research together, you half thought it was just his way of flirting, being that smart and charming, but it wasn’t, it was just wonderful conversations, food and kinship with your co-star, you were getting use to it now, you were friends. Less than ten minutes after you posted the picture, you look at your cell phone and can’t help but laugh, you knew that your best friend would not let the selfie you just posted slide by without a comment.

Please tell me you did not just post a no-makeup selfie with your hair in pigtails. – Lou

She would focus on your hair. She seemed to miss the point of the tweet. You had been keeping your next job underwraps for weeks, not even telling your best friend, Lou, that you were headed to Broadway. You shoot off two texts in a row.

No comment on ANYTHING else in that picture?

You’ve been begging me for weeks to tell you about the next project, well…

“What are you giggling about?” You show him the texts and he laughs too. “I’m looking forward to meeting Lou, by the way.”

You wave him off playfully, “You’ll love her, everyone does, she’s me, but younger, prettier, and put together. We always say I got the brains and she got the looks.”

His head tipped back in laughter as my text alert went off again.

Yeah I saw, Tom Hiddleston, that’s no excuse for pigtails. – Lou

You start to reply when Lou’s ringtone, The Pet Shop Boys, Opportunities, starts playing and Tom just laughs harder as you pick up and put her on speaker. “Hey Lou. How’re the kids?”

She launches into a mini-rant, ignoring you entirely. “Why was Tom Hiddleston wearing your glasses, in your living room, looking like he slept there last night? (Y/N), I swear to God that if you were wearing those damn pajama pants when you took that picture, I will find a way to teleport to New York just to punch you in the tit.”

Another, frankly adorable, round of full bodied laughs shake Tom as you look down at my outfit, an oversized Steven Universe T-shirt and grey flannel pj pants that were easily a decade old, and shrug. Tom piped up, “Your guess is spot on. Tom Hiddleston here, I am guessing you are the notorious Lou.”

“(Y/N)! Am I on speaker?” You can hear her start to shift around. Only Lou would primp because she was on speakerphone with an attractive man. “Hello, Tom, Yes, I’m Lou. I am the woman who is going to punch your co-star in the tit for posting a selfie on twitter looking like she just rolled out of bed with you.“

Tom’s eyes went wide a moment before another boisterous round of laughter started up.

You choke a bit, “Jesus, Lou! So classy.” “Hey, at least you can’t see her stripey socks in the picture. Small miracles.” He kept laughing.

Lou’s light and pretty laughter rings through the room as you bop Tom in the back of the head with a throw pillow before he follows suit and almost knocks you onto his lap with the pillow next to him. You shove his legs off the couch and park yourself next to him.

“(Y/N) I swear to God. Can take me off speaker, Darling?” You just shake your head, and put the phone back to your ear. “Are you trying to repel an attractive, single man? Wait, have you already slept with him and that’s why you are comfortable giving up on looking fuckable? But wait, Shakespeare? What show? Why are you two researching in your apartment? What is HE wearing?”

You answer in order once she’s wound down a bit. “No and God no, not yet anyway.” Tom raises his eyebrow and you give him an innocent look, ”Yes, Much Ado, Because I live in this city and he doesn’t, hoodie and trackpants, and to the answer the first question, we have the same prescription and didn’t notice for an hour that we had accidentally swapped glasses. Did that cover it all?”

You could hear Lou shaking her head, “You’re going to marry him, just watch.”

That made you laugh and Tom raised an eyebrow at you as you put up one finger and shook your head to get your breath back. He just pats you on the head, standing to answer the door buzzer and fetch the take-out you had ordered. “Never, Lou, I will always be yours. Now, we need to go, our food is here.”

“See, you’re already we and our, it’s curtains for you and me (Y/N). Just make sure my Matron of Honor gown is pretty, I want to look good in the pictures next to Benedict.”

“You’re cute, shut up and call me later, love to Max and the kids.”

You hang up and grab plates and utensils from the kitchen before settling in again with dinner, Shakespeare, and Tom.

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We All Need A Good Gal Pal

*WARNING* This post is most likely going to be a bit soppy/sentimental. Obviously I’m gonna try and make it humorous but grab a bucket just in case…

That means you Moon.

So I’m sure many of you are aware that recently I took my first steps outside as Jess, and just over a year ago I also announced to my friends about my secretive (not so much now) hobby. 

As much as their support has been nothing short of fantastic, before all of that there was the original gal pal: Moon.

Now I could go on for decades about how useful she has been, but it’s probably more useful (and certainly more relevant) to let you know why she has been so important and instrumental in this transformation from ragged cave-man lookalike to the would-be-Queen that is Jessica Blaise.

1. Moon Don’t Lie To No Bitch

Moon has always been a good friend, even before she knew about Jess, but one quality I’ve found invaluable is her ability to tell me the truth, no matter what.

Moon do I look good in this?” Fuck no! That dress ain’t gonna work on you, you don’t have the boobs for it.

I think my makeup looks good today!” Yeah and some people think the world is flat, don’t make them right though does it?

Omg these heels are killer!” Yeah they do a good job at killing your fashion sense.

Call it harsh, call it hilarious… I call it honest feedback.

One of the best benefits of having a friend like Moon, and hopefully any gal pal, is that they’re looking out for your best interests. If I don’t look good in something, Moon will be the first person to let me know. She has my best interests at heart, and she wants me to look good just as much as I do.

2. What The Fuck Is Highlighter???

I know this one is probably quite obvious (and not actually that relevant to highlighting) but I feel it should be stated regardless.

Stop me if you guessed this already, but girls are really good at makeup.

And I don’t mean ‘Girls always use makeup of course they’re good at it.’ Nah.

Most girls, Moon included, don’t actually use anywhere near as much makeup as a crossdresser would (especially Moon with her bloody flawless skin… rude). It’s not about their actual skill will the makeup, it’s the knowledge and theory behind it.

What’s the use of concealer? Ask your gal pal.

How does highlighter work? Ask your gal pal.

Why shouldn’t I use dark colours on my lips? Ask your gal pal.

Regardless of how much or little your gal pal uses in terms of makeup, they will have a wealth of knowledge about it and will easily guide you into improving your makeup in no time. Plus it doesn’t hurt to have someone helping you while you’re applying the stuff you know nothing about…

3. Stand Properly! Have You Never Seen A Woman?

I might sound like this font of female imitation knowledge, but most of the tips I throw up on this blog are simply regurgitated information that I learned long ago from Moon. 

One of the most invaluable lessons she ever taught was simply how to stand like a woman.

I’ve said before that looking at women pose is a good way to learn how to take pictures, but this should only be used if all else fails. If you can (and I can’t recommend this enough), get a gal pal so instruct you how to stand.

It’s not uncommon for Moon to start lifting my arm into the right position or telling me to relax my shoulders. This is all stuff I’m aware of, but it’s better when you’ve got someone who can actually see what you’re doing wrong and correct it.

On top of all that, you also get someone who can help take photos. I mean, I’m a big fan of selfies but sometimes you just wanna feel like the god-damn model you were born to be.

Well, that’s my side of things. However just to make this post extra long (sorry…) I thought I should get Moon to weigh in her opinions of having a crossdresser for a friend.

What’s it like having a crossdresser for a friend?

I’ll be honest. It was a little different to start off with, especially since Jess is the first and only crossdresser I’ve ever met. It didn’t take me too long to get used to it though; eventually she was asking for me to join her on ‘dress up nights’ which was essentially a cheap, student excuse to get drunk and look pretty… always fun though!

What’s different about Jess’ makeup than other girls?

Well… nothing really. I guess that’s the point though. She has to apply a bit more of the base makeup (concealer, foundation etc.) but after that it’s quite similar to my own and other girl’s makeup routines.

Do you see Jess differently when she’s dress up?

Again, a bit at first. Not in a bad way of course, but it was just getting my head around a male friend suddenly looking female(ish). I don’t know if it’s gotten easier over time because she’s better at makeup now than 8 years ago or because I’ve just got used to it.Overall I don’t really see her as a different person, just a much prettier person.

What’s your favourite thing to do with Jess?

Dressing up; without a doubt. As much as certain outfits don’t work on Jess (or myself at times) we’re always pushing each other to try different outfits. It’s always a great accomplishment when we try on an outfit we didn’t think would work but does!

Also Jess always has fancy dress outfits, and they’re nothing short of hilarious to try on, regardless of who’s wearing them.

I just wish she wouldn’t get changed in front of me…

What has been your favourite moment with Jess?

Oh god… we’ve been doing this for 8 years now, there are way too many…

If I had to pick one, even though there are definitely more, I would say the time that Jess wanted me to record a video of her spinning in a dress but I started recording while she was still explaining and sorting herself out.

Yeah, that’s the one.

I think I’m making these longer on purpose now…

I hope this has helped any of you who are thinking about telling your friends or looking for some guidance.

Just remember: any good gal pal will have no problem with you crossdressing over than those heels don’t work with that dress Hun.

Message me if you have any questions!

- Jessica Blaise x x

Preferences - you being ugly

Requested: something like you being ugly but they still find you pretty. The setting is somewhere at a party. PLEASE, don’t feel offended by this, it’s just a requested scenario, there’s no such thing as ugliness because we’re all pretty in our own way and we just have to wait for the right person to see that in us! <3 It could be triggering, so I am WARNING you all. 



“Hey, handsome~”

“Wanna go somewhere and have some fun?”

The girls were being clingy and Joji was not liking it, despite putting on a polite smile and listening to them. He didn’t want to hurt them, even if he didn’t enjoy their presence. They were being too overwhelming. He preferred talking to someone else, instead.

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Brawling Love (End)

Summary: Bucky and the reader get handcuffed together to “work out their differences” according to Natasha and Clint.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Warnings: too much fluff for my poor heart, swearing probably

A/N: I’m binge watching Law & Order SVU while writing this it’s pretty lit. I’ll fix any mistakes tomorrow, I’m really tired so ima go to sleep. I hope you like this :)

It wasn’t ‘real quick’ like the doctor said which made Bucky grow irritated. He didn’t leave the room, holding your hand no matter what. He felt that if he let go of you at any time, he could lose you like he almost did two days ago.

When the doctor was done though, he left the room and Bucky let out a sigh, Finally, he could talk to you. He caressed your hand and squeezed gently, making you look at him.

“So..” Bucky starts off with a smile. “I believe we have a lot to talk about.”

You chuckle. “I believe we do.”

Bucky stared at your connected hands, thinking very hard about what he was going to say to you. “I’m sorry.” he sighs. “I did everything I could to keep you from Ben but that was because I like you and I didn’t want him near you.”

