this looked way diffrent in my head

                      How I Do Hair: An Art Tutorial by loliroyal

Step 1: Draw the sketch of the hair using a darker version of the color you want it to be. Remeber to keep the flow of it. Don’t draw idividual strands, draw clumps at a time that dirrect the flow. Each clump of hair should have one focal point.

Step 2. Make a new layer and pull it under the sketch layer. On this layer, use a lighter version of the sketch color and fill in the hair area to make sort of a “base” color. Then go to your sketch layer and merge the layer down in to your color layer. 

Step 3: Using the eyedropper tool select the color of the original sketch. With this color, start suggestiong the apperace of hair. To do this, start your bush at the focal point of each clump and swish it down half way trough the clump. This part is all about pressure. As you reach the center, ease up on the pen in one swishing motion. Fallow the flow of the hair. 

Step 5. : Now find the highlight color. the easiest way to do this is select the original base  color and make it a bit lighter. Now with light pen pressure, swish this over the parts where the base color is still showing. Flick your pen upwards at the part where the highlight meets the shadow. 

5. Now it’s time to add the reflected light. Reflected light is usually pretty subtle unless the subject is standing dirrectly infront of a light source. The color of the reflected light depends on the color of the light source.  I like to use a light yellow if it’s sun light or a light bulb and aqua blue if it’s some kind of digital  tech. Remember the color you choose sets the mood of the painting, so choose carefully. To apply reflected light, use the tinest bit of pressure you can and run it over the edge of the side of the hair that the light is hitting. Then slowly run it over the edges of the highlights. At this point you can darken any shadows that are below the front of the hair. Remeber while hair is thin, clumps can cast shadows just as well as an apple can. 

6. This is your last chance to darken shadows so take a good look and darken anything not dark enough. Finally add some finishing touches. Open a new layer and using white or an ultra light vrsion of the reflected light color, add tiny lines that fallow the flow of the hair. make rows of thease lines occasionaly trough out the hair. this will give it that shiny ‘polished’ look. Finally fly away strands. I typcially do fly away strands in two colors. One set I do in the reflected light color on the side the light source is. Another set, I do in shadow colors on the side facing away from the hair. Now I know this part is really fun but don’t go too crazy or else the subject will look like they have bed head! 

And that’s my hair tutorial. Remember there are lots of diffrent ways to do things and this is just one of them! What works for me, may not work for you so explore your options! 

Talking body (Baron Corbin/reader)

Actually I wrote it last summer, but never had the guts to post it anywhere. But now I’m out of fucks to give, to be honest. As always, there can be some grammar errors because english  isn’t my first language.

Enjoy, stranger! :)


Bed stay in bed

The feeling of your skin locked in my head

Small smoke me broke

I don’t care

I’m down for what you want

Day drunk into the night

Wanna keep you here

Cause you dry my tears, yeah

I silently took helmet from him, touching his big hands for a little longer than it was necessary. I couldn’t help but feel my stomach doing this funny flip as always – he noticed easily, corner of his mouth going slightly upwards. I didn’t look him in the eye, embrassed.

We have been doing this for a month or something – I don’t know how to call it? Dating? Not really, going out of town or dropping in bar for a beer by ourselves can’t be called dating. Hanging out? Too much of “bro” atmosphere to this term, especially when we’re holding hands on our way back and hug for whole ten minutes before saying goodbye. So all this and I still get shy when moments like this happens; moments of this weird intimacy. Weird and heartwarming.

Today is a bit diffrent though. The first trip on his bike.

I always liked guys with motorcycles and you can say it’s just this whole “bad guys” charm that gets me, but with Baron there’s so much more. He never used it to get with me anywhere – we were using buses, trains and cars on our little journeys. I found it strange on the beginning, thinking he didn’t like me enough to offer such thing, but after some time I understood that’s not the case.

He wasn’t the stereotypical motorcycle guy. Well, he wasn’t stereotypical at all – tall with all this dangerous aura, but his eyes hold the deepest and warmest mysteries of the universe. I got this feeling the motorcycle was his kind of escape and I wasn’t misunderstood when one day he said it’s just the lonely way of spending time. I want to spend time with you, he added, so I can understand. And I did – that it’s probably not that enjoyable company and also something that he’s not ready to show me.

But, well – as I said, today’s diffrent. We were supposed to meet by local bar at 8.00 pm. When I got there, he was already waiting for me with spare helmet.

So here I am, akwardly stepping from feet to feet with helmet already on my head. I heard a faint chuckle and when I finally look at him, he’s motioning for me to sit beside him. I was really thankful for helmet so he coudn’t see my red cheeeks.

I hugged him loosely from behind, waiting for him to start as he adjusts something I can’t see. I took few breaths in attempt to calm myself, strangely overhelmed with this whole situation. Is it just next step into this something or much more? Maybe I overthink this?