“I’m sorry too.” you respond. “When you told me you liked me I froze. I didn’t know what to say. I thought you just said that so that I would choose you over Ben.”

Bucky pursed his lips as you continued. “I do like you though. I’ve liked you for the longest time. The only reason I seemed to hate you was because I was mad; jealous even. I tried hinting to you that I liked you but you didn’t pay attention to me. You always brushed me aside and went on dates with girl after girl and it frustrated me that you wouldn’t even spare me a glance.”

Bucky scoffed. “You’re joking right? The only reason I hated you was because I thought you hated me. And the only reason I constantly argued with you was because I thought that was the only way I could ever get your attention. That and you’re pretty cute when you’re annoyed.”

You playfully roll your eyes and punch his shoulder, causing him to laugh.

“So it’s settled then? You like me and I like you.” you say and Bucky nods at your words. “So when are you taking me out on a date?”

Bucky lets out a laugh at your forwardness. “Slow down, Doll, we still need to discuss my.. outburst a couple of weeks ago.”

You frown. “Bucky, we don’t have to-”

“No,” he stops you, “we need to. You just let it happen, we never discussed it and we need to.”

“Okay.” you nod, allowing him to continue.

He clears his throat as he caressed your hand that he was holding. “That day, I was mad at you. I was mad at you because you ruined my date. Then when we got home I got even more riled up and said all those things. I didn’t mean them, I just wanted to hurt you. I didn’t even think I’d hurt you. You’re always so tough, so guarded. I didn’t think my dumbass would ever hurt you let alone make you cry. I thought you were gonna say something mean back or even kick me in the balls but you cried. And when I saw you cry, I knew I fucked up. I didn’t mean to make you cry Y/N. You’re a great recruit to the team, everyone loves you and you are way better than Nat and Wanda combined, in my opinion; don’t tell them I said that because they’ll literally kill me.”

You chuckle at his words and he continues. “Those four days where you didn’t speak to me; didn’t speak to anyone, it killed me. I missed hearing your voice. Everyone was so mad at me and I don’t blame them. It was my fault. I should’ve kept my mouth shut. You have to realize that I didn’t mean any of that Y/N. I like you, so so much. my anger just took over in that moment and once my mouth opened, I couldn’t stop.”

You give him a pursed smile, looking down at your hands. You take a deep breath and close your eyes, ready to speak. “I’m an insecure girl. Always have and probably always will be. I never felt pretty when standing next to Nat or Wanda. I think that they’re way prettier than me. In school there were so many people who were smarter than me, prettier than me, better than me in every way possible. I grew up hating myself. I was never one to grab a guys attention.”

You look up at Bucky who kept his eyes on you the whole time you spoke. “So when you basically said I wasn’t as pretty as Nat or Wanda it hurt. You picked at my insecurities without knowing. I tried for so long to keep them hidden so that I didn’t seem like some kind of little bitch who couldn’t control her emotions. I pushed them way back in my head and focused on work, I nearly forgot about my insecurities until you brought them back up. I didn’t mean to break down in front of everyone, it just happened.”

“Y/N.” Bucky breathed. His face showed sadness and you give him a small smile, squeezing his hand for reassurance.

“It’s fine. You didn’t know. Like you said I was tough. I had built up walls.” you respond.

“I’m sorry.” he breathed, standing up and leaning over then bed to hug you properly.

“We both fucked up, Bucky.” you shrug. He pulls away slightly, enough for him to see your face and for you to see his. He stares at you, eyes glancing down at your lips every so often. He was debating whether or not to kiss you right then and there. Was it too soon? Should he wait? Fuck it. He waited long enough.

Just when he was about to press his lips to yours, the door burst open and the whole team enters the room. Bucky immediately backs away, falling down onto the chair behind him as he watched everyone flood in.

“Sorry, are we interrupting something?” Tony grinned as he held flowers in his hand.

“Fucking cockblock.” Bucky muttered, rubbing his face.

“What was that Bucky?” Tony questioned with a smirk.

“Nothing.” he says loudly, looking up at Tony with a smile. “I said nothing.”

Tony turned his attention to you, handing you the flowers. “Here kid. These are apology flowers. Sorry for not looking out for you like I should’ve been.”

You smile, looking at the flowers before responding. “It’s fine. That guy came out of nowhere.”

Tony gave you a pained smile, sitting down on the small spot next to you. “You scared me.” his eyes brimmed with tears and he tried his best to fight them back.

“Tony.” you murmur, putting the flowers down only to pull him into your arms. He held you tightly without hurting you as a tear rolled down his cheek.

“Don’t do that again.” his voice quivered. “Next time I tell you to stay with me, you stay with me.”

You let out a laugh. “Yes sir.”

You both pull away from the hug and Tony wipes away his tears before looking at everyone. “And for the record I wasn’t crying. Tony Stark doesn’t cry.”

“Whatever you say.” Natasha rolled her eyes and Thor stepped up to you.

“Lady Y/N, you’re okay.” he smiled, leaning down and hugging you gently. “My brother has told me to send you his regards.”

You pull away from the hug and your eyebrow quirked up. “Loki’s wishing me well? Loki. The guy who tried to take over the world.”

“He was going to make you his queen which was why he didn’t hurt you.” Thor responds. “My brother has a liking towards you.”

“No, nope.” Bucky cuts in. “Tell Loki to fuck off, Y/N’s mine, I’ll fight him if I have to.”

Everyone around you laughed at his words. Your eyes landed on Wanda who also gave you the same pained smile that Tony did. “Wanda come here.”

She walks over to you and you pull her down for a hug. “I got so scared. I couldn’t lose you, not after losing my brother.”

You smile, squeezing her a bit. “I’m not going anywhere.”

After you hugged everyone else, you all talked for a bit before deciding that once you were able to leave the infirmary, you all would spend a day together doing something.

“Hey,” Clint suddenly says, grabbing everyone’s attention. “What were you two doing before we came in?”

“Classified.” you respond. Clint raised his eyebrow.

“I was going to kiss her but you know, you guys are a bunch of cockblocks.” Bucky shrugged.

“Oh gross, thank god we came in.” Tony replied.

You rolled your eyes, a smirk tugging at your lips as you pulled Bucky towards you. “What’s wrong-” you cut him off with a kiss. Your hands cupped his face and his metal arm was planted firmly on the bed beside you while his human hand tangled itself in your hair. You heard cheers from the others along with Tony who was making gagging noises.

“Damn,” Sam laughed. “Get some, Barnes.”

You both pulled away and you caressed his cheek as he smiled at you. “Well that was long overdue.”

You chuckle. “Sure was.” you murmur before your eyes widen. “Shit, Ben. I have to tell him that it’s not working out between me and him and that-”

Bucky placed his finger over your lips to shush you. “Do that tomorrow. Right now just kiss me.”

You smile, shaking your head as you pulled him into another, much needed kiss.

A/N: AAANNNDDDDD IT’S OVERRRR. I hope you guys liked this series as much as I loved writing it. Thank you so much for reading it and giving me feedback.


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Request: could u pls do a dan x reader where they are dating n the reader is very insecure (about her thighs n body, cause she is a bit chubby n has tons of stretch marks) n she finally has the confidence to wear pajama shorts in front of dan but she’s kinda timid about it n regrets wearing them n then dan goes on this rant about how she shouldn’t be ashamed and then he just go’s off how she’s amazing she is and he can’t even explain how gorgeous she is to him n it’s just cute n fluffy n they kiss a lot

Word count: 689

Warnings: Self Deprecating thoughts?

Lmao I’m bad at getting things on tumblr in time. I’m trying I promise. Enjoy!

Originally posted by dansintobdsm

You had always been insecure. From the age eleven, you had become more and more worried about your appearance, stopped wearing tight or revealing clothes. There was no-one you wouldn’t worry about them staring at your stomach or thighs, or stretch marks. You had never been skinny, no matter how hard you tried.

You sighed and continued staring at mirror. You had built your confidence up, and eventually decided to wear pyjama shorts, ones you had kept for years but never worn them, even when you were on your own. They were short enough to reveal most of your thighs and stretch marks. You felt your eyes beginning to brim with tears, but you calmed yourself down.

You were terrified about how Dan would react when he saw you. He’d never seen your legs unless it was extremely dark in the room, so he wouldn’t be able to see them really. You shook your head. Dan wouldn’t care. He wouldn’t judge. Would he?

After a few more minutes of contemplating, you moved away from the mirror and shut the bathroom door, anxiety flooding through you as you began to make your way up the stairs. You heard Phil talking in the longue, presumably doing a live show, and made it to yours and Dan’s shared bedroom. You opened the door.

“Hey,” He greeted, grinning at you when you turned around from shutting the door. You forced a smile.

“Evening.” You sat down on the bed next to him, trying not to wince when your thighs spread. You avoided his gaze. “What you up to?”

“Just scrolling through various social media.” He sighed, but you could tell he was looking at your legs. Your heart began to race.

“And watching my latest video.” You pointed to the tab, recognising the title. He laughed.

“I got to know what you’ve been up to recently.” He told you. “Apparently, a lot of eating.” He joked, as your video was you trying different candy from all over the world, but your eyes began to fill up with tears, thinking he was talking about how big you looked.

“Do my legs really look that bad?” You whimpered, before bursting into tears. Dan stared at you for a moment, then realised why you were crying, and he became frantic, shaking his head.

“No, no, I wasn’t talk about your legs!” He cried.

“Then my stomach?” You shouted, jumping up and storming over to the wardrobe and rooting through it. Dan followed you, but you turned around, covering your legs with a jumper. “Stop looking at them!”

“I wasn’t talking about your body, I was talking about the video.” He explained gently, and you paused, shaking your head and burying it in your hands. “Oh, love, come here.” He spoke softly, pulling you into a hug. You sobbed into his chest, dropping the jumper and wrapping your arms around him tightly. When your sobs turned to sniffs, he sat you down on the bed, rubbing your back comfortingly.

“I would never say that about your body. You’re beautiful.” He began, and you shook your head.

“No, I’m not. I’m fat. My curves go in and out in all the wrong places. I have scars and stretch marks. I’m just gross.” You mumbled, causing Dan to drop his arm around your shoulders and hold your face in his hands to make you look at him.

“Y/N, you are not gross, or fat, or anything. You are perfect to me. You are just the way I like you. You don’t need to be any skinnier, or prettier because you are amazing. You’re honestly stunning. I wish you knew that.” You let yourself smile a little, and as soon as you did, he beamed at you. “I promise you. You’re perfect.”

You leant in and kissed him softly, and when he kissed you back you rested your hand on his shoulder, allowing him to place his hands on your hips.

Eventually you broke for air, laying back on the bed, your fingers lacing together.

“Perfect.” He whispered as he nuzzled into your neck.

“Stop it,” You laughed, blushing.


Imagine Request - The Drunk and Sober

can you do a drunk imagine pls

I had fun writing this lmao

Your P.O.V

Sitting down on the bed next to Justin, you struggled to get his shirt over his head.

“Justin, can you please sit still!” You huffed, a chuckle escaping your throat as he turned his frantically, seeming to panic as his head was stuck inside his shirt.

They don’t want us to sit still!” He chuckled lowly, as he held onto your arms, making it even harder for you.

“I knew I shouldn’t have let you have those last few drinks; you’re even more annoying.” You joked quietly, finally getting his head free of his shirt and throwing it down next to you.

“You’re so prettyyyyy.” He mumbled as he leaned his face closer to yours. “You should be my girlfriend, b-but don’t tell [Y/N] because she’d g-get upset.” He stuttered on his words, the alcohol showing through.

You laughed at him in this state, it was too amusing to not just sit and play along with him. “Oh, do you not want to be with [Y/N] anymore?” You jokingly questioned him as you stopped undressing him for a second.

“Oh, noo. I loooove [Y/N] with my whole entire heart, she’s so pretty and she gives g-great sex, especially when I’m fr-frustrated, she’s so kind.” He mumbled tiredly, leaning his head on your shoulder.

Holding in your laughter, you decided to go along with it a little longer. “Tell me more about this [Y/N].” You smiled as he sat up and used his pointer finger to trace his own tattoos on forearm.

“S-She’s my girlfriend and she’s lovely and sexy and hot. Youuu actually look a lot like her, you k-know. B-But she’s prettier than you so.” He shrugged way too dramatically for you to be able to hold your laughter in, he frowned at you as you burst into a fit of giggles.

"What’s funny? Did someone tell you a joke? Tell me it, I like laughing.” He smiled and laughed as he stared at you as you tried to calm down.

"No, Justin, no one told me a joke. Do you not know who I am?” Grinning at him as his eyes drooped and his breath was unsteady.

"Are you Santa? Because I-I didn’t get what I wanted this year.” He frowned deeply, shaming me, or Santa for that matter.

"No, I’m [Y/N], your girlfriend.” Letting out a chuckle as he grinned widely.

”[Y/NNN], where’d you go, baby? I missed you.” He pouted as he grabbed your waist harshly and pulled you into him.

“I’ve been here the whole time, Justin.” Laughing at him as he sloppily pressed his lips against your cheek.

"I love you so muchhh.” He moaned as he continued to embrace you.

"I love you too, babe. Now we need to get you into bed, you’re completely shitfaced.” You stood him up and pulling his jeans down his legs, then sitting him down again so you could pull them off his legs.

”[Y/N], I-I love you and everything but I d-don’t think we should get in bed together j-just yet. I wanna wait until we get married.” Justin sat on his bed with his legs crossed in just his boxers, looking up at you with a serious and sympathetic expression on his face.

“If that’s what you want, Justin, then I can’t argue with you. I’m sure I can wait.” You went along and pretended to be hurt, you placed a bucket from the bathroom next to the bed just in case anything needed to come back up in the middle of the night.

“Boy, have I got some things to tell you when you’re sober.” You chuckled as you imagined the pinkness creeping onto Justin’s face as you inform him of the things he’s said to you tonight.


I’ve been told that @justinswriting already has a similar imagine to this so anything that is in fact similar was written by them first!

Chaos Reigns Chapter 43- Wash it all away

Trigger warnings: language, and some serious plotting…

Just for you @jayded-dreams Xx

“Chaos….Belllaaa.” I was dead asleep, I mean definitely in the deep, deep sleep. I swear I’m going to kick him square in the balls.

“Fuck off J, I’m tired.” I roll over trying hard to ignore him; surely it’s still way too early for this nonsense. I spent the better part of an hour with Whisper last night or more so this morning, so little does J know I’m absolutely knackered.

“Bella.” He starts kissing my shoulder. “Bella, you have a scan booked in two hours.” I had most definitely not planned this, which absolutely annoyed the living hell out of me.

“FUCK OFF J!! I am tired!! I don’t give a fuck about a scan, I’ll do it another day!” My irritation was boarding on rage.

“Come on Chaos, you need it done.” I send an elbow flying back into his ribs, winding him instantly.

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Companions finding a sketchbook belonging to Sole full of detailed sketches of them? - Part I - the boys

First; thank you so much! *hug* Really genuinely mean it when I say that that means a lot . ^^ Also, here’s the first part of your request. Took my time on it, even though I’m super busy lately. So the second part will probably be up tomorrow or the day after depening on how exhausted I’ll be with uni work included. Quite hectic days tbh… Anyway; enjoy! :) (btw if anyone wants me to add maxson or sturges feel free to ask)

Deacon was highly amused by Sole deciding to draw him from all people. He decided to keep the sketchbook for a while, until Sole asked if he’d seen it. He handed it back to Sole with a wink and left Sole to turn bright red. Sole instantly tried to explain but got interrupted.
“ Deacon, I…”
“I understand. It’s my dazzling good looks.”
Deacon winked at Sole and left. Sole knew this wasn’t the last they’d hear of this though. From that moment on Deacon reminded Sole of the fact that he knew about these drawings by prancing around shirtless and striking a pose in front of them on a regular basis. Sometimes when waking them up in the morning, sometimes at random when having dinner, making sure Sole got even more flustered the first time but just tried to ignore it after. Every other settler didn’t manage to ignore it though. Nick walked by and shook his head as he told Sole ‘You just had to go and pat his ego, huh?”   


He held up the book and placed a drawing of his face against his own. “ Who’s that? Is that me?” Sole tried to come up with a sensemaking explanation but couldn’t actually lie to Codsworth. Not only would he see right through it, there was also the puppy eyes. Even as a synth he seemed an expert at that. “Yeah, it is.” He smiled. “Excellent work, Mum/Sir! I’m glad you decided keep practicing. You always were very talented. Marvellous lines, you really did capture this new look.” Sole smiled.“May I ask you, why precisely did you opt to choose me as a model?” Sole shrugged. “Because you’re good-looking?” Codsworth felt his cheeks get warmer. “Why thank you Sir/ma’am. You are truly too kind. “


Nick Valentine:
Nick just picked up the sketchbook when Sole was talking to someone else and had put it down, curious how good of an artist they really were. Suffices to say that he was surprised by what he found. Sole was a fantastic artist all right, they even captured the look of light on metal. He looked positively heroic and shook his head in amusement at that before he went on to the next drawing. Only to realise every single drawing was of him. Sole reached for the book to find an empty space and noticed Nick was holding it. “Striking resemblance kid. You’re really talented. Mind tellin’ me why there are only sketches of me though?” He outstretched his hand with the book and Sole took it 
“Nobody ever told you it’s not nice to snoop around, Nick?”
He laughed ‘I’m a detective! It’s my job.Tryin’ to figure out your motive here.”
“I just like the way you look. You look suave and collected at all times. Grounded.” 
“Robotic you mean?.” Sole shook their head. “It’s about the charisma I guess.” Nick leafed through the book. “Please darling, you’re gonna make me blush. Although I don’t smoke. The man I stole the memories from did though.” Sole smiled. “Felt like it matched.”

Preston :
Preston found something on the ground. By the lack of dirt and sand on it, he figured it had to have been dropped recently. He opened it to figure out who it belonged to. “Hey general, is this you…rs.” his voice trailed off as he noticed the drawings of him when leafing through the sketchbook. Sole turned around right in time to see the surprise on his face. “Preston, that’s mine.” He started smiling. “Guessed as much general.” He handed it back to Sole. “Well done.” Preston quite liked the idea of Sole using him as a model to practice their drawing skills. Quite the compliment, too. He was in a very good mood for the rest of the day. Sole decided to bring it up again. “ So about those drawings…” “Don’t worry about it general. I consider it a compliment. Although I must dissapoint you abuot the true size of my bisceps.” 

He had noticed them zoning out with that book on a regular basis, seemingly as a way to get their mind off of whatever else was going on. Danse had reminded Sole time and time again that situational awareness at all times was more than just a luxury in the commonwealth. On one of their travels together, after barely getting out with all their limbs still attached, hey found a safe place to spend the night. Or at least as safe as possible given the situation. Sole got out their sketchbook and started to draw as Danse focussed on fixing his power armour . When he was done, he found Sole asleep on a couch which looked like it was about to fall apart, their sketchbook still open on their lap and a pencil on the floor. He wanted to put them in the bed, seeing that a decent night’s sleep was always a good idea, and picked up the sketchbook. That’s when he noticed highly detailed images of himself on every page. He was convinced that Sole hadn’t seen him shirtless that often. Sole woke up gently at first but their eyes shot open as soon as they noticed the book in his hands.
“Oh! Ehm… did you?” 
“Yes. I did.”
“I’d like to apologize for looking into your personal belongings.” 
“No problem… Okay are we really not going to talk about what you saw?”  Danse shook his head. “You saved my life. Both the myth and the man. You can draw me as much as you like, no questions asked. I owe you that much.” He cleared his throat and started talking about how he fixed his power armour, desperate to change the topic.

”Whoever drew these must be very talented.” Sole turned around, wide-eyed . How did he even find that? They figured it’d be impossible to subtly take the book from X6. He looked at the drawings appreciatively, one by one. “I never did enjoy abstract art but this shows a great level of skill. They captured the anatomy very well.” Sole was very busy trying to come up with a reason why they’d want to keep the book, when X6 handed it over to them again. “ This explains why you have such a steady hand, Sir/Ma’am. Although I must press you to focus on more pressing matters than honing those skills in drawing.” 
”You knew?”
” I am very perceptive Ma’am/Sir. Keeps both of us alive.” 
”And you’re ok with it?”
“ Go for it.”
He just walked out without as much as another word on the subject and rarely brought it up again. He sometimes noticed Sole drawing him but never minded as long as he didn’t need to stop what has was doing.