As my nerves just begun to relax, the unexpected roar of machine startles me on my seat. By vibrations coming from Corbin’s chest I guess he noticed – great, can I ashame myself more tonight? I didn’t have time to think about this as he moves my hands to hold him tightly and rode off before I can blush.

The ride was actually really nice. Moving landscape painted by warm sunset was truly beautiful. Crazy wind around us, the feeling of leaving everything after you.. I understood Baron even more now.

We stopped by little bar, where he left me with his bike for a while. It gave me chance to take a closer look at metal beast that took us out of town. I liked how simple and powerful it was. Just like you, I thought, when he came back with some soda.

We didn’t really talk, but it was comfortable – as usually. When he throwed empty can to trash, I was already waiting for him with my helmet in hands. He smiled this little smile of his at sight and in back of my mind I started to think if I look too comfortable or even needy.

- You won’t need this – he said, poiting at helmet:- It’s pretty close from here.

I hesitated for a moment, thinking about basic safety, but one look at his face told me everything. It’s not some stupid attempt to show off. He was just asking for my trust.. he, who just showed me one of deeper sides of himself. All this was a dance –we waltzed together for some time and suddenly he took one step forward; and now he was waiting for me to follow.

I nodded, leaving helmet in his hands.

This time everything was blur. I didn’t really look around, I didn’t enjoyed the sightseeing but I loved the way my head could easily lay on his back, or even arm if I sat straight enough. I loved how his hand would play with mine or roam upon my thigs at lights. When he rubbed his head back against mine I almost melted inside.

Because of all this affection I stopped thinking straight. We didn’t ride this fast anymore, so I didn’t have to hold that thight. I felt his chest up, delicate at first – more firm with time, always agonizingly slow. It didn’t affect him that much until I dropped my hands under his shirt. He tensed momentaly, straightening in his seat. I wasn’t that sure anymore about all this.. and still I couldn’t help but start to massage the skin under my fingertips. I could feel the light line of his abs and radiating warmness. After a moment he relaxed too, making my movement more confident.

Luckily or not, we reached our destination quickly. When we came to halt, I certainly wasn’t that confident anymore. I jumped from bike, pretending to look around with curosity but all I could think of was his existence. Thankfully it wasn’t that hard to pretend since it was charming place – one of the hills above city. All buildings looked like lego houses from there. It was dusk time, so all lights down there became wild and alive.

I didn’t take a step before I was spun around. I came face to face with handsome rider, who tug me closer. He still sat on the bike and thanks to that I was taller than him this one time. His eyes mirrored all lights from town – like two new sets of night skies.

- Why did you take me here? - I asked in attempt to make this situation bearable. For me at least, because he was more amused than anything else.

I was thinkin’ you enjoy here – his tone was sincere until he added with smirk:- Although it looked like you know way to enjoy yourself, don’t you?

I tried to take my eyes elsewhere until he literally forced me to sit before him. There was enough place for my miserable ass beetwen his legs. Even the wheel behind me wasn’t as uncomfortable as his closeness; well, kind of. I wasn’t sure anymore if I should be aroused or scared shirtless.

- Not that innocent anymore – Corbin murmured, searching for my eyes with success:- If so, don’t go anywhere.

He didn’t move and his words were pure question.

I understood him well. In response I kicked one leg on the other side of bike and leaned back on wheel only to find this postion suprisingly relaxing. He didn’t waste time to pull at my thighs, making me almost lay there with our hands interwined and hips sweetly collide. I could feel my underwear starting to get soaked, my cheeks almost burned. What the hell I am..

- Look at me – he said suddenly, so I gave him all the attention I could gather with pool inside my panties:- You’re not leaving, alright?

I nodded dumbly. His thumbs began to draw circles on my legs and my imagination really wanted them elsewhere. He draw his head closer, our noses touching briefly.

- I’ll make it worth staying – the lone wolf said, coming closer, our lips almost touching:- I promise you.

.. and he sealed the promise with kiss. Hard kiss, with biting my bottom lip. His hands moved to my hips, holding them in place until he thrusted his into mine. I uttered a silent moan, his chance to slip tongue inside my mouth without permission which I would give him anyway.

I wrapped my arms around his neck wanting him close as possible. Our tounges danced wild, building the need inside us. I easily tangled my fingers in his messy hair while his pulled the zipper of my jacket. When his hands finally met my breasts I grounded my hips against his. He responded with grunt and thrust of his own, which almost made me jump out of my goddamn clothes.

He broke the kiss, the trail of saliva between us.

- Will you stay then? - he asked, breathless and all I could do was kiss him again.

Now if we talking body

You got a perfect one, so put it on me

Swear it won’t take you long

If you love me right

We’ll fuck for life

On and on and on