“Are ya ever gonna show me what you’re drawing?” he inquired when hanging out with Sole on a calmer day. “No.” “Ah, c’mon. We’re partners boss. We really shouldn’t have secrets for each other.” “Sure Mac.” He sighed and walked past Sole only to grab the sketchbook and run off with it. “MACCREADY!’. “Hey you said ‘sure’.” As he looked through the sketchbook and his smile faded into surprise. “ Woah, talk about a bombshell.” 
“Are you complimenting yourself?”
“ No , expressing how much of a surprise this is. It makes sense you’d love my natural charm but this is too much honor.” 
“ Stop mocking me.” 
“ What was it that you said again? Right, ‘No.’ “ 
“ Like you haven’t dreamt of being a comic book hero since you were a kid.”
“No. Maybe. Shut up.” Sole got up and took the book back. MacCready wanted to read more into this but didn’t want to jump to conclusions. If anyone could get anyone they wanted it was Sole. He still spent the rest of the night thinking it over though. Hoping that Sole wouldn’t stop draxing him because he also didn’t want to know what that would mean.

“Well well, what do we have here?” He leafed through the pages as his lips formed into a grin. He wasted no time on philosphising as to why Sole would have made such sketches and went to them straight away. “Hey Michelangelo! Care to tell me why you’ve got such fantastic sketches of me?” Sole tried to yank the sketchbook away, frantically looking around and hoping nobody heard that. All attempts to take it from him failed desperately but Sole kept lunging forward as he held the book back. “Damnit Hancock, have you been sniffing *lunge* around in my things *lunge*?” Hancock shook his head “No such thing, ya left it on my table, darlin’.” “Can’t you just let it go?” “No,no,no. Watching you freak out is way more fun.” He raised an eyebrow. “So, mind tellin’ me why you’d bother drawing a half-dessicated man? Sure you can find prettier models?”  Sole stopped their attempts looked at him with pity in their eyes, not something Hancock was used to or appreciated for that matter. “You don’t seriously think you’re unnatractive do you?” Hancock shrugged “Immortality comes with a cost. In my case? Looking like beef jerky would be the cost.”  Sole shook their head. “ I draw you because you’re strong, you’re inspiring. You may look like some sort of pirate zombie but you’re righteous and respectful.” Hancock lowered the sketchbook and handed it back, looking Sole straight in the eye. “Appreciate it.” and turned around, not sure what to do with this information. 

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 36-Final

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 36


Please, note that I am French, so there might be some mistakes here and there.

This is the last part people! I really hope you like it! I might post some fluffy imagines, bonuses but I’m not sure. Thanks for reading :)

Enjoy :)

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Freya told you everything. She knew Aurora, Tristan and Lucien were working together. She knew what and where the weapon was. She knew how her siblings where going to fall. So, she knew how to stop it all.

Klaus wasn’t happy, of course. He trusted Aurora to be sincere and had trouble believing she was actually plotting against him.

“So, how do we stop it all?” you ask.

“We need to get rid of the Strix first” Elijah says. “It won’t be easy”

“Dibs on Aya” you say.

“Then how do we do that without raising any suspicions?” Kol asks.

“We don’t attacked them as a group” Elijah says. “We kill them one by one and we don’t leave any trace of it.”

Kol, Rebekah, Elijah, Klaus and Marcel had killed over twenty members of the Strix in one day only.

“Tomorrow I’ll take you kill to Aya if you want” Elijah sighs, after you were complaining about how useless you had been today.

Vincent became regent of the witches and Davina was spending some time with Freya who was teaching her magic and some spells to get her ready for the next part of the plan.

Klaus was worried about Cami who wasn’t answering her phone.

“All I know is that the cop she was helping is missing too” Marcel tells Klaus.

“Well we’re going to have to find him too, then” the hybrid sighs.

Turned out, Elijah didn’t need to take you to kill Aya, she came to you on her own.

“Elijah” she smiles at him. “I’m here because I’m worried.”

“Worried?” he fakes innocence.

“Some of my strongest friends are missing since yesterday” she says “You wouldn’t know what happened to them?” she asks and some other Strix members appears behind her. You look up at Elijah who smiles at you and then nods.

You turn to look at Aya “It’s gonna…sting a bit” you tell her before you set her and her friends on fire.

“That was fun” you laugh and you think you saw fear in Elijah’s eyes for a moment. “What?” you ask.

He sighs “You used to be pissed at me for killing people”

You don’t answer right away. “You know I was going to kill Elena that night” you tell him and he looks down on you. “The night she almost killed you, the night we came back to Mystic Falls…She tried to kill you and I was going to kill her for it. You stopped me” you tell him. “The Strix need to go. I will help kill every single one of them if it means you’re safe”

He looks at you for a while then he puts his hands on your waist and pulls you closer to him before he kisses you.

A week had passed and most of the Strix present in the French quarter were gone. Tristan stopped by one afternoon with four vampires at his sides. You were in the courtyard with Hope and Jackson, babysitting.

“Mrs Y/L/N. What a delight it is to see you again” he says to you.

You smile at yourself and look at Jackson but don’t say a thing. Jackson sighs and gets up.

“I’m Jackson, and you are?”

“Tristan De Martel” he says “I’m looking for my sire, I suppose you know where you’re husband to be is, Y/N” he asks you.

“Elijah!” you call his name but not too loud, you know he’s listening.

“What is it, now?” you hear his voice as he climbs down the stairs.

“There he is.” Tristan says. “Is it too much for you, Elijah? To watch the woman you love play with a child that is not hers knowing that she will never have any of her own and that it’s entirely your fault? Is that why you’re leaving her with this…werewolf, unprotected?” Tristan asks.

You groan and get up “Who says I need protection, you son of a…”

Elijah gestures you not to finish your sentence. Tristan is laughing “Did I say something?” he asks.

You look up at Elijah “Please” you ask him if you can kill him even though you know you can’t, it’s not part of the plan. He shakes his head no and you sigh giving your attention back to Hope.

Tristan, obviously confused, sighs. “Anyway…I’m looking for Aya, you wouldn’t know where she is, would you?” he asks.

You smile at yourself once again as Elijah says he hadn’t. “Sorry, no”

“Funny enough…I don’t believe you” he says, taking a step forward and Elijah did the same.

“Well…There’s nothing I can do about that, is there? But now that you’re here, I can give you this invitation myself” Elijah says “Thanksgiving” he says “To start a new alliance against those who are plotting against my family. It is, after all, why you are here, isn’t it?”

Tristan and Elijah stare at each other for a while.

“I’ll see you then” Tristan says “You too, Mrs Johnson” you look up at him and watch him leave. Once he’s gone you get up and go to Elijah.

“Don’t pay attention to what he said” you tell him and he looks down on you.

“Did you want children?” he asks you after a moment of silence.

“I’m 20, Elijah. I never thought about it…But no. I don’t” he looks at you like he doesn’t believe you. You tiptoe to kiss him “Don’t worry about it” you tell him and kiss his cheek before you go back to Hope.

Freya knew that Lucien, Tristan and Aurora were planning on gathering Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah to use a secret weapon against them, secret weapon that will not kill them but put them away so they will never die.

“What is this weapon?” Klaus asks.

You were in the living room and you were planning the last part of your plan.

“It’s called a Serratura. It’s a dark object that was cursed by an unknown witch at some point in history. It’s a medallion. It produces an unbreakable boundary that can trap any being living or dead. Marina told me Lucien has it.”

“So that’s it?” Kol asks “We take this weapon, destroy it and no more prophecy?”

“Yes, you will give it to me and I will destroy it” she says. “While you, Klaus, Elijah, Rebekah and Y/N are having Thanksgiving dinner with them, Marcel, Davina, Hayley and I will go to Lucien’s apartment to take the medallion.”

“And we will kill them for dessert” Kol says, smiling.

You could hear Lucien pouring himself a glass of alcohol from your bedroom.

“Elijah…” you ask your fiancé to help you with the dress he bought you for the occasion. He takes a few steps to zip it but when he doesn’t you look up at his reflect in the mirror.

“You’re gorgeous” he tells you, his fingers grazing the skin of your back, his lips on your neck.

“I have you to thank for it” you whisper as you close your eyes and enjoy the feeling of his hands on you. He moves his hand to your lower back and starts removing your dress. “We’re going to be late” you stop him.

“My siblings will be fine, we just need to be there for dessert” he mumbles against your neck.

You giggle and stop him “That would be rude” you tell him and he sighs, disappointed. You kiss him before you say “After dessert…or for dessert, your choice” you tell him and he chuckles. You hear other footsteps from the courtyard as Elijah zips your dress up.

“Let’s go” you tell him, kissing him once again before you leave the room.

“Oh” you hear Lucien say “Flowers for me, you shouldn’t have”

“They’re for the lady of the house” Tristan says “It’s well-mannered to bring a gift when invited to dinner, I assume you bought…nothing?”

“Nothing but my deepest respects for you” he says a second before Klaus joins them.

“Lovely, we’re all getting along”

“Like a fuse in a match” Lucien replies.

“I take it Aurora is on her way?” he asks as he doesn’t see her in the room.

“I’m sorry I’m late” she says, entering the room. “Just freshening up, I did want to look pretty” she says, looking at Klaus who was faking it. He wanted to “rip her head off” for betraying him, yet once again. “Well, well, if it isn’t my old friend, Lucien” she says, approaching the vampire.

“Hello, Aurora, it’s been ages…you look…”

“You look ravishing” Klaus says, taking her hands and kissing the back of it. He wanted to piss Lucien off and he was succeeding.

“I think I’m prettier” you hear Rebekah say when she enters the room.

“Don’t start insulting our guests, sister” Kol says, following her.

“Welcome to our home” Elijah says, as you’re joining them. “I do wish it was under better circumstances, we all face a common threat, a prophecy warning that my siblings and I will all fall within the year”

“Mrs Y/L/N, aren’t you stunning tonight” Tristan says and you don’t reply.

“Now, since any alliances are impossible without honesty…” he says, looking at Klaus before looking back at your guest “let us begin this evening proceedings by formally acknowledging your clandestine alliance” you all smile as he says that, watching your guests’ faces drop.

“No, uh, gentlemen, before…”

Elijah shushes Lucien up “Lucien, please, let’s not ruin the dinner before it begins”

“And do try to keep in mind we expect an honest and productive negotiation this evening” Klaus says.

“Mmhmm” Tristan mumbles, a little nervous.

Elijah smiles at him “Shall we begin?”

You all sit down around the large table with your guests who had no idea they weren’t going to leave your home alive tonight.

As food was being brought to you Lucien started talking. “It’s a bit odd, isn’t it? Celebrating an American holiday?”

“Well, you know Lucien I rather enjoy Thanksgiving, the Turkey, the cranberry sauce…the lies, the deceit, the betrayal…” Elijah says and Kol and you laugh a little at that. “Perhaps we should begin this evening’s proceedings with a little confession? And do help yourself…” he says, mentioning the food.

“So, this entire dinner is some boorish inquisition?” Aurora asks. “How rude”

“Nonsense, love” Klaus says, taking her hand “My brother merely wishes to make certain we’re all on the same page…Who would like to begin?”

“Well, Lucien and I have always loathed each other. Had we arrived as allies with news of a bleak future you would have doubted us. We sought to remove suspicion by maintaining appearances.”

You raise an eyebrow. That was the lamest excuse ever. Elijah obviously agreed with you.

“Oh, my dear, these pathetic lies promise to be as difficult to swallow as your stuffing this year, Niklaus.”

Klaus, Kol, Rebekah and you laugh at that.

“Walnuts, honestly?”

“The bottom line is, we came to protect you and ourselves. We have never wavered on this point.”

“And the bodies on my streets, is that your protection, as well?” Klaus asks.

“It’s business as usual for the Strix.” Lucien answers

“An old tactic used often and to great success…Jack the Ripper, Son of Sam…. A frightened human populace is that much easier to control.” Tristan says and you see Klaus roll his eyes. “If tourism should decline and the local vampires are deprived of fresh blood, well… you saw how quickly Marcel joined our ranks.”

“Pedestrian. I would have expected more from such gaudy theatrics.” Klaus says.

“Well…If one wanted to obtain a certain item in, say, a private collection but one was not invited to the home where said private collection was located, police investigation could come in very handy to remove these items as evidence.” Lucien says.

He was obviously talking about the medallion.

“I take it you’re referring to the medallion.” Elijah says.

You smile as you see Lucien and Tristan be taken aback by what Elijah had just said.

“I suppose it was my sister who shared that bit of information…” Tristan said but she shakes her head no, surprised as well.

“No, Aurora kept her mouth shut.” Rebekah says “But we have powerful friends” she smiles at him.

You smile as you see them getting more and more nervous.

“So you know…” Lucien starts talking “It turns out all along that the medallion was in the hands of Nik’s friend Camille…” you see Aurora’s face drop, getting jealous “the bartender-slash-therapist. Had to get her arrested in order to search her goodies, so to speak, but I would never allow any harm to come to her, knowing the great affection you have for her” he’s obviously trying to get to Aurora’s feeling.

You look up at Elijah, worried for Cami. You hadn’t heard from her for a while.

“A medallion that could lock us away hardly seems like a wise strategy for those come to protect us…”Klaus says “Hand it over” he asks, knowing perfectly he will have it at the end of the night anyway.

“Yes, and let it all be over” Rebekah sighs.

“We’re keeping the medallion” Tristan says “For our own safety”

“Or we could just compel you, it’ll do the trick all the same” Kol says and Tristan and Aurora start laughing.

“I’m sorry, did Kol say something amusing?” Klaus asks.

“We lost a century to compulsion, my love, and some of us a great deal more” she says the end looking at Elijah and I look up at him, wondering what she meant. “Surely you can’t believe we’d allow ourselves to come here vulnerable.”

“My dearest Aurora” Elijah says “compulsion is not our only party trick” he looks down on you and you smile, knowing exactly what he meant. Torture was fun, especially when you used your magic to do it.

“I do not like these threats” she says looking at him then at you, curious to what he meant.

Tristan stops his sister “Our continued existence depends on the MIkaelsons. We’ve known that since Finn and…Kol died” he says looking at Kol. “Unfortunately, so does every other vampire in the world. Given that the sire lines have declared war against one another, you can imagine how many young upstarts have come to the same conclusion…kill an Original, wipe out an entire line of rivals…Heavy burden, isn’t it, the lives of thousands of sired vampires resting on your shoulders? In a perfect world, you’d allow us to seal you away forever, thus eliminating the threat.”

“Fortunately, the world is far from perfect.” Klaus says.

“Yes…bloody far away from it” Rebekah says and Kol chuckles.

Tristan looks around, suspicious, and in a split second his chair is broken and he has one arm on your shoulder and the other threatening to pierce your heart.

“I think we’re missing something, here” he says and in another split second Elijah’s chair falls back and Tristan facing a wall.

“You shouldn’t have done that” Elijah tells Tristan.

“Oh, this all escalated very quickly.” Lucian laughs.

“Shut up!” Klaus orders him. “Or I’ll tear your tongue from your head.”

“I’ll help” Kol says.

“Be careful with your threats, Nik. Anything should happen to me, I won’t be able to protect your precious Cami.”

You get up and look down on what used to be the leg of Tristan’s chair and it consumes itself.

If Cami was at his apartment, she would be fine, Freya and the others were there right now. You decide to take your phone to be sure of it.

“Ok. That’s the second time I’ve heard her name. Just who is this Cami?” Aurora asks.

“You have bigger problems” Rebekah says before she snaps her neck.

“Rebekah!” Klaus reprimands her and she shrugs.

“Her voice was irritating me” and you chuckle.

Elijah, who was still holding Tristan by the neck starts walking back to the table. “Which one of these two vulgar parasites would you first like to torture?” he asks, sitting Tristan down on Aurora’s chair.

Your phone buzzes and you smile.

“Good news, love?” Klaus asks.

“Looks like we can skip the whole torture thing” you say “The medallion is in our possession. So is Cami”

“Time for dessert” Kol says.

Lucien tries to get up but he is stopped by Klaus. “Well I guess we don’t need you anymore” he says before he rips his heart out of his chest.

“Y/N, do you mind?” Rebekah asks you “I know I said I’d kill her myself but, I don’t want to ruin my dress” she smiles at you.

Tristan tries to get up but Elijah holds him still. You look at him then you look down on his sister’s body who starts to burn.

“No! Stop it! How are you doing this?” Tristan shouts.

“Just another party trick” you shrug before his heart ends up on the floor and Elijah takes the tissue out of his jacket pocket to clean up the blood off his hand.

“Dessert is always so much fun” Kol chuckles before taking a bite of his meal.

“So, that’s it?” Rebekah asks “No more prophecy?”

“If what Marina told Freya is true, that’s it” you nod.

Marcel comes back with Davina, Hayley and Cami. They had the medallion but they also had a briefcase with them.

“What’s that?” you ask.

“We don’t know. But it was well-hidden, so we guess it’s important” Marcel says.

“Where’s Freya?” Rebekah asks.

“Where’s the medallion?” Klaus asks.

“Uh, Freya was just behind us…She had the medallion” Hayley says.

“So, our sister and the weapon that can put us away are missing?” Klaus asks, angry.

You look up at Elijah who looked confused. You were confused too but then a thought crossed your mind and you stepped out.

“Where are you going, love?” Kol asks you.

“I’m just going to take a walk” you say and Elijah turns to look at you. “Alone”

You make your way to the docks where you meet Freya.

“How did you know I would be here?” she asks you.

“Just a hunch” you tell her and she nods. “Did you give the medallion to the descendants?” you ask her.

“That was the price” she tells you.

“What about the prophecy?” you ask her.

“We’re going to be fine” she smiles at you. “Nothing can kill them” she assures you.

“Good” you tell her “Let’s go home”


“Elijah where are we going?” you ask him for the third time in the past 5 minutes.

“You’ll see” he gives you the same answers, again, and you sigh, again.

You were walking down a nice street with nice houses. Finally, Elijah opens the small gate and you step in a nice garden of the front of a beautiful house.

“Who are we visiting?” you ask.

“Nobody” he tells you and you frown. “Do you like it?” he asks you, climbing the few steps and opening the front door.

“Hey, you can’t get into other people’s home like that! Where did you find the key, anyway?”

You enter the hall and you look around. It was beautiful. But it was empty.

“This isn’t somebody else’s home” he tells you “this is ours…if you want it” he says and you look up at him.

“You…you bought this house?”

“I did”

You laugh, happy. “Oh my God! I love it” you say, looking around. You step in the kitchen, the dining room and you end up in the living room. “It’s a bit big for just the two of us but…I love it!” you tell him. You turn around to see him smiling at you.

“I’m glad you like it” he says, taking a few steps towards you. “Even though we’re not going to be here a lot” he says.

“Why not?” you ask him.

“Well, I thought… we’d need a place to call home…” he says and you raise an eyebrow “and to come back to after Paris…”

You smile as he says that and he leans to kiss you. “And London, and Tokyo…” you say and you laugh. “Can I decorate first?” you ask and he laughs.

“Yes, of course” he says before he kisses you again.

“I love you” you tell him.

“I love you too, always and forever”

Imagine having to choose between Jared and your fiancé

I finish sending the last email, almost throwing my laptop across the room so I wouldn’t have to answer any more questions about Jared’s schedule. It’s almost 6 in the afternoon and I should have been at home at five. Jared still hasn’t appeared and his inbox fills way too fast for me to handle it.

When I hear the front door shut, I sigh in relief, one more minute and I would have gone crazy.

“What are you doing here? People are going to think I exploit you!” Jared laughs, entering the room with bags from Whole Foods, “You look really tired”

I am. But I just forget about everything the minute his eyes lay on mine. I start playing with the ring on my hand, remembering why I can’t allow myself to get consumed by his gaze and the way his body reacts to my intent of distraction.

“Well, you look even prettier when you are tired” He says, leaving his bags on his desk, I can feel all the air in my body stopping, not being able to continue its course, “How is that even possible?”

You can’t, I start saying to myself, stop it.

“Sometimes, when you find something that lightens your day, even the most tired people can… Glow”

Oh no, you did not just say that. So silly.

I can notice a small change on the way his jaw tightens, I know I’m saying this words because of him, but he doesn’t seem to get it. His head points to my hands, and a forced smile appears on his lips.

“You going out with… What’s his name?”

“Kevin” I answer, even though I’m sure he knows my fiancé’s name.

“Right” He sighs, still on his feet by his desk, “What time? Because it’s already 6 o'clock”

I check the clock on my wrist, I have an hour and a half to go home and get ready. Enough time to be able to stay for an extra couple of minutes in here.

“7:30” I say getting on my feet.

We share another look before changing our gaze completely. I save my laptop on my bag, check my phone, put my jacket on, but I’m still not ready to go. Everyday was the same. I would be happy at home, spending the night with Kevin, waking up in the morning to have breakfast together. But then, I would have to come here, hating myself half of the day, not believing the way my heart would race whenever my boss was near me. And by the time I had to go home, go back to my fiancé, to my reality, I just wouldn’t want to leave.

“I’ll see you monday morning“ I mutter, adjusting the bag on my shoulder.

Jared is now sitting on his desk, displaying all his food. His head raises to look me in the eyes, a small smile appearing on his lips. I know I’m smiling too, and it makes me feel like an idiot.

You’re engaged, you’re engaged…

“Have fun tonight“ He says, but I can see in his eyes that he doesn’t really mean it.

I nod, spending at least a whole more minute just staring at him. I have to stop, this is becoming really creepy.

By the time I decide I really need to leave, my phone starts buzzing. Kevin’s name appears on the screen, and I ignore the phone call till I’m inside my car. He sounds so happy, as always, and I try to imitate his tone as best as I can.

Once I get home I start getting ready for my date. A quick shower, dry my hair, pick my outfit and finally make up. My mind should be busy with the task at hand, but I can’t keep Jared’s smile off my head. I start wondering about him. Is he eating alone or did he invite someone else? A friend? A… lover?

The thought makes me uneasy, and I try to find an excuse to just give him a call, something that I forgot to tell him, or something that I may have left on my desk. Anything. By the time I dial his number I still don’t have an excuse, but I’m doing it anyway.

“It’s almost 7:30” He says from the other side of the line.

“I know” I mutter, giving another look at my ring, “I’m ready”

“Loverboy hasn’t appeared yet?”

I stay quiet for a couple of seconds, processing his almost angry tone of voice and the fact that he just called Kevin “Loverboy”.

“He’s on his way” I mutter.

The silence that comes after my answer is awkward, and I just want to punch myself in the face for calling Jared before my date.

“So, why did you call?”

“I think I forgot my… my…” I stutter, trying to think of something, when the thought of actually forgetting something at his house takes over my mind, “My glasses, I think they are in the kitchen”

“Oh, let me see”

I hear how he stands from whenever he’s sitting; his steps, the sound of a door, more steps. My doorbell rings right at the moment I hear the sound of the phone being put back on his ear.

“They are here”

“Good, can I go pick them up?” I ask, starting to walk towards the door.

“Now?” He asks laughing, and the sound of the ring makes him shut, “I think loverboy arrived”

“I have to go, thanks, Jared”

I hang, avoiding hear him say goodbye. I sigh deeply before having the guts to open the door, and change my expression of disappointment to complete happiness.

I’m engaged, I repeat myself.

Kevin doesn’t notice how distracted I am during our way to the restaurant, or how I avoid looking him in the eyes. I feel guilty for having another man in my mind, for wishing it was Jared who was in the car with me. But the night goes on, and I hear him talk about work, and how Jay, his best friend, almost broke a leg trying to get a date with one of their co-workers.

In the middle of dinner, the topic of our marriage starts coming out. Kevin has found a venue and wants me to see it, he thinks that it would be a bit small for all the people we want to invite, but he thinks we can handle it.

I nod, feeling a strange pinch on my chest. Kevin starts to notice how distant I’m being, and I excuse myself to go to the bathroom. The bathroom is not empty, and the eyes of a girl go straight to my face. I don’t know her, but a smile appear on her lips.

“You escaped too?”

I nod, taking my phone out of purse, I have a text from Jared and I’m too on edge to read it right this second.

“I think my boyfriend is going to propose” The girl says, and the black mane falls covering her eyes when she lowers her head, “I’m not ready”

“Why not?” I ask her, leaning on one of the sinks.

“I’m not sure I love him enough to spend the rest of my life by his side” The girl confesses, and the familiarity of the situation makes me gasp, “I love him, I know I do. But what if I say yes and I end up finding the right one when it’s already too late?”

Why know? Right when my mind is already too busy with my own situation.

“If you say yes, and you find the one, what would you do?” I ask her, and I can feel the trembling on my voice.

“I don’t know, what else could I do but make the right decision for my heart?”

I nod, changing my gaze from the girl to my phone, deciding to read Jared’s message.

“Tell loverboy that if he doesn’t buy you champagne and strawberries, tells you how much he loves you, and ends the night with the best sex someone could ever offer, I’m taking you away from him”

“You’re crying” I hear the girl whisper.

I nod, “I think I have to make the right decision for my heart”

“Me too” She says, walking towards me to hold my hand, “Wish me luck”

“Break a leg” I mutter, squeezing her hand for a second.

The nameless girl leaves the bathroom, leaving me alone with my tears. I let them free for a few seconds, finally deciding it’s time to make the right decision.

I don’t even dry the tears, or reapply my make, before I get out of the bathroom. Kevin is finishing his glass of wine when his eyes lay on the state of my face.

“Oh my, did something happened in the bathroom? Are you alright?”

I shake my head, taking my seat in front of him.

I’m engaged, I tell myself, but I just don’t want to be.

“Please, tell me what’s going on, you’re scaring me”

I stay in silent, but my eyes fall to my hands. I play one last time with my ring, taking it off to place it in front of him. Kevin’s eyes dance from my face to the ring, and a nervous laugh escapes his lips.

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t do it” I whisper, “I’m so sorry, Kevin, I can’t”

I stand from my seat, leaving a quick kiss on his forehead before walking outside the restaurant. I’m shaking, my whole body is trembling and I just want to run away from there. I catch the cab I get a glimpse of, almost shouting the address to the driver.

I read Jared’s message another time, thinking of a way to answer it, but there are no words for this. So I just wait.

The driver announces that we have reached destination a few minutes after my almost breakdown. I thank him, giving him a generous tip for having to deal with me in this situation. I stand in front of the door, thinking of ways to explain what I’m doing there when I was supposed to be having dinner with my fiancé. Well, ex fiancé.

I decide that if I don’t right that doorbell right this second, I may end up taking another cab home. I can hear the footsteps on the other side of the door, and Jared’s image appears in front me. He’s shirtless, only wearing pajama pants, and I can feel my soul falling to the ground.

“Hey” I mumble, folding my arms over my belly.

“You came for your glasses?” He asks, and I can see the glimpse of a smile.

“Maybe” I answer.

Jared moves from the door to let me in. When the door shuts behind me, it’s just a matter of seconds before my back is leaning against it. Jared’s body is pressed against mine, his nose caressing my temples.

“Your hand is lacking something” He mutters, and automatically, both of my hands reach for his neck, “I like it”

I use both of my hands to make his lips crash with my own. The kiss is desperate, his thigh getting position between my legs. I can’t even control my body, letting it do whatever it wants, following his movements.

“So…” He whispers out of breath, breaking our kiss to grab my hips, making me fold my legs on his hips, “Loverboy didn’t have champagne?”

“No, he didn’t” I laugh, reaching for his lips again.

“Then, I’m allowed to take you away from him?” He asks, cupping my face with one hand.

“I think you did that a long time ago” I mutter, before receiving another one of his deep kisses.

The kiss rapidly transforms into something else, and right there on the door, his pajama pants falls to the floor, and my dress and panties follow them. We can’t stop kissing, we have a magnet on our mouths that makes them play with each other, even when it gets harder. A moan makes me part from him when he starts filling me. I can feel the growing sensation of completeness in my chest, his body feeling as the missing piece of the puzzle that is my life.

My hands take hold of his arms, finding a way to make me follow his rhythm. His eyes hold my gaze, biting my lips, his hands clenching on my hips. This is everything I wanted, everything I needed, and he knows it.

I can hear myself screaming his name, but at the same time thinking that this is nothing but a dream. But this is real. I know it. I can feel his orgasm and mine crushing in one single moment.

From the moment our lips touched I knew I had make the right decision. But now, looking at his eyes shine, his lips forming a smile just for me, I am completely sure I made the right decision for my heart.


(requested by @city-girl0809)

As you sit at your kitchen table, eating your cereal and scrolling through your phone, your room mate, Josh, walks in, shirtless and still groggy from sleep.

“Hey, Y/N,” he says, yawning and running a hand through his messy, red hair. He smiles sleepily at you. His brown eyes are soft and beautiful in the early sunlight. His toned chest was hard to keep your eyes away from, and his colorful tattoo sleeve was beautiful. You smile back, trying not to stare.

“Good morning, Josh. You look like you slept well,” you say. He nods, rustling around in the cabinets, and starts a pot of coffee. You catch yourself staring at his back muscles as he moves around, and blush and remove your eyes.

Stop it. 

“Yeah, not really,” he says, scratching the back of his neck awkwardly, “I get these- nightmares, and they’re, uh, pretty bad sometimes. But I’ll be fine.” he smiles to cover it up. You frown slightly.

“Aw, Josh, why didn’t you tell me?” you ask. He shrugs.

“Nothing important,” he says. His coffee beeps, and he grabs it and pours it into a mug, then sits across from you at the table. “Tyler’s coming over later, is that okay with you?” you nod. Tyler was Josh’s best friend and band mate and came over all the time.

“Yeah, that’s fine,” you say, smiling. He stares at you for a couple seconds, and you feel your cheeks heat up. “Why’re you staring at me?”

“Because you’re beautiful,” he says, then widens his eyes and blushes, dropping his stare. You blush harder and smile to yourself. 

Josh just called me beautiful.

“Thank you,” you say. Your heart is beating rapidly, your mind reeling. 

The moment is interrupted by the door being knocked on, and Josh nearly throws himself from the table, saying, “I’ve got it.” He opens the door, and there stands Tyler, smiling at both of you. You wave slightly, and Josh says that he’s going to the bathroom, so Tyler walks over and sits by you.

“How’re you doing?” he asks, smiling. He grabs Josh’s coffee and takes a sip. You laugh.

“I’m okay. Just a little worried,” you say, remembering Josh mentioning his nightmares.

“Why? Are you okay?” Tyler asks, concerned.

“Yeah, I’m fine. It’s just… did you know Josh has nightmares?” you ask, and Tyler’s eyes widen.

“Yeah, he’s been having them for as long as I’ve known him. It’s his anxiety getting to him while he sleeps,” Tyler says.

“Well, he just told me. I didn’t know. Like… it hurts me to know that he’s hurting and that even when he sleeps he’s tormented,” you say. You stare into your cereal, swirling it around with your spoon. “Tyler- I’m in love with Josh.” Tyler nearly spits out his coffee. “I know, it’s bad. It just really, really makes me upset to know that something’s wrong and I can’t help. I love him a lot.”

“For how long?”

“For a while. Let’s see… we’ve been room mates for two years now? I started liking him when we moved in together, fell in love about a year ago,” you say, “I fell in love with the little things. Like… how when he smiles or laughs really hard, his eyes get all squinty and his tongue pokes through his teeth. How he always has his cup of coffee in the morning. How he always looks at me when I talk. How he always lets me wear his clothes outside. The way he comes home from band practice with split knuckles and bloody hands and asks me to help clean it all up. How he moves, the way he breathes… I just love everything about him, and sometimes it makes me so upset to know he’ll never love me back that much.” you start to cry, and Tyler gets up and wraps you in a hug.

“Aw, y/n… don’t cry. I would tell you he loves you back, but we’ve never really talked about it before. Who knows, maybe he loves you too, okay?” you nod against his shoulder, and when you pull away, he wipes your tears away. “Now we should shut up, he’s gonna be back soon.” You smile and thank Tyler. 

What were you going to do?


The time reads 1:34 a.m. You can’t sleep. You groan and get up, and walk to Josh’s room, peeking in. What you see shocks you.

Josh is curled up in a ball on his bed, sobbing, pillow pulled over his head. You rush over and touch his bicep, tears welling in your eyes. Josh flies up, chest heaving up and down, and looks at you. Your heart breaks, and you  immediately grab Josh into a hug.

“Josh, sh, baby, you’ll be okay,” you whisper, letting him cry into your torso. You run your hands through his hair, making soothing noises. He eventually calms down enough where you can get him to lie down with you in his bed, with you still touching his hair and whispering to him. 

He finally looks like he’s fallen asleep, and you take a moment to cry for yourself, worried about him. You knew he’d just had a nightmare. It hurt you to see how much emotional pain they caused him. Suddenly, Josh stirred.

“Y/N,” Josh whispers, looking up at you. “I heard some things today… you were talking to Tyler and you said you were… in love with me.” your stomach dropped. This was it. He was going to say he hated you. “Why?” your heart stopped.

“Why do I love you?” you whisper, voice shaky. He nods his head. “Well… you’re the sweetest person I know. You open doors for me, let me wear your clothes, cook for me, buy me things, you’re nicer to me than anyone has ever been. You’re beautiful. Your eyes are a much prettier brown than mine. Your hair is so soft and you look great with red hair. Your laugh is music to my ears. It makes me so happy to hear you laugh. Your smile with the squinty eyes and the way your tongue pokes through your teeth can make me smile at any time. Everything you do is perfect, your drumming is so amazing and it makes me so proud of you.” you swallow. “And… there’s many reasons I can’t put into words why I love you.” there’s silence.

“Y/N?” he asks, voice choked with tears.


“I’m in love with you, too.” he says, sitting up. He looks deep into your eyes. “I love you because you let me buy you things, you wear my clothes, you let me love you. You’re so beautiful and perfect. I love how you read the comics even though you’re much older than a kid. You always eat Cookie Crisp. You watch so much Netflix, even if it’s something I want to watch that you don’t like. You’re so perfect, and fuck, I’m gonna kiss you now.” he immediately crashes his lips to yours. The kiss is lustful at first, but turns into slow and passionate. You pull away and look into his eyes. “Y/N, will you be my girlfriend?” you nod and hug him tightly. 


Coming home.

Requested by anon: Marc Bartra imagine where he comes home after being away for a long time, with some drama. (It’s a little short, i’m sorry)

‘Foot up, my foot up. Hold up now my foot up.’ I sing along with song on the tv, while i’m painting my toenails. When i’m done, i put the nailspolish on the table in front of the couch and lean back, smiling. I’ve been smiling all week long. At college, at work, at home in the night before i fall asleep. I’m smiling because tonight, after 3 months, my boyfriend Marc is finally coming home. Even though it’s only for a couple weeks. The thought of him holding me at night, whispering sweet things in my ear again, makes my head spin in excitement. I never thought i’d find the love of my life at only 19 years old, but i have. He’s a famous football player and i’m a college student. My smile fades away when i think about what will happen after these 3 or 4 weeks. He will only be a 2 hour flight away, but i don’t have the time or money to visit him as often as i want to. He sometimes suprises me by randomly buying me a ticket to come to him, but i don’t like it when he spends money on me. There’s enough gossip going around about me being a golddigger anyway, which is ridiculous but oh well. It’s all the bagage that comes with having a famous boyfriend. Football is his life, and whatever makes him happy, makes me happy too. The same way he never pushed me to drop out of college to travel with him wherever he goes, because he knows i wanna be able to take care of myself when i need to. I don’t want to rely on anyone else, financially. My thoughts are rudely disturbed by the buzzing of my phone, and i’m annoyed until i see Marc’s face on my homescreen. I pick up smiling.
'Hey!’ I say, my voice full with enthusiasm.
'Hey, listen something happened and i only have 10 percent battery left but i won’t be able to be home tonight..’
'Oh..’ I simply say.
'I’m sorry baby, the flight is delayed, and there are a lot of fans at the airport, so they arranged for us to stay another two days here.’ He says, not really making me any happier.
'It’s okay.’ I say, trying not to cry on the phone.
'It’s not your fault.. i just miss you.’ I say. My voice sounds sad and dissapointed, unlike his which sounds agitated and hurried.
'I know i’m so sorry, i’ll make it up to you, i promise.’ And with those words he hangs up on me. Ten percent battery left and i don’t even get a goodbye?
'Fuck.’ I swear, throwing my phone away from me. I wipe the tears away, and walk over to the kitchen, pouring myself something to drink. I hate dissapointments, but i’m not sure what it is i’m dissapointed in. The fact that he will be away for another two days, or the way he didn’t even sound sad himself. Did it become easy for him to stay away from me? I bite my lip, thinking about our first weeks together. We couldn’t go a minute without each other, and now he can easily go two days without me. I know i sound psychotic and needy, but i miss him so much it makes my head hurt. In two days it will be monday, which means i will be at school by the time he arrives. Everything just keeps getting worse. I decide to take a shower and go to bed, trying to sleep the sadness away. I end up on my phone, reading my timeline on twitter, when suddenly i hear sounds from downstairs. I sit up immediately trying to figure out if i actually heard it right, or if i’m going crazy. But then i hear some shuffling, and i jump out of bed, putting my robe on. Why do i sleep in only my underwears again? I hastily grab the lamp from my nightstand, and start walking towards the door. I wait, and hold my breath when i hear someone running up the stairs. Shit, there’s a fucking robbery going on in my house and i picked up a lamp to defend myself. I’m ready to smash the person’s face in, but when the door opens and my eyes meet Marc’s blue ones i’m suprised. His eyes widen when he sees the state i’m in. My hair messy, no make up, in only a robe, holding a lamp in my hand. I drop the lamp, and run towards him. He smiles, and puts his arms around me lifting me up.
'You son of a bitch! I almost killed you.’ I say, trying to fight against the tears forming in my eyes.
'Really Y/N? With a lamp?’ He laughs, and as soon as he puts me down i swat his arm.
'Why are you here?! Don’t tell me it was a joke because i will reconsider killing you with the lamp.’ I say, hugging him again.
'Baby, i just wanted to suprise you.. Spice up some things.’ I raise my eyebrow at him, really?
'If you wanna spice up our relationship, come home early for a change. I did not like this at all!’ He laughs and kisses my temple.
'Well maybe i just wanted to see you when you didn’t get ready for hours. Maybe..’ He says, putting his arm around my waist.
'I wanted to see you like this. You in your rawest state, when you haven’t tried to make yourself look prettier for me.’ He bites his lip, eyeing my body. I feel myself blushing, and step away from him a little. He cocks his head to one side, and grins.
'You know what i like about you?’ He says, taking off his jacket.
'After we’ve been together for so long, and after i’ve seeing you naked so many times, you still get so shy when i look at you this way.’ He puts one of his hands behind my neck, and one around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Our lips connect, after what feels like years, and suddenly we are in a heated make out session. He’s the one to pull back first, and i gasp for air. I need him, as much as he needs me. I quickly pull my robe off and throw it away, before i reach for the hem of his shirt. He grins, and lets me take it off for him.
'Eager aren’t we?’ He says, and i gulp. His voice is a full octave deeper, and the lust in his eyes turns my legs into mush. I take his hand and kiss the palm, then his shoulder, and last but not least, his neck. He groans, and pulls me even closer to him to kiss me again. I pull him back with me, which causes us to fall on the bed.
'I thought you were mad at me baby girl.’ He chuckles, and i growl.
'Yes, but you’re too sexy to resist.’ We both laugh, before he kisses me again.

'Marc..’ I whisper, shaking his shoulder a little. He groans, and turns away from me.
'Babe, i made you breakfast.’ I say, trying to ignore the scratch marks i left on his back.
'What?’ He says and turns back around to me. His voice is raspy, his hair is messy and he is wearing absolutely nothing. This is the best way to start my day.
'Goodmorning beautiful.’ He says, and sits up. He takes a corissant, and takes a bite of it.We just sit there and grin at each other. Last night was amazing. We were both high off each other, and it’s the best feeling in the world. He reaches his hand towards me and i take it, letting him pull me to lay against him. I hear his heartbeat, and i close my eyes.
'I love you.’ He says, and i nuzzle my face in his chest.
'I love you.’ I say back to him, tracing his abs with my finger. I don’t care how sad he made me with his 'joke,’ or how much time he spends away from me, because moments like these make it all worthwile.

sometimes I think about trying to maintain a somewhat coherent Blog Aesthetic & then I look at my blog (ten consecutive incoherent tag spirals abt Lin, Mountain Goats tunes, puns, photos of bullet journals way prettier & more organized than mine will ever be, complaining, selfies, poetry, ampersand abuse) & think, well. this is prrretty much what the inside of my head looks like at all times, what’s the point in pretending otherwise

So Much. So Fucking Much

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Request: Hello! Could you please do an imagine like how newt fell in love with another girl and his current girlfriend found out and she experienced depression and when she was almost attacked by a crank she didnt fight back but newt saves her and realizes that he truly loves her and that he is sorry 😁 – Anon

Pairing: Next x Reader

Rating: PG (Fluff)

Warning: None really

*Hope You Like It*

Ever since we got out of the Glade nothing’s been the same. Everyone was whooping and hollering when we got out into the scorch. Well everyone except me. Don’t get me wrong I was more than happy to find a way to get away from WCKD forever, but ever since Sonya came into the picture my “boyfriend” hasn’t been the same. I currently sat in the back watching as Thomas, Minho, Newt, and Frypan attempted to start a fire so everyone could calm down a little. Sonya was over there next to Newt shivering like no tomorrow. It wasn’t even cold. My heart broke as I watched the two of them. He took his jacket off and put it over her, then he pulled her to his side. We never officially broke up but I didn’t want to make a scene so I just considered it over. The more I watched them, the more I saw how he looked at her, how he smiled at her, how he laughed with her, I realized that maybe he was never happy with me. Maybe he didn’t love me. I was the only girl in the Glade before Teresa and maybe Newt just considered himself lucky that I chose him. Gally I always told me that I would never be good enough. Looks like he was the only one who ever told the truth.

“(Y/N)!! Come over here!” Brenda yelled causing everyone’s head to shoot up. Looks like they finally remembered I existed. Brenda and I had gotten close over the few days that she’s been with us. I sighed and looked down rubbing my face. I slowly made my way over and sat next to her. “Thanks” I muttered not bothering to look up at any of the guys. “Guys we should play a game” Minho said, which earned a chorus of “Yeah’s”. “Let play truth or dare” Brenda added and everyone agreed. Nope. Not today.  

“I’ll start, Sonya truth or dare” I looked in the direction of the voice I’ve grown to love so much. He was staring at her so lovingly and she giggled and muttered “Dare” A smirk found its way onto his face and my heart shattered into a million pieces after hearing the words he said next.

           “Kiss me…” she smiled and leaned in slowly whispering “Gladly” before crashing her lips onto his. All of the guys were cheering and I felt tears prick at my eyes. I couldn’t cry not here, not now. So I sat there in complete silence as I watched the love of my life kiss another girl. I really thought this was the worst it could get. But he pulled away and leaned his forehead against hers and whispered the words that would take my already shattered heart and shatter it even more. “I love you” All the tears I was trying so desperately to hold back started falling and a pathetic sob escaped my throat. Everyone looked over at me once again. Brenda’s eyes held pity and realization along with everyone else. Sonya was just smirking and Newt’s eyes were wide as if he just remembered I was here.

“(Y/N) …” He started but I just shook my head and ran off. Where was I running to in a desert? I don’t know but I needed to leave. I could hear Thomas, Minho, and Frypan yelling for me to come back. Now they care. I ran for what felt like hours before seeing an old building. It looked so creepy but I couldn’t just sleep out in the sand all night. I slowly opened the door and peeked inside. It was dark, no way I was going in there.

“(Y/N)!!!” “(Y/N)!!!” I groaned internally at the sound of Thomas and Newt? Why was he here? He should be with Sonya. I don’t want to hold him back. I threw opened the door and ran inside. I couldn’t see anything so I felt around. My hands ran over a person? A loud scream left my lips and I backed up into another person? What the actual fuck?

“Hello…” I said. I waited a few second before I asked again but still no reply. This already happened before. When we had just escaped that stupid lab thing WCKD had us in. We went into a place for shelter and Minho turned on the lights. Cranks. I was surrounded by cranks. Shit.

“(Y/N) ….” Thomas whispered. I froze, I never thought I would say this but I’d rather be with a bunch of cranks than with them.  “(Y/N), Baby I’m sorry” I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shit.  “Thomas I found a light switch” I heard his mutter. Oh no. “Newt don- “I was too late. One by one the bulbs in the room started lighting up. We literally had 10 seconds before hell broke loose. Literally. “Guys, start running now.” Thomas said and took off. Newt followed close behind and I would’ve been close behind if my shirt didn’t get caught on a nail. I didn’t even bother screaming for help. They were both probably a safe distance from this place. These things started coming to life one by one and there I was. Fresh blood. Just fucking standing there. The first one that was able to break free from his restraints charged at me. I braced myself for the end. I closed my eyes and whispered “I love you Newt”. I was just about to open my eyes when I felt someone pick me up bridal style and started running. When I finally got the courage to open my eyes, I saw Newt. He smiled down at me and kept running. I heard a loud slam and I’m guessing it was Thomas closing the building door, since he was the one with newt earlier. It took a while for me to actually realize that I wasn’t dead and that half of my shirt was probably still stuck on that nail.

           “Put me down…” I choked out. Newt just looked down at me and kept running back to camp. “Damn it Newt put me down!”, that seemed to get his attention. He stopped running and looked at me, sadness filling his eyes.  Slowly he set me down on my feet and we stared at each other for what felt like ages. “Why didn’t you let me die……?” He looked confused and appalled that I would even ask him that. “You could’ve been happy with Sonya….” My head dropped before continuing “You could have been with the girl you love. So why did you come back for me? All I’m going to do is stand in your way.” I refused to look up at him. Tears were already welling up in my eyes and I think he’s seen me cry enough for the night.

A sigh left his lips “Baby…… God I’m so sorry” I shook my head “Don’t be sorry, I get it. She’s prettier, funnier, skinnier. If I were you I’d choose her too” a forced laugh made its way out of my mouth. Newt brought his hands up to cup my face and forced me to look at him.

“Listen to me. I was being a dick. I’m sorry. I can only imagine what I put you through even if it was only for a week or so. I got carried away and I’m so sorry. I love you and only you. You’re the most beautiful girl in the entire universe, no one can make me laugh as hard as you do. And God baby I don’t care about how skinny she is because the only person that is able to make me feel good is you.” I didn’t even stop the tears from falling. “I’m so sorry I took advantage of your love for me. I’m so sorry I kissed her. I’m sorry for everything. I wish I could blame it on something else but I was just being an idiot.” By now both of us were crying.  “I don’t know if you can find it in you…. But will you please give me another chance? I promise I won’t hurt you again and I would totally understand if you didn’t want anything to do with me bu- “I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. His shock was evident in the kiss but he slowly started kissing back. I missed his lips so much. We pulled away seconds after and he looked down at me.

“You might be an idiot, but you’re my idiot and I wouldn’t have it any other way.” I whispered, and he said those words that would start to mend my shattered heart.

“I love you…. So much. So fucking much.” I smiled and leaned up to kiss him once more.

masteroftherebels  asked:

For your Drabble Challenge post!! Jaytim (obvs) and I can't lie, they were one right after the other and it feels so right sooooo “Hold my hand so he gets jealous" somehow mixed with "Ew, your hand is sweaty.”

“There he is,” Jason sighs wistfully. 

Dick wishes he could snap a picture of that face. He follows Jason’s line of sight to the ice cream shop. There are two workers behind the counter. “Which one?”

“The ridiculously pretty one.”

“They’re both pretty.”

Jason gives Dick an incredulous look. “With the black hair.”

“Oh! Of course,” Dick says quickly. “Yes, he’s obviously way prettier.”

“Right,” Jason nods, mollified. “Okay. Hold my hand so he gets jealous.”

“That is so stupid, Jay. Just ask him out.”

“I can’t!”

 “Why not?”

Jason just shakes his head. 

“Fine,” Dick sighs, and grabs Jason’s hand. “Ew, your hand is sweaty.” 

“Yeah, that happens when I’m around Tim. Or when I think about him.”

“Do you hear yourself?”

“Yes,” Jason says pitifully. “I’m a huge dork, now let’s go.”

They walk into the ice cream shop, and Tim smiles at them in greeting. 

Dick squeaks from how hard Jason suddenly squeezes his hand. 

“Hey, Jason,” Tim says, and Dick shoots Jason a glance because, “He knows your name?”

Tim laughs. “Yeah, he comes in here all the time.”

“I just really love ice cream,” Jason croaks. 

“Sure you do, pal,” Dick says, biting back a laugh.

Tim looks down, then, at their hands clasped between them. “Oh.”

“What?” Jason asks. 

“I didn’t know…” Tim shrugs. He wipes down the counter, not looking at them. “I thought you were single, is all.”

“He is!” Dick says. “Single, that is.” 

Tim glances at their hands, and Dick quickly shakes out of the hold. 

“What are you doing?” Jason hisses.

“Getting you the guy,” Dick answers, and he pushes Jason forward. To Tim he says, “We’re brothers. I’m Dick, and Jason is an idiot but he likes you.”

“Um.” Tim blinks at them. “He does?”

Jason doesn’t answer, just stares at the floor while his face flushes pink.

Dick says, “He only comes in here to see you.”

“Really?” Tim asks, a smile slowly spreading across his lips. 

“Really, really,” Dick leans in with a grin and says, “He’s lactose intolerant.” 

Girlfriend Does My Makeup (Joe Sugg Imagine)

Request: Hello I love your imagines can you please do one where y/n and Joe are making a “girlfriend does my makeup tag”


Joe turned the camera on before looking at you with a sigh, which made you laugh.

“You ready?” you teased as Joe placed himself beside you on his bed. He had agreed to let you put makeup on him for his Sugg Sunday Special this week. You would be lying if you said you weren’t excited. This would be amazing.

“Let’s just get this overwith,” Joe said with a pout which made you push him gently with a grin.

“So today I’m joined with my girlfriend Y/N and she is going to put makeup on my face,” Joe said and pouted to the camera and you rolled your eyes at him with a laugh.

“You’re such a girl,” you said before turning Joe’s head so you could put foundation on his face. You explained everything you did throughout the video with Joe complaining, especially when you got to the mascara.

“Can you stop crying so much?” you asked with a chuckle. You were beginning to get pretty impatient with him.

“You’re putting a stick with black stuff into my eye, what do you want me to do?” Joe asked and you couldn’t help but laugh because of his choice of words.

“Shut up,” you laughed and Joe laughed as well. You finished his makeup and he was looking awesome. At least that’s what you thought.

“So this is the final product. Do I look cute?” Joe asked and turned his head from the camera to you.

“I have never seen you prettier,” you said sarcastically and Joe smiled satisfied to the camera.

“Then give me a kiss,” Joe said with a smirk and before you could react Joe took your head in his hands and pushed his lips onto yours. You had given Joe a red lipstick on and it was now all over your face. Joe pulled back and looked at his creation on your face.

“Wow you’re sexy babe,” Joe said before turning your head to the camera. Now it was your turn to pout.

“I think my work is way better than yours,” Joe said with a huge smirk and you looked at him offended and pushed him so he almost fell off the bed. Joe started laughing out loud at how offended you got.

“I’m never doing a video with you again,” you said with crossed arms and you looked the other way.

“Aww, she’s mad,” Joe said before pulling you towards him and repeatedly kissing your cheek.

“I promise I’ll cook for you for the rest of your life if you forgive me,” Joe said and you looked at him with a grin.

“I think it would be best for all of us if I continued doing the cooking in this house,” you said whilst looking into Joe’s blue eyes, and Joe couldn’t help but laugh.

“You’re probably right. I think Caspar would appreciate that as well,” Joe said and you nodded with a laugh. Joe ended the video and for the next hour you had to hear Joe complain about not being able to get the makeup off his face. You just shook your head and laughed. He was such a dork and you were totally in love with him